Glamor babe receives moist spunk after racy doggystyle drilling

Glamor babe receives moist spunk after racy doggystyle drilling
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INTRODUCTION Kathryn Elizabeth Patricia Maloney was her name and from the very beginning she was the little girl with the long, long name, that's why the whole thing was shortened to Katy—Sweet Little Katy!

Katy was very sweet most of the time and she definitely was little as she grew all the way to five feet two inches and 85 pounds. What she lacked in size she more than made up in determination and grit. She needed it because life had dealt her a very difficult hand. Her father was a custodian at St.

Rose's Parochial School where her mother worked in the kitchen. Let's face it, churches never pay well. They take advantage of many of their most stalwart supporters. The only good thing was that Katy and her siblings all went to St. Rose's for free. Katy learned early on that her family was less well off than most, if not all, of her classmates. Katy's mother always bought their uniforms at the school's resale store. When she was in the third grade an older girl laughed at her, pointing out that Katy was wearing her old worn out clothing.

Was this a problem for Katy? Not at all--she stomped hard on the girl's foot and punched her nose, causing her to bleed all over the school yard. Of course, Katy was suspended and given a strict warning by Mother Superior. It didn't help that the girl's parents were the school's biggest benefactors. Katy didn't have to worry, though. All the other kids avoided her like the plague; they knew they'd get the same treatment from this sweet little she-devil Katy attended Catholic schools all through twelfth grade—all on scholarships due to her outstanding academics and long distance running ability.

She graduated third out of a class of more than 200, but she was the top student in both Math and Physics. She decided to attend a non-Catholic university, much to the shame of her parents, because they offered her the most money to go there, part of it to participate on their cross-country team. She found her worn clothes fit in well; most of the other kids wore clothes that were artificially aged, she never bothered to tell them about hers.

She dated occasionally, but nothing special until her senior year when she met Greg Young. He was everything she was not—rich with his own Corvette convertible, popular, member of one of the school's top fraternities. He had a great athletic body that many girls swooned over, but not Katy-she was impressed, but not head-over-heels, at least, not until he asked her out.

Katy was not without charms of her own. Her jet black hair was accented by the emerald green of her eyes. She had high cheekbones and flawless skin.

Her body measured 32C-23-33, with a taut abdomen and really tight ass, both the result of running cross-country for the Varsity. It was also fairly well known that Katy was still a virgin. It wasn't that she disliked sex—she loved getting herself off at least once a day, but she hadn't found any male worthy of her goddess-like body.

CHAPTER 1 Katy stood outside the student union with several of her teammates that sunny September afternoon when Greg drove up and parked his Corvette. All the girls were thrilled when he approached the group—all, that is, except Katy. She was surprised, however, when he stopped directly in front of her.

"Aren't you the one they call 'Sweet Little Katy?'" He was putting on his best behavior and using his fail-safe moves. "Yeah," Katy replied, "who wants to know?" "Wow, that's some reception. I thought you were supposed to be sweet." "I am being sweet. Want to see what I'm like when I'm not?" Katy was hard to please and, clearly, Greg Young, even with his fantastic wealth and reputation, had failed to impress. "Please--all I wanted was to invite you to dinner. I'm sure you're tired of that swill they serve in the cafeteria.

Why don't you let me take you out for a really great meal? I promise I'll be a perfect gentleman." "OK," Katy replied," but if you're not I'll rip your balls off. Seven o'clock at my dorm. See you then." She turned and walked away leaving Greg wondering what the hell he'd just gotten himself into. As promised he entered the dorm at seven sharp, clad in an expensive navy blue blazer, tan microfiber slacks and a blue oxford shirt. His brown loafers were straight from a high fashion boutique in Milan.

When Katy saw him she had to laugh—those shoes cost more than her entire wardrobe. She smiled when she approached Greg and extended her hand.

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Greg took it, leading her to the 'Vette. Katy had never been in such an expensive car. She loved the feel of the soft leather—she only had one pair of shoes that were real leather. She wondered how many pairs of shoes could be made from this one seat. Greg drove quickly but carefully to the restaurant. Katy had never eaten outside the cafeteria so she wouldn't know one restaurant from another. Greg thought he was making "small talk' until Katy turned and asked him if he had a brain.

"Geez, don't you know anything like news or politics? How about sports? Isn't it still baseball season? Know anything about the NFL or college ball?" Greg laughed, "I'm sure glad you're being sweet. I'd hate to run into you when you're not." Even Katy had to laugh at that. The rest of the date went well; they had a great meal, the best Katy had eaten in years and, true to his promise, Greg was a perfect gentleman. He walked her back to the dorm around 10:30 and when they got to the door Katy extended her hand.

When Greg tried to shake it she pulled him in for a long deep and passionate kiss. She flicked her tongue into his mouth teasing his as her soft full lips pressed into his. The kiss lasted for more than five minutes. When she broke it she laughed, "That's so you don't think I'm a dyke. See ya." As she turned to leave Greg barely had the presence of mind to ask, "How about tomorrow? Kappa party; they're the best on campus, you know?" "Actually, I wouldn't know," Katy replied, "but, OK.

See you at eight. Bye!" Chapter 2 Greg dated Katy every Friday and Saturday and plenty of weekdays through Thanksgiving. She allowed him to touch her breasts—but only through her blouse—by the fourth date, and her real skin by the tenth. That's as far as she was willing to go, however. Greg was fascinated by Katy, but he was also extremely frustrated. He hadn't dated a girl so long without fucking her since ninth grade.

He knew he had to have this woman, regardless of the cost.

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In mid-December he proposed, knowing that was the only way he'd ever get to fuck Katy. Katy was seated in the 'Vette and Greg was on his knee just outside her door. She laughed when she saw the ring—it was fucking huge, with diamonds all over it—just the kind of ring a rich guy would pick out, thinking that bigger was always better. "Greg, I will marry you, but I'm not taking that ring. It's so big it would probably be just right if I weighed 250 pounds.

Always remember big person-big jewelry, small person-well, you can figure it out by yourself. We can go tomorrow and get a smaller—much smaller—one. I'm sure the jeweler will be disappointed, but that's the breaks. Now come in here and kiss me." Greg leaned into the car, holding onto the frame with his left hand. As she kissed him Katy moved his right onto her naked pussy. She was hot and wet, and completely bald. "There's not a hair on my body once you get below my head.

I hope you like it." Katy withdrew his hand, leading it to his mouth to taste. Greg closed his eyes in ecstasy. He had never tasted a pussy so sweet, so clean, or musky. He could barely wait until he could get his lips on that sweet virgin cunt. "I know exactly what you're thinking, lover.

You can do that all you want once we're married. Until then you'll have to be satisfied with your hand. Now you can touch everything—OK, not my ass, but you can do anything you want to with that after the ceremony, too." Greg took Katy home for Christmas; there was no point in her bringing him home with her.

Where would he sleep—on the couch? She was nervous, of course, anyone would be, but in Katy's case not only was she meeting her future mother-in-law, she had the huge disparity in their socio-economic levels to overcome, as well.

To her surprise, Mrs. Young received her most graciously, welcoming her to the family. However, the day after Christmas she asked to speak with Katy privately.

