Ridiculous night out as slutty girls share a thick shlong

Ridiculous night out as slutty girls share a thick shlong
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I have been with my girlfriend (Helen) for over ten years, we have been living together for seven years. We have always got on very well together. I have always fantasised about my Partner being with other men.

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I have told Helen this, but she is not interested in being with other men as she considers this cheating. Helen is 5 foot 3 inches in height, long blonde hair, blue eyes, she has a medium build and 40 D breasts, she works in a shop on limited hours, so she has plenty of time alone and as I work nights, we don't see much of each other, but we are saving up to get married in the summer.

While she is not working, she meets up with friends and does girly stuff like shopping and chatting.

We was out one night with friends and she was fairly drunk. She was dancing with her friend on the dance floor, I noticed a Pakistani lad checking her out.

I new she wouldn't get off with him, so when she came back to the table to take a drink of her vodka and red bull, I told her that he was checking her out, she laughed and said I bet he is. I dared her to flirt with him, she said no, that she was a little scared he mite try something she didn't like.

I told her not to worry as I was here to break it up and tell him to go away whenever she wanted.

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She said ok and finished her drink, she said I will flirt with him at the bar, I said ok. So I watched her go to the bar and he started talking to her.

He put his arm around her as he was talking to her, she must of said what drink she wanted and bought her it, they were talking at the bar for a while.


Her fiend and her partner, came to say goodbye as they were going home. I said ok and that we were leaving in a little while as Helen was at the bar talking, they left and I watched Helen still talking to the man at the bar, they started to walk to the dance floor and they started to dance with each other, they danced for ten minutes or so, he put his arms around her waist, bringing her closer to him.

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I waited until she left him on the dance floor to go to the toilet, I followed her and said that I was tired and wanted to go home, she said that's fine and of she went to the toilet. When she came back from the toilet, she walked up to the man and told him she was leaving to go home, I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

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I said to her why don't you stay if you want, she asked are you sure and I said yes. So she went back to the bar and ordered another drink. I saw the man she had been dancing with see her at the bar and walked over to her, he started talking to her again. I stayed at the club, even though she thought I was in a taxi ride home.

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I thought I saw him slip something in her drink, but wasn't sure, they then started dancing again, he was getting more boulder now and started to move his hands all over her body, touching her in places that she wouldn't normally let him touch. He must of asked her to leave, cos they started heading for the door, he had his arm around her, so I followed and watch them walk down the street, I kept following them until they went into a darkened street, I could see him kissing her, he put is hand up her skirt and was touching her pussy, Helen was panting and moaning, he kept this up for a minute or two, then slipped his hands inside her pink knickers and slipped a finger or two inside her, she was now moaning louder now, she was almost there I could tell.

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He slipped her knickers off and stuffed them in her mouth to quieten her down. He dropped to his knees and started to taste her lovely juices and as he did she came hard, her juices spread all down his mouth and chin. he then pushed to her knees and pulled his dark coloured cock out of his pants and she put it in her mouth and began sucking on his cock, i watched as she licked his bell end, tasting him salty pre cum.


She then took his cock into her pretty mouth, she swallowed him deep, her nose touching his pubic hair. she was deepthroating him i could see him looking at her with a disgusting look on his face, he was saying that's it bitch take my cock in your mouth taste my cum, he said that he was going to fuck her hard and shoot his cum into her tight white pussy.


He pulled his cock out of her mouth just before cumming and he pushed his hard cock deep into her sopping wet pussy, he thrusted hard into her and she was breathing really hard now, he pulled the top up and took her beautiful tits out of her bra and began sucking on her erect nipples, he kept thrusting into her and I watched as they both came together, him ploughing his seed in her nice tight pussy.

He quickly sorted himself out and left her there by herself, I watched as she stumbled to her feet and sorted herself out, putting her knickers back on and sorting her skirt and top, I followed her for a bit until she was getting near a taxi pick up point, I quickly jumped in a taxi before her and headed home, I had just gotten into bed when she finally came in, I pretended to be a sleep, when she got ready for bed.


She still doesn't no that I no she had fucked that other guy.