Slippery irrumation with hot beautiful babe pornstar hardcore

Slippery irrumation with hot beautiful babe pornstar hardcore
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"Hello," I answered the ringing phone. It was 9:10 in the evening, a little late for the telemarketers. I was sitting in a T-shirt and my boxer shorts watching a college basketball game. The damned NBA still hadn't gotten their act together so it was Davidson verses St.

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"Oh hi Annie, what's up?" I asked my sister. "Andy will you come over please, I need to talk to someone," she sniffled, she'd been crying, that was evident from her voice. "Sure, I'll be there in thirty minutes, what's the matter?" I asked. "Just come, please," there was a plea in her tone. "OK Princess, I'll be there," I said as we ended the call. She'd been Princess to me as long as I could remember.

Annie is the prettiest, sweetest girl I've ever met. I'm twenty-seven, Annie's twenty-five, she'd do anything for me and I for her, although I was Big Brother it was I who was honored to have her as my sibling and I loved her with all my heart; now she was in pain. I was into a pair of jeans and sneakers and out the door within two minutes. I was picturing my sister as I drove. She's tall, 5'10" with long blonde hair that falls nearly to her waist.

She wears it over her shoulders, cascading down over her breasts, wreathing her face. It gives her an angelic appearance, fitting I think, for she truly is angelic. Annie was waiting at the front door when I got there. Although we frequently spoke on the phone or texted each other it had been several months since I'd seen her; the change was dramatic. Annie's pregnant and the difference between a couple of months and seven months came as a bit of a shock to me.

Her beautiful hair was pulled back into a ponytail for ease of maintenance; her magnificent breasts had nearly doubled in size and sagged under their heavy weight and her tummy, well, her tummy was extravagant to say the very least. Annie's hips were boyishly narrow; she was built like a fashion model.

Not now: as I followed her into the house and could view her from behind and she was voluptuous, her hips widely flared, her bottom broad, her cheeks soft lush melons; I approved. She was wearing a man's long sleeved white shirt and her underwear, nothing else; she was barefooted. She waddled toward the kitchen asking over her shoulder if I'd like something to drink.

"No, nothing to drink, thanks," I replied, "What I want is to hear what's the matter." She'd only gotten as far as the dining room table; she stopped, rested her hands on it and raspily sobbed, "Rollie's left me for another woman." I came up behind her, rested my hands on her shoulders and asked, "What happened?" "What happened, I got pregnant, that's what happened; oh Andy it's been horrible." She seemed most comfortable looking away from me, talking into space as she told me what had occurred.

Annie and Rollie had been married three years. During that time she had used an IUD as their method of birth control. She and Rollie had discussed children; she wanted to start a family he wanted to delay until some nebulous future date, they'd had some heated discussions on the subject so, when Annie became pregnant Rollie believed it was intentional. What had happened? She wasn't positive but when she'd missed her period she'd visited her gynecologist.

What he found was that her IUD had become displaced. Annie used tampons during menstruation; he speculated the IUD was moved when a tampon had been inserted.

Whatever the reason, she became pregnant. Annie had waited until nearly bedtime to talk to Rollie, they were both dressed for bed but were having a cocktail in the living room when she explained what had happened. She expected him to be upset but never anticipated the vehemence he spewed at her. "You scheming fucking slut, God damned bitch, this was on purpose, you just couldn't wait could you?

You just couldn't wait." Annie tried to explain, it was an accident, she hadn't meant to get pregnant; but he wouldn't listen, wouldn't hear; he just continued with his tirade.

She hadn't been afraid as he ranted.


She thought he'd burn out and they could have an honest and serious discussion but then his tone changed. She was sitting on the sofa, Rollie had gotten up and was pacing as he shouted then he walked to her and grabbed her arm.

"Rollie, you're hurting me," she said. "Hurting you, hurting you, you don't know hurting…but you will, I promise," he hissed. "You're going to get fat and ugly, tits like a cow and an ass like a pig but until you do I'm gonna tear your pretty little pussy up," as he jerked her to her feet and drug her to the bedroom.

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Rollie pushed her over backwards on the mattress then followed her down. He ripped her nightie off and mauled her breasts then tore her panties from her, forced her legs apart and took her. Annie was dry when he penetrated her, she screamed out in pain. "That's right, scream for me bitch," he taunted as he drove into her, pounding her tearing at her, her screams and sobs music to his ears.


