Slutty redhead mum and hot brunette

Slutty redhead mum and hot brunette
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i am a boy.named matt.18 years old.doing my graduation in a college.i always had a great interest towards sex.romance.girls.i always dream about my sexual life.n how do i manage 2 impress a eyes keeps rolling around sexy movies n porn pictures.i like these to any other things in this world.but still i m a virgin!.here is my story. it was on this day.when i got the first chance 2 hang out with my new-found-girlfriend.she never accompanied me anywhere i was really excited n nervous-kinda.

she is dream girl.5'5.110lbs.brunette.nice firm 36D cups.n the most exciting thing is her beautiful n round ass.oh wat a sight! she wore a black tanktop.n blue faded jeans.i guessed she wore a black bra .she was very gorgeous i would say.she had elegant looks like a playboy-kinda-girl.i gave her a light smile n looked at her gorgeous body.for which she gave out a nice smile n then sat on the back of my bike.yeah.we are hanging out today.i was expecting this day for quite a long.

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as we drove .her firm breasts sterted 2 touch my backbone.n her hands in my shoulders.while she rested her chin on my shoulders.i was getting really hot than ever before. we arrived at the beachside.n after parking.i got in her arms n we both are headin towards the beach in that breezy-evening.

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we both laid on the floor with a blanket behind us.n we were watchin the waves n enjoyin the sea.shore.waves.breeze.n every bit of the nature.i knew that she was gettin horny as well as my cock gave a sight ahead of my boxers n pants.she saw tht n gave out a giggle.she gently touched them n teased my cock without taking mine by her hands.i couldnt wait for more i within seconds i pulled out my penis which was hardly 8inches.

she was smiling at me n gave a long handjob.which we both liked very much.i m a virgin n she is not.she told me tht she have had a lot of blowjobs n handjobs she was very nice in pleasing me.

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i liked this.i felt her tongue in my cock-head.she was teasin me.she was doing so for some ten minutes.n after tht i had my cock inside her mouth.she was blowing tht very nicely.with an experienced touch!.she told me"this is the biggest of the three tht i hav done before".we both smiled at each tht time i shot out a mouthful of cum which she swallowed.while she had the next load in all over her face n neck which slowly dropped upto her lowneck top.i suddenly pulled out her top n within seconds.i removed her bra.n lookin for her nipples.i started 2 crush n pinch them.for which she gave out low moans.then i began 2 caress her tits which seemed 2 be the best i had seen in real-life .

i began 2 suck on her nipples.n then caressing them.this continued for more than ten minutes.n she needed my cock instantly.n again she had her mouth pierced by my hard-on.n this time she sucked more n very faster.n i helped her with my hands on the backside of her head so that she could have real fantasy.i felt the pleasure of blowjobs which i thought was never as a part of real-sex. i once again came in her face n i began 2 tit-fuck her which she liked n began 2 moan ."ooohhhh yeaaaahhh.besides she was fingerin herself n teasing my penis simultaneously.n then i felt the urge 2 fuck her for which she is also eagerly waiting .so i inserted my finger in her pussy-hole n she yelled"come on.lick me baby.".i started 2 lick her clit which was full of her orgasm.n i started please her orally.she gave some hot-moans.which made me more horny.then i drove three fingers in her hole.n she needed mine in this time my cock really got damn-erect n was ready 2 fuck i slowly inserted my hard-on in her pussy.n i felt the real-excitement of sex.i drove it slowly.n she was waitin for me 2 do tht more faster.but i didnt increase the speed coz i wanted 2 hear from her ."c'mon man.fuck me.fuccckkkkk meeeeeee.harder.harder.faaaaster.come on fuck.yeahhhhhh".n yes .she told me i started 2 fuck really hard n it felt good for both of us.

i really wanted 2 ass-fuck her.but i was not going 2 ask her.after some times.she took my cock in her hand n released it.soon she got on doggy-style.n yelled"come on.fuck my ass.".i wanted 2 tease her a i was caressing my cock n expectin a load of cum.all of a sudden she took it in her hand n pointed 2 her ass."c'mon.uuuu.fuck me in my ass.".then i started 2 please her with ass-fucking.n she like it very much.i had my hands on her hip so tht i could ass-fuck her easily.her ass was fully sticken with my cum.n i slowly moved my hand toward her pussy.n i felt the very warm pussy with her orgasm.i wanted 2 lick i took my cock out of her asshole.n began 2 lick her pussy.she was moaning very intensely.n i finished with suckin her nipples.n we both kissed very passionately.wat a pleasure!.omg.i liked it so much.i wished tht she would hang out with me another time.for which she gave a positive reply.i knew tht she she loved my cock n i guessed tht she liked a virgin-cock like mine!.she was kissin me at the same time she had her hands in my hair.i was really excited 2 have a date like this.

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suddenly.i felt a hand over my stomach .like beatin me.then i took off the blanket 2 see.omg!.it was my mom trying 2 wake me up."wake dear.u got skool 2day". only by then.i really realised tht it was a dream.omg!."wen i would have a date like the 1 i dreamt.!!".then i started 2 carry on with my routines n was expectin a dream-date!

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