College students sucking coed cock in dorm blowjob and amateur

College students sucking coed cock in dorm blowjob and amateur
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This story is my first attempt at writing gay fiction. It is the result of a request by a female friend who asked for a Holmes and Watson sex story. I hope you like it. -- John Watson laid the palms of his hands on either side of Sherlock's face. Sherlock Holmes didn't react in any way, shape or form. "You've done it!" Watson exclaimed. "You solved it!" "Of course I did," Holmes retorted calmly. "It was elementary once I worked out how they breached the security system, got past the infrared sensors and entered a room with a retinal scanner." "Well, however you did it, it was wonderful." Watson kissed Holmes forehead euphorically.

Again, Holmes didn't react; Watson had done this many times. Today though, things would end differently Holmes guaranteed himself. Holmes placed his hands on top of Watsons. He stared into his friends brown eyes and, hesitantly, placed a kiss on Watson's thin, pale, pink lips. John to his credit didn't react the way that Sherlock expected. He didn't pull away from the kiss, instead, he embraced it, began kissing him back.

John parted his lips slightly, allowing Sherlock to begin probing between them to find the sweet warmth of his tongue and mouth. John's right hand went to the back of Sherlock's head. He grasped a handful of thick, black hair, twisting it. Sherlock's head titled slightly, so that their kisses could be that much more passionate. Sherlock's right hand traced a path down Watson's arm coming to rest gently on his left shoulder. He paused slightly, and then his hand made its way down onto his chest, covering his heart.

He could feel the beat of Watson's heart, getting slightly faster with each passing second. The heat emanating from his chest grew too; it was starting to make his palm sweaty even through Watson's lumberjack shirt. John opened his mouth fully and Sherlock took advantage.

He thrust his tongue into the mouth that waited for his probing. Sherlock did not disappoint, he ran his tongue around the inside of John's mouth running it across his teeth and gums, as if searching for something hidden deep within the recesses of the cavernous mouth he was kissing. Watson lowered his left hand to Sherlock's chest searching for the buttons that held his silk shirt closed.

Finding the top button, he clumsily fumbled it open before moving down to the next and the next. When finally the shirt was open, he broke away from the passionate kiss that he and his friend were sharing.

He kissed Holmes' neck, his collarbone, his defined pectoral. Eventually Watson's mouth came to rest over the large nipple that stood erect and proud. Sucking it into his mouth, he nibbled at it and Sherlock groaned quietly, his eyes rolling back in his head.

"Oh John," he whispered. "You don't know how long I've waited for this moment." Watson didn't reply. Rather than remove himself and stop toying with the nipple that was growing under his touch, he simply grunted his response. He gently licked the brown nipple and the areola that surrounded it. He felt light headed. Sherlock placed his right hand gently on the crown of Watson's head, pushing him back onto the nipple.

The feeling there was exhilarating to him, filling him with feelings not felt for such a long time. Watson nibbled that little bit harder now.

Memories of childhood and his brother Mycroft, flooded back to him.


Before their affair had become know to their parents, he and Mycroft had spent many gloriously torrid days and nights together, exploring each other's bodies, learning the fine arts of same sex lovemaking.

Watson kissed gently across Holmes' chest, eventually reaching the so far untouched nipple. He repeated all that he done before biting a lot harder than he had previously, and Sherlock groaned again, this time though, audibly. He liked a little pain every now and then.

Removing his hand from Watson's head, Holmes undid the cuff buttons and removed his silk shirt, savouring its feel. Dropping it at his feet, he sought out his waist and the belt that secured his trousers. Without even undoing the belt, he dropped his trousers and underwear as one to form a small circle of clothing around his feet.

Watson, aware of exactly what Sherlock was doing, waited until his friend's penis sprang into view. At the exact second that Holmes had moved his hands downward to expose himself, he made his move dropping to his knees, head held slightly away from the groin in front of him so that he might take in the view. Holmes was huge! He was also semi-erect. Watson couldn't even imagine what this monster of a cock would look like when it was at its hardest. The penis on display before him was thick and long, very long.

Watson estimated that at this second, it had to be 9 or 10 inches and it was growing! With every involuntary twitch, it seemed to grow, become harder and harder as Holmes' blood filled and engorged it.