When he finally was ready to cum he pulled out. "You got my cum for the fuckin' kid, I'm not giving you anymore," as he shot onto her belly. When Rollie climbed off Annie started to get up to go into the bathroom; he stopped her. "Back down, you're not going anywhere." "Rollie, I need to clean up and I have to pee," she told him. "New rules Annie, new rules. Once you're in bed you stay in bed. I want my cum to dry on you, so get comfortable baby, you're down for the night and, by the way, if I were you I'd just dress in a robe from now on when you're home or it'll get expensive buying new nighties every time I tear them off." Annie curled up in the fetal position, her back to Rollie; he rubbed her taut tight bottom, "Be a shame when this looks like a pig's," he taunted It became the worst night of her life.

She lay sleepless, a burning, stinging ache in her vagina, an even greater pain from her woefully full bladder. Around two o'clock Annie couldn't hold it any longer, she gathered up the remnants of her shredded nightie and panties, wadded them up and put them between her legs hoping they would catch her urine and just let go.

The next night was a replay except she'd sensibly voided her bladder before Rollie could drag her to bed. She had put on a nightgown hoping that he'd just lift it to take her. No such luck, he ripped it from her and told her she'd be in bed naked, sleep naked from now on then he'd raped her and splattered his cum on her belly. Annie's breasts became tender just a couple of weeks into her pregnancy. When Rollie discovered this he reveled in torturing her, mauling her, pinching and pulling on her nipples just to hear her moan as he assaulted her.

This treatment could have gone on indefinitely except Rollie found Annie's pregnant body appallingly repugnant. She was only in her seventh week, he, as was the norm forced her onto the bed then looked at her, a little baby bump was evident, a swelling in her lower abdomen.

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Rollie put his hand over the bump and squeezed, "Look at you, look at you you hideous cunt, you're ruined the most perfect body I've ever seen." "Rollie don't, you'll hurt the baby," she pled. He squeezed harder. Annie rolled away from him, onto her stomach, protecting the baby from his grasp. Rollie smiled, he didn't intend to hurt the baby and he certainly wasn't going to fuck her grotesqueness but this seemed an offering. Annie's belly might be bulging, her breasts swollen and tender but her perfect heart shaped bottom hadn't begun to broaden.

Annie didn't even realize what was happening, he'd straddled her hips then she felt his hand on her, opening her then the thrust of his penis. She'd started to scream, "Noooooo," as he touched her but it changed of an incoherent wail of agony as he plunged into her tearing her tender tissues.

He fucked her like a dog on his bitch, hard, fast violent strokes lubricated only by the blood she was shedding. He was growling into her ear telling her that he owned her, she was nothing but a cunt, a cunt he couldn't even use now, telling her how nice and tight her ass was, how he liked hearing her scream. Finally he said, "This cum you get to keep," as he filled her bowel with his semen. Annie had nearly fainted under his onslaught; she just lay unmoving, beaten; she'd protected her baby but at what cost to herself, she knew she couldn't take this every night if Rollie decided to use her like this in lieu of her vagina.

He did take her the next night but his heart wasn't in it. Annie had taken the precaution of lubricating herself. Rollie slid into her, it hurt if for no other reason than she'd been torn the night before, but he only stroked a couple of times and pulled out saying, "Bitch I don't even want you like this." He still made her sleep naked but other than that he left her alone; he ignored her until late in her fifth month.

It was well after midnight, Annie was awakened, Rollie had switched on the bedside lamp. She just looked at him, afraid to say anything, this was new behavior.

"I had a dream, a dream about you the way you use to look, I want to see what I'm missing because of what you did; get up on your hands and knees." Annie did as he'd ordered. She saw that Rollie had an erection; she thought he was going to take her from behind. She almost hoped that he would, they hadn't had sex in three months and God she wanted the release, the relief of an orgasm; it didn't happen, instead he spread her thighs further open and inspected her.

She felt him cup her then in a voice conveying distaste and disbelief he said, "My God Annie you're even swollen here. I didn't know your pussy swelled, too." "Well Miss Fat Cunt, I'm damned sure not gonna fuck you, I was considering it just remembering how great we were together but, there ain't no way. I think a little something else is in order.

