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Okusama wa moto yariman ova hentai dxd
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My parents got divorced 4 years ago when I was 12. They gave me a choice of who I wanted to live with and I chose my father because he traveled a lot and would not be around all the time to watch every move I made, like my mother did. We only lived about 10 miles away from my mother and my weights were still at my mothers, so I would go over there to work out two or three days a week.

My father was out of town on a business trip when the phone rang. It was my father calling and he said he had big news for me. He was in Las Vegas and he just got married. I was stunned. I didn't have a clue that he even was thinking of getting married. He said that her name was Helen and I should say hello to her.

Helen said, "Hi Jim, your father has told me so much about you I feel I already know you. I'm sure we will get along fine and I'm looking forward to meeting you when we get home Monday." I was still stunned and all I could think of to say was. "I'll look forward to meeting you as well." As soon as I hung up the phone, I called my mother to tell her the news. All she could say was, "Well, if you can't stand her, you can always move back with me." Finally, Monday arrived.

When my father and Helen returned, I was just stunned speechless. Helen was a Filipina and she was absolutely stunning. She was only about 5' 1" tall and looked to weigh less than 100 pounds. She had perfect teeth, hair, skin, nose, mouth and body. She had on a miniskirt and her legs were perfect as well.

She was a walking, talking wet dream. She could make a dead man hard. I wondered how my father ever managed to snag someone with movie star good looks. She had a big smile and came over and gave me a affectionate hug. Much to my embarrassment my cock got hard instantly and I'm sure she must have felt it against her as she looked down for a second at the bulge in my pants, but she just continued to smile and tell me how happy she was to meet me.

I was forever grateful that she didn't say,"I see you're happy to meet me too." In the days and weeks and months that followed, I gradually learned more and more about Helen. She was 38, the same age as my mother, but she looked closer to 28. My mother is very petite as well, so apparently my father likes small women. I must admit, I have the same taste in women.

Helen had taught social studies in a private school for boys in Las Vegas, but moved from teaching to selling real estate. In fact, that was how she met my father since he was looking for investment property there. One of the things I learned about Helen that really surprised me was that she liked to watch porn. She was not the least bit shy about it and would watch it whether my father or I were there or not.

I noticed one of the themes she particularly liked was older women with young guys. As Helen became more comfortable around me and it was summer vacation so I was home all the time, she started joking around with me more and more. One thing she would do is come up behind me, always when we were alone, and jump on my back and wrap her legs around me and her arms around my neck and tell me to take her for a ride.

She always wore miniskirts, so I would reach around her and grab her ass to hold her on and I would gallop around the house with her bouncing up and down on my back and she would be laughing all the time and telling me to stop, which of course I ignored. Sometimes, I would just walk up to her and throw her over my shoulder and jog around the house with her.

She would always be breathing hard when I put her down, so I was sure she was getting turned on by being manhandled.


Every time I would go to my mother's place to see her and to lift weights, she would quiz me about Helen. Not so much my father's relationship with Helen, but my relationship with her. I got the impression my mother was jealous of Helen, at least as far as her relationship with me was concerned. When I would see my mother, I would always pick her up and swing her around and throw her up in the air a little and catch her.

She would shriek and tell me to put her down, but she would be laughing the whole time and breathing hard. I told her that's how I warmed up for lifting weights.

One time while I was picking her up she asked me if I ever did that to Helen. I said,"Why, do you think that would turn Helen on too?" My mother acted indignant and said, "No, of course not.

That doesn't turn me on." I said, "Lets see if that turns you on," as I slid my hand inside the elastic waist band of the workout pants she was wearing and down to her panties, "I was right. You are soaking wet. You get just as wet as Helen." "Are you fucking Helen", my mother said accusingly. "Why should I settle for a step mother when I can have the real thing?", I replied. With that, I pulled her slacks and panties down and picked her up again and carried her into the bedroom.

All the while she is shouting,"NO! NO! STOP! We can't do this. This is incest. Don't rape me." During this time, she is making no effort to get away from me and is panting so hard she can hardly talk. I knew once I fucked her, she wouldn't be able to say anything bad to my father about Helen and when I finally fucked Helen, I was sure it would turn my mother on when I told her about it.

I laid her on the bed and got undressed. She had her eyes half closed but I could see she was staring at my cock when I took my pants off. She let out a gasp when she saw how hard and big it was. I just pushed her legs apart and she offered no resistance. In fact, she reached down and guided my cock into her. She was so tight, she felt like a virgin.She kind of said to herself,"There is nothing like teenage cock", then she shouted,"Oh my God, you're so much bigger than your father.

It feels like your gonna split me in half."She shrieked, "I'm commmmmmmmmming!" She started thrashing and bucking and moaning and it was all I could do to stay in her. When she calmed down, I said,"When you get used to my cock, I hope you to last longer than this." She replied, "Does Helen last longer?" "Would it turn you on if I told you what I do with Helen?" Jean said,"Oh, yes.

It turns me on just thinking about you fucking her. It makes me jealous but turns me on at the same time." As I talked with my mother, I slowly slid my cock back in her sopping wet pussy. She had calmed down by now and continued to talk as I slowly fucked her. She said,"It really gets me hot when you pick me up so easily. You are so strong, I know you can do whatever you want to me and I can't stop you, even if I wanted to.

Oh God, I'm coming again. You're cock is so big I can feel it stretch my pussy." Jean had another moaning, thrashing, shaking orgasm that seemed to go on forever. "I never came so hard in my life", she moaned. "If you do that to Helen, she'll think she died and went to heaven." "I take it you like big teenage cock." "Yes, I like a big teenage cock.

Speaking of teenage cock, you said Helen was a teacher. I wonder if she fucked any of her students. That seems to be quite common these days." "Knowing Helen, I'm sure she did, but I'll find out all about it from her. It would really turn me on if she did." "Me too", my mother replied. When I got home, Helen said my dad called and had to go out of town suddenly for a couple of days. Helen asked me where I had been.

