Boys nude studio gay porn William and Damien get into the shower

Boys nude studio gay porn William and Damien get into the shower
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I'm 30 years old 6'2 190lbs I work hard to stay in good shape, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I have never been married, but I do have a long term girlfriend. Her name is Kim. We have been together off and on for almost two years and I think the world of her. She is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, but also at times the meanest thing I have ever seen. We live together, and I hate the fact that the place we live in technically belongs to her. She uses this fact every time we get into an argument, and tells me to get out of HER house.

I usually go stay with a friend that I work with. His name is Mike and he is a work/fishing/hunting/basketball buddy. I guess you could say we are best friends, if there is such a thing. He is not married either but he seems to always have a hot chick over when I get sent to "the dog house". He leaves a pillow, and blanket on his couch because Kim kicks me out pretty regularly.

This was a Friday afternoon when she kicked me out this time. I went to Mikes went inside, and he had this awesome -- I mean awesome -- chick naked on her knees sucking his cock while he watched TV.

He didn't see me nor did she so I kinda just hung out, and being the pervert that I am I watched my best friend getting his cock sucked. I have never seen mikes cock and still couldn't see it. I tried to get where I could see the girl with a cock in her mouth.

I love the way a chick looks with a cock in her mouth. When I got to the side, and a better vantage point, I was shocked to see how fat Mikes cock was. damn he has a fat one then I noticed how hot the chick looked with that fat piece of meat in her mouth it was obvious she was straining to keep her teeth off his cock.

Then she stated to ascend up his cock and more and more of his cock was appearing. I remember thinking damn! She kept pulling up, and it was like one of those sword sallowers at the circus. His cock just kept emerging from her mouth. At that moment I had a new found respect for Mike, and even more respect for the chick that was taking that things down her throat.

She sucked her way back down mikes cock, and had her nose buried in his pubes in short order. I did not even realize I had my cock out and was stroking the fuck out of it. I guess the movement caught Mikes eye because he looked right at me. He was startled for a nano second then, realizing it was me smiled, and winked at me, and grabbed each side of her face and started to slide this beautiful mouth up and down his long fat cock, I could see the slobber running down his cock, and I could hear the slurping sounds of a woman doing everything she could to please the cock in her mouth.

Mike started to fuck up into her mouth his whole cock disappearing this girl has some kind of talent. Then I could tell by the look on his face and her reaction that he had just that second shot his first shot into her mouth.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes back and it was obvious he was in pure ecstasy! He then pulled his cock out until just the head of his fat cock was in the cock sucking goddess mouth.

Then he started to jerk the shaft of his cock, and moan as he shot volley after volley of cum in this hot chicks mouth. I could see her throat swallow every time mike would moan she was swallowing a huge load. Mike looked at me, and smiled. he pulled his fat cock from the chicks mouth and she kinda leaned back on her haunches and relaxed.

Mike pointed my way she turned and looked. there I was with my cock in my hand, and forgot all about it. I had come all over the glass door that was in between us, and it was obvious I had a hell of an orgasm based on all the stuff on the glass.

She smiled at me and then went to the bath room. I felt so freaking embarrassed I left. Mike tried right away to call my cell but I ignored it. I went to a hotel. I was there about 20 minutes, and the phone rang again it was Mike.

I decided to play it off, make a joke or something. I answered and said hey this Is John your friendly neighborhood pervert.

Mike laughed and said to get my ass back over there. I told him I had already paid for this room and I was going to get my money out of it.

He asked what hotel and I told him. He said "hold tight" that's like his favorite thing to say he says it 50 times and hour it seems like sometimes.

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I said why he said he was coming over. I told him to forget it I was going to go to sleep and dream about the sword swallower. He laughed again and said fuck you im coming over be there in 10 minutes. Mike knocked on the door and said let me in asshole.

I said its open. I was pretending I was on the phone talking to Kim. He said tell her I said hey. I pretended to tell kim that Mike said hey.

Mike made himself comfy on the only bed in the room, and started watching TV. I got of the phone I figured I had avoided all the uncomfortable shit Mike was going to say. To his credit the only mention of the ordeal was that he said "dude you should have hung around, and let her do you! She is an awesome cock sucker" I said well that was obvious. And nothing more was said about it. we watched a show about deep sea fishing and both kinda got into it. they were catching redfish and Mike and I had been before.

I guess I fell asleep first. I woke up around 2:30 am and Mike was sleeping next to me.

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I have always been 100% straight I have never had any kinda sex with a guy. When I woke up I could not help but notice Mike had a raging hard on. There was no way to miss it! his cock was sticking out of the top of his boxers.

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I have never admired a mans penis before but I noticed myself looking at Mikes cock. It was HUGE! I would guess 12 inches or more, and the head of this awesome cock was the size of a coke can. the shaft was not as fat as the head but it was still awesome. His cock was so hard that when his heart would beat his cock would twitch. I looked at his eyes to make sure he was sound asleep so I would not be caught admiring his cock.

He was sleeping like a baby. The next thing I did completely shocked me. I noticed Mike had a awesome body, not just a nice cock but a true washboard stomach a tight chest his pecs are very well developed he has large veins in each of his biceps. I noticed I was getting a hard on.

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I said to myself fuck this I'm not even close to being gay! I went to the bathroom took a leak and went back to bed. I fell back asleep. Sometime after I fell asleep I remember feeling an arm on my upper body kinda pulling me towards the person behind me.