The bulbous head was a purplely red colour; thick blue veins throbbed with blood as it grew before Watson's eye. The urethra at the tip was large and inviting, Watson poked his tongue at it, lapping up the taste of Sherlock's cock. As he sat hunkered down admiring the cock that was on display before him, Watson's eyes were drawn down the shaft; past the veins and the enormous length, to the base and to the bald pubis that sat almost a foot away from his face. Nervously, he licked his lips, which were wide open to receive this monstrous organ.

Sherlock, however, had other ideas. He bodily lifted Watson to his feet and began undressing him, slowly, with purpose. Watson's shirt was removed; he stepped out of his shoes automatically, as if he were undressing for bed. Next off came his trousers and socks, Holmes took his time removing each item. He lingered at times, feeling the strong muscles under the skin; just beneath his fingertips. Every now and then he would place a light, delicate kiss and without a word move onto the next piece of clothing.

Eventually Watson was stood only in his boxer shorts.

The section of cloth that covered his erect, throbbing cock bulged. Holmes stared at it, a look of anticipation on his face. Reaching forward slowly, Holmes ran two fingers slowly around the silhouetted shape, feeling the member beneath react to his touch.

All the while, Watson had his eyes closed tightly. He moaned almost silently. He wasn't in his comfort zone sexually, but he had to admit that so far, it felt good, very good. He was determined to experience Holmes to the fullest to experience all that Holmes had to offer.

Holmes slowly, but carefully gripped the elasticated band that topped the shorts his soon to be lover wore. Slowly and deliberately, he tugged the material downward to at last, set free Watson's cock. A base of slightly greying light brown hair covered the end of the cock that he saw before him.

It wasn't the largest nor the smallest he'd ever seen, but it suited Watson's shape to a tee. There were fewer veins on display than his own penis, which throbbed and grew of its own accord, despite it being, to Holmes' trained eye, fully erect.

Pre-cum appeared on the tip and Holmes flicked his tongue at it, savouring the taste. The head was a pink shade of red, like an apple just prior to reaching full ripeness. It glistened with more pre-cum that had leaked.

It, the head, wasn't that big either it was a normal, average cock. No more, no less. Holmes placed his circled fingers behind the head, and lightly enclosed the shaft.

Watson groaned out loud. Slowly, Holmes began to move his hand in the direction of the matte of pubes. When at last his little finger was nestled there, he licked at small amount of pre-cum that had oozed out the urethra, gobbling it down greedily. Opening his mouth wide, he took the swelling head into his mouth. Deliberately, he paused, wanting Watson to feel the heat coming from him. He closed his lips, encircling the shaft and as he commenced an up stroke with his hand; he started sucking.

With each pass of his hand, he sucked that little bit harder on Watson, deeper and deeper. Finally, Holmes had to remove his hand completely as he deep throated his friend, his nose buried in the thatch of pubic hair.

There was no gag reaction Holmes was very well accustomed to swallowing much bigger and thicker cocks than this, his own included. Sucking all the while, Holmes, moved his face up and down the length of Watson's saliva coated cock. He cupped Watson's buttocks with both hands, pulling him into his face. Watson had his eyes closed again as Holmes sucked upon him. He had closed them the very second that Holmes had taken him into his mouth.

He had felt the heat of his friends' mouth, just as Holmes had intended and Holmes knew it and felt very, very pleased with himself. Feeling Holmes' hands on his arse and his cock touching Holmes' tonsils was something new to Watson.

When his girl friend gave him a blowjob, she always had at least one hand clasped around him, stopping her from taking the full length. As Holmes sucked, Watson felt his cock grow. This was something that usually didn't happen to him when he reached what he thought was his full erection normally, nothing his female partners could do to him would make him grow larger.

Holmes obviously had the secret touch, whatever that might be for getting the best out of his lovers. Watson gasped loudly and sucked in air through his mouth. Holmes quickened his actions, sucking him harder and harder into his mouth. If he didn't stop Holmes now, he was going to cum.

"I'm cumming!" Watson said with a rasp. Holmes ceased his sucking, let the head of Watson's cock slip from between his lips and reaching upward, placed two fingers at the inverted V shape under the head of his penis. He squeezed. Hard. Watson felt as though he was going to shoot his cum there and then, but whatever it was that Holmes was doing, he made the overwhelming feeling fade quickly. Watson felt the pressure to cum drain away from him almost totally.

His cock stayed totally rigid, throbbing wildly. "A little trick I learnt some years ago," Holmes told him as he took him by the hand, walking to the sofa. "That's something you can do to delay your orgasm almost indefinitely." Holmes sat on the edge of the sofa with his legs wide open.