I told her I had been at my mothers lifting weights. She smiled and said,"Are you sure that's all you were doing? You smell like perfume." I could feel my face getting red so I told her I was going to take a shower before dinner. She told me to hurry up because she made my favorite meal, pork Adobo and rice and it was almost ready. I told her I had something special for her as well and would explain after dinner. After dinner, I asked her if she ever smoked grass.

She said she had not but always wanted to try it. I told her this was some kick ass stuff and she should probably take her shower now as she wouldn't be in any condition to after she smoked.

She said,"Ok, I'll take a quick shower. Don't start without me." In the meantime, I went to my room and rolled a joint. She came back from her shower and looked to be wearing a short robe, and nothing else. My cock got instantly hard when I saw her. I sparked the joint and told her when she inhaled to hold her breath as long as she could and then slowly let the smoke out through her nose.

After coughing a couple of times, she got used to it and we proceeded to get stoned. Since she is so small, it hit her like a ton of bricks. I know how grass loosens inhibitions so I thought is was as good time to ask her if she ever fucked one of her students. However, I didn't put it that crudely. I told her that since she was so hot, I imagined that a lot of the students tried to hit on her. She leaned back on the couch and smiled and said that was true.

I asked if any were successful. She hesitated a second and then said that one had been successful. When I asked her what happened, she told me the story. It was raining hard one day after school and as she was walking toward the bus stop, a car pulled up along side her.

It was one of her students and he asked her if he could give her a ride. She wanted to get out of the rain, so she accepted. The student's name was Bill. She said he was a tall, good looking kid and was the quarterback of the football team. When they got to her apartment, he asked if he could have a glass of water.

Helen said when she was running water in the sink, he came up behind her and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her ass. She turned around to push him back, but when she did, he put his arms around her and started kissing her neck, then her ear, and when he got to her mouth, she said she was so turned on, her mouth was wide open and they French kissed like two wild people. When they were kissing, he reached down and put his hand under her miniskirt up to her panties.

She said she was embarrassed because she knew she was soaking wet, but he just smiled when he felt how wet her panties were. She said he slipped his hand down inside her panties and put his finger in her and put his other arm around her waist and picked her up like she weighed nothing and carried her into the bedroom. She said as soon as he did that, her pussy went into spasms on his finger and she had a continuous orgasm until he got her in the bedroom.

She said he undressed her and laid her on the bed while he got undressed. She said he had a big cock and when she saw it she wondered if it would fit. She said she didn't wonder long because he got right on top of her and forced his cock in her. She said it wouldn't go in all the way, but stretched her pussy and gave her a massive orgasm. She said he fucked her until she was so sore she could hardly walk.

She said she was glad it was Friday since it gave her a couple of days to recover before she had to go back to school. He came over about every other day to fuck her brains out.

She said it would take her a day to recover each time he fucked her. While she was telling me this, her eyes were closed, and she was moaning and squirming around on the couch and she reached down and started playing with herself.

Her robe had come open and I could see she wasn't wearing anything under it. I pulled her over on to my lap and she immediately put her arms around my neck and we started French kissing. I put my finger in her very wet pussy and as soon as I did, she had a screaming, moaning, thrashing orgasm that went on and on for about two minutes. I could feel her tight little pussy going into spasms on my finger. She put her lips on my ear and said,"Please take me to bed and fuck my brains out with that big teenage cock of yours." I kept my finger in her and put my other arm around her waist and carried her into my bedroom and I swear she had a couple more orgasms on the way.

She was so hot, she pulled my shirt and pants off as fast as she could. When she saw my cock, she said,"Oh my God, you're so much bigger than your father. You could do some real damage with that thing if you're not careful." She was very hot and aggressive, and pulled me down on top of her and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so tight, I really had to push hard to get even halfway into her.

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As soon as I did, she had another massive orgasm. She obviously could have one orgasm after another. She said,"When I gave you a hug when I first met you I felt your big cock against me. It got me so wet, I had to go the bathroom to dry myself off. I knew that sooner or later I had to have you in me. I have to admit, after getting fucked by Bill 3 or 4 times a week until he went away to college, I got addicted to teenage cock.

That's why I quit teaching. I was wet all day just being around those teenage boys and I knew if I stayed there, I would get into big trouble. They were just too tempting. Besides that, it seemed some of the boys sensed they could do what they wanted with me. What made me finally quit was one day after class a 14 year old student who wasn't even in my class but some of the teachers had talked about him being a hot looking boy, came into my room and locked the door behind him.

I was cleaning the blackboard and he walked up behind me and started playing with my tits and I didn't stop him. When he found he could get away with that, her put his hand under my skirt and down inside my panties.

To my shame, I was already soaking wet before he put his finger in my pussy and started playing with me. I reached back and felt his big hard cock through his pants.

He turned me around and started French kissing me while he played with my pussy. I opened his pants and took his cock out which was as hard as a steel bar.

I had one orgasm after another until I could hardly stand. Still without saying anything, he picked me up and carried me over to my desk, pulled my panties down, and bent me over the desk and fucked my brains out from behind. I must admit, getting fucked by a 14 year old boy in my own class room was so perverted, it really turned me on.

Afterward, I felt so ashamed I quit the next day." I said,"Well now you have a teenage cock you can use whenever you like." I must admit, I wondered if the fact that my father had a teenage son factored into her decision to marry him. I continued to fuck her and she had one massive orgasm after another. She was one hot little step MILF. She would buck so hard when she came, I had a hard time staying in her. Helen said,"I don't know if its the grass or your big cock or both, but I never came so hard in my life." "Tell me something, do you get excited when I pick you up and carry you around the house?" "Of course I do, I have at least one orgasm every time you do that to me.

You would not believe how hot it gets me knowing you are so big and strong and can do anything you want to me and I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to. Every time you picked me up I was hoping you would carry me into the bedroom and fuck my brains out." As I continued to slowly fuck her, in between orgasms Helen said:"As long as we are being honest with each other, will you be honest with me?