"Come in, Katy please sit here next to me. There's no reason to be nervous, dear. We're just two women making our way in a world of idiot men." Katy didn't quite know what to make of that statement so she kept quiet, hoping for the best. "Katy, I know that in the movies this is where the dowager mother tells the poor unfortunate fiancé that she's not good enough for her son.

Ha ha, that'll be the day. If anything, Katy, it's the other way around. You see, I know all about you and your family. They're poor, but there's no shame in that. Your parents work hard and they've done a wonderful job raising you and your brothers and sister. I know you're sensitive about the quality of your clothing—don't be.

It's what's inside that really matters. What you have inside you is personal strength—feminine strength. Now let's talk about Gregory. "I'm sorry to tell you that Gregory has been a spoiled brat all his life—I apologize to you for that, but I had my hands full with his father and grandfather before they passed away. He has absolutely no self-discipline, and he's not terribly bright either. Things will be fine for a while with you two, but there will come a time when you'll have to take a firm hand with him and make him submit to your authority.

You'll have to enslave him." "Excuse me, Mrs. Young…did you say enslave?" "Yes, Katy, that's exactly what I said and exactly what I mean. You'll have to train him to obey you…your every wish…immediately and without hesitation—that's your only hope. Otherwise, he'll destroy himself and you, too. You'll be his Mistress; you'll manage the money; you'll make the decisions; you'll decide when to have sex&hellip." "Ha, I'm already doing that." "Yes, I know, but you'll also control his sexuality and whether or not he can cum.

Believe me, Katy controlling that will turn the strongest men into butter. You're a smart girl…you'll figure it out. What's your major, anyway?" "Electrical engineering, Ma'am; I'm especially interested in nanotechnology.

That's the new field involving microscopic tools." "Gregory's major is English Literature, can you believe that? If his family didn't own the business he'd never get a job, even as a janitor. Now, here's one thing that will help you. Gregory has a trust fund of more than fifty million dollars from his grandfather. Right now he's getting $10,000 a month; he'll get the total on his thirty-fifth birthday; by then it will be a lot more. There's a catch—and it's a big one. His grandfather was a huge believer in marriage.

If Gregory is ever divorced he'll lose the money—all of it…every single cent. Remember that, you'll probably need it sometime. Now, let's go join the others." The rest of the visit went perfectly; Katy was well received by the entire family. All the same she couldn't help but wonder exactly what Mrs. Young had meant about enslaving her son. The wedding was sensational in every respect. There were more than three hundred guests, all from the finest families in the country; no expense was spared on either food or liquor.

The guests showed their gratitude by giving the young couple more than $100,000 in gifts. Katy had heard Greg bragging about how drunk he would be at the wedding; she decided to give him her virginity the week before the ceremony rather than suffer at the hands of her drunken husband.

They rented a motel room and Katy welcomed him to her bed.

She wore a sheer white peignoir and baby doll. Greg was enthralled by the sight of her body. She may have been tiny, but she was all woman, her C-cup breasts standing proudly and firm, her pink nipples hard and sensitive.

Her pussy glistened in the dim light, anticipating at long last the joining with her husband to be. Greg was fully erect—all eight inches of him. Katy thought his cock was beautiful as it dripped pre-cum. She leaned forward to lick the clear slick liquid from his tip. Greg rolled her on top of him, flipped her around and launched his mouth toward her pussy.

At last he was able to taste the cunt he'd been dreaming of for so many months. He plunged his tongue into her tunnel—it was so tight, tighter even than he'd dreamed. Her pussy clamped onto his tongue; he couldn't wait to see what happened when they fucked. Katy licked all around Greg's helmet; as small as she was she didn't think she could deep-throat him, but she was going to try. Slowly, his hard cock disappeared into her mouth as she continued to wash it with her tongue.

So far, neither had cum; they were saving that for when they fucked. Katy climbed off his body, rolled next to him and opened her legs, signaling the universal invitation to fuck. Greg needed no encouragement. His cock throbbed in anticipation as he rubbed into her slit. Katy leaned up to kiss him whispering, "Fuck me." Greg pushed into her tunnel, slowing when he met resistance. The rumors were true—Katy was a virgin, but not much longer. When he hesitated, not wanting to hurt his love she pushed her hips forward, ripping her membrane in an instant.

Katy moved her feet up over Greg's shoulders as Greg pounded her poor defenseless cunt. Katy experienced her first orgasm as Greg slid in and out of her tight tunnel. She couldn't understand it—neither she nor Greg had touched her swollen clit and she didn't think that he'd come anywhere near her G-spot.

Then she realized her luck—vaginal orgasm! She could cum just from something in her pussy. She came suddenly for number two, shaking and trembling for several seconds. Greg was stretching her pussy all the way to her womb and her friction meant that he wouldn't last long. He felt as though he was in a velvety vise—squeezing him, milking him. He arched his back, forcing his rock hard cock deep into his wife-to-be and exploded.

Hot white cum flooded Katy's pussy and womb. Again and again with each thrust he bathed Katy's love canal with his sperm. The sensation of filling her drove her once again to an incredible orgasm—her body trembled and shook for almost a minute, Drenched in sweat despite the effective air conditioning at the Best Western, Greg slid from Katy's body to lie next to her as they kissed and caressed each other.

"You OK?" Greg asked, showing his concern. "Me?.I'm incredible…I came three times. The only explanation is that I can have vaginal orgasms. Damn, had I known that I might have done this a lot sooner." Greg leaned on his arm and laughed, "Not a chance, Katy.

You were going to wait for the ring regardless&hellip." Katy just smiled and a minute later asked Greg, "Can we do it again?" This time Katy rode Greg's cock like a woman possessed, bending it back and forth in her active cunt. Again and again Katy felt her orgasm near and blow sending her body into one muscular spasm after another.

Her shaking drove Greg crazy; she bent his cock in directions Greg didn't even realize existed. He drove his hips up frantically as he came a second time. So much had he cum that his abdomen was covered in his baby cream as it leaked from Katy's tiny tight tunnel. CHAPTER 3 Most young couples would have begun their life in an apartment, but not Mr.

and Mrs. Gregory Young; they began their life together in a three bedroom, three bath ranch in an upscale development courtesy of Greg's uncle who was hoping to teach Greg some responsibility. Owning a house is a lot of work—work that Gregory Young wasn't even close to ready for. Rather than tend to the yard he hired a lawn service, claiming that is new job limited his time; he knew this would give him a built-in excuse to hang out with his drunken loser friends. After only three months of marriage Greg was hardly ever home, when he was he was usually drunk; he hardly ever had sex with Katy even though she was always willing and eager.

Katy knew it was time to act. It was time to enslave her husband, but first she needed to blackmail him and she knew just how to do that.

It was a Thursday morning in September, roughly a year since they had first met, that Katy told Greg she'd be very late getting home that evening.

Her company was developing a proposal for their number one client and Katy would be playing a key role. If she expected Greg to sound pleased she was wrong. Instead he complained—what would he do about his dinner? Katy shook her head and suggested that either he cook it himself or go to a restaurant, either eat-in or take-out. At lunch Greg went to his favorite bar, as usual. After two—or was it three—drinks he noticed a long legged blonde just down the bar from him.

She had a slender athletic body with small, but perky tits. Best of all, she was flirting with him. He moved to an adjacent stool, bought her a drink, and turned on the charm. Half an hour later they walked out arm in arm. Knowing that Katy wasn't going to be home for hours and hours, he foolishly took her to their home and to their bed.