Every time I think about what your scheming has taken from me you'll get a little of this. With that comment he swatted her bottom and commenced spanking her. He wasn't really beating her, just firm strokes as he talked, "I want you to think and remember, if you hadn't deceived me, I'd be fucking you instead of spanking you; making you cum instead of making you cry." Annie sobbed herself to sleep in her pillow that night.

She did think about what Rollie had said and she started to question herself. Had she schemed and plotted to get pregnant? Not consciously but she did want children, was there any truth in his accusations? No, no she hadn't done anything wrong.

It didn't happen all that often, maybe once every week or two but Annie learned if she was awakened by the nightlight going on Rollie had had another dream, she just crawled up onto her hands and knees and awaited her spanking.

The last spanking had been two nights ago. Tonight Rollie had finally told her. Since he wouldn't have sex with her he'd found another woman. They'd been seeing each other for several months now they were going to make it permanent; he was leaving. "Annie look what you've done to yourself. You were the most beautiful woman I've ever seen now you're this horrendous creature with the ass and belly of a pig and the tits and cunt of a cow.

Your body is fat, distorted and ugly," were his parting words. Annie still had her back to me. I asked, "Are you glad he's gone?" "I am," she replied, "I could never make a life with him after the way he's treated me but, you know, in some ways he's right.

Maybe I did want a baby too badly, it wasn't intentional but I did get pregnant against his wishes. And he's certainly on the mark; I do have a belly and butt like a pig. I'm fat and ugly and worst of all I'm alone at the worst possible time. I want moral support, I'll require physical support, help with the baby, and most of all I want to be loved. She was softly sobbing when she finished speaking. I'd massaged her shoulders while she talked then taken the ponytail from her hair and finger brushed it, now I put it over her shoulders and turned her around to face me.

"Princess put the negative thoughts aside. You're pregnant, not fat, not ugly, you're pregnant.


You'll have the baby, your body will recover, you'll be slim and beautiful again but you'll never, ever be lovelier than you are right now. You're to be the Mother of Child, the Giver of Life, you glow with a luminescence that's Madonna like. I've never seen you more alluring, more beguiling, more captivating than you are at this moment and you are loved.

My hands were on both sides of her face; I leaned to her and lightly kissed her. She turned away; I guided her back to me and nibbled on her lower lip then kissed her again. "Andy," her voice was quivery. "Don't talk," I spoke into her mouth. My tongue probed between her lips, she nipped at my intruder, I withdrew then teased along her lips with its tip until she came out to meet me.

Our tongues entwined, a sensuous dance, tasting each other, sharing breath.

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For twenty minutes or more we kissed, our bodies hardly touching, my hands on her face, her arms at her sides, only our lips and tongues meeting. Annie turned her head to the side offering me her neck. I licked and kissed her there while, at the same time moving one hand to her breast. I gently massaged her through her shirt and brassiere. Her breasts and nipples swelled as I massaged her and I gave her a little twist. Her breath caught in her throat, she shivered to my touch then she seemed to melt into me.

I lifted her and sat her on the edge of the table then opened the top button on her shirt. Annie opened the bottom one, then with me working down and she working up we met in the middle.

I caressed her through the cups of her bra then kissed the top of each breast. Annie allowed the shirt to drop from her shoulders then leaned forward, encouraging me to unclasp her bra. Her breasts hung full and heavy above her round tummy, she was clad in only her panties, her beautiful blonde hair wreathed her face. Her crystal blue eyes, still bruised and tear stained from crying watched me as I admired her. She was beyond beautiful; Annie was exquisite, so magnificent it nearly brought me to tears.

She gave me a shy smile and whispered, "Drink me Andy, taste me, feed on me," as she cupped a breast and offered it to me. I circled her areola, licking then sucked her nipple in, nursing like a baby and like a baby I was rewarded, I was drinking her, I was tasting her and I was feeding. My mouth was filled with the life giving fluids of her body, she was lactating and I feasted.

Annie gave a deep sigh, her body trembled and I felt as she clamped her thighs together. She'd climaxed as I nursed. When I moved to her other breast I circled a hand down over her tummy until I could stroke her swollen labia through her panties. She was wet; I slid a fabric-covered finger, parting her puffy lips feeling her moisture. I could smell Annie's arousal; she trembled, she moaned, she clamped her legs around my hand, holding me in place as her precious nectar gushed.