"Of course," I replied. Helen said:"You came back from your mother's today smelling like perfume. Do you pick her up and carry her around like you do with me?" I probably should not have admitted it, but I was stoned and I was going to tell my mother what I did with Helen, so I thought it was only fair that I tell Helen what I do with my mother, so I admitted that I did and that she gets hot too.

Helen said:"How do you know that gets her hot?" I said:"Because her panties get soaking wet." Helen replied,"Oh my God, you are fucking you mother and your step mother. That is so hot." And with that, Helen had another orgasm. Finally, Helen said she was getting too sore and couldn't take any more and she just went right to sleep on my bed. The next morning she was still asleep when I got up. I was making myself breakfast when the phone rang.

It was my mother complaining that she her pussy was so sore she couldn't even walk. She said she had to sleep with an ice bag between her legs all night. I told my mother to get some rest and I would see her later. I just hung up the phone when Helen walked in wearing just her robe and looking sleepy. I said,"You look like you have been fucked." She stretched and said,"I feel like I've been fucked." I said,"Did you get enough teenage cock last night?" She smiled and said,"I never can get enough teenage cock." "Come over here", I ordered.

She obediently walked over to me. I took her robe off and then slipped my pants off. She immediately grabbed my cock with both hands and asked if she could suck it. I just smiled and she didn't waste any time. I saw that her little fingers didn't even go all the way around it. I let her suck it for a while and then I said,"I've got a better idea." I carried her back into my room, put her on the bed and spread her legs.

She said,"I'm too sore." "Not for what I have in mind," I replied. I put my head between her legs and started eating her out. I was shocked when my tongue encountered her clit which was sticking straight out and must have been almost an inch long.

I sucked it into my mouth and scraped my teeth along it and when I did, she went off like a sky rocket. She was jerking and thrashing so much I had to put two fingers in her pussy just to hold her down. I said,"It's a good thing we weren't doing 69 or you might have bit my cock off when you came." Helen replied,"My god, you are the best.

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You can do anything you want to me anytime you want." "That's what I like to hear", I replied. "Now I want you to pack your pussy in ice and rest and then I will fuck your brains out tomorrow before my father gets back." Helen gave me a seductive look and said,"You're the boss." I just love submissive women.

I took a nap and a shower and went over to see my mother. Since I had just fucked her I knew I could do whatever I wanted with her now. I fired up a stick of that truth serum ganja I smoked last night with Helen. Just like Helen, it didn't take much to get her stoned. I said:"Yesterday when I was fucking you, you mentioned that there was nothing like a teenage cock.

That means to me you must have had one before. Whats the story?" She hesitated and her face got red and I said,"Come on, out with it.

What did you do." "All right, I'll tell you but I'll probably burn in hell for what I did. About 2 years after the divorce I was sitting around drinking and feeling unattractive but horny, because I hadn't been laid for 2 years, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Allen, one of your black friends from school.

I invited him in and he asked me if I needed any work done around the house. I told him to sit down and I might find something for him to do. Remember, I was drunk. I told him he must be popular with the girls since he was such a big, good looking guy. He said he really liked older women. I asked him if he thought I was attractive.

He smiled and said,"You are a really hot MILF." I asked him if he would like to kiss me. He didn't say anything but just pulled me over to him on the couch and started kissing me and put his tongue in my mouth. I was just wearing a robe and panties. My robe gaped open and he started playing with my tits and then he started sucking them. Needless to say, I was moaning and panting like crazy the whole time.

I must admit, I had always wondered what it would be liked to be fucked by a black man. I reached down and felt his cock which was hard as a rock and as big as any man I had known. I knew it was so wrong to be doing this with a 14 year old boy but that and the fact that he was black was what made it so exciting. This certainly wasn't the first time for him since he really knew how to turn a woman on.

When he pulled my panties off, I knew I was going to find out what a black teenage cock felt like in my pussy. I was certainly not disappointed. Allen proceeded to fuck my brains out right there on the couch. I had several orgasms before he finally came, but when he did, in a couple of minutes he was ready to go again." "Was it just a one time thing?" I asked. "No, he came back many times. He was so aggressive. He was a big kid, in more ways than one, and he would come in an just grab me and undress me and carry me into the bedroom and fuck me.

I guess I just kind of got addicted to his big black cock in that never seemed to go down. Besides that, it gets me excited to watch you lift weights plus you would pick me up and manhandle me so that I would be so horny that when you left, I would call Allen to come over right away and fuck me. He always made me tell him how horny and wet I got thinking about his big black cock and made me beg him to fuck me." "Mother, I had no idea you were such a slut.

I had no idea I was getting you so hot that you had to call Allen to get fucked." I put two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and said,"Look how wet you got just talking about it.

I bet you got more fucking from Allan than you got from my father when you were married." My mother said:"Even at 14, his cock was longer and thicker than your father and he lasted ten times longer. I never knew I could have multiple orgasms until I started getting fucked by Allan." "I think my slut mother needs to be punished." I put her face down across her legs, put my middle finger in her pussy and then paddled her ass. After about 5 or 6 smacks, she had a huge orgasm that set her twitching and shaking for a couple of minutes.

She said,"You're right, I am a dirty slut and need to be punished." "Did you suck his cock?" "Oh, yes. He would make me suck his cock first until he came and then he would fuck me. He said it took the edge off and he could fuck me a lot longer then.

He told me I got him addicted to tight white pussy and I told him I was addicted to his big black teenage cock." "Did that get you hot when you sucked him?" "Yes, of course it did, but I would be already wet just thinking of what he would do to me when he came over." "By the way, Helen told me about her experience with teenage cock while she was a teacher." "Oh my God, you mean she fucked one of her students?" "Tell you what, I'll tell you all about it while you suck my cock." I could tell my mother was anxious to hear the story since she immediately went after my cock like a dog after a bone.