They had already fucked once when Katy got home—the presentation had been nothing more than a ruse—Greg had been set up. In recognition for all the work Katy had done over the past weeks Katy had been given the afternoon off.

She heard the groaning as soon as she walked in the door. Rather than rush to the bedroom she took a minute to retrieve her camera. Standing in the slightly open doorway she took a number of stills and a short video, making sure that Greg's face was visible and easily recognizable.

Then she stole away, loaded the pictures onto her computer and emailed them to her Hotmail account with a CC: to Greg's email. What better way to convince him that she had the goods on him? Returning to the bedroom she threw open the door screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK?" The blonde was shocked and tried to climb off Greg's cock, but Katy crossed the room quickly, grabbed the unfortunate woman by the nape of the neck and dragged her to the door, throwing her out naked into the street.

"But, my clothes…my purse…he never said he was married…please." Realizing the whole mess was Greg's doing she returned, scooped up the poor woman's stuff and threw it out the door. "Take your shit and get the fuck out of here. If I see you again I'll scalp that peroxide blonde hair from your head," Katy screamed. Then she winked at her co-conspirator.

Noticing her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson, she stopped to wave as though throwing naked skanks out of your house was an everyday occurrence. Greg was ten inches taller than Katy and a hundred pounds heavier, but he cowered in fear of his wife. "I want a divorce, you fucking loser," Katy began knowing that even thinking that word would send shivers down Greg's spine.

Greg fell to his knees, begging and pleading with her for forgiveness and promising to do better. "I was drunk. I didn't know what I was doing," were his excuses. "I'm going out," she told him, "get dressed and change this bed. I'm not sleeping on these sheets. Throw them in the trash. I never want to see them again." And sticking her finger in his face she continued, "Make sure you're here when I return." She stormed out the door into her car and drove off. An hour later she returned, finding Greg watching TV in the living room.

"There's something in the back of my car. Bring it into our bedroom—now!" Greg jumped up and trotted out the door, returning with a large dog's bed. "Are we getting a dog?" he asked.

"No," Katy replied, surprised at her husband's stupidity, "I already have one. This is your bed, asshole. Put it at the foot of MY bed. That's where you'll be sleeping from now on." When Greg started to complain he found Katy's expression unforgiving.

The words died in his throat. Greg promised the moon and the stars, but they were hollow words. He had no self-discipline and, of course, he began to backslide almost immediately. Then, one Friday evening, Greg arrived home drunk again and smelled of perfume. When he went to get a beer from the fridge Katy volunteered to get it for him. "Watch your game, dear," she told him, but when she opened the beer she emptied the contents of a sleeping pill into the can.

Greg was out cold on the floor an hour later. Katy called her friend Alex; between the two of them they managed to get Greg to their bed. Katy suggested Alex leave; what she had to do was best done alone. Katy rolled Greg onto his chest and cleaned the back of his neck with an alcohol swab.

From her briefcase she retrieved a small metal box and a portable fluoroscope. Katy donned latex gloves, taking special care not to touch the objects in the box with her skin. She positioned the fluoroscope to show Greg's spine. She removed an object from the box—a long thin band with a small rectangle in the center and another at one end.

She removed a cover from the first rectangle, exposing two titanium micro needles about an inch long. These she pressed between two vertebrae into Greg's spinal cord until the back of the rectangle contacted his skin. Once in place it would never be moved again.

Now Katy rolled Greg onto his back. She fastened the two ends of the band—the narrow end clicking securely into the other rectangle. It was a snug fit—it had to be to ensure that the nanites would be able to bury themselves into Greg's skin. She'd explain it all to Greg, not that he'd understand any of it, and by the time he was freed it would be too late to do anything about it. Using sharp scissors Katy cut the clothing from Greg's body.

First she carefully shaved his balls, the underside of his cock, and a path to his right thigh. A circle around the thigh followed. Now she retrieved another band from the box. This one had several branches to it and two sets of micro needles spaced about an inch apart. She held his scrotum tightly, stretching the skin over his testicles, and slowly pushed one set into each of his balls.

One end of the thin band was run up the sensitive underside of his cock, just under his urethra. It ended in the middle of his glans. The other end was threaded along his groin to his right thigh where it connected to a wider band with a locked and tamper proof titanium box attached. This band wrapped tightly around his thigh, the box positioned just left of front at about the ten o'clock position of his thigh. Katy sighed—the most difficult part was done. She pulled a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs along with some short sections of thin, but sturdy rope from her briefcase.

Soon Greg was tied tightly—spread eagled—on the bed. Katy sat back very satisfied with how everything had gone. In less than 72 hours Greg would be well on his way to slavery. CHAPTER 4 Greg awoke around ten the following morning. It was several seconds before he realized he wouldn't be getting out of bed.

"Katy, what the fuck? Let me up. I gotta take a leak." "Good morning, Greggie. How are you feeling this morning? It's a very special day for both of us, you know. I'll explain in a few minutes, but first I need to address your bathroom problem. She pulled out a long thin rubber tube. "Recognize this, Greggie?

It's a catheter. I'm going to jam it up your pee hole into your bladder. Of course, I've never really done it—only read about it on the internet, but how hard can it be? In your hole and up to your bladder—it's not like there are a bunch of intersections, are there?" Katy couldn't suppress a laugh as she said this. She applied some bacitracin ointment to the catheter and some lube to the tip, pushing for about a minute until she felt resistance.

She pushed harder until it was seated well into his bladder. In a second he had relief as his urine flowed down into a large pitcher on the bedroom floor. Katy would make use of that later. "Now, Greggie, let me explain what's happened to you. Look into this mirror. See this band around your neck? Well, you won't be seeing it for long. By the time I let you out of this bed it will be submerged beneath your skin. It will then be a part of you. You could remove it but, if you did, you'd rip half the arteries and veins in your neck, plus, you'd probably be a quadriplegic for the rest of your life.

There's a small connector box in the back with two micro needles that I've placed into your spinal cord. These will do two things.

First, they will collect tiny amounts of electricity from your body that will run the apparatus and also shock you to hell if you don't come home on time—a time I will determine.


You've heard about Invisible Fencing for dogs, haven't you? This is Invisible Fencing for you and since you're my dog it seems fitting, don't you think? I will set the time when you leave the house and the time you are to return.

If you leave early without my permission you'll get a shock. If you arrive home late—a shock. Think of it as a pinched nerve that will affect your entire body. There will be a warning at first, but the later you are the stronger and longer it will become. I think I can count on your punctuality in the future. "OK, there's another device I've attached to you. I hope you will be able to see it, because this is going to control you every second of every day." She maneuvered the mirror under his cock and scrotum.

"Ah, there it is! See those two things on your balls? That's the needles, just like what you have on the back of your neck, except these, obviously, are stuck into your testicles. Can you see the band running up the bottom of your cock? And over here is the control box and battery. Don't even think about pulling it off.

Know what a relay is? Of course not, you majored in English Lit. There's a tiny electrical current running through these wires every second. That's keeping the thing from shocking you at one hundred percent strength—enough to fry those balls right off you. "If you don't know what a relay is you certainly won't know anything about nanotechnology.

