Zwei reife schöne Lesben in sexy Dessous einander lecken

Zwei reife schöne Lesben in sexy Dessous einander lecken
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This a cheating and a tiny shade of cuckold and all slut wife story. If you're not into that then please pass on it.

Oh the usual stuff this is fiction, nothing and no one in this story is real. All made up. Hope you enjoy it. --- I'm Mike. I'm not proud of what all happened but I just need to tell the story. When I left the army I left behind some great friends. After getting a job and an apartment, I settled into civilian life. Better than two years went by and I get an email from an ex-squad mate, John.

He tells me he is out also and has a great house in the city about one hour away. I live in a little town but he is in a big city. He says I ought to drive up for a weekend. He and Becky would love to see me. They have a couple extra bedrooms in the basement but not to worry their heating system works great.

We can grill and have fun. I say sure and tell him I'm still single so it would be just me. Then to make sure he had thought it though, I tell him I'm open all weekends just let me know.

He surprises me the next day by replying to come this weekend. And to drive up after work on Friday. He gave me the address and said to park in the driveway. When we worked together, John used to tell us about dating Becky and how she always wanted to blow him.

She would never let him leave without making sure he was happy. I guess it stands to reason why he wanted her forever in his life. Friday night I drive my truck up and park in the driveway. He answers the door and hugs me.

We are talking and I see Becky standing near the kitchen. She is 33 years old and nice looking. About 5' tall and slim. Maybe a B-Cup which is plenty big because she is a thin little woman. Proportionally they are right, her ass was nice and round, big but not too big. She's a brunette with streaks of blond. She was wearing a sweatshirt and long denim cutoffs near her knees. Not what you'd call a mankiller outfit. "Becky! I haven't seen you forever!" I smiled big as I walk to her and go to hug her.

As I'm going in, I just catch sight of her hand coming out for a shake but I'm already past that point. I grab her and hug her tight to my chest. She exhaled as I squeeze her and after no more than 5 seconds, I let her go. She looks me in the eyes as she tells me it's great to see me again and that I look the same. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I remember they weren't married the last time I saw her and now that she is, well I guess I don't have to worry about her setting her sights on me any more.

John takes me down stairs and shows me a nice room with it's own bathroom. Big king bed and all the fresh linens. I drop my bag and John says "let's get a beer." We go upstairs and sit in the kitchen. We talk about the fun stuff and gloss over the bad. "Remember Kennedy? That crazy tattoo he got on his chest! Boy was out there." Becky asks "He sounds really different. Where is he now?

maybe we could have him over." Silence. I finally say "Arlington National Cemetery." I look at John and say "Here's to Kennedy!" We clink bottles. John says this isn't the way and jumps up. He goes to a cabinet and gets a bottle of Jamison's and three shot glasses. We pour and retoast "to Kennedy." John pours another round and downs his right away. I let mine sit. "Still can't handle your whiskey soldier?" John asks me. "It makes me throw up and I hate hang overs." Becky says, "John, unless you want to clean up vomit don't pressure Mike to drink!" John made a goofy face and said "Yes Dear." John drinks another shot.

I tell him "I'll drink one last shot, here's to all our friends that can't be here. God rest their souls." We all drink. John does still another and switches back to beer.

Becky takes the bottle and returns it to the cabinet. I carry the conversation for the next 20 minutes. At first I figure John is sad about our friends, then I see that he is just drunk. He sips he beer and doesn't talk. Becky says "John does this. Powers it down and then zones out. DON'T YOU HONEY? See, zoned out. We can lead him to bed in a little." Becky is looking at me pretty hard. Directly in the eyes. She asks "so do you miss it?" I reply, "The army?

No. The friends I made, Yes. Do you miss going to the post? I used to see you around the NCO club." As I'm looking at Becky I notice she has some pokies on the front of her sweatshirt. She answers "Yes, I miss the club. All you big guys. All lined up for a dance. Poking me in the stomach or ribs. All the special times. I miss them a lot." We small talk for a while and then she asks me "Mike, all the girls wanted you to get serious with them. You never did. You never even asked me for a dance.