I didn't pay any attention because I was kinda asleep but just a little awake. I went right back to sleep. Sometime later I was woke up by someone behind me spooning with me and poking me in the small of my back with a really hard cock. At first I thought it was a cock but then I convinced myself I was dreaming and tried to go back to sleep. Then I felt the cock poke me in the back and I could feel the movement of Mike behind me, kinda very gently pushing his cock into my back.

I figured FORSURE mike was asleep and had mistaken me for one of his many girlfriend. I kinda whispered Mike he gave an immediate response, he said yeah man? Like he was asking a question. And he continued to gently grind his hard cock into my back.

I said dude wake up he said man im wide awake. I said dude im not one of your girlfriends he said I know you're my best friend. He then said just let it happen. At first I was in shock that my coworker/fishing buddy who fucks every hot chick he meets was doing some unnatural stuff to me right now. I said Mike im not gay!!! He started to wisper real soft in my ear and said I know man I'm not gay either but I'm gonna fuck you. I was speechless. He then said just relax I'll be easy!

I said noway dude! But for some reason I was not trying to get away from him I ever kinda pushed myself back into his cock. He moaned in my ear, then I felt him start to suck my neck just like a chick would do. And it felt fucking awesome! I felt gentle but strong hands running the length of my back then massaging my ass. he moaned again, and said that I had a perfect ass.

I don't know why but I pushed my ass back at him. I said Mike I have never done anything like this, and then the thought hit me of how big his cock was, and I got scared. I said I cant do this!! he started kissing me on my back I felt him arrange himself, and then I felt his lips on the small of my back.

He was getting me more turned on then any chick had ever done including kim. He reached for my cock and noticed I had a raging hard on he then kinda smirked and said he was going to fuck me.

I said no but pushed my ass to him giving it to him. I felt his powerful hands pull my ass checks apart I felt his fingers on my asshole he moaned! Next he spit in his hand and told me to spit on his fingers I did and he rubbed the spit into my asshole. He never fingered me. Within seconds his fat cock head was at my asshole he said to relax.

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It hit me right then that my best friend my fishing buddy was about to fuck me. My fishing buddy was about to be inside my body and use my body like I was a girl for his pleasure. I tried to relax and then felt more pain then I have ever felt in my whole fucking life!!!!! He moaned and said awwww man your so fucking tight you feel so fucking good. I wanted him out of me! I thought he was all the way in me. But I was wrong he said to relax. Again I tried and felt him pushing his long fat cock into me.

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It hurt so bad. I tired to get away but he just pulled me back to him. He kept telling me to relax. Easy for him to say.

He didn't have a small baseball bat in his ass. I said fuck it and pushed my ass back into him and felt his pubes on my ass. He went wild when I pushed back into him. He said ewww yeah man your so fucking hot. He whispered in my ear, im about to fuck my fishing buddies asshole. I didn't say a word I just tried to will the pain out of my head.

I felt both hands on my ass checks he pulled them far apart and said man my cock looks so fucking hot in your ass!! This comment for some strange reason turned me on even more and I heard the words fuck me come out of my mouth.

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And damn if he didn't!! I could feel the veins of his cock in my ass I could feel his heart beating in my ass he started to long fuck me. He was pulling his whole cock almost out of me and then stabbing me with it. it hurt so fucking bad and good at the same time.

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We were still spooning and he told me to get on my knees and lie my upper body on the bed and reach back and pull my cheeks apart. I didn't miss a beat and did exactly as he told me. He got behind me and pushed everything he had into me and it hurt so good!!!

He started to really fuck me fast and hard with his whole cock.


I remember thinking hes about to cum because I could feel his fat cock head swell. I should have been happy he was almost finished.

However I wanted him to fuck me all night. When he removed his cock to get behind me I felt so empty. He leaned down and sucked my ear into his mouth and kinda bite it a little bit. He was moaning loudly and saying ohh yeah ohh yeah!! I started to kinda fuck him with my ass while he pounded me from behind.

This must be what a chick feel like when she is getting it doggie style and starts to gyrate her hips and ass. Mike was saying her it comes and man oh man he pumped shot after shot of hot thick cum into me.

He kept fucking me hard and stabbing real deep when he would shoot hold for a second then pump me a few times then stab me deep again and hold while he shot volley after volley of cum inside me.

I didn't know what I was doing but Mike seemed to like it! he finally stabbed me real deep, and said oh man!!! Then he kinda laid over top of me from behind with his massive cock still inside me and he started to chuckle a little and said man why haven't we done this sooner? I said I don't know. He then said "dude I just fucked the hell out of you, my cock is still inside you!!" I said well get it out and he did. He smiled at me and thanked me and said I want you to know I aint gay!

I was thinking though an asshole is an asshole. just like a mouth is a mouth, does it matter if it's a chick's ass or mouth or a guys? I said I don't know I enjoyed this a lot more then I should have and you might have a little different perspective if it was your ass with a cock the size of yours fucking the hell out of it. he said the only thing left is to teach you to suck cock. I laughed and said there is a lot more left then teaching me to suck cock.

I asked him how many guys he had fucked and he said he had never fucked any guys but has let countless guys suck his cock. Its probably bullshit Mike will tell a chick anything they want to hear and he is probably do the same with me. He asked me if I had ever sucked a cock and I told him no and that the truth.

He then said now that he had fucked me he wanted to fuck me an kim. I told him noway! He said ohh yeah~ she is going to watch me drive this~ and he grabs his huge cock strait into your ass, and then your going to watch me stretched her pussy hole further then its ever been stretched. I just laughed! If you liked this story please contact me thank you.J0hn