Attached to the underside of these bands are millions of nanites—microscopic tools, designed in this case to burrow into your skin and to promote growth of the skin over the band. The bands are made of a special gelatin that will dissolve in the body within 72 hours.

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By that time these will all be a part of you and your life will have changed forever. To summarize, you are going to be my slave. You'll do what I say when I say it, and you'll do it without hesitation. All I ever wanted was to be your loving wife, but you're like a baby. Your mother warned me it would come to this." "Are you fucking crazy?

Let me up now, before I smack you in the head." "Greggie, oh, Greggie, I can see we need an object lesson, so you're going to get it. It's a good thing you're strapped down. This remote controls the device on your balls. There are ten settings for pain and three for pleasure. We're going to explore the pain settings now, unfortunately. The sooner you submit to my authority the easier it will go on you. Now, let's try a little jolt on, shall we say, three?" I set the remote and pressed the button.

Greg's body stiffened and rose to the limits of his bonds. His scream was unearthly and went on for almost five minutes even though the jolt only lasted one-tenth of a second. "Get the message yet, Greggie? We can do this the easy way or…your choice. I'm going to make you do some embarrassing and humiliating things, and I'm going to control when you can cum. I'm going to cum all the time and if you behave yourself you'll be able to cum also, but if you don't you could go weeks…months…without cumming.

It's all up to you. Make no mistake about it—I'm going to break you and I'm going to do it all this weekend—in the next three days. In three days you'll be my slave to do with as I wish. Lucky for you that I love you; I probably won't torture you, but I will definitely will punish you.

Let's get started. First, you need some food so I'm going to get you some coffee and some rolls. I'll have to feed you and when you have to take a dump it will be in a bedpan. Sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that." "I'm sure I'm going to have to punish you a lot over the next few days, but if you do well I'll also reward you. I tested this on a rabbit and I found out that I could make it cum on demand. I can do the same for you—make you cum like you've never cum before—orgasms lasting for minutes with rivers and rivers of cum.

However, I am planning on making you drink it—it'll be a lot neater that way, but we'll work all that out as we go." I told Greg to call me "Mistress" and, of course he refused so I shocked him. I put a ball gag in his mouth so we wouldn't scare the neighbors into calling the police.

Fifteen minutes later he agreed. Then I told him he would have to drink my pee. Of course, he refused and I had to shock him again. His balls were going to be really sore by the time he went back to work on Tuesday. When he finally agreed I fed him his own urine from the pitcher; then he drank my pee and I rewarded him by letting him cum. As promised I made him drink it, patting him on the head and kissing him when he was compliant.

On Sunday evening I showed him the bands on his neck and balls—they were almost gone—even I could barely see them. On Monday afternoon I knew that Greg had been broken. I'd had to shock him twenty-four times, but toward the end he cowered if I held the remote in my fingers, begging me not to.

I released him a few hours early, sending him to the shower. He was naked when he returned and he kneeled before me as I explained again the rules. I set the time for his departure in the morning at 8:30, giving him thirty minutes for his twenty minute ride to work. He left work at five so I gave him until 5:30 to return. After that he'd get a warning and a series of shocks escalating in strength and length.

I told him I'd give him an allowance of $10 a day to cover his lunch—no money for drinking. I took his credit cards and shredded them. I arranged for his pay check to be direct deposited into my account. I called Mrs. Young during my morning break, telling her how I had mastered her son. She laughed throughout the entire conversation. I got home around 5:45 to find my husband/slave waiting for me at the door. He was naked and kneeling exactly as I had instructed him.

I tousled his hair and leaned down to kiss him, telling him how proud I was that he had adapted to his new role so well. I promised him a reward if there were no problems the rest of the evening. Greggie started dinner while I changed clothes.

After dinner I relaxed by the TV while my slave cleaned the kitchen. He took out the trash still naked and returned to sit at my feet. "Get out your placemat and bowl. I'm going to let you cum. Greg ran to the kitchen, placing his blue placemat on the tile floor, his bowl centered almost perfectly.

He kneeled a foot away, hands on his knees. "Now, Greggie, you know the rules—no stroking, let the machine do its magic. Don't spill any or I'll have to punish you and make sure you drink every drop. We don't want to waste any do we?" "No, Mistress. I want every single drop. You won't have to punish me." I set the pleasure mode on its lowest setting. I could feel the low frequency vibrations in the floor. It wasn't long before Greg began panting and moaning.

In another minute he was begging me to let him cum. Several times over the weekend I'd brought him to the edge, only to deny him again and again. It was actually easier to break him using this method than it was to shock and punish him, and it was a lot more fun for both of us—OK, maybe not for him.

"Please, Mistress, please please please, puleeaasse, Mistress. May I please cum?" It wasn't much fun watching my husband beg, but it was a necessary part of the process. I moved to Level 2 and told Greg to move up to the dish. "Hold your cock next to the bowl so it doesn't splash. I don't want to punish you, but I will. When I went to Level 3 cum poured from Greg's body. A normal ejaculation might last five to ten seconds, but these induced orgasms often went on for more than two or three minutes, cum flowing from his cock every second.


In the two minutes this lasted he had only four spurts of semen. Greg was spent when he finished. He bent down to the bowl and slurped up every drop like a dog drinking water. I gave him permission to hold the bowl while he licked it clean. He cleaned up the mat and put the bowl in the dishwasher and we went to bed.

I pulled Greg into the shower where he kneeled, opened his mouth, and drank every drop of my urine. I patted his head—he responded just like a puppy I'd had as a kid. Greg washed and dried me before seeing to his own needs. I allowed him back into our bed for the first time in more than a month. CHAPTER 5 Katy wasn't a fool; she knew all too well that Greg needed a lot of additional training. She would have to humiliate him—humble him—much more to completely break him down.

She'd handle step one of that tomorrow. "Do a good job with the house, Greggie. We're having company tomorrow. Your mother's coming for a visit. I want everything shining and shipshape by the time she comes around ten." "Yes, Mistress," was the reply. "Will Mother be staying for lunch?" "Not sure, Greggie, perhaps we'll go out.

Yes, I think we will. How about that Italian place you're always telling me about?" This was a restaurant where Greg was well known, another excellent opportunity to further humiliate him. Greg was pleased at her choice, never realizing the object lesson that would occur and destroy his reputation. Mother arrived just after ten; Greg answered the door and escorted her to the living room where Katy greeted her. Katy snapped her fingers when Greg went to sit on the couch with her.

Obediently, he sat at her feet. "Greggie, I invited your mother here to see how much progress you've made—how obedient and submissive you've become." "Yes, Mistress," Greg replied, embarrassed at calling his wife "Mistress" in front of his mother.

However, balancing his embarrassment against the punishment he knew he would receive, he complied immediately. "Greggie," Katy continued, "remove your clothing. Aren't you supposed to be naked in the house? Don't be embarrassed, your mother has seen you naked before." When he hesitated, Katy continued, "If you hesitate I'll have to punish you.

Do it and I'll reward you before Mother leaves. Take off your clothing, NOW!" Greg was terrified; he hated being shocked, and the shocks in his balls crippled him for several minutes. Reluctantly, but hurriedly, he stripped naked. Katy snapped her fingers again and he kneeled at her feet. "My goodness Katy, that is most impressive. How'd you ever manage that so quickly? He seems almost completely tame, like a little puppy." "Greggie—that's my pet name for my new pet—crawl over to Mother and show her your neck.