I kept my hand on her until she relaxed. Annie finally asked, "Do you want to make love to me Andy?" "More than anything," I answered, "Do you?" "Yes but I'm not ready yet. Everything we've done thus far and we have done some things, they're reversible. We can go on being loving brother and sister, have the fun and do the things that siblings do together. Now we need to decide, both you and I, is that what we want.

If so that will be that." "In other words, you want to think about it?" "Not in other words, in exactly those words and not just me but both of us. Andy, I was a virgin when I married Rollie. He's the only man I've ever been with, I'm not promiscuous, I'm a one-man woman. Andy I love you and I want you to be that man but I want us both to be sure.

If things didn't work out it would devastate me, to lose my brother and my lover I think would be more than I could endure." "Princess I've loved you longer than I can remember, I'd never do anything to hurt you or disappoint you.

Whether at an altar or not I'd promise to cherish, honor and obey you and forsake all others." She smiled at my recitation, "I second that emotion," she answered. It's the obey part I want you to understand and appreciate. When I open my legs for you, when you take me you get me, body and soul. I'll give myself to you. Treat me however you want.

You know I let Rollie rape, sodomize and spank me; if that's how you want to treat me, I'll endure but it's not what I want, what I want is love and affection." Annie glanced at the clock, it was after one, "Come on, let's go in the bedroom and talk." She picked up her shirt and bra and led the way. Annie crawled onto the bed then patted beside her, "Come on," she said. I pulled off my shirt and jeans and joined her.

We had a lot to talk about but then there was a lot we knew about each other. No need to discuss religion, favorite foods, music or movie preferences, we'd grown up together, so we concentrated on the things we didn't know.

Children: the little girl she was carrying (yes, ultrasound had identified the sex) and three more are what I wanted. She liked four, too. Sex: Uninhibited, frequently and diversified. She asked for specifics.


Straight sex: Any position, missionary, cowgirl, doggie, any way and often. She agreed. Oral sex: I love giving, wasn't a real fan of receiving. Annie liked getting but she also liked giving and swore she'd make me a convert. Anal sex: Yes. Her only experience was being sodomized.

She was willing if that's what I wanted. Where to live: If we were to live as husband and wife we'd have to move, too many people knew us as brother and sister here. We agreed and decided it would be somewhere in the Sun Belt.

Work: I had a good paying job, $93,000 yearly but my skills, I'm a civil engineer, are transferable and, if Obama gets his jobs bill through there will be high demand nationwide.

We'd decide where to live then I'd start a search in that area. Annie worked, too. She had her degree in marketing and worked for a national motel chain. I wanted her to be a stay at home Mom and us make babies; she said, "We'll see." "Does that settle the important things?" She asked. "I believe so," I answered.

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"Good 'cause I've got something else in mind, come over here." "God that felt so good when you made me cum," she said, "Now it's your turn." She took my cock out of my boxers, jacked me a couple of times to stiffen me then enveloped me between her lips.

I'd never been a real big fan of receiving oral. I always seemed to get more teeth than lips and mouth; Annie changed my mind. Up and down my shaft she bobbed while her tongue swirled around the sides and over the head, first teasing the little hole.

And then the incredible, the unbelievable; when she felt my cock swell she had her hand under me. Just before I was ready to cum she stuck a finger up my ass and deep throated me, damn, I saw stars, I didn't just cum I erupted, I could feel the pulsing deep in her throat as she swallowed, God she didn't miss a drop, I was drained by the time she stopped.

"Damn Annie, that was spectacular," I told her. "Would you suck my breasts again please," was her reply. She reclined on the stack of pillows behind her, I gently caressed one breast as my lips closed over her other nipple and I sucked. I wasn't particularly gentle as I sucked. I treated her nipple like a baby does, tugging, sucking hard, covering part of her areola with my mouth.

Annie was moaning, I knew I was hurting her a little, still, she thrust her breasts to me inviting more. I changed to the other nipple but treated it the same way. My free hand was rubbing her abdomen in a circular motion, her moaning went on unabated, then I felt her belly tighten.

She was experiencing uterine contractions just like she'd feel when she was breast-feeding. She patted me on the head, "Enough, I surrender," she laughed. I looked up at her, she was smiling but said, "That was pretty intense, you're trying to toughen me up for when I'm breast-feeding aren't you?" I told her, "Yes." "I want you to suck my breasts every day, OK?" "It will be my duty and my pleasure, Princess Annie," I replied.