I would have you know. I'm sure you'd have poked me in the ribs. I would have treated you good." All I could say to that "you were John's girl." She replied "yeah, his girl, alright." Becky was now showing her buzz.

"You know what I miss the most? The way you guys all wanted head. I'm good at it. I knew a couple guys that told me, after well, you know, that they asked me out because of a rumor that I give the best head. Did you ever hear that rumor Mike?" I had heard she sucked a mean dick and swallowed cum.

She could deep throat a salami. "I just heard you were nice." Is all I said. "I am nice." Becky said smiling. John was looking around glassy eyed. Becky said "he needs the latrine. Can you help me?" I pulled John up and we lead him into the bathroom. I dropped his shorts and had him sit like a lady. I told Becky that this is the safest way to get a drunk to use a toilet.

She laughed. Fortunately all John did was pee. We stood him up and walked him to bed. He crawled part way and collapsed. Passed out.

Becky said "Thank you Mike." She put her arms around me and squeezed me. She sighed as she rolled her chest into my stomach. She pulled her head away, looked up and said "now, should I take you down stairs and tuck you in?" I laughed and said "No.

You're going to have your hands full getting him in bed." Becky told me not to worry about him and that he will be fine tomorrow. But more importantly she has a guest that may need to be taken care of. She then said "I miss taking care of you young guys with your hard cocks." I said I just couldn't.

I would be taking advantage and John is my friend. I pointed out that she had a lot of alcohol to drink and I'm sure she wouldn't be acting this way if she were sober.

Becky finally said "OK, it's your loss. Good night." She pulled her sweat shirt over her head and stood looking at me in her black bra and shorts.

"Are you sure?" I said yes and turned walking out the door of their bedroom. As I neared the stairwell to the basement. She called after me one more time. I looked at her standing nude in the doorway of their bedroom, "are you sure you don't want a good blow job to help you sleep?" Becky was shaved bald and her tits were very pointy.

"I wouldn't feel right about it. Maybe if you hadn't had that whiskey." Becky smiled and said "OK, fair enough. Goodnight handsome." I went down to my room and put my bag against the inside of the door.

There was no lock on the door. I rubbed my cock until I decorated a handtowel and went to sleep. I woke with a banging on the door. John was saying it's time to un-ass that bed. Breakfast was getting cold. I took a 5 minute shower and stumbled upstairs with cargo shorts, a t-shirt and wet hair. Breakfast was set and John told me to dig in. He asked me how I was feeling and did I sleep good.

I told him I'm fine but how was he. He asked, did you put me to bed? I told him Becky and I did. He thanked me told me that his drinking was controllable. He just lets loose on the weekends and only on good occasions. He asked me not to worry and after this weekend he probably wouldn't drink again for months. I laughed to lighten the mood and told him that atleast he was a quiet sleepy drunk. When I get drunk, I start thinking I'm a 'Don Juan' but in reality I end up looking like a 'Don Quixote'.

I hear Becky laughing behind me and turn around to see her standing behind me holding a laundry basket. She is dressed to impress. Her hair is curled, she has long dark eyelashes that couldn't be real. She had makeup around her eyes, cheeks and her lips were dark red. Her makeup was slutty but it was obvious she had put in a lot of effort. Her laundry uniform was skimpy.

It consisted of a white bare midriff tank and a pair of hot pink running shorts. The shorts were camel toed in the front and flared in the back to show her ass cheeks. Becky said, "Excuse me for interrupting, Don Juan, but I have your clothes from yesterday. I'll return them when they are clean. I'll have fresh towels for you too. Your sheets looked clean so I left them." She said all this as she strutted her giggling ass past the table and into the laundry room.

Once behind John she said "unlike your towels." She held up a handtowel, just like the one I used to catch a load last night. She put the center of the towel to her nose and sniffed it. She walked into the laundry room. I said, "Thank you Becky." John told me is a very hushed voice that he needs to invite me more often. Becky has a spark in her like old times. She woke him up like she used to before they married. She is dressing sexy again and is happy, laughing and taking care of herself. This is really a good turn.