"Neat trick," Watson agreed. Seeing Holmes' seated position, he dropped to his knees and shuffled across the thickly piled carpet. He licked his lips as he readied himself to suck his friend for the first time. "You'll stay hard no matter how many times you do it," Holmes said as he felt Watsons' hot breath on him. Watson managed, just, to take Holmes' bulbous cock head into his mouth. It was quite a stretch. He copied the action that Holmes had done to him as best he could, except that his fingers did not stretch far enough to fit around Holmes' massive erection.

He sucked hard and swallowed as much as he could before the gag reflex hit him. Pausing to let the feeling pass, he made sure to keep his hand moving, stimulating Holmes as much as was physically possible.

Once he felt that he was able to continue, Watson restarted his ministrations. On purpose, didn't take Holmes into his mouth that far again, now he knew why his girl friend kept a hand on him while she blew him.

He more than made up for it by sucking as hard, or maybe harder than Holmes had did to him. Holmes flattened himself to the sofa, his legs still widely spread. His long arms enabled him to place his hands fully on Watson's head, and as Watson sucked on him feverishly, he pulled his face further and further down his glistening, engorged shaft.

At one point, Watson almost gagged again. Holmes, being the considerate lover that he was, did not want him to gag, so he let go of his head. Stopping short of getting three quarters of himself down Watsons' throat was more than adequate for the moment.

Holmes motioned for Watson to join him on the sofa. He noticed that Watson's cock had deflated slightly 'not for long', thought Holmes. Watson sat awkwardly on the edge of the sofa, not really sure as to what Holmes wanted him to do. Holmes had stood and now moved to position himself over his friends' penis. He squatted slightly. Watson sussed what was about to happen and took hold of his member to steady it. Holmes lowered himself until Watson's cock head nestled against his puckering, brown hole.

Watson thought that there would be some resistance as Holmes began to sink downward. He was wrong! He and Holmes gasped simultaneously as his cock pierced his friend, slipping past the anal sphincter. Watson gasped as he penetrated his first male arse, Holmes was gasping at the relief of having his arse used again by something other than his dildo.

To his surprise though, there was no resistance and Holmes slid all the way down his shaft in one movement stopping only when there was no more to take and his balls rested against Watson's legs. Holmes was still fairly tight, he knew that, despite all the things that had been up his arse over the years. Watson's cock gave off a form of heat that Holmes needed badly. Leaning forward to kiss Watson on the mouth, Holmes lifted himself upward.

Watson sat as upright as he could with Holmes impaled deeply on his cock. He accepted Holmes' kisses and returned them vigorously. After Holmes had completed a few deep strokes of his arse on Watson's now even harder feeling cock, he felt his friend thrust upward with his hips, imbibing in Holmes feelings that shook his whole body with ecstasy.

It was awkward, trying to fuck while sitting the way he was, but Watson persevered. He could feel himself harden again, his cock aching as Holmes rode him again and again. Holmes increased the speed of his fucking, desperate to feel his friend splash the inside of his rectum with hot sperm. Suddenly Holmes stopped, still deeply impaled on Watson, savouring the moment.

Watson's cock throbbed again and again as he felt the warmth coming from his friend - the lower intestine convulsing around him, squeezing his cock just like a cunt. Watson had thought that it was only women who could do that, now he knew otherwise.

He was breathing hard and had begun to sweat and hadn't noticed when either had started. "Lie flat." Holmes ordered. Watson obeyed.

Once flat on the sofa with his head propped on the armrest, Holmes began riding him again. Watson could see everything. He watched in awe as his cock disappeared in and out of that hot, brown hole he was fucking. Holmes' cock stood straight out in front of him as he slid up and down Watson's shaft. Holmes had both his hands on it, gripping it tightly as he worked his magic.

He masturbated furiously using both hands one at the head end and one at the base. Watson flicked his tongue at the monstrous beast, catching it every second or third stroke.

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It was almost long enough for him to have sucked it whilst his cock was shafting its owner. Holmes was now bouncing up and down on Watson as hard and as fast as he could. Every now and then Watson would thrust upward as Holmes was coming back down. Holmes wanted cum. He had to have it coat his insides a feeling he knew, and loved, but had not felt for oh so very long. Watson kept groaning loudly as he watched Holmes.