The story got my mother so hot, she was moaning and playing with herself while she sucked my cock. She had to stop a couple of times while she had an orgasm before I finished the story. "Helen got so hot telling that story that she started playing with herself while she was telling me and then she asked me to fuck her and of course I did." "Did you eat her too?" "Of course I did and she just went crazy.

I thought she was going to pass out. She has a clit that must be an inch long and as soon as I sucked it, that is when she went crazy." My mother said:"You didn't eat me." "Are you jealous?" "Yes." "I thought you said your pussy was sore?" "Well, it's not that sore." I laughed and said "Come here." I dove right into eating her already very wet pussy.

She had an orgasm in about 5 seconds, but I just kept going and she had one orgasm after another. She said:"Do you like my pussy as much as Helen's?" I said:"Well I'll need some more samples before I can decide." She said,"You bastard." "All right, now you're gonna get it.


I was taking it easy on you but now your getting a good hard fuck." "NO! I'm too sore." "You should have thought of that before you called me a bastard." She tried to jump up and run away from me, but I caught her and carried her into the bedroom as she still struggled to get away from me. I laid her on the bed and she curled up in a ball beside the headboard.

I pulled her straight on the bed and she tried to keep her legs together, but she wasn't strong enough so I just forced them apart and rammed my cock into her already wet pussy. She let out a shriek like I was killing her and then she moaned as I fucked her hard and then she suddenly had a shivering, shaking orgasm that seemed to go on and on. I started to talk to her as I fucked her. "How does it feel to get raped by a bastard?" "You are more than a bastard, you are a mother fucker and a step mother fucker!

It hurts but feels good at the same time. I supposed you raped Helen too." "Helen is submissive. She does what she is told, so I can do anything I want to her in bed." I like submissive but I also like to punish someone when they give me a hard time. It's obvious you like rough sex and so do I so it makes a good combination." "Did Allan give you rough sex?" "I would provoke him sometimes on purpose so he would get irritated and paddle my ass and then give me a really hard fuck.

He would never eat me though. He said black men didn't do that." "Mother, I'm going to fuck you again until I cum, and you know it takes me a long time to cum so we'll see how many times you cum before I do." I put her legs on my shoulders and put one hand under her ass and the other under her back and just lifted her against me and just fucked her tight little ass like a jackhammer.

She came 4 or 5 times before I finally shot my load in her. "I said,"I have to go." She said:"Are you going home to fuck Helen." "I think she is pretty sore, so if I do I'll have to rape her too. I think I'll tell her I raped you." "You really are a bastard, aren't you?", she said with a smile.

"I'm sure you'll want to hear all the details when I see you again." "You bet. I'm gonna be turned on just thinking about what you'll be doing to her and I can't wait to hear about it." "Ok mom, see you later." I stopped for a burger on the way home.

The house seem very quiet so I went up to my room and there was Helen asleep on my bed, totally naked.

I thought, oh, she wanted to make sure I would wake her up when I got home so she could get some more teenage cock. What a really hot step MILF. I was beginning to think she was a nymphomaniac. I pushed her legs apart and started sucking on her big clit again which got instantly hard. That was certainly a sensitive spot for her because after about 20 seconds she went off like a skyrocket again and bucked and shook and shuddered like she was having a convulsion.

Helen said:"Oh my God, what a way to wake up." I said:"Now suck my cock" She said:"You smell like perfume and your cock smells like pussy." "Helen, I didn't ask for comments, I told you to suck my cock." She really got into the game fast because she said,"Yes master, I'm sorry." First she licked my cock clean and then gave me a first class blow job.

I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I think she realized this was a test and she passed with flying colors.

I asked her if her pussy was sore and she said it still was a little sore. I said:"Well, I got irritated at my mother tonight so I paddled her ass and raped her and was thinking of doing the same thing to you, but you have been such a good girl I'll just give you a nice gentle fuck and make you come a couple of times. Helen said:"Well, you can paddle my ass and rape me too if you want." "No, two rapes in one night is too much, besides I have no reason to be irritated with you." Helen said:"OK, we'll wait 'till I do something to irritate you." I had the feeling she would irritate me on purpose at some point in time just to get me irritated enough to rape her.

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I then proceeded to give her a slow, gentle fuck. At least as gentle as I could be considering how tight her little pussy is. I can only get my cock about half way in before it hits the back of her pussy.

I rubbed her big clit with my fingers as I fucked her which set her off to several mind blowing orgasms. I pulled out of her and said:"Now I want you to like my cock clean to see how you pussy tastes." This time she didn't say anything, just started licking her own juice off my cock. When she licked it clean, I said:"Which pussy tastes better, yours or my mothers." She answered me seriously, and said neither one has much taste but your mother's tastes very sweet." "You are such a good little cocksucker that if we are alone in the house and you get up before me, I want you to wake me up by sucking my cock.

Can you do that." Helen said:"It will be my pleasure. You're the boss so what ever you want is fine with me." I woke up the next morning to the sound of Helen banging around in the kitchen. I was irritated that she had not awakened me as I told her to.

I shouted,"HELEN, COME HERE!" She ignored me, so now I was really irritated. I stomped my way into the kitchen. She was doing something in there and was fully dressed, wearing a blouse and a micro mini skirt. When she saw the look on my face, she made a dash for her room. I caught up with her just as she went through the door.

I said:"Why didn't you wake me up like I told you to?" She said:"I forgot." I said,"Why didn't you come when I called you?" She said,"It takes more than that to make me cum." "You really are a wise ass today, aren't you?" She just gave me a little smile and a seductive look.

I said,"You know what's going to happen to you now, don't you?" "I have no idea" Helen said, giving me a wide eyed innocent look. I sat down on the bed and said,"Come over here." Helen shook her head no and started moving toward the door.