I saw Becky poke her head out of the laundry room looking at me. Her had the center of the handtowel inside her mouth and sucking on it. She pulled it out with a pop and licked her lips, then smiled. John said we would be grilling steaks starting at five.

Until then he has an old camaro in the garage and maybe we could replace the radiator? I said I'd love to help. John and I spent the day in the garage. Becky came out and gave us a sandwich and a beer. We both said thanks. She returned an hour or two later, just standing around. Becky moved close to me as John was under the car with a wrench. She told me she had cleaned my towels and to not worry she would take care of any more mess I produced.

She said the last part with her head turned toward my crotch. I thanked her again and she said it will be her pleasure. Becky looked at John laying on a creeper under his car and backed herself into me. I was leaning on a work bench and before I realized what she was doing she had her back laying on me.

She grabbed my hands and pulled them in front of her and onto her breasts. She pressed my hands onto them firmly. I could feel her nipples harden and she rubbed her ass back and forth. I tried to not cup and squeeze her tits but my hands automatically just did it. Likewise I tried to not get hard but her ass rubbing me got my penis pumped up pretty fast.

I didn't even realize her hands left mine until I felt them reach behind and grab my cock though my shorts. She was stroking me slowly and it felt good. I realized I had better move or she was going to jack me off inside my shorts.

I dropped my hands just before John kicked himself out from under the car, saying "that should work." Becky bumped her ass rearward and propelled herself off me. She said, "You guys have enough time to get cleaned up and start the grill." She then advised us that she plans on dressing up.

It's a great weekend and she just wants to. "Mike did you bring any nice clothes?" I had to tell her I had not. I did say I brought a pair of nice pants but the rest wasn't even close. She told me that John would loan me a collared shirt. Becky bounced her ass out of the garage. We cleaned up and John brought me a white collared shirt just like he was told. John looked at me in the eyes and said "Mike, we've been friends for what, ten years?" I said yes, expecting to be told to get out.

"I need to ask a favor. Becky has really gotten fired up since you showed up. Life is great all of a sudden. She has even talked about you while we, you know.

Anyway, I'm going to ask a favor. Can you pay a little extra attention to Becky? Not go crazy or anything but just, you know, let her sit with you, Hug her, hold her hand, give her a kiss or whatever. It seems like every time you give her any attention, she pays attention to me. How about it?" I told him it seems a little weird to be kissing and hugging on his wife right in front of him. He assured me that all that was just winding her up for him and he will not get jealous. After the weekend is over she is going to take all that energy out on him.

I asked "are you sure? You say that but if you see her humping my leg?" John said it's not a problem because after I leave she'll be humping on him. And not his leg. I said "ok then." Becky walked into the backyard and could have stopped a clock. Her hair was up and curled again. She had long dangling earrings that glittered. She wore a flowery crape sun dress on that was low in the front and ended about three inches below her pussy.

The dress was loose and flowing with the breeze. She wore five inch platform clear high heels that buckled around her ankles.

"Hi boys! What do you think?" Becky asked and twirled in a circle. I was seated on the bench at the table and her twirl cause the hem to raise. I could easily see her matching flowered teeny tiny thong. Those heels made her taller and her ass jut out. I thought she looked like a pretty street whore. Which is sexy in a cheap way. John looked at me and his eyes motioned from me to her. It dawned on me that I needed to start doing what I said I would. "WOW! You look good enough to eat!

John! Put on some music. Becky needs to dance in a sexy outfit like that!" This surprised Becky and she squealed "Yes! Now it's a party! John bring that bottle of Jamison's too, baby!" John put on the music and Becky grabbed a water tumbler and two shot glasses. She poured two shots and put a big slug in the tumbler. She and I had a shot and the big glass went to John.

Becky started to dance, she strutted her ass and shaking her tits. She would hold her dress up above her waist and move her feet. I yelled out that she had sexy panties on, and that I liked the way they fit her. She would stare at me as her panties were exposed.