He knew he wasn't far from coming, and he did his best not to. He had stopped his thrusting in an attempt to lengthen the time until his inevitable cum. Holmes bounced for what seemed like five minutes straight without pause, enjoying and savouring every second after all, it was rare that he had sex with another man and on the odd occasion that he did fuck a woman it was ultimately not as satisfying. Suddenly and without warning, he got off Watson's hard cock; it glistened in the soft light.

Holmes knelt and took him into his mouth once more, savouring the taste of himself and his friend. He sucked like a vacuum cleaner. Watson had to fight not to cum there and then. "Shit!" Watson cried. After deep throating Watson again, sucking hard all the while, Holmes stood and turned. He bent over, placing his hands on his knees. "Fuck me Watson," he rasped. "Cum in me!" Watson knew that he was near the point of no return, but he stood, moving behind Holmes.

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With his hand, he positioned himself again near to the tight (for him) arse that he'd been fucking. He pushed home with another groan, penetrating Holmes once more. The tightness of Holmes' arse still felt amazing to him.

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Without pause, he started fucking, hard. He went from a standstill to frenzied fucking in one fell swoop. Beads of sweat dripped off his skin and mingled with Holmes', droplets of sweat lubed his cock as it plunged deep into Holmes. Holmes' hands moved away from his knees and he touched his ankles allowing Watson to penetrate him even deeper.

They both felt each others balls touch at the same time, as he fucked harder and harder and harder. He cried out as his hot and fiery sperm flew out of cock and into Holmes. "Ahhh!" He cried, "Holy shit!" His cock throbbed as it had never done before and it felt, lodged deep as it was in Holmes as though it had grown to twice its normal size!

Holmes felt the sperm and got the release he sought. He didn't cum on the spot as he had when he was younger. He had more self-control now. Watson pulled out of him even though he was still shooting ropes of sperm, his cock still throbbing madly. Spinning around, Holmes took a glob of sperm to the face, before enveloping the still rock hard cock in his mouth.

Holmes now turned on the suction.

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There was nothing better for him than eating sperm direct from the source. Earlier, he'd taken it easy on Watson now he was going to show him what it was like to really have your cock sucked by a professional! Watson's face contorted as Holmes sucked upon him deeply and powerfully.

He'd thought that their mutual sucking before was hot, but this&hellip. This blew his mind. Images of his testicles being dragged up and out of his cock swirled in his mind as Holmes tried to suck him completely and utterly bone dry. He felt even more euphoric than before if that were possible! Watson clasped Holmes' head tightly and began fucking his mouth.

Emptying the remaining spunk into the hot, greedy mouth that sucked him furiously. When he finally let go, Holmes smacked his lips together, tasting the cum. It was hot, thick and slightly salty the taste differed from his own in many ways, and he made a mental note to tell Watson that he had to change his diet to make him taste even better in future he was more than sure that this experience would be repeated more than once.

"Your turn," smiled Holmes as he smacked Watson's buttock. "Kneel." Watson, feeling quite weak at the knees complied. He turned and knelt on the edge of the sofa. He lent forward and supported himself on the cushions that covered the backrest. Holmes, now massaging his cock to even greater hardness stepped into the gap between his friends' legs. He sucked on two fingers, covering them in his cum soaked saliva. Holding the fingers to John's anus, he pushed home. Watson winced and moved forward slightly, but made no sound other than a loud moan.

Holmes sunk his fingers up to the knuckle as Watson bucked back onto the penetrating digits. Watson was tight. Holmes liked the feeling. It had been years since he'd been able to fuck an arse as tight as this. It was even longer since he'd fucked a virgin. Watson was obviously a virgin. He smiled as after taking his fingers away from the now puckering hole, sucked them clean again, savouring the taste of his friends bum - and with his other hand he guided his swollen member to the pink flesh that was waiting for him to stretch it wide.

With one or two quite hard thrusts, Holmes pierced Watson and took his virginity. He paused, remembering when he'd been fucked for the first time.

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It'd been painful, but not unpleasant but then again, he did have a high threshold for pain. Bondage with Mycroft had always been fun once he'd gotten used to it. 'Got to give him his dues,' Holmes thought. 'Got to be painful for him and he's not made any attempt to stop me.' Watson had his teeth gritted in expectation as the humongous cock penetrated him for the first time.

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It was painful, but he really didn't care. He was going to live up to his unspoken promise and use Holmes to the fullest. He wanted to experience as much pleasure as was possible during his one and only time fucking and getting fucked by a man. As Holmes began to push himself into his arse, Watson growled deeply through his still clenched teeth. "Do it!" He managed to gasp as a sharp, fearsome pain shot through his body in ripples. It was Holmes turn to obey his friend and obey he did.