She started to run just as I got up. I caught up with her in the living room and just picked her up and tucked her under my arm and carried her back to the bedroom. "Helen, you just made it worse for yourself." I sat down on the bed and turned her over my legs. I didn't even bother taking her panties off. Her skirt was already around her waist, so I slipped one hand into her panties which were wet as a swamp by now, and put one finger in her tight little pussy.

I then proceeded to paddle the hell out of her ass. It seems like she had another orgasm every time my hand hit her ass. She was shrieking for me to stop. She said,"I'm sorry, I promise to be good." When I finished paddling her ass, I flipped her face down on the bed and ripped her panties off. I fucked her from the back for the first time only I didn't hold back.

She has such a short little pussy if I put my cock more than half way in, it hits her cervix. I just pounded away against her cervix and reached under her and played with her clit at the same time.

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She grunted with every stroke and got louder and louder 'till she finally screamed with a massive orgasm and went limp. I think she actually passed out for a few seconds. I said,"Are you going to do what you're told from now on?" "You are the boss. I'll do anything you want", Helen said, panting like she had just run a marathon. My father arrived home shortly after the rape. Fortunately, she put other panties on and was up and around.

I wondered if he was horny and would want to fuck her sore pussy. My father took several days off after his trip so Helen and I were never alone. I was sound asleep one night when I was awakened by Helen crawling into my bed. I said,"What the hell are you doing here. What if he wakes up." Helen said,"He fucked me and went right to sleep but all he did was make me so horny.

Please, I need you to finish me off. I'll do anything for you if you'll just do that for me now. Please, please, please put your big cock in me and make me cum." By now she was humping her wet pussy on my leg. "Ok, but you can't make any noise when you cum and when you cum once you have to go back to your bedroom. Do you agree?" Helen said,"Oh, yes, yes please give it to me now." I turned her face down on the bed and told her to bury her face in my pillow.

She was so horny she was actually quivering all over and juice was literally running out of her pussy. I slowly slid me cock in her as she slid back toward to get more of my cock in her right away.

As I slipped into her and reached around to play with her clit which was as hard as a rock and it felt like it was more than an inch long. She was so hot, she came in no time. Then she surprised me, she rolled me over on my back and got on top of me.

i didn't realize she was that strong.

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She put her hand around the base of my cock to keep it from going in too far, then she got on top and rode me like a crazy woman. She had another orgasm and just collapsed on top of me.

She said,"Thank you, thank you. I know I was only supposed to cum once, but you get me so hot I just couldn't stop." I said,"I understand, now go back to bed." After she left, I laid there thinking.

It's confirmed. She really is a nymphomaniac. That can certainly lead to some interesting possibilities. I also wondered how much the fact that my father had a 16 year old son influenced her decision to marry him.

Some interesting things I would have to explore with her. The next morning I woke up with Helen sucking on my cock and rubbing her pussy up and down my leg. I said:"I hope to hell my father went to the office today." Helen just nodded yes, and kept on sucking. I said,"Come on, swing around and I'll get you off too." She immediately moved into a 69 position and was squirming around with her pussy on my face.

I ate her 'till she came and then I came in her mouth. I told her I was going to take a shower and asked her to make breakfast for me. When I finished breakfast, I said,"Come over here I want to talk to you." She came over and sat in my lap an put her arms around my neck and buried her face against my chest. I said,"What were you thinking last night?" Helen said,"I hadn't had you for 3 days and I was climbing the walls I was so horny and then your dad fucked me last night and I didn't even cum and then he went right to sleep.

After getting used to your big cock, he just doesn't satisfy me. All he did was get me so horny I couldn't see straight." I told Helen that I bet she got extra hot because of the danger of getting discovered in my room.

She admitted that was true. When Bill went away to college, I can't believe you went without any teenage cock for any period of time. Someone must have taken his place. Helen said,"Wow, you really know me, don't you." "Tell me what happened." "Before Bill went to College he came over with his younger brother who was 15 and was not a student of mine.

Bill grabbed me like he usually did and tried to undress me but I resisted. I didn't want him to fuck me in front of his brother. When I wouldn't let him, he picked me up and carried me over to the bed and had his brother hold my arms above my head while he pulled my pants off. Bill then started fucking me. To be held down and fucked got me really hot so I wrapped my legs around Bill and fucked him back.

He told he brother to let my arms go because he knew I wouldn't fight any more. He let his younger brother Mike take over and he fucked me until I had several more orgasms. Even though he just turned 15 his cock was as big as his brothers and he knew what he was doing.

Then Bill fucked me from the back while I sucked Mike's cock. They both came over together a few times before Bill went to college.

"Did Mike just come over on his own." "He would just show up some times and other times I would get so horny I would call him to come over after school and take care of me.

Teachers like to gossip and the teachers would often talk about who they thought was the hottest looking student and they would overhear the students talking about who was a stud or who had the biggest cock. That would get me so hot I would have to call Mike to come over and fuck me. By now Helen was squirming around on my lap and she put her mouth up to my ear and said,"Baby, talking about what those boys did with me has got me so hot, I need you to fuck me.

Please, please give it to me." "You are really a pedophile nymphomaniac aren't you?" "Oh baby, what ever you say." She reached down and started playing with my cock which was already hard.

I said,"Ok, if you do all the work. Take your panties off and take my cock out and you can ride it as much as you like." She put her hand around the base of my cock again and proceeded to hump up and down on it with her other hand on my shoulder.

While she was enjoying herself I asked her if she liked the threesome with the two brothers. She said,"Oh yes. it really turned me on to suck on a big cock while another big cock was ramming into my pussy." When she was satisfied I lifted her off me and told her she needed to get more exercise than just fucking and that I would take her with me to my mother's tomorrow.

Here eyes got wide and she said,"Are you sure that would be ok?" "You told me you would like to see me fuck her, didn't you?" "Yes, but she might not want me there." "Don't worry about it." I stopped over at my mother's to work out and see what she was up to.

I said,"I thought I would fill you in on what was happening with Helen. My father has been home for the past three days so I haven't seen much of her.