OK, Mother, can you see the little green light in there? That's the device that keeps Greggie on my schedule. It will be green—or on—the entire weekend and Greggie will be comfortable as long as he stays within the boundaries of our yard, but if he goes out—ZAP! He'll get a shock through his entire body. He's allowed to go to work at 8:30 and has to return by 5:30.

If he doesn't he'll get zapped, right, Greggie? Tell Mother what it's like. Go ahead, she wants to know." "At 5:30 it beeps three times.

You can't hear it—I feel the three beeps. Five minutes later I get a shock that goes through my entire body. Five minutes later I get a stronger and longer shock, and every five minutes it escalates." "How many times has it—what's the word you used—'zapped' you?" his mother asked.

"Only once, Mother; that was enough to last me a lifetime. I'm always on schedule now—no drinking after work or hanging out with my buddies. I go straight home now." Mrs. Young smiled warmly at Katy until Katy continued, "Greggie, I know you'll be embarrassed by this, but I want you to show Mother your balls.

Go ahead—she's seen balls before. OK, see those black squares under each one? Those are the twin micro electrodes that will shock his balls. The shock comes from that flesh-colored box on his thigh.

There's also a set of wires going up the bottom of his penis. This is what I use to control him, right Greggie?" Greg could only nod his head. He shame was overwhelming, but it was going to get worse. "Greggie, you've been so good I'm going to reward you. Go to the kitchen and bring your placemat and bowl." Greg looked at her with pleading eyes, but he saw no mercy in her face. He crawled to the kitchen, returning with the placemat and bowl in his mouth.

"Set it up in front of your mother. I know she'll find this extremely interesting. Now, kneel—you know the drill by now. You are going to stroke it, but only when I tell you. OK, Mother, I'm using the same device on his balls to stimulate and pleasure him.

It feels like he's been building to an orgasm for hours and it gets to the point where it's actually torture if he doesn't get to cum. I'm not into torturing him, so I mostly allow him to cum—sometimes he has to stroke his cock like he'll do in a few minutes, but sometimes I make him cum electronically through the device.

Right now he's on Level 1, the lowest strength, but now I'm increasing to Level 2. This will drive him crazy with desire and the need to cum, but it's not quite enough for him to cum unless he strokes it madly. Level 3 will cause him to cum buckets. You were right, Mother, managing his cumming gives me complete control of him." "Oh, Mistress, please—please—please let me cum." Greg was begging—pleading—for the opportunity.

His mother's presence wasn't a factor any longer—he desperately needed to cum thanks to the devise stimulating his balls. "OK, Greggie, now." Greg attacked his rock hard cock with a vengeance.

He leaned forward, balancing on his left hand while he pumped his cock with his right. It was only seconds before he began to groan and Katy reminded him to get every drop into the bowl.

Cum spurted into the bowl when Greg growled, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh." Mrs.

Young had never seen so much semen in one ejaculation. The bowl was half full before he was close to done. When he was finished the bowl was three quarters full and Greg was exhausted, but he knew his job wasn't done yet. There were tears in his eyes as he lowered his head to the bowl and lapped up the semen with his tongue.

His mother pushed his head down with her foot as she joined Katy in laughing. Greg was certainly her slave; she'd done a magnificent job in getting him under her control. When Katy was sure there had been no spillage she told Greg to clean up in the bathroom and dress.

They were going to lunch. Greg drove while the women sat in the back seat chatting the entire way. The staff recognized Greg from his many dining and drinking sessions in the past and he left his embarrassment of the morning behind him.

He felt important again. This elation was not to endure for long. They sat at a round table with Greg between his mother and wife. Katy gave him a directive once they had ordered their lunch—"Get under the table and eat my pussy—I need to cum." When he hesitated only a second, he was zapped in the balls—just a short one, but enough to get his attention.

He dropped to his knees and buried his head between Katy's legs. It took him five embarrassing minutes to get her off and when he was done Katy told him to take care of his mother. Greg looked up at Katy, mouthing the words, "No, Mistress, please no!" Katy merely snapped her fingers and pointed; Greg crawled between his mother's legs, extending his tongue into her slit.

Mrs. Young could have helped her offspring, either by turning down the opportunity or by sitting stoically during her pussy eating, but she didn't—she opened her legs on hearing the invitation and moaned noisily throughout until Greg had produced her orgasm. Every person in the place knew exactly what had happened. Greg's face was red throughout the remainder of the meal. Every waiter and waitress who passed the table laughed wildly every time they passed and it looked like they were going out of their way to do so.

Greg couldn't get out of there fast enough. Once in the car, Katy told him, "There was a lesson there, Greggie. Do what I tell you when I tell you. I don't care if it's embarrassing.


Do you have any idea how embarrassing I found your behavior over the past months. I'm not going through that again, so it's either this or divorce—your choice." "I'll be your slave, Mistress. Please…let me serve you." Katy leaned forward, patted Greg on the head, and told him to drive home. After Mrs. Young had left Katy sat in the living room with Greg at her feet.

"You did very well, slave—very well, indeed. I will reward you tonight. We'll make love. I'll even allow you to initiate any kind of sex with me that you wish." They showered together and Greg drank Katy's pee, swallowing almost all of it. Once they were dry they walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Katy lay on the soft sheets while Greg climbed between her knees, lapping up her pussy juice eagerly. "So tell me, Greg what do you want to do tonight? Want to fuck my ass—we've never done that." "Mistress," Greg replied meekly, "would you jerk me off?

I like it when you take control of me. I'm glad I'm your slave. I feel safe and secure…and loved." He looked down, obviously embarrassed at having revealed his true feelings to his wife.

"There's no reason for embarrassment, Greg. We're married; we're supposed to confide in each other. For the record, I'm glad you're my slave, too. It will probably save our marriage. We were headed down a road to disaster—for both of us." "Thank you, Mistress.

I love you." Katy kissed him tenderly as she took his organ into her hands. He was hard in his excitement and so thick that Katy could barely reach around it. She dripped some lube onto the head as she slowly ran her hands up and down his shaft.

Greg moaned softly as she began the journey to his orgasm. "You know, Greggie, if you play your cards right you could cum several times a day. That's not bad, even for newlyweds. She increased her tempo slowly, drawing out his agony. She had pumped him for almost fifteen minutes and Greg was beside himself. "Ready slave? Want to cum now?" "Please, Mistress, may I please cum?" "Yes, you may. You showed excellent control. You're getting much better at that since I've been training you.

Cum NOW! Greg thrust his hips up violently as his first river of cum spurted almost three feet in the air before landing on his chest. Four more times he ejaculated until, at last, his cock shrunk. Katy scraped up his cum and Greg eagerly drank it from her fingers. Finally, he licked Katy's fingers clean and they went to sleep. CHAPTER 6 Katy continued Greg's training, conditioning him to obey without hesitation.

In some respects he was more robot than human, but Katy loved him more now than ever. One evening after she had been forced to discipline Greg he prostrated himself at her feet and thanked her. "Thank you, Mistress, your discipline tells me how much you love me and care for me.

