Gay cock He asks him for a chisel but Brendan is playing rigid to

Gay cock He asks him for a chisel but Brendan is playing rigid to
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt18 William Blake once wrote, "The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom.for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough." I had had enough. The lunch and the cake were absolutely fabulous, but now I felt like a bloated whale. As Kayko and the kids cleaned off the table I sat down on the couch to stew about why I had been so stupid.

I felt absolutely miserable, and just a little embarrassed. I should not have eaten so much, but everyone wanted to see me happy so I made a pig out of myself. Now I was paying for it. As I sat there and did my best to keep my meal down, the commotion in the kitchen slowly dwindled until it was quiet and everyone joined me in the living room.

Saki, who was still naked from when I had carried her down from the bedroom before dinner, climbed onto the couch and curled up into a little ball under my left arm. Erin did the same on my right side, leaving Kayko standing in the middle of the room in only her short T-shirt with her bare pussy and delicious legs showing.

Mark and Shiori made a place for themselves on the end of the couch to my right with Mark in the rear and Shiori sitting between his out stretched legs. No sooner had they set down before Mark was digging his fingers into her pussy. Shiori just sat back with her legs open and let him play. The pair looked like they were a match made in heaven. Jennie sat down at the end of the couch to my left.

She unsnapped her shorts and leaned back giving out a labored exhale. Everyone was overstuffed except for Kayko, who looked like she was ready to run a marathon.

My wife has always been very studious about her eating. I guess that is why she has not gained a pound since the day we got married. Granted she put on weight when she was pregnant with the kids. But after their births, within a week or so you could not tell that she had even been pregnant.

And that included on the inside! She worked extra hard after Erin and Mark were born to 'retighten' her pussy. And I can tell you that she did an excellent job. Her muscular control has always been phenomenal, but after the birth of the kids, she took it to a whole new level.

As I sat in the middle of the couch with Erin under my right arm and my pet under my left, I looked up at my beautiful wife as she stood in the middle of the living room with her legs apart and a smile on her face. "Mike," she said as she shifted her weight back and forth from side to side. To see how she was acting would make you believe that her pussy was running at top speed and it was tickling her.


"I have a gift for you now," she said as she stepped over to the stereo. "The girls already danced for you, and Erin gets you tonight, but this is something just for you." She switched on the stereo and turned on the CD player. Once she hit play she calmly stepped into the middle of the room and struck a pose with her hands and arms off to her left side and her body slightly twisted at the waist.

The music started. It was a recording she had made of herself playing the Tonkori and one of the girls playing the sticks. The music was different from what I had heard earlier, but it was equally just as beautiful.

Kayko began moving around in extremely precise movements. Each short stanza of music solicited different poses and movements as Kayko dancing for my entertainment. Even with her hair pulled back into one large pony tail it still flowed gracefully over her shoulders and across her body as she turned and twisted to the music she had so meticulously played.

My god she was beautiful! Slow and rhythmic movements dazzled my eyes as the very Japanese music played in the background, causing goose bumps to come up on my arms and legs.

It was almost an electric feeling as the music only accentuated her movements and highlighted her slender form. She danced around in a circle with graceful hand gestures and fluidity of motion. It did not matter that she was half naked, her performance was magnificent! As she made a quick turn, with her back to us, in one quick motion her shirt came off over her head. Upon spinning back around, my beautiful wife stood naked in all her glory. Her erect nipples and neatly trimmed patch only enhanced the vision of beauty before me.

I was lost to the love of my life. She stopped moving in the middle of the room with her arms outstretched to her sides and her shirt hanging from her right hand just as the music stopped. I was just getting ready to start clapping my hands and praise her for such a lovely dance when she winked at me, stopping me dead in my tracks.

With a tiny flip of her finger the shirt fell to the floor. No sooner did it hit the ground when the music started back up, only this time it was very different. The next thing I know Maroon 5's song, "Moves like Jagger" is pounding out through the speakers and my wife is dancing her ass off. The transition was not only abrupt, but her style of dance and her movements were completely different.

She gyrated around in circles while swinging her hips back and forth, she stuck her ass out towards me with her legs spread apart, giving me a great view of my favorite honey hole.

She was having a blast and smiling the whole time as she danced for my enjoyment. My dick strained upward as I watched and lusted after my wife. It was great! I don't know who was enjoying it more, her or me.


The kids started clapping their hands with the music as Kayko spun around and around. It was a real treat for me to see my wife really "let her hair down" and have some genuine fun. But all good things have to come to an end, and my treat ended with the music.