However, the other night, when I was asleep, she sneaked into my room and crawled in bed with me and wanted to get laid." She told me that since I hadn't fucked her in the past three days, she was so horny she was climbing the walls. She said my dad just fucked her but she didn't cum and he went right to sleep.

She begged me to take care of her, so I turned her face down and told her to bury her face in the pillow so she wouldn't make any noise and then I fucked her from behind." I went on to tell my mother how I told Helen to wake me up in the morning and how she made sure to irritate me so I would rape her and all the details about that.

While I was telling my mother all this, I could see that she was really getting turned on as she was squirming around on the couch and kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. After I told her all this I told her I was going to work out with the weights. I got up and started to leave the room when she said,"Wait a minute, are you just going to leave me here like this?" I played dumb and said,"Like what?" "You know you told me what you did with Helen just to get me hot." "How do I know that got you hot?

Show me your pussy so I can see for myself." My mother immediately pulled her panties off and exposed her very wet pussy and said,"Please take care of this." I said,"First admit that you are a pedophile." "Yes, I'm a pedophile, now fuck me." "Come here." She walked over to me and I picked her up like a groom would carry a bride and took her into her bedroom and threw her on her bed and then I got undressed.

I got on top of her and stuck my cock into her until it hit bottom and then I pulled back until just the tip was in. She moaned and wrapped her arms and legs around me and raised up off the bed to try and pull me back in her.

I wouldn't let her and told her I wanted to talk to her about something. She said,"Can't that wait until after you fuck me?" "No it can't. I'm going to bring Helen over here around 1:00 pm tomorrow and we will have some fun." I slid my cock partway in her and said,"Is that OK?" She said,"Yes, yes, whatever you say." I gave her a couple more strokes and then stopped and said,"I want you to wear a miniskirt." "Whatever you want, you are driving me crazy." "One last thing, I want you to say "Nice to meet you I have heard so much about you.

Can you remember to say that?" "Yes, of course I can remember, I'm not some child." "No you're not a child but you like to get fucked by a child, don't you?" "Yes, yes, yes, I love it." I was in a playful mood so I decided to tease her some more. I started fucking her in earnest until I felt she was about to cum and then I stopped. She said,"No, no please don't stop." I held back until she wasn't about to cum and then I fucked her hard until she was on the edge, and then I stopped again.

She just went crazy trying to get my cock further in her but I would not let her. I did this a few times 'till she was just going crazy and then the next time I didn't stop but just kept fucking her.

She had an orgasm that went on and on and on and I just kept fucking her 'till she literally passed out.

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I got up and got dressed and let myself out. Helen and I arrived at my mothers house at 1:00pm. My mother greeted Helen as I had instructed and Helen replied,"Likewise" as I had instructed.

We all sat down on the couch and I fired up a joint and we proceeded to get high. I said,"You two have a lot in common, you are both pedophiles and you are both 38, and oh yes, I've fucked both of you." I told my mother to tell Helen about her experience with Allen, the black teenager. Helen seemed very interested and was squirming around on the couch by the time my mother finished the story. Helen, always obsessed with size, said,"Was he bigger than your husband." My mother said,"Hell yes.

Even though he was only 14 he was much bigger and lasted 10 times longer." By now, Helen was obviously aroused and breathing hard. "Lets see whose panties are the most wet from talking about getting fucked by a black teenager." I put my hand between Helen's legs and then my mother's legs. Both of their panties were sopping wet. I said,"It's a tie, you are both soaking wet. Both of you take your panties off and play with each other. I want to see who cums first." As they did that, I took my pants off.

Helen, as submissive as always started playing with my mother. My mother hesitated a second and then followed Helen's lead. My mother was breathing hard by now and as soon as she put her hand on Helen's pussy, she said,"My God, you have a big clit." Helen came first, but my mother was right behind her. I said,"Helen wins. She gets to be undressed and carried into the bedroom and fucked first. Mother, go into the bedroom right now, get undressed and lay down while I undress Helen." My mother go up and was taking her top off as she walked toward the bedroom.

I kissed Helen as I started to undress her and said,"You did good." Helen smiled and said,"Thank you master." I just love hearing that from her and she knows it. I didn't want Helen to cum again until I got into her so I picked her up in my arms like a little child and carried her into the bedroom as she buried her face in my chest.

My mother was lying in the bed and I told her to spread her legs and I told Helen to eat my mother's sweet tasting pussy while I fucked Helen from behind. Helen dove right in and my mother gasped when Helen's tongue hit her clit, and Helen shrieked when I rammed my cock into her pussy from behind.

After they both had orgasms, I had them switch for my mother to eat Helen's pussy while I fucked my mother from behind. After we were all pretty much fucked out and were all lying on the bed, I said to Helen,"You really got turned on when my mother told you about getting fucked by a black teenager, didn't you?' Helen said,"Yes, I always had a fantasy about getting fucked by a black kid." I said,"Tell you what, your birthday is coming up in about a month and my mother's birthday is later in the month, so why don't I arrange for Allen to come over here on your birthday and give you both a birthday fuck." My mother piped up to say,"I'm sure he is even bigger and better than he was 2 years ago when he was 14." Helen said,"Oh my God, the thought of getting fucked by a big black teenage cock on my birthday is so exciting, I'll be thinking about it every day." ONE MONTH LATER I approached Allen a couple of weeks ago and he was all for it after seeing a picture of Helen and being assured that I had no problem with him fucking my mother.

I told him that Helen and I would be there a 1:00pm and if he wanted to come early and renew his acquaintance with my mother before we got there, that would be fine. When we arrived, Allen and my mother were sitting on the couch. My mother was wearing a robe with nothing under it and looked like she had been fucked royally.

I introduced Helen to Allen and I told Allen to go ahead and give her a kiss. I had told him she was submissive, so instead of walking over to her, Allen said:"Come over here." When she did, as he bent down and put his arms around her to kiss her, she opened her mouth wide.

