Ginger stepmommy POV fucked and filmed

Ginger stepmommy POV fucked and filmed
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Part 3 Later that day, we laid there in bed, cuddling each other. Me stroking your hair, and pulling you closer to me, kissing you gently on your forehead. We just lay there in each others arms. Then you get up and head to the bathroom.


I hear the water running for the shower. I get up and come in the enjoy the view. I see you there in the shower, the water cascading down your body, I'm getting aroused, again from such a beautiful sight. You lean backwards into the shower stream, the water falling down across your head. Your back arching in the warmth of the water feeling good as it strikes your form.

You open your eyes, and peer through the semi-clear shower curtain, you see me, smile, and beckon me to come closer with your finger. I stand there as you rub, the bar of soap across your wet body. You pay particular attention to your breasts. Rubbing them with both of your soapy hands.

I can't resist any longer and join you in the shower. I enter through the end of the shower curtain. You turn around and press your back against me. Rubbing your ass against my cock. Further stirring it from its temporary semi-slumber.

You giggle at me as you turn your self around, planting a kiss on me. Picking up the bar of soap you start to rub it over my body. Lathering me up while the water continues to fall over both of us. We change places so now I can rinse off and you jump out of the shower to towel off. You let out a chuckle and walk out of the bathroom.

I stand there in the shower with a disgruntled look on my face as you walk away. I'm out of the shower shortly after you as the hot water ran out and it just turned very cold, zapping my hard on back to its previous state. I turn the water off and grab another towel and join you in the other room. You're already partially dressed, as I enter. You just giggle and leave the room, pulling your top over your head.

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I get dressed and come out into the living room, leaning over to give you a sensuous kiss. You respond in kind. Trying to pull me down next to you.

I pull away, this time, and chuckle at my tease.


Sitting down next to you, with my coffee, this time. You get up, take my coffee away, again, and sit in my lap. Nuzzling your head into my neck, and sighing, restfully. I sit there with you in my arms, wishing for this weekend to never end, as I run my hand over your head. I sigh, and close my blissfully close my eyes enjoying this tender moment we share. After a bit, you slowly, raise your head, to look into my eyes.

I see that are a few tears running down your smiling face. I ask you what's wrong, but you just shake your head, wipe your eyes, and then you lean over and deeply kiss me, while our grip on each other tightens. We sit there in each others arms for hours, which only seems as minutes.

You get up and announce that your famished. I say, "Who needs food when there is a beautiful woman to make love to." You reply, "But, you have to keep up your strength for later." I grin and we go. Part 4 After dinner we return and no sooner than I shut the front door you turn around, push me up against the door and start ravaging my lips with yours.

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You lift a leg up along my side. There we stand in a passionate embrace. Each pulling the other tightly to the other. Dropping your leg back down you back away, grabbing the front of my coat, pulling forward to follow you. We stop by the closet, you start to remove your coat. I slap your hands away. I turn you around and pull you closer, opening the front of your coat and seductively removing it from your body. You feel the warmth of my breathe on the back of your neck as you lean backwards, raising your hand to encompass my head, with you releasing an approving gasp from you lips.

I hang up our coats. I turn around from the closet. You're standing there staring at me with a curious look on your pretty face. The sight of your beautiful splendor leaves me speechless, you walk up to me, wrapping your arms around my shoulders, you kiss me again with as much passion as before. Pushing you back just a bit, I reach down and pull your top off.

I stand there admiring your breasts there encased within your bra, begging to be release and suckled upon. I oblige by removing your bra, standing there I cup them both in my hands and lean down to address one then the other.

Slowly, with my tongue, circling the aereola, then lightly taking each nipple into my waiting mouth. You're moaning as you wrap your arms around my head, up and down my back, as I continue to suck on them. Then slowly I nibble and kiss my way back to your waiting lips. Our tongues intertwine into the other. You unbutton my shirt, pulling it down over my shoulders, down my back, holding it there, my arms still held by the cuffs slightly behind me.

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You grin, and kiss and nibble around my neck and ears. You then start down my chest to my nipples, circling and teasing them with your tongue. I let out a moan of pleasure, up tilt you head slight and smile as you continue down and undo my belt and pants. My cock already hard from your ensuing treatment to me.

With my pants and underwear around my ankles, I pull you back up and say, "Oh no, your first." Dropping to my knees I raise up your skirt, over my head. Your tender pussy, glistening there in front of me with your juices, wetting the folds of your lips. I swing you leg over my shoulder to gain better access to you. I breathe heavily across your semi-swollen clit. My warm breathe causing you to moan, pushing my head closer, thrusting your hips into my face, bring them together.