When the speakers went silent Kayko was standing in the middle of the room, breathing rather hard, and sporting a huge smile. "Bravo, bravo!" I cheered as I clapped my hands and whistled at her. "That was great!" Kayko gave me one more really big smile before she stepped over between my feet, dropped to her knees, and swallowed my cock all the way down to my nuts. WOW! The incredible sensation of her hot mouth on my shaft almost sent me through the roof instantly.

Kayko bobbed her head up and down while she sucked on my shaft like a baby calf going after its mother's tit. I let out a loud moan when her tongue started swirling around up and down my length, driving my blood pressure through the roof. "Oh my god!" I shuddered in a voice very akin to a gasp. "That feels so good." Erin and Saki were both watching Kayko when first Saki, and then Erin stood up. Neither one of them had time to say anything before I had two fingers stuffed up into each of them and was finger banging them hard.

Both of them began moaning instantly as they watched Kayko suck down my manhood while my fingers probed their insides. I was in hog heaven! Kayko bobbed her head up and down while Erin and Saki came all over my hands.

This was not going to last for long, Kayko can bring me to an orgasm with her mouth in world record time if she wants, and it seemed like she was on that very mission. The spectacle in the living room must have really been a sight because the next thing I saw was Jennie moving in behind Kayko. She had shucked her shorts when she got up from the couch so she was now naked from the waist down just like Kayko.

She knelt down on the floor behind Kayko before lying down on her back. With a couple of short scoots she was eating my wife's pussy and jamming her fingers into her.

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Kayko, upon feeling the stimulation from behind, slowed down her attack on my cock to something similar to a kid licking an ice cream cone. It was incredible! I looked to my right between Erins legs to see Mark and Shiori in a 69 at the end of the couch.

Everyone was having a good time! Erin started bucking her hips against my hand as an orgasm plowed through her, sending a stream of girl cum down my arm. Saki just stood with her legs stiff, her knees locked, and shook like her finger was stuck into a light socket.

The whole room was filled with the moans and groans of everyone getting satisfaction when the phone in my office rang. Ordinarily, if Kayko and I are enjoying ourselves, we will let the house phone ring until the answering machine picks it up. But this was the phone in my office. Only people associated with my work have that number.

Damn it! Talk about some shitty timing! As soon as Kayko heard the phone ring her head came up, leaving my hard dick covered in her saliva. She knew I had to pick it up.

In the blink of an eye my fingers were out of the girls and I was on my way to my office. This had better be really fucking important! Seating myself behind my desk I picked up the phone on the fourth ring. "Hello," I spoke a little harshly into the phone. It was my boss. He greeted me with a happy birthday before he got right into it. We had the prospect of opening a new account with a distributor in Brussels, something we had been trying to accomplish for a rather long time.

With the retirement of the former CEO, the new replacement was a little more accommodating to our offer and wanted to meet the next day. I was booked on the 7am flight to Boston out of O'Hare for tomorrow morning and needed to bring the full work package with me. He gave me a quick briefing as to what kind of offer to make before wishing me a happy birthday again before hanging up. Fuck a damn duck!! I was supposed to be off so I could spend time with my family.

Now I would have to take some time to prep for this trip and business meeting. I was bummed out in a catastrophic fashion. I sat there for a few moments thinking about what needed to be done before I remembered what I had left in the living room. It was going to suck to have to tell everyone that I was leaving the next day. And shitty as it was, this is the profession I had chosen. In the living room things had calmed down. Everyone was seated on the couch looking in the direction of the hallway as I emerged except for Kayko.

She was about three steps away from the entrance to the hall way when I stepped around the corner, stopping her dead in her tracks. Kayko could tell what was going to happen even before I uttered a word and I could already see the sorrow in her eyes.

"Where?" she asked as she brought her hands together in front of her waist and began fiddling with her fingers.

"Brussels," I responded as I looked squarely into her beautiful almond shaped eyes. A slight little smile came to the corner of her mouth as my response sunk in. She knew I had been waiting for this account for a long time, and that I had already worked my ass off to prepare for it. But then her expression changed a little before she asked her next question. "When?" I could plainly see the wind coming out of her sails as I drew in my next breath to answer her. "Tomorrow morning.

I have a 7am flight." Kayko just stood motionless for a moment before she quickly turned her head to glance back at the couch. When she faced me again she had already worked out all of the logistics. "Hy," she said with a quick nod of her head. "You need to get ready so I will take the girls for a while." Before I could say a word in protest Kayko turned her head to the side and barked out something in Japanese.

To see the reaction of the girls would make you think she had just stuck them with a cattle prod. All three girls stood up immediately and headed for the kitchen.