As soon as they started kissing, Helen reached down to feel Allen's cock through his pants. When she felt it, she kind of gasped and then moaned and started breathing hard. I said to Allen,"I think she likes you. Take her in the bedroom and give her her birthday present and we'll be in in a few minutes." Allen picked her up like she was a child and carried her into the bedroom. I sat down with my mother and suddenly we heard Helen give a shriek, and then grunts and moans and groans and then we hear her say,"OOOOOH, fuck me good with that big black teenage cock." Allen said,"You are sooooo tight.

Does that feel good." Helen said,"Oh my God you're huge. I love it. Your big cock is stretching my pussy. Don't stop." Allen said,"Don't worry, I have no intention of stopping." My mother said,"It sounds like Helen is enjoying her birthday present. Just listening to them is getting me hot. Allen fucked the hell out of me for an hour before you got here. He has gotten bigger and better in the last couple of years.

He told me he is fucking two of his teachers, but neither one knows about the other one. He said they are keeping him pretty busy." I said,"Lets join them." When my mother and I went into the bedroom, Allen was on his back and was lifting Helen up and down on his cock like she was a little fuck toy. I said to Allen,"I hear you got a thing for school teachers." Allan said,"You got that right, my man." I said,"Helen used to be a high school teacher.

Imagine being in her class." Allen said,"Oh, man I would pay to be in her class." Helen continued to ride Allen's cock and moaned,"I wish you had been in my class." Allen said,"What would I have had to do to get in your pants?" Helen said,"You could have made sure that I saw the huge bulge in your pants.

That would have made my panties wet. You could have asked if you could have some extra tutoring after class and if I were interested, and I guarantee you I would have been, I would have invited you over to my place and you could have fucked my brains out any time you wanted." "Helen, I want you to show Allen what a good little cocksucker you are and suck his cock and mother, you can do the same for me." Both women immediately did as I said.

Helen was so hot, as she sucked Allen she slid her pussy up and down his leg, leaving a snail trail. After a few minutes, I said,"Since it's Helen's birthday she gets a double cock." I moved behind her and rammed my cock her as far as it would go. She let out a screech and resumed sucking Allen's cock as I fucked her hard from behind. Just so my mother wouldn't feel left out, I reached over and finger fucked her at the same time.

They were both so hot, they came in record time. About the time they came a second time, Allen and I both shot our loads. I told Helen that my father would probably get home early so we had better get back. In the car, Helen put her arms around me an told me that this was the best birthday present she ever had. I said,"Did that fulfill your fantasy about black teenage cock." She said,"Allen exceeded my fantasy." "Would you like to fuck him again." Helen said,"Only if you wanted me to." "I didn't ask you that.

I asked you if you would like to fuck him again." Helen said,"Oh, yes of course I would love to fuck him again." I said,"Allen has probably got his big black cock in my mother right now, fucking her brains out.

She told me he got there an hour before we did and gave her 5 or 6 orgasms before we arrived." Helen said,"I never would have know it, the way he fucked me." I said,"He told my mother he was fucking two of his teachers and they didn't know he was fucking them both.

He told my mother they kept him pretty busy." Helen said,"You are getting me hot talking about Allen fucking two of his teachers.

If he would have been in my class, I would have fucked him in a minute. In fact, if he would have come in my room after class and took my hand and put it on his cock, I would have locked the door and fucked him right on my desk.

When he kissed me at your mothers, I felt his cock against me and I couldn't believe it was that big until I reached down and felt it. That got me so excited, I couldn't wait for him to put it in me. Now you got me so hot talking about Allen fucking his teachers I need your cock in me. Please. Pull over and fuck me. I'll cum fast." We were going past a small park, so I pulled over as Helen pulled my cock out, pulled her panties off and climbed on my cock facing me, between me and the steering wheel and started humping up and down on my cock.

I said,"It got my mother and me hot when Allen carried you in the bedroom and we heard you shrieking when he fucked you." Helen said,"He put me down on the bed and pulled my panties off and told me he heard that I had a fantasy about getting fucked with a big black teenage cock.

He was taking his pants off while he was talking to me and I saw that his cock was as thick as my wrist. He didn't waste any time and just stuck that big thing in me as far as it would go. I'm sure that's when I shrieked. I though he was going to split me in half. Oh, God I'm cummmmmming." Helen shook and shuddered and moaned and said,"Baby, you are so good to me.

I really needed that." "We better get home. I'm sure my father will want to give you a birthday fuck tonight." I called Allen the next day and asked him how he liked Helen. He said,"Man, she is one fine looking woman and a fantastic piece of ass." "Well, I was thinking the next time my father goes out of town, I'll have you come over and we will both fuck her brains out.

How does that sound?" "Count me in," Allen replied. I said,"By the way, which two teachers are you fucking?" Allan said,"You know I can't tell you that bro." I replied,"Allen, I have no problem with you fucking my mother and I let you fuck my smoking hot stepmother. I think you should at least be able to trust me." Allen replied,"I must admit you're right.

I'm fucking Ms. Alvarez and Mrs. Scott." "Jesus Allen, those are the two hottest teachers in the school. What a lucky dog you are." Allen said,"You got that right, but I gotta go now, but I'll tell you all about them later." I replied,"It's a deal." The next week, I learned my father was going to be out of town for a day.

I called Allen and arranged for him to come over that day. When he arrived we all sat on the couch, with Helen between us. I fired up a joint and we proceeded to get stoned. While we were smoking I asked Allen to tell us about the teachers he was fucking.

I am always curious as to how things get started so I had Allen go into the details. He told us that he started fucking Ms. Alvarez first.

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She teaches math and told Allen he needed some extra tutoring and wrote down her address for him to come over after school. He said every time he was around her his cock got hard and he caught her staring at it a couple of times. He said she didn't waste any time when he got there. She told him the problem they would work on was how many times something 3 inches wide would go into an opening 1/2 inch wide.