Did you know I'm doing much better at work? No drinking, and I'm really toeing the line there, too. Thank you, Mistress…I love you." Over the weekend Katy prepared Greg for a meeting she had scheduled for Monday morning with her two bosses—Dr. Abbott and Dr. Cain. Elizabeth Abbott was the owner and CEO of the company which specialized in a variety of electrical devices for health-related functions. These included a variety of electronic thermometers, EEG, ECG and blood pressure monitors, to name a few.

Katy thought her inventions might open a whole new horizon for the company, although she wasn't quite sure how yet. Katy and Greg walked into the company conference room at nine o'clock sharp on Monday morning.

She had her laptop computer and briefcase; Greg carried a brown paper bag from the supermarket. He stood silently, head down behind her awaiting her commands.

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Dr. Elizabeth Abbott arrived first. She was a tall voluptuous woman, blonde with large firm breasts and shapely hips. She looked great for a woman of 40, thanks to many hours spent in the gym. She held a PhD in microbiology from one of the nation's finest universities. She greeted Katy warmly and turned to introduce herself to Greg, but before she could Katy snapped her fingers and Greg dropped like a stone to his knees.

"Stay there Greg until I call for you." "Yes, Mistress," was his reply, much to the shock of Dr. Abbott. A minute later Dr. Barbara Cain entered, closing the door behind her. Dr. Cain was the Director of Research—Katy's immediate superior.

She was 35 with short brown hair and a slender athletic body. When she doffed her lab coat in favor of what she referred to as "street clothes" she was just as beautiful and sexy as Dr. Abbott or Katy, even though she lacked some of their physical assets. "Well, Katy, you asked for this meeting, why don't you begin?" "Very well, Dr. Cain. Greggie—here." Greg jumped to his feet and bounded to his Mistress's feet.

"Greg, I'm sorry but we need you to strip. Do it now and place your clothes neatly by the door." "Yes, Mistress." Greg returned naked to kneel at her feet less than a minute later. Dr. Cain, do you recall my telling you of the problems I was having with my husband's behavior—his drinking, for example. Dr. Abbott, Dr. Cain, I'd like you to meet my husband—my slave." Both women looked at Katy and Greg in shock—and in awe.

"Dr. Cain, I'm sure you will recall my asking to purchase some nanites for personal research. What you see here this morning is the result of this research. I'm sure there is a market for this, but I'm not sure where or how.

Let me explain what I've done here. We'll all have to use gloves." Katy produced a box of examination gloves and a minute later they were prepared. "I want you to look at Greg's neck; can you see the green light in there?" Dr. Abbott looked up shocked; Dr. Cain examined Greg closely. "One Friday evening Greg came home drunk—as usual—and I drugged him. I placed two micro needles in his spinal cord and ran a gelatin band around his neck.

I have one here; there are nanites on the lower surface. They bored into his skin and promoted rapid skin growth around the area. Bottom line—the band dissolved and the wires and controls are safely a part of him. I know we'd need FDA approval if we marketed this through normal legitimate circles, but I suspect this market would be 'underground.' This is what I call Invisible Fencing for husbands." Katy explained exactly how the system worked and Greg described the horrible experience of being shocked by it.

"Now, Greggie, roll over so we can see your balls." Greg immediately rolled onto his back, legs up. Katy showed the two sets of needles, the line running up his cock, and the control box. She explained further about pleasure and pain. "Now for a demonstration-- Greggie, get your bag." Greggie set out his placemat and bowl, but this time it was a BIG bowl.

Katy planned on having him cum buckets. "I started him on Level 1 of the pleasure settings last night so he's getting pretty randy by now. Next, I'll boost him up to Level 2—it will drive him to the edge, but it's not quite enough to make him cum.

Please note his balls; see how full they are. When I switch him to Level 3 he'll cum and cum and cum." Katy looked down and saw the pleading in Greg's eyes and face.

"Relax, Greggie, you're almost there. I'm switching to Level 3 now. You know the rules, Greggie—no spillage and drink it all.

Ready, now!" Greg pushed his rock hard cock against the side of the bowl. Immediately, cum poured from his hole in a never-ending river. Dr.Abbott, especially, was intrigued. Greg came without hesitation for almost three minutes, enjoying the sensations associated with an orgasm the entire time. Greg drank the entire amount—roughly a quart—lapping it up from the bowl.

The three women ignored him as they considered the options. "Katy," Dr. Cain began, "how long did it take you to install the two devices…and how long to train him?" "It took me less than an hour to actually install both. I restrained him in bed to control him while the nanites did their work and trained him over three days.

It was necessary to gag him and also to catheterize him. Did I mention that he will drink my urine? Greggie, come up here—I have to go." When he was done Dr.

Abbott asked if he could serve her. One snap of Katy's fingers brought him to her crotch. "OK, Katy, there's definitely a market for this, but obviously we can't advertise through our regular channels and if we ever went to the FDA for approval they'd eat us alive.

So…we need to set up a clandestine operation. We'll advertise through word of mouth—woman to woman. But, first things first—I want one for my husband." By the time discussion ended, both Dr. Abbott and Dr. Cain had signed on. They discussed what information would be needed to manufacture the implements of the correct size. Katy was given a $50,000 raise and a promotion to Assistant Director of Research.

Katy praised Greg during the ride home later that morning. "We'll make love again this afternoon, and because you were so good, I will allow you to select what we do." "Thank you, Mistress it is always my pleasure to serve you. I want to spend my life serving you." Greg stripped out of his clothes when they arrived home. Katy led him to the bedroom where he carefully removed her clothes, drank her pee and followed her onto the bed.

Katy kissed him tenderly as their tongues danced with their desire. Katy broke the kiss to encourage Greg to suckle her breast while she stroked him to incredible hardness. Katy was dripping pussy juice all over the sheets; she always responded to being suckled. "Mistress?" Greg asked, his voice just above a whisper, "May I fuck your beautiful ass?" "I think that's something we both want, isn't it?" Greg merely nodded as Katy retrieved the lube.

He placed a pillow beneath her hips; raising her legs exposed her anus for plunder. Greg lubed his cock thoroughly while Katy applied the slick gel to and into her asshole. Greg stood at the edge of the bed, the better to maintain his balance and driving power.

He eased a finger into her tight hole, fucking her furiously until he slowed to add another digit. Before long he was pumping three fingers into her anus. "I think I'm ready, Greggie. I'm just about ready to explode. C'mon, fuck me." Greg lined his cock up with a tiny hole in Katy's butt.

Pushing slowly but steadily his large hard cock forced its way into Katy's dark hole. Katy's pussy was incredibly tight, but it was nothing compared to her asshole.

His cock felt like someone had stepped on it, except that it didn't flatten--it was compressed equally on all sides, squeezed into something less than half as big. The fantastic pressure meant that Greg wasn't lasting long. Katy was having just as intense an experience as her nerve endings were firing at the speed of light. The sensations were centered in her ass, but they radiated out through her entire body. Greg felt the familiar churning in his balls; Katy began to throb and tremble.

They came at the same exact instant—Greg, now familiar with huge orgasms from the electronic stimulations, had a huge natural one, his ejaculate running into Katy's ass like a river. Katy meanwhile learned something else about her body. Not only was she able to have vaginal orgasms, she could have anal ones, too. She came four times, each one stronger, longer, and more spectacular than the last. She pulled off Greg's cock as Greg lay on the bed; she moved up to his face so he could drink his cum from her ass.