Kayko looked back at me before she continued. "Get done what you need to get done for your trip." She said as she took the few steps necessary to close the gap between us. "We will be in the gym for the next few hours so you can work in peace." She ran her hands up my arms and over my shoulders before locking her fingers together behind my neck.

With just an easy little tug she coaxed me to lean down to her till we were face to face. "Besides," she said as she brought her lips up right next to my ear, "Erin will be ready for you." With that said she gave the very outer edge of my ear a lick with the tip of her tongue before she let go and turned away with a very mischievous grin on her face.

I watched as the five girls headed out of the patio doors, all of their little asses winking back and forth at me. Of all the days this had to happen it had to be on my birthday. There was one bright side to it; at least I would get to spend the night with my daughter before I had to go.

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And that was something that both of us were really looking forward to. I turned around and headed back into my office, refocusing my attention to the tasks at hand. This would be one of the few defining trips in my career to date, and if I pulled it off I was sure to get some really big rewards.

I opened my computer after reseating myself at my desk. As much as I might have liked to watch the girls on the cams I had to concentrate on my work.

Ignoring the blinking camera icon on my desk top I dug in to my work. A big chunk of future rested on my shoulders.


I had completely lost track of time as I worked to finish up all of the necessary documents when Kayko stuck her head into my office. "How's it going?" she asked from a covered position behind the door jam leaving only her head and right shoulder showing. "I'm just now finishing up," I responded as I closed out the final document and saved it to my hard drive.

"That's good," she replied as she stepped out into the open door. She was wearing her short T-shirt again, leaving her delicious legs and pussy exposed for my eyes to drink in. "Because Erin is ready for you upstairs." "Upstairs?!" I asked with a bit of surprise in my voice. "What time is it?" "Its 8:45 honey," she replied as she slowly strolled across the room.

"You have been at it for almost 7 hours. And Erin is really looking forward to this; she has worked so hard for you." I had no idea! It seemed like I had been in my office for only an hour or so, not 7 hours.

Taking a quick glance at the window I could see that the sun was already below the horizon and it was starting to get dark. "I am so sorry honey," I said as my wife stepped up right beside me. I placed my left hand on the inside of her left thigh and ran my hand up to her pussy. Feeling the moist warmth of her made my dick start to grow hard. "Easy now," she said as I stuffed a couple of fingers up into her, "there is a young lady upstairs waiting for you, and she is just as ready as I am." Kayko took a step back and pulled my hand from her crotch, something that she has never done before.

"As much as I would love to sit on that beautiful cock of yours and have you fill me up again," she said while looking at my now straining cock and licking her lips, "it would not be fair to Erin." I looked at her and sat amazed. Here was my wife, the most beautiful and erotic woman I have ever known in my life; a woman who will let me do anything I want to her body anytime I want, and now she was denying herself the pleasures she so much enjoys so her daughter could have, what would most likely be, the most touching night of her life.

It was a genuinely unselfish act of true love for her child, and a gesture that stymied any protests from me. I stood up from my desk and stepped over to her in complete agreement with what she had just said. It really would not be fair to Erin. As I looked down into her smiling face she smiled up at me. "Thank you sweetheart," I said as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me, pressing my raging hard on into her belly button. "You are truly amazing." As I leaned down to kiss her I felt her small hand close around my cock and hold it firmly.

There is nothing quite like that feeling either, having your wife hold your member firmly and lovingly while you kiss her, knowing full well that she is doing all for someone else. As the sensations swirled around inside my head from our kiss I started wondering what it was going to be like with Erin. After all, Kayko did say that she would be ready for me.

As the last hot breath exited her nose to cascade across my cheek, Kayko pulled away from me but she maintained her firm grip on my shaft.

"Come on," she said with a mischievous grin and a wink of her eye as she gave my dick a little tug. "It's time for you to use this thing." I have never minded Kayko leading me around by my dick, in a way it's kind of cool. Her grip is soft yet firm, and she lets me know exactly what she wants me to do with gentle little tugs, so the trip through the house was no big deal. But today it was different. Usually she is leading me to some place to fuck my brains out, but today she was actually leading me to our daughters' room so I could have her.

It was a strange, yet erotic feeling. As she stopped at Erins closed door she turned around to face me. "Now," she said as she pumped my dick a few times in her hand, "you make love to Erin as if it were me in there. Do you hear me?!" she said, and she tightened her grip on my dick to prove that she was not kidding. "Yes honey," I replied obediently as she easily let go of me. "Ok," she said as she stood up on her tip toes to kiss me.