I lick eagerly and the flowing juices.

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Lapping up your tender sweetness as it flows from you. You lean forward over me to help keep your balance as your body starts to sway, from the tremors my tongue brings you. You reach over me and grasp the wall, behind me as your body is racked with its first of the evenings orgasm.

You leg tightens against my back, forcing my tongue deeper inside of you. Screaming you say, "DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONNNNGGGGUUUUEEEE!" As this wave reaches its peak. I greedily oblige your demand. Weakly you pull me back up to your waiting mouth. Your lips and tongue lapping at your pussy juices contained within my beard. Holding me tightly as your body still shudders from your orgasms penetrating you from your pussy.

I rub my hands up and down your bare back, tightly holding you there against me. Suddenly, without warning I turn you around, pushing your upper body over as you grab the arm of the chair right there. I hike up your skirt, I kneel again, licking the crack of your still pantied ass as I pull them down to your ankles. You step out and I add them to the growing pile of clothes there on the floor next to us. There on my knees behind you, I eye the beautiful sight before me.

I can see your body beckoning for my touch. Your pussy, with juices slowly, drooling down your inner thighs.

I grab you ass cheeks and spread them wide. My tongue tracing the curvature of your crack. Swirling around your butt hole, as I insert a finger and massage the inner walls of your pussy. Your body starts to respond to my touch, pressing backwards towards my face, tongue, and fingers. A gasp, escapes your mouth at the flinging of my tongue excites your butt. Flicking around and just inside your hole.


My other hand reaching around and lightly rubbing your clit. I can feel it stiffening to my touch. Responding just like last night. Standing there with your legs spread apart, your knees start to buckle under the strain of yet, a new set of orgasms set forth from your pussy. Its muscles spasm against my finger still inside you. Breathlessly, you beg, "Fuck me, Fuck me from behinddddddddd!" As another impact wave of orgasms prevents you from saying any more, for the moment. I stand up with my hard cock in my hand and press it against the outer lips of your wet pussy.

You attempt to push backwards to force me to enter you completely.

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But, I step back, saying, "Not yet." You look over your shoulder at me with a look that could kill, at me teasing you. I just smile and then shove my cock home into your pussy. You gasp in surprise at the force of my cock entering you. The walls of your pussy start to contract around my cock. With me inside you, your body responds to the rhythm of my thrusts. You grunt in satisfaction to the pounding your pussy is getting. I reach forward and pull a handful of your hair, as the pace of me fucking your pussy increases.

A gasp, and a smile appears on your face a the slight pain of having your hair pulled brings a tear down your cheek. Next, I hear, "FUCK MY ASS, STICK YOUR COCK IN AND FUCK MY ASS HARD!" I take it out of your still throbbing pussy and line it up to your ass. Inserting it in slowly, so as your tight butt hole, expands to take me in.

Letting go of your hair and grabbing both of your hips I start to thrust my cock in and out of your ass. Now your screaming with pleasure and pain as my cock fucks your ass.

I say, "I about to cum," you turn around and drop to your knees in front of me, grabbing my cock in your hand and mouth, pumping me mercilessly. With your mouth wide open my own orgasm spurts out of my cock all over your face and breasts. When your satisfied that I am empty, for now you stand up to me. I lean over, and lick the cum off your breasts, and face. Kissing you deeply sharing the joy that we have brought each other. The night is still young. There is more of each other to enjoy.

Part 5 After such a powerful session of wild sex, I sit down in a chair. You join me, on my lap. As I continue to lap up my cum from your soft and sweaty flesh. I start to again, rub your clit.

Not wanting to let you get away with just a few orgasms.

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I want you to have more, and more. Your eyes roll back into your head as my manual stimulation brings forth more from your already spent body. You whisper for me to stop, but, I don't listen. I continue to rub you, you're putty, there in my lap. Bending to my will, not letting you get up, as my tongue and fingers continue to take you along. You pull my face up to your and plant another kiss on me. As my tongue enters your parted lips, you bite down as another wave of orgasms reaches up and grabs you.

Thus stopping me from may manual stimulation. Allowing the rest of your shuddering body to subside into a blissful, hold on my lap. You bury your head into my neck. I feel little kisses here from you. As we snuggle in the chair. There we sat for a while.

Blissfully, enjoying, just holding each other.