She would drop the hem of her dress and pull down her top to show her tits being held up by a black quarter cup bra. They giggled and shook as she danced. I told her she had great tits. Her eyes lit up and she said thank you. After several dances to entertain us she sat on the bench. John was busy with the cooking and Becky softly asked me why I had changed my mind. She said she likes it but it was very sudden. I told her the truth.

John asked me to be nice to her, flatter her and get her excited so she will vent her sexual energy on him. Becky said she was woman enough to take care of both of us.

I told her that John only asked me to pay attention to her not to have sex. If he had said I could fuck her then things might be different but I really enjoyed the dances and told her the truth that she has never looked sexier. Becky was quiet for several seconds and then smiled at me. She said "Kiss me, Stud." She leaned into me and opened her mouth as her lips met mine. She attacked my tongue, licking inside my mouth. A saw John walking toward us. I almost jumped. I broke the kiss and looked at him to see if he was going to hit me.

John sat a platter of steaks on the table and said, "You guys stop playing grab ass. The steaks are done." Becky laughed and said "Hey John, Mike's got a big hard on." John said, "I was getting one just watching you, sweetheart." Becky brought out the potatoes and the rest of the food. She sat next to me, pulling her dress up above her panties as she sat down.

We ate dinner, talked and joked. At one point after laughing at a joke I saw her slip her left hand down to her crotch. She slipped her middle finger under her leg band and massaged her wet clit for a few seconds. Becky asked how I liked the BBQ sauce? I said I hadn't tried it yet. She dabbed her index finger into her BBQ sauce on her plate then put her shiny middle finger wet from her vagina to my lips while saying "Here, try my sauce. I think you'll like the taste." I opened my mouth and she pushed her middle finger inside.

She watched closely as I sucked her finger. "Its good huh? There's plenty more where that came from." Becky smiled and said she would be right back and went to the bathroom.

John said "Good work man! She is creaming her panties right now. She is probably just about ready to fuck a tree stump. I owe you, Bro." I said, "it's not too far? I get the feeling she might expect something more from me." John said to "go ahead and kiss her, rub her shoulders or whatever. You know how to tease a woman. Get her excited." Becky returned before I could say anything. John stood and said it's his turn now and walked into the house.

Becky asked me if I wanted another beer. I said sure.

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She walked to the cooler on the ground and it looked like she hiked her dress up a bit. She bent over from the waist as she spread her feet wide apart. Becky hadn't bothered putting her thong on after going to the restroom. Because of her platform heels she lost her balance and fell forward. She caught herself with her hands on the block wall fence. She could have bent her knees to lower her center of gravity but she called out "Help me, Mike, I'm going to fall." I jumped up and go to her rescue.

As I get close to her, my eyes can't help but look at her pussy and ass. She is wet and glistening. Her labia lips look really soft and hang out slightly. Her anus is a dark tan and looks very tight. I grab her by the hips and pull her back toward me. With me as an anchor she bends down and grabs two long neck bottles. She looks over her shoulder laughing saying, "too bad you're wearing your pants." I rammed my hips into her ass and then release my grip. I back up and leaned against the wall next to the cooler.

I take the beer offered and said "Thank you, Becky Buns." She smiles and tells me, "You can just call me Buns. Are you sure I can't give you a quick blow job. I'm good and I don't make a mess. John said to be nice to me. That would be nice." "He said I could kiss you and rub your shoulders or whatever.

Nothing about you sucking my cock. John is my friend. If he said I could fuck you, I want you to know, I would. But he only wants you to fuck him." Becky stared at me in the eyes and appeared to make up her mind about something. She walked to me and stood offset to my right and almost laying on me.

She said in a soft tone, "OK, then kiss me and rub my 'whatever'." Becky took my right hand and put it under her dress and directly on her hairless pussy. So I got to say that I really enjoy making women cum while standing, it is one of the main things I like. The way they fight to stay standing. I get to watch their faces and feel them go off.

I love it. I ask, "you want to cum hard or just a little?" as I sat my beer down. Becky looked at me and smiled then said to make her cum hard. I slid my left hand behind her neck and pulled her head to me. She opened as her mouth found mine. I started to rub her pussy firmly. Pressing her labia lips and clitoris back and forth.