I leaned down and gave her a tender kiss. "Happy birthday honey," she said after our lips parted. "Enjoy her." With that said Kayko turned around and headed for the master bedroom where Saki was doing a split on the dildo modeled after me in the middle of the floor. My pet looked up at me and gave me a nice smile and a wave just before Kayko closed the door. It looked like those two were going to have some fun.

But what matter most to me at the moment was just on the other side of the door I was standing in front of. I knew my daughter was on the other side, but I had no idea what she was up to.

The only way for me to find out was to open the door of fate. I gave a gentle knock before I turned the knob. I don't know why I did it; maybe it was out of sheer habit. Regardless of what I expected I opened the door anyway.

Erin had all of the lights out in her room except for her black light and the cool little desk lamp she had picked up in Spencer Gifts in the mall. Kenny G. was playing very softly in the back ground which helped make the whole situation rather romantic. As I stepped into the room and closed the door, my eyes became accustomed to the dim light and Erins' feminine form slowly appeared from the darkness.

She was sitting on top of her desk with her legs crossed and her hair parted into two pig tails which came out from the sides of her head just behind her ears. She was also wearing one of my old dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up into big bunches at her elbows. The whole appearance was almost a duplicate of when I had arrived back at Hirito's guest house to find Kayko sitting on top of the desk in almost the exact same position. Kayko was absolutely beautiful then, just as Erin was now. My dick surged to new hardness as I stepped over to her, remembering just how special it was for me with her mother.

"Hi daddy," she said in the most seductive and innocent sounding school girl voice I have ever heard. "Mom said you might like me like this." It was right then that I realized that my heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I could feel it in my ears.

Holy shit did she look good! As I took the last step necessary to reach the desk Erin uncrossed her legs and brought her feet up to the edge of the desk top, spreading her legs wide open in the process. In the dim light I could just barely make out her wide open gaping pussy. "I want you inside me," she said as she used one hand to open herself further. "I want you in to make love to me and cum inside me," she continued as she leaned back on the desk top and offered herself to me. "Please daddy, make love to me." My hands were shaking, well…so was the rest of me for that matter.

Aside from her mother I had never seen such a beautiful vision in my whole life. And she was giving herself to me as a gift! Birthday or not I was going to enjoy my daughter to the fullest. Without saying a word I took a knee at the foot of the desk and lowered my face between her parted legs.

I could smell her scent a long way before my face even got close to her. My little girl was hot for me, and the scent of her wet pussy was advertising it better than an auctioneer with a bull horn! To my own discredit I did not even offer up any foreplay; I just lowered my face between her soft smooth thighs and placed my mouth directly over her smoking hot pussy.

Erins crotch jerked upward the instant my tongue hit her clit. She must have already been close to orgasm with the anticipation because she came almost instantly, shuttering and shaking at the first few licks of my tongue.

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"Oh my god," she moaned out loud as I feasted on her delicate folds. Her hands grasp two large hands full of my hair as she pulled my face in tighter against her. "That's it daddy, lick my pussy!" I pulled out all of the stops and gave her every trick I knew. I inserted one finger into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot while my tongue raced circles around her clit.

At first her back arched up, lifting her ass completely off her desk, before she began bucking her hips up and down in an effort to increase the stimulus. Her moans became louder and louder as one after another orgasms plowed through her. Her breath was coming in short labored gasps as I kept up my pace, drinking down all of the sweet nectar that was flowing out of her with each and every climax. When I inserted a second finger and began finger fucking her at the same pace as my tongue, that's when her legs slammed together on the sides of my head and she almost pulled out all of my hair.

My little girl was cumming like a fountain! I dug into her hard with my fingers, holding her in a suspended state of ecstasy as I struggled for air and to keep my tongue on her sensitive clit. Erin gasped loudly and bucked her ass up and down so hard that my head popped free from in between her legs. I quickly withdrew my fingers and watched as her body shook repeatedly from the massive orgasm I had just given her.

Erin was unable to speak. Her chest just heaved up and down and her tiny frame jolted repeatedly as aftershocks hammered her over and over. She didn't even give out an extra moan when I stood up and fed my raging boner all the way into her till my nuts rested against her ass. She just calmly wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles together, holding me firmly in place. I leaned forward till I was looking directly into her face. Her eyes were still closed and her breath was still rapid, but she was definitely recovering from the ordeal.

I unbuttoned my old shirt and opened it up, exposing two hard nipples that pointed at the ceiling like two spikes on top of two small breasts. Give her another year and I will not be able to tell her and Kayko apart. I leaned in and kissed her very gently on the lips, causing her to open her eyes.