He thrust himself into Watson. All 13 and ¾ inches sunk into the tight anal canal of John Watson, who still didn't make a sound, other than a groan or a moan.

All the time Watson was biting his lip, eyes screwed tightly shut. Watson felt himself stretch much further than he'd ever stretched himself when taking a shit, and whilst in the army, he'd eaten a lot of curries on drunken nights with the lads a lot of curries! The initial pain level had dropped slightly, but not by much and now, impaled on Holmes as he was, he tried desperately to relax and enjoy the experience.

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Holmes again paused, buried up to his balls in Watson. He knew to wait a moment or so, to let Watson get used to that full feeling that he undoubted was experiencing.

Holmes saw Watson physically relax a little. His hand had dropped to his semi-erect cock and had begun masturbating. Holmes knew that that was a good sign. He was comfortable with the way his body was feeling and reacting. He began fucking. Slowly at first, he moved back and forth, rocking his hips. By Christ, John was tight. Although his cock was only moving inches inside John, he knew that John was still getting used to the feeling of being fucked.

Masturbating himself back to full erection, Watson was growing used to having something so deep in him. The pain was all but gone, his wanking saw to removing that. He bit his lip repeatedly as Holmes increased his pace, with each stroke his cock was withdrawn slightly further than before.

Watson moaned and groaned with each thrust as that wonderful cock was pushed right back up to the hilt time and time again. Holmes got into his stride and built up a rhythm. His hips were pumping quite hard now. He let a droplet of spit fall from his tongue, saw it sizzle as it hit Watson's stretched to the limit arse hole; lubricating it slightly.

His cock pumped in a little easier and he increased his pace yet again. Watson scrunched up his face as he felt Holmes speed up. His lust was growing now, the pain non existent, pleasure was all he felt. His cock was as hard as it had been prior to his ejaculation. He'd never cum more than once while fucking with his girl friend, but somehow he knew that today would be the day. He would become multi orgasmic.

Holmes sped up again. Letting his hands drop to his Watson's buttocks, he pumped harder.

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He pressed into the soft white flesh, leaving reddened handprints. Watson lent further forward, his chest touching the sofa seating cushions; he clearly felt Holmes' cock penetrate him even further now if that were possible. Furiously, he masturbated, the adrenaline was flowing now, the pain all gone pleasure began to ripple out from his groin in waves. He'd never felt anything like it. "This is the greatest," he managed to say as wave after wave of great feelings flowed through him.

"Glad to oblige," came the rasping reply as Holmes didn't miss a beat, "better than sex with your girl?" Watson made a uh-huh sound.

His fingers left his penis as he felt Holmes reach down to take over the masturbation. Holmes wanked him almost as hard as he was fucking him, throwing him well over the edge of the cliff of pleasure.

Within seconds, Watson spewed another batch of hot, thick cum. It spurted into the sofa cushions. Holmes ignored it and kept masturbating him, seeming oblivious to the fact that Watson had cum again. Watson's eyes began watering. His brain was overloading with pleasure. He'd came twice now, and was overjoyed at that fact, although he was saddened at the same time by the fact that for all these years he'd missed out on this much pleasure!

Holmes sped up again, his cock now throbbing like crazy. He knew that his eruption was imminent. He pulled out Watson as his cock pulsed. Man-handling his friend, he turned him over, just in time.

Hot, thick ropes of semen flew out of his long, thick cock and landed with a sizzle on Watson's face. Watson ejaculated for the third time as Holmes' thick, creamy sperm hit his cheek. Holmes pushed his cock toward Watson's lips, still ejecting hot pulses of sperm onto his chin and chest. Holmes pushed his throbbing member into Watson's mouth as far as it would go making his friend deep throat him again.

Watson didn't really have the time to gag.


Holmes' cock pushed past his tonsils and way down his gullet. A smile appeared on his face as his balls bounced off Watson's chin. His mouth completely and utterly filled with cock.

Sperm continued to flow out of Holmes, the result of not having sex nor masturbating for months! As Holmes slowly withdrew from Watson, he was still smiling. It was only when his cock head slipped out of Watson's mouth with a pop that he spoke, "Best get cleaned up Watson," he said.

"Mrs Hudson will be here in a few moments." All Watson could do was laugh. THE END