I moved rearward and rubbed her vaginal opening. She was very wet. I slid my middle finger inside her pussy and tested her. Not super tight but not a stretched out pussy. I had experienced far far worse. I slipped my ring finger inside her next to the middle and now she was a nice and juicey snug fit. I spread my index and pinky finger wide on either side of her vulva.

Becky was moaning into my mouth. She put her right hand on my balls outside my pants, cupping them and rubbing them softly. Becky widened her stance to give me better access. Her left hand softly held my right elbow as I started to amp up the massage. Together, I increased the pressure on her neck while finger fucking her pussy in and out deeply.

I made sure to keep my kiss as light and playful as I could as touched her g-spot inside and behind her clitoris. She broke our kiss, being too busy with what I was doing to think about kissing.

I worked her pussy for only one or two minutes and saw she was completely enraptured with sexual stimulation. I decided to wait just a few more seconds and I would go full speed. Becky's body was bouncing rhythmically forward and rearward as I stroked inside her runny cunny. I gradually increased the speed of my right hand. My left hand moved around to the front of her throat and squeezed her.

Becky's eyes shot open and looked me in the eyes then slowly closed them as her mouth flared open and her eyes turned upward. I went full speed. My hand was a blur shaking her pelvis via her pussy. I released her throat and reached inside her dress grabbing a tit. I squeezed it hard as I vibrated her pussy with my fingers.

Becky seized up, becoming stiff and not breathing. Her pelvis was jerking and then she started squirting. Two big streams shot out into my palm and splashed onto the inside of her dress and onto her thighs. Becky took a big gulp of air and let two smaller pushes squirt out.


These ran into my hand and backward toward her ass then down her thighs. Becky knocked both of my hands away from her body and slid her arms around my neck, kissing me again. She said, "Thank you, thank you, oh my God, that was so good. I need some cock." She turned around to see John walking out of the door toward us. Becky walked to him, took his hand and led him back inside the house.

I think John was about to get lucky. I decided to clean up the patio. I put all the dishes in the dishwasher, whiskey on the counter. Sorted out the grill and got it ready for the next time. I gathered all the trash and took it out. Finished my beer and put the empty in the recycle with the rest. I took Becky's untouched beer into the house and sipped it while flipping through the channels on the TV. I heard the shower running. After a bit John came out into the living room wearing a bathrobe.

He poured a whiskey and sat in his recliner. He said, "that was awesome! Becky will be out in a few. Anything good on?" I told him there was some football classic games being rerun. We could watch the 1980 superbowl. John said that was good with him. Becky bounced out of the bedroom, smiling and happy, as the game started. She was in a bathrobe also.

She held the front closed with her hands. The belt was hanging at her sides. She went to John and said "thank you." kissing him on the forehead. She turned to me and the robe opened. She was nude. Her venus mound was still a little pink. "And you," she stood over me and brought her mouth onto mine.

She grabbed my head and kissed me. Her tongue inside my mouth the whole time. She pulled off me, but only and inch and said, "thank you for bringing me back to life!" She kissed me lightly again on the lips and released me. She stood up and closed her robe with the belt. Becky brought out a round of whiskey which killed the bottle.

She said loudly, "Here is to friends!" Both of them looked at me with their glasses raised. I raised mine and we drank. Becky went to the cabinet and took out a new unopened bottle of Johnny Walker. She refilled the glasses. I let mine sit but John had two more. Becky sat next to me on the couch.

She asked, "don't you need a little relief? I'm still interested in helping you." I told her that nothing had changed. Becky asked "HONEY, you want another shot?" John nodded his head. Becky asked me if my phone had a camera function.

I said yes. She said to get it out so there is no confusion later. Becky jumped up and poured John another shot. John downed it and she refilled it. She sat down next to me again. Becky pulled the belt of her robe open and asked me how I knew to make a girl squirt.