He said she was one really hot Latina. They went into her bedroom and got undressed and as soon as he touched her pussy, she went off like a firecracker. Helen smiled and said,"Well, how many times did 3 inches go into 1/2 inch?" Allen said:"Just once, actually. I kept fucking her and she had one orgasm after another. After 5 or 6 she said,"I'm getting too sore. I can't take any more. I'm just not in shape yet to be fucked this hard." Allan said it was really funny when he saw her walking down the hall the next day at school.

He said she was walking real stiff, like she had a stick up her ass. It took her a few days to recover before she asked him to come over again. I said,"What about Mrs. Scott?" Allen told us that it was basically the same story, in that she told him he needed to do some extra work for her English class and told him to come over after school. He said when he got there she greeted him at the door wearing just a robe that gaped open and she had nothing on under it.

Even though she was in her mid forties, she still had a good looking body. She made sure he knew her husband was out of town and they were alone in the house. Allen said she told him that she should probably not have invited him over, since if anyone found out they might think she invited him to have sex with her, and that would be illegal and she could get in a lot of trouble.

Allen said he played along with her and told her that if he raped her, she couldn't get into any trouble. Mrs Scott said,"Since you are much stronger than me, you could do anything you want and I wouldn't be able to stop you." Allen said he picked her up and asked her where her bedroom was. She pointed the way but then acted like he was really going to rape her and she shouted:"DONT RAPE ME!

PUT ME DOWN! I'M YOUR TEACHER! YOU'RE JUST A KID! I'M A MARRIED WOMAN! I'M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOU'RE MOTHER!" Allen laughed when he was telling us this and said,"Actually, she was almost old enough to be my grandmother." Allen said he laid her on the bed and got undressed. When she saw his cock she said,"My God, you're just a kid but you make my husband look like a little boy." I saw that Helen was really turned on by all this and was really squirming around on the couch.

I told her to get undressed and she started removing her clothes. Allen smiled and said, "Does she always do what you tell her?" I turned to Helen and said, Do you?" Helen caught on right away as said very submissively, "Yes master." Allen was impressed and looked at me as he said, "Dude, you are the bomb." After Helen was undressed, I knelt down in front of her and put her legs over my shoulders and pulled her toward me so her ass was on the edge of the couch. I forced two fingers in her very wet but very tight little pussy and started sucking on her big clit.

This immediately gave her a shrieking, moaning orgasm as Allen started sucking on her nipples at the same time. I decided I wanted us to fuck her on her own bed so I told Allan to take her in her bedroom while I got my video camera. I thought Helen might object, but she was so hot and horny, she didn't seem to mind the fact that I was going to video tape her getting fucked.

Allan was really putting it to her by the time I brought my camera to the bedroom and set it up amid Helen's moans, groans and shrieks as she had one orgasm after another. By the time I got set up, Helen was on top, riding his cock like a mad woman. I set up the camera and got undressed and put on a rubber. I came up behind Helen and forced my cock up her ass.

I don't think she had ever been fucked in the ass before, especially when she also had a cock in her pussy. She let out a shriek and started shaking all over with a tremendous orgasm. Allan said, "What the hell did you stick in her, a cattle prod?" I laughed and said, "No, just my rectal probe." We continued to abuse the hell out of Helen until we were all exhausted.

After Allan took off, I said to Helen, "Lets both get cleaned up and then come back to the living room as I want to talk to you. Helen looked worried and said, "Are you upset with me about anything?" "No, of course not, I just want to talk to you about something." Helen smiled and looked relieved and said, "OK, I'll see you in about 10 minutes." I took a quick shower and was sitting on the couch when Helen came back with just a short robe on and smelling great.

She curled up on my lap, put her arms around my neck and buried her face in my chest and asked me what I wanted to talk to her about. I told her I was curious and wondered if the fact that my father had a 16 year old son had anything to do with her decision to marry him. She laughed and told me that my father had shown her some pictures of me and that I looked hot and that was certainly a factor in marrying my father.

She said that when she met me and gave me a hug, she felt my big hard cock against her and she was embarrassed because her panties got instantly soaked and she had to change them as soon as she had a chance. She said, "Just thinking about you gets me wet. Feel how wet I am right now just being close to you." I put my hand between her legs and and juice was literally running out of her pussy. She said, "You are the best lover I ever had. You get me so damn hot, it drives me crazy if I can't have you all the time.

Besides that, you are so kind to me, by letting me fulfill my fantasy of getting fucked by a big black cock. I would do anything for you. You are my lover." I said, "If I brought a 13 or 14 year old back here and told you to fuck him, would you do it?" She said, "I wouldn't want to do it but if you wanted me to, I would." I said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to do that, I just wondered." I have one other question and that is, "Why do you like a big cock so much since you are so small, you can barely take half of it in that little pussy of yours." Helen replied, "Just looking at a big cock gets me hot and when it will not even fit and stretches my pussy out, I fell so dominated, helpless and controlled by it, it just drives me wild.

Oh baby, you got me so hot talking about big cocks, I need yours in me right now." She grabbed my cock and guided it in her wet little pussy while she was panting and sticking her tongue in my mouth.

She put her mouth on my ear and whispered, "While you were getting the camera, Allan asked me to call him tomorrow and go to a motel with him. He said I was the best piece of ass he ever had. When he said that to me, it made me cum." Helen then had another orgasm and just collapsed against my chest. I called Allan the next day and as soon as he heard my voice, he said, "Well, did she pass the test?" I said, "Yes. She told me you asked her to call you." Allan said, "You are a devious dude, but after you took that video of her, she had better not piss you off." "You got that right brother," I replied.

"By the way, she told me her younger sister was coming next week from the Philippines for a visit and will be staying here about 6 weeks. Helen showed me her picture and if she is as good looking in person as she is in the picture, she is one fine little piece. I just hope she is as hot as her sister.

Maybe we can all get together for a foursome." Allan said, "I would sure be up for that. Later dude." "Later."