CHAPTER 7 Katy accumulated the data from Dr.'s Abbott and Cain. These measurements included neck size, penis length, and circumference of the right thighs.

Dr. Abbott could hardly wait to enslave her abusive husband. Over the years his physical and emotional abuse on Elizabeth had worsened. The only thing that had improved was his aim—rarely did he bruise any flesh that would be seen, concentrating his blows on her ribs, abdomen, and buttocks. Dr. Cain's husband was a habitual drunk and womanizer; he made no bones about it—he'd fuck any woman who'd have him and he'd use Barbara's earnings to do it—he hadn't worked in years.

The plan went into effect once Katy had the bands ready. Katy and Greg found themselves invited to an extended weekend at Dr. Abbott's mountain retreat. The "cabin" stood on one hundred and fifty acres of mountaintop in the western part of the state, near the National Forest. There were three large bedrooms and baths, each with a spectacular view of the valley and mountains beyond.

Mark Abbott and Chris Cain were told they'd be going fishing all weekend and they'd have to opportunity to fuck any of the three women—Liz, Barbara, or Katy—at night. It would be a fucking good time for all! There was a "mixer" for the three couples on Friday evening—a chance for everyone to get to know each other and to check out what each of the women had to offer. There was booze aplenty and by eleven the men were feeling no pain.

It was time to drug them. Greg offered to make the next round while Katy flirted openly with both Mark and Chris, showing them her tits and ass. Neither man knew what hit them; they fell into heaps on the floor.

Greg hadn't drunk a drop; his "drunkenness" had been an act. Now Greg carried each man to a separate bedroom where Katy took over. Dr. Abbott cut her husband's clothes from his body while Katy used the fluoroscope to insert the micro needles between Mark's vertebrae. She fastened the band around his neck quickly.

Greg shaved his genitals and soon after the needles and bands were attached and Katy moved next door to Christopher Cain. Greg attached the leather cuffs to each man's wrists and ankles before tying them firmly to the beds. Each wife had insisted on catheterizing their own husbands.

Because of their location, miles from the nearest neighbor, it was also decided that no gags would be used—let each victim hear the screams and pleas of the other. It was thought the screams would accelerate their training. Saturday morning brought the expected responses from both men as their training began.

Neither Katy nor Greg had any further responsibilities, although Katy would act in reserve if needed, so they roamed the property, admiring the vistas from the mountaintop. They stopped along the creek, sitting on the moss beneath a scrawny tree.

"Greggie," Katy commanded, "lie back, hands behind your head." Greg knew that Katy only used "Greggie" when she addressed her slave. He knew he must obey. Katy deftly opened his belt and removed his pants. Greg never wore underwear any longer in response to his Mistress' orders. Greg's cock hardened under his wife's touch.

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"You did extremely well last night, Greggie. I was really proud of you." "Thank you, Mistress. They deserve everything that happens to them. They're both much worse than I ever was, not that I was good, because I wasn't.

I was a bum. I'm ashamed of my behavior." "I'm glad to hear you say that, Greggie. It means there was a purpose to all we went through. I know you feel you suffered the most, but, believe me it hurt me to do what I had to do to you. As time passes I see the potential for us to be almost equal. I'll still be in control, but if you continue to behave yourself we can almost have a normal relationship, like most husbands and wives." "Excuse me, Mistress, for saying this, but I need your strength to control me.

I need your authority. I'll never be your equal. I think I knew that way back when we began dating. Even then you were in control—not like you are now—but I knew my place with you." "Well, right now, Greggie, your place is inside my pussy, so shut up and fuck me." "Yes, Mistress, I always obey your commands although not with the same enthusiasm that I have right now." Katy straddled Greg's hips and slowly lowered herself onto his erection.

She sighed as her pussy was stretched around his pole. It wasn't long before she had her first orgasm. Her whole body tingled then shook uncontrollably as Greg pumped his hard cock into her over and over.

Katy leaned down to kiss him, whispering, "I love you, Greggie…I love you, slave." Greggie kissed her back with new fervor knowing his Mistress loved her slave. Faster and faster they moved together as their passion rose until at last they exploded in mutual ecstasy. Greg had not cum so much without the stimulus of the device on his balls in months.

He moved quickly to catch as much as possible, lest it be wasted. Katy was in conference with Dr.

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Abbott and Dr. Cain throughout lunch. Mark Abbott was showing great opposition and reluctance, but Chris Cain was almost tamed. Merely the slightest shock had terrified him. He was ready for reward—cumming—but a harsh touch was needed for Dr.

Abbott's husband. Katy would take over after dinner unless progress was made in the afternoon. Around four the decision was made; Katy sought out her slave. "Greggie," she began, being sure to use her pet name so he would understand the nature of what she said, "after dinner I will take over the training of Mr. Abbott; I am lending you out to Liz, not because she is my boss, but because she hasn't had any loving sex in more than six months.

She has come to identify sex with brutality. You are to fulfill every wish she may have. Do you understand me?" "Yes, Mistress, you wish me to make love to Dr.Abbott—to Liz, just as I would to you. There is nothing I won't do for her, to satisfy her." "Correct, Greggie, now she will have your control. You are not to touch it regardless of what happens." "I understand, Mistress. I will not touch my remote control.

You have my word, Mistress." Greg kneeled to kiss Katy's feet. She ran her fingers through his hair as he adored her before pulling him up for a long deep kiss. After dinner Katy walked in to Mark Abbott. He was still arrogant and abusive. "Ha-bringing in the second team, eh? That stupid bitch can't hurt me; she doesn't have the balls. Get it…doesn't have the balls, but, then again, neither do you.

You're just wasting your time." "Really, asshole? Liz has been taking it easy on you, shocking your balls, because she loves you—why I'll never understand. But me, I couldn't give a shit if you live or die, so I'm giving you the full treatment. Fuck your balls; I'm doing your whole body. You know something, my husband told me that one shock of this was enough to last him his entire life, so let's see about you." I set the remote for four minutes ago, noticing how he jerked a bit when the three warnings went off.

A minute later Mark's body lifted completely off the bed; his scream would have awakened the dead. He was a simpering baby when he stopped. "Well, Mark, that seems to have gotten your attention, so I have to tell you you'll be getting another in, let me check my watch here, three minutes and forty-three seconds. It'll be longer and stronger.

Why don't you tell me when you want to stop, tough guy. No, not yet, but I'll consider it after the next one." We waited in silence, me relaxed, Mark sweating out every second. I checked my watch just for effect—I'd been sneaking peeks at it all along.

Mark's screams reached a new level of terror as the shock rammed through his body, igniting every nerve. He spoke once the pain had left his body although his chest heaved with every breath, "You…you got the balls, but my wimpy wife, she'll never do it to me." I almost fell on the floor laughing. "Look, asshole," I said opening my remote with my thumb nail. I held the two parts for him to see—it was an empty shell.

"I haven't done a thing. Look in the doorway." Liz poked her head in, laughing, "Want some more, darling? If you do you'd better be nice to Katy, she's taking over for me.

I'm going to fuck her husband. He's got a bigger cock than you and Katy tells me he'll do anything to satisfy me. Have fun—I'm going to." For the first time Mark looked defeated.

Katy kept working on him, making slow progress. She had to shock him three more times, but only in his balls. Around two a.m. she felt he had made enough progress to merit a reward.