I said I had some practice. She said that standing sex was some of the best but she had only fucked and given blowjobs standing. I told her that the g-spot was best reached from a standing position for me. Plus, I think my hands are better suited for standing. A prone position is second best. I can get my mouth on your clit that way but the high vibration is better while standing.

She giggled and said she and her girlfriends talk just like I was right now but the only difference was they talked about sucking cock and doing anal. Becky looked over to John. "Get your video started." Becky walked over to her husband.

"John Sweetheart." John looked at her slowly. "John, I want to ask you. I would like to take care are of Mike. He doesn't have a girlfriend and needs some relief. Is it ok if I let him have sex in me? Just some oral, and maybe in here (pointing to her vagina) or possibly up here (pointing to her ass) is that OK baby?

Can I?" John said "ok." Becky said, "tell Mike it's ok." John turned his head toward me and said "sOK, Mike." Becky said "got it?" I stopped the video and said "yep. I guess that's good enough for now." Becky smiled and said "want any pictures to jerk off to later?" I said "hell yeah." Becky dropped her robe and posed with her hands on her hips.

Then turned around with her head looking over the her shoulder. She turned again and placed her foot on the arm of John's chair showing her hairless pussy. Then she started getting closer bending and spreading herself. Becky asked "can you take it out please." She kneeled nude between my legs pulling at my shoes.

Once she had them off she pulled at my pants. I reminded her that John was sitting five feet away. She said he is ok with everything, plus he is sleeping.

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He did have his eyes closed. I asked "if he wakes?" She replied that he won't. I let her take my pants and underwear. Becky said "I knew you'd have a nice one. Yummy." She sealed her lips around my head and swabbed it with her tongue. Licking at my urethra and circumcised head. As I took off my borrowed shirt as she sank her head into my lap. I could feel her throat opening touch me as I tossed my shirt onto the floor.

Becky pushed me inside her throat and took it all the way till her lips touched my scrotum. She rested it inside for a good ten seconds and then slid it out.

She kept the tip inside her mouth and took a breath over the top of the shiny head. "Wow Buns! You really are good at cock sucking." I said. Becky laughed, "Becky Buns! No one has called me that for years. And it's been a long long time since I could throat a big one." "Not -" I nodded toward her sleeping husband. Becky shook her head and said "no, but just because he is short in that department doesn't mean I don't love him.

He is great to me and, well, he is letting me play with you, which I need." I agreed. Becky stopped talking and started taking me deep again. She pushed it in all the way and back up then deep again. She really kept up the pumping in and out.

I whispered, "You are so good! This feels so good. You don't mind if I call you a slut do you?" She shook her head and jerked her head off of it to say she likes nasty talk, go ahead. I told her that good sluts like her are the very best at sex. Dirty little whores that let men cum inside their throats and up their asses. Have you been a slut your whole life?

Maybe 16, 15, what 14 years old? (Becky nodded then plunged) no wonder you are so good at this. Nineteen years worth of fucking and sucking. God you are getting me deep. Oh yeah rock that cock inside your throat. I'm going to cum, keep doing that." She set up a great rhythm in out in out in out of her throat then all the way out to breathe. Repeat. After only ten minutes I started to swell even more in preparation to ejaculate.

I stiffened up and help my breath as I started shooting my cum. She felt it start and pulled back. She let it all shoot, gush, ooz, and dribble out inside her mouth. Catching it all. Becky continued looking in my eyes until it stopped.

She slowly tipped head back and swallowed it all with one big gulp. She smacked her lips. "See! No mess. All gone." Becky said proudly. "Buns! You are the best slutty cock sucker in the world." Becky giggled "next time when I say I want to -" John started to look about and attempted to stand up. "Oh Mike, help me get him up." We helped him empty out and then into bed.

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I told Becky it was time for me to sleep too. Becky smiled and said "ok sleep well." I went down to my bed and jumped in.

At about the one hour mark, Buns arrived. She was still naked and molded herself to me. She wasn't shy about pushing me around, turning me, pulling me behind her. Then pushing her ass back into me. Once she was done, she sighed and started to sleep. I thought that after all that movement, all things considered- it was pretty nice.