Then Annie turned serious. "Do I take off my panties Andy?" "I want you for the rest of my life to be my partner and the mother of my children Annie." I wanted to be the one to take her panties off and perform oral sex on her but that would have to wait. Annie needed to be the one, she was giving herself, it was her gift to me; she rolled her panties over her hips, down her long legs and off over her feet.

She lay back on the pillows and drew her feet up. "This isn't the easiest way with my tummy but, for the first time I want you on top. I want to be able to see your face and I want you to see mine. I want you to be able to watch as your penis penetrates me." I wasn't truly able to be on top, her tummy precluded that; instead I was on my knees, I scooted up under her then extended her legs, laying them atop my thighs. I spread her labia and positioned the head of my cock at the throat of her vagina then, in the closest we'll probably ever be to having a wedding ceremony I said, "Annie I give myself to you; do you give yourself to me?" She had watched me as I talked, I watched her as she answered, "Yes Andy I give myself to you, take me and do with me what you wish." With her final word I gazed down as I thrust my hips forward.

I watched as Annie was impaled on my cock. I wanted to hold her and kiss her as I made love to her. And making love was what we were doing. Our eyes met, I said, "You're my beautiful Princess, I love you without reservation," as I slowly stroked.

"You're hot, so very hot so very smooth, slick as silk. I feel like I'm piercing your molten core." "Push into me further I promise you I won't break." I'd only had a little over half of my cock in Annie, I was afraid of hurting her but she knew how big I was, she'd had me in her mouth.

I scooted closed to her bottom forcing more of my meat into her. I'm pretty sizable by anyone's standards; I'm a few millimeters shy of eight inches but the real stretcher is my girth. At 6.2 inches in circumference I open a girl up. I still was taking it slow and easy with her when she said, "Come on Andy, fuck me will you please." And I thought, she's my sister, if I'm built to give it maybe she's built to take it, but after her bitching I was about to find out.

Pregnant or not, I lifted her legs and pushed them back so that her knees were on either side of her belly then told her, "Hold them there." She gripped herself behind the knees as I pulled out of her. "You know, I squirt when I'm really aroused," she said.

I replied, apropos to nothing, "You have a fat pussy, did anyone ever tell you that?" "That fucking Rollie, he told me that." "The difference is, I love fat pussies, I love your fat pussy and now Princess Sister Wife I'm gonna fill your fat pussy." I didn't slam her, I certainly didn't want to hurt her but I did press forward, like Star Trek, going where no man had ever gone before.

Annie expelled her breath, "Oooooooooo, damn you are a big boy," she moaned. "Are we gonna have a conversation or we gonna fuck?" I teased her. "We're gonna have a conversation and then we're gonna fuck, God damned it Andy I knew a man had to be out there who could fill me, I didn't look, like I said I'm a one man's woman but Rollie didn't hit my high points, I had so much more he couldn't reach.

Pregnant, fat, ugly, whatever, this is going to be the fucking I've dreamed about; now pound me." I would have but she beat me to it. Her pelvis pounded against me, forcing me deeper, harder, faster. Her broad ass was beating a tattoo on the mattress as she hammered herself against me, it was almost like I was along for the ride and what a ride it was turning out to be.

Annie was huffing like a locomotive and wailing like a banshee, first time, first time she'd experienced what she intuitively knew sex for her should be. She started chanting, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." I reached a hand between us and gave her swollen clitoris a little attention to bring her over. Her legs clamped around me, she pulled me in then wailed, "Oh fucking yessss, yessss, yessss." Her vagina contracted powerfully with her orgasm, she spewed gush after gush, washing my balls in her fragrant juices, her vagina squeezed my swollen cock and I went off, growling I continued to power into her as my semen pumped, "You're my woman, you're my woman," I intoned.

She answered, "I am your woman and you're my man." Afterwards we lay in each other's embrace, exhausted but happy to have come together. I got up, found a bottle of champagne and poured glasses for both of us. I mean, after all a wedding has to have a reception. We got a little giggly after the second bottle.

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My Princess wondered if our celebration could usurp traditional marriage ceremonies, I suggested that maybe we should encourage that, we could video record it and sell it as pay per view; make our fortune. Laughing, we fell into each other's arms and slept.