She set the remote on Pleasure Level 1. "How's that, Mark? Doesn't that feel better?" Mark could only groan as he experienced his first pleasurable experience of the weekend. "What do you think, Mark? Should I let you cum?" He nodded rapidly just as his wife entered the room. "Liz, tell me, should we let Mark cum?" "Why not, I did—four times, Mark—four incredible times." Katy raised the remote to Level 2, knowing the effect it would have on her subject. She returned the remote to Liz, exactly as they had planned.

It was essential that Mark see Liz as the woman responsible for his pleasure. It was only minutes before he begged Liz for the opportunity to cum. She turned the remote to level 3 and his cum exploded from his cock for three minutes, coating his chest and abdomen from the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life. Liz scooped cum onto her fingers and brought it to Mark's mouth. He opened to lick; in a few minutes he had eaten his entire load.

It was a major step forward on his route to total submission to his wife. She kissed his forehead, telling him to sleep. She turned out the light and left the room. Liz found Katy and Barbara in the kitchen. Greg sat naked at his Mistress' feet, adoring her—his head lovingly on her thigh. Liz opened the conversation, thanking Katy for letting her use Greg's services.

Greg had begun by eating her pussy for almost thirty minutes, bringing her to two fantastic orgasms. She told Katy how she had shaken for several minutes each time. Then Greg pulled her on top of him, allowing her to sink onto his shaft. Liz had ridden Greg for two additional orgasms, falling off exhausted more than forty minutes later. She excused herself to the bathroom, leaving the remote on the bed. "When I returned Greg sat terrified on the floor.

He explained that you had forbidden him to touch the remote; he wasn't going anywhere near it. Here it is, by the way." Greg looked up into Katy's eyes as she smiled down at him.

"Good boy, Greggie. You were a very good boy, weren't you?" The discussion moved on to the enslavement of the two husbands. Katy felt that Mark was making some progress, but tomorrow would tell. "I'll want to see how Chris is doing. Let's wake him up." Barbara Cain led Katy to the bedroom where Chris lay asleep in his bonds. A gentle nudge awakened him. "Yes, Mistress," were his first two words. "Chris, my friend here needs to pee.

Open your mouth and take it. Don't spill any or I'll have to punish you." Chris raised his head and opened as Katy straddled his head. In a second her amber liquid drained into his mouth. Nothing was missed. Katy leaned forward and kissed his head, "Thank you, slave. I enjoyed that very much." "You're welcome, Mistress…I'm pleased to be able to serve you." Katy asked if he'd been allowed to cum yet and Barbara shook her head.

Looking down at Chris she asked him, "Would you like your Mistress to let you cum? My slave loves to cum using the remote. I'll bet you'll love it, too." "May I, Mistress," Chris pleaded, "may I please cum?" Barbara nodded, setting the remote to Level 1. She allowed it to run for several minutes to spread the euphoria throughout his body. "OK, Chris, I'm moving you up to the next level. Katy tells me you'll really like this." Three minutes later Chris was begging for all he was worth.

Barbara looked to Katy for guidance; she nodded and Barbara moved the remote to Level 3, grabbing Chris's rock hard cock in the process.

Two minutes later he was still squirting cum—Barbara turned the remote off. Chris eagerly cleaned his cum from her fingers. He was almost ready, but he needed to wait until the nanites had done their work and the bands were successfully integrated with his skin. When Tuesday morning came three attractive women sat talking in the cabin's living room; three naked slaves sat at their feet, looking adoringly at their Mistresses.

All three slaves had eaten their Mistresses to three orgasms so far this morning, with plenty of time for more. Mark Abbott, once he had his first break, had fallen like a stone, making up for the time he had struggled against his wife's control.

Mark had never eaten Liz until this morning, but he had found great personal satisfaction in submitting to her authority. His head rested on her silken inner thigh where he could sample her nectar simple by sticking out his tongue. "Well, ladies," Katy said, "do we think our slaves deserve a reward?" Liz and Barbara nodded; the slaves' eyes lit up like Christmas trees. "OK," Katy continued, "get your bowls and placemats.

Let's make that big bowls, gentlemen—no spillage and no wastage. This is a reward; we don't want to have to punish you for making a mess." They lined up in a row—Mark, Greg, and Chris, calmly waiting on their knees as their Mistresses turned the remotes to Level 1.

The slaves could feel their balls begin to churn; soon they were panting in anticipation. Katy held up two fingers; they moved the remotes to Level 2. The slaves moaned in their pleasure and yearning. Three minutes later Katy warned them. They placed their rigid cocks against the sides of the bowls as they went to Level 3. Cum poured from them as their orgasms reigned over their bodies. It was almost funny watching them drool with pleasure.

When it was over they eagerly lapped up their semen. Not a single drop was spilled or wasted. The women snapped their fingers and spread their legs—the message was clear—our turn now! CHAPTER 8 The three women planned on the best way to market and sell the devices. First, it was agreed that a shadow corporation would be created for the manufacture of the devices.

This would protect the parent company should there be an investigation by the police or FBI. The neck device was dubbed the KT-1000 after Katy, the inventor; the main controller, the one connected to the slave's balls—the KT-5000. The KT-1000 was priced at $4,000—it would cost less than $200 to produce; the KT-5000, at $7,000, cost $500 to produce; the total package would be discounted at $10,000.

All payments would be strictly cash—no checks and definitely no credit. Prices were high for two reasons. First was the risk, second was the installation which could only be done by a skilled technician, and there was currently only one—Katy. Sales would be on a strict referral system. New candidates would only be accepted with an ironclad reference from a prior customer.

Sales would be slow, very slow, in the beginning, but they would be safe. Proceeds would be shared as follows—30% for new supplies and research expenses; 20% each for Drs.

Abbott and Cain, and the final 30% would go to Katy. The first year they sold ten complete sets; Katy's share amounted to $30,000. Sales snowballed the second year; they even sold to several police officers and a judge—thirty sets in total. By the fifth year more than a thousand sets were produced and sold. Katy trained ten technicians to handle the installations and assist in the training.

Of all the units sold only once was there a failure. A terribly abused wife stabbed her husband forty times to death once he was secured to the bed. The technician was able to pull the bands from the dead man's body, thus hiding the control systems from the authorities.

Dr. Abbott became incredibly wealthy. Her devoted husband quit his job, staying home to rear their four girls. Dr. Abbott bragged almost daily of the fantastic orgasms she received from the mouth of her slave—oops, husband. She was training her daughters to dominate and control their boyfriends and future husbands.

Dr. Cain also became fantastically wealthy. She brought her husband to work with her daily, so dedicated and devoted was he to her. She could be heard screaming in ecstasy once her office door closed for lunch each and every day.

She always had a huge smile on her face, which those who had known her for years found surprising. It was said that her demeanor had changed dramatically after a long weekend at her employer's cabin, although nobody could get her to tell anything about the party.

Katy became the richest of all. Greg received his trust on his 35th birthday, immediately signing the entire amount over to his wife and Mistress. Her control of Greggie was total. He worshipped her completely; there was nothing he would not do if commanded. Friends and relatives found it strange that Greg always sat at his wife's feet. When asked he always responded the same way—it was his place; he always felt safe and secure there, besides where else would he sit when his wife was the sweetest little woman alive?