Nice warm soft ass pressed into my lap. I fell asleep. Becky got out of bed. She woke me up by her getting up. I looked around and couldn't see where my phone was- oh, it's still in the living room with my clothes.

It wasn't light yet so it was before six. Becky returns and slid back in. She pushed her ass into my groin again. She said softly "Mike, its Sunday. The end of the weekend. You still plan on driving home this afternoon?" I say "um, yeah. I gotta be at work early Monday." She whispers, "that's what I thought. This is the end of the fun for this weekend." She reaches her right hand behind herself and takes hold of my penis. Inside her hand is either vaseline or KY or some type of lube.

Becky is stroking my cock and getting me big. She continues to talk to me "I hope you don't mind but because time is running out, we need to skip all the bullshit and get to what I want and what you want. You want to stay friends with John and be welcome in our home. I want you to fuck me when I want. John has agreed but I know even with video evidence you aren't 100% OK that John agreed to. I'll make up a contract that we will all sign. It will lay out everything and so nobody can claim they misunderstood.

If I do that, can we keep our adult relationship going?" My penis was getting very hard. Her slippery hand was feeling good and I wondered where she was going to put me. I doubted John was going to sign a contract saying I could fuck his wife when she wanted.

The video was weak, and at its farthest stretch could only construe an understanding for last night, possibly this morning. Becky buns pointed my hard cock directly into the opening of her anus. Her ass was already greasy. She must have lubed up just before returning to bed. Becky started to very slowly push rearward, easing my cock inside her anus.

I said "OK." Becky said "Good. So good. Don't push yet. This used to be a thrill for me about every week. But John doesn't think it's sexy or clean. Says he'll get an infection and lose his dick. I guess, I really missed getting fucked up the ass.

Jesus! You have a thick cock.


It fit in my throat and now it's up my butt." Becky had loosened up some and was gently rocking back on to it. I figured I could help her mood. I started talking in a hushed tone, "most sluts enjoy sodomy. I knew you'd want to get your ass reamed out. Getting fucked in every hole is what whores, like you, understand.

You dream of cock all the time. Drinking sperm, taking it up the ass and in your throat. The first thing whores think of is getting one of their sex holes stretched. How many men have you made cum in one day? Five? Eight or Ten? How many loads of cum have you drank in twenty four hours? A quart? Maybe a pint?

You have a tight rectum, Buns! Is this why you got the knick-name Becky Buns? You take it between the buns?" I knew it was. Becky was swaying away and pushing back. Sliding my cock in and out of her asshole. Becky said "Yes. Mike, I want to get on my knees. I like ass fucking on my knees. You don't mind kneeling behind me and doing me that way do you?" I replied "since you asked politely it will my pleasure to fuck you up the ass from behind, Rebecca." Becky laughed and rolled forward then sat up.

She spun around getting on her hands and knees. She lowered her shoulders to the mattress, sticking her ass up, offering herself. I got up and stood at the side of the bed. I pulled her over toward me. Becky was looking over her shoulder and adjusted the height of her asshole by putting her knees closer together. Making her asshole and my cock align. I put the head inside again. Her pretty sphincter sliding open and accepting my hard penis.

I only went in about four inches and stopped. I slapped her ass loudly. 'Whack!' Becky jumped a little. 'Whack' a other slap. "Oh yes! Take me. I'm your whore, fuck my dirty asshole. I love it." I spanked her four more times and then started to ram her ass. I pulled out until just the tip was inside and then rammed back in. Her sphincter was relaxed now and I glided in with no drag at all. My balls at first were slapping her clitoris but then they tightened up getting ready to unload.

Becky was grunting 'uhn' with each slam I did forward. I saw her reach under, put two fingers on her clit and press. On each slam forward, her fingers twitched, giving her an extra bit to enjoy. Becky whispered "oh Mike! This is making me cum. Please go fast. Fuck me faster. I'm cumming! Fuck my ass harder, oh God yes.

In my ass! Pound my poor asshole! I'm cumming!" Becky tightened up and stopped her heavy breathing. I heard her squirting onto the bed. This was incredibly exciting to me. I watched Becky's asshole and my cock move. Her ass gripped me tightly. It moved outward as I pulled and inward as I pushed. I felt myself swell.

I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly and rammed in deep, arching my back, going as deep as possible. My cum shot off inside her bowels spurting for a full minute. Then I relaxed, going soft quickly. Becky slid forward, eyes closed, laying flat on the bed. I saw her gaping anus slowly close up, keeping my semen inside it. Her back was shiny with sweat and her anal cleft was greased making her sweat pool and run. I walked into the shower. When I was done, Becky was gone but my phone with my clothes were on the bed.

I dressed and packed up my bag. I made sure my keys were in my pocket. I took my bag upstairs and saw John sitting at the table, drinking coffee. "Hey John. How you doing?" I asked. John said he slept like the dead, thanks. Then John got a concerned look on his face and started talking as I sat at the table.

"Mike we are really great friends. This weekend I asked you for, well a pretty big favor. I asked you to be extra nice and attentive to my wife. When I asked that, I thought it was strictly for my own benefit, I have learned that I'm not the only person that has benefitted." I started calculating how to get to my truck, where my bag was, could I win fighting John? I didn't want to fight but I didn't want to get hurt either. Could I talk my way outside?

John continued, "Becky told me this was the best weekend of her life. She told me she feels awesomely loved and protected. She told me that marrying me was the best thing she has ever done. She said that You, Mike, have made her realize that the best is yet to come and she is the happest she has been in ten years." John went on to say that he knows Becky crosses the line every now and again, kissing me on the lips, flashing me, even touching me inappropriately.

He said he really appreciated me going along with all this stuff. John said I should just consider myself a member of their family, overlooking awkward situations.

Becky might act lewd or indecent but if I could go along and act like it's all cool, that would be perfect for them both. For my next visit. I was relieved, I told John that I was glad it worked out for him and I really enjoyed the weekend. Maybe we could do it again sometime, maybe a month or two down the road.

Becky walked out of the bedroom wearing a white bathrobe and continued straight over to John as she smiled at me. "There are my two men!" Her hair was wet from the shower. She kissed John with a peck on the lips. "Can I make you breakfast, Mr. Perfect?" She asked. "Sure, how about scrambled eggs and toast?" John said. She sweetly replied "You betcha bigboy." She walked toward me now putting her back to John.

She got very close to my chair. "And you." She bent from the waist and kissed me on the lips, her tongue flashed inside my mouth. She stood sweeping her arms and hands across the lower half of her robe pulling it open, exposing her freshly shaved pussy. "What can I serve you?" I felt a tiny bit brave knowing after breakfast I was driving home from this wild and strangely sexual weekend. My left side was completely hidden from John who was looking at his coffee.

I raised my left hand up to point my index finger. I pushed it directly between her labia lips and pushed the button of her clitoris. "I just want to eat the same as John.

Buns." Becky jumped, opened her robe showing me her naked body for a split second and tightly retied her robe belt. She said she would get to work. She looked hard at my crotch but walked to the refrigerator. Breakfast was good. Becky dressed as John and I ate and talked. John hugged me good bye. Becky did too, a little tighter and a little longer, kissed me too. I fired up my truck and got on the highway. All in all it was a weird weekend.

I got home and settled back into my routine. On Friday I got a call from John. He told me he gave my address to Becky and she was going to drop off a contract. He was happy I was going to hire Becky for interior design help.

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He signed the liability release contract early this morning. All I needed to do is sign it and that way nobody could get mad about anything. Becky is going to drop off the contract as she passes through my town. John said that Becky is going to visit her old friend Lynn. They used to hang out together at the club on post. He asked if I remembered her.

I asked "was she the tall redheaded looker with the big tits?" John confirmed that was her. Becky is planning another weekender next weekend. Lynn and her husband, you and us. Lynn's husband is a bit of a drunk but a fun guy. We have an above ground going in the backyard this Monday. You need to bring your speedo. Maybe a bottle of tequila if you want. I heard heels and a knock at my door.

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"John, I gotta go. Talk soon."