The look of love and lust in her eyes was enough to stop me dead in my tracks. Her eyes sparkled at me as she returned my gaze before wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling herself up to me.

"Oh my god," she breathed out heavily as she tightened her grip with her legs to pull me into her deeper.

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"Right there," she said, "right there, don't move!" I stood absolutely still as Erin ground her clit against me before twisting her pelvis upward, only to be rocked by another powerful orgasm. I could feel her pussy convulsing around my dick as Erin bucked her hips up and down, riding out the waves of pleasure.

"Oh yesssss," she hissed from behind clenched teeth, "right there, right there!" I pushed forward as hard as I could; sinking everything I had inside my daughter. Erin let out a loud gasp when the head of my dick pushed hard against her cervix before she began grinding herself against me at the speed of light.

She was truly enjoying what was happening to her and I had not really got started yet! As Erin bucked up and down on me, sending herself from one orgasm to the next, I decided it was time to get serious about this whole situation.

Sliding both hands under her ass, I picked her up from the desk and stood up with her. Erin did not miss a beat. She continued grinding herself against me with my dick buried deep inside her just as if I had not moved us at all.

Erins' legs around my waist and her arms around my neck held her firmly in place as I stepped over to her bed and lowered her down.

As soon as her back was firmly on the bed and my weight came down between her legs, Erin had me in a very passionate kiss. Her tongue darted in between my teeth and her fingers raked back and forth through my hair as her passion poured out of her. Now it was my turn.

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Taking my weight on my hands, I raised my hips a little. Erin quickly unlocked her ankles and spread her legs wide apart, holding them open with her hands behind her knees.

I don't need any more of an invitation than that! With one slow draw back I pulled almost all the way out of my daughter, leaving just the head inside her before I paused for just a second. Erins' breath quickened for just a second before she took in a deep breath and held it. She was fully prepared for me to try and hammer a hole through her. But to my own great satisfaction, and pleasure, I began making love to her with long, powerful, and deep strokes.

After the first stroke, when I withdrew to ready myself for the next powerful stroke in, tears burst from her eyes and she hugged herself to me like I was the last man on earth, wrapping her arms and legs around me once again. Erin was sobbing with joy as I slid deep into her again, relishing the sensations my daughters young body had to offer. It felt like I was sliding in and out of melted butter as I slowly pumped myself in and out of my little girl, making love to her just as if she were my wife.

For maybe 20 minutes I pleasured my daughter like she was my lifelong mate, paying special attention to her reactions with each stroke.

Erin kissed every last inch of my face as our bodies move in a slow and steady rhythm, generating feelings of love and ecstasy as we joined with each other in the heated bliss. I was thoroughly enjoying my daughter when I raised myself up again and paused, keeping just the head of my dick inside her.

Erin almost froze in place as I slowly started to slide back in, moving at less than half the speed at which I had just been moving. Erin looked up at me longingly as I pressed in until half of my cock was inside her before giving a quick thrust, forcing the rest of my cock into her in a microsecond. Erin let out a sudden gasp as she was instantly filled the rest of the way.

I pulled back again and repeated the same move, sliding in slowly until I was halfway inside before ramming in the rest of the way. Again Erin let out a loud gasp. I repeated this several more times before I slowly quickened my pace. When she realized what was about to happen she spread her legs wide apart again, holding them open with her hands behind her knees.

It only took me 5 or 6 more strokes before I was pounding myself in and out of my daughter like she was a plastic fuck doll. The mission had started and the beast was awakening, I was now in pussy heaven! I hammered away into my daughters wide open gash, enjoying the feeling of power I had over my helpless ecstasy filled daughter.

Daddy was plowing the road and the tank was full! I hammered into Erin for a very long time, taking joy in the grunts and gasps of ecstasy coming from her mouth. I don't know how many orgasms Erin had but it was a lot. She was so wet that I almost could not feel her, but that did not slow me down in the slightest. I gave her everything I had, pushing into her as deeply as I could on each stroke.

Erin accepted all that I had to give without any resistance, loving each and every sensation as her soft pink interior was forced open and closed repeatedly.

When she looked up at me with her eyes half closed and said, "Cum in me daddy," I lost it. I rammed deep into her and held my ground as my dick exploded, send shot after shot of hot semen deep inside her.

Every pump of my dick elicited a small gasp from her as she wantonly accepted my seed. I jerked back and forth numerous times as my balls emptied into her, leaving me wasted and withering inside her as I lowered myself down onto her chest. Erin wrapped her legs and arms around me again as we rested, savoring the blissful moment together.

When I lifted my head up I looked into her tear filled eyes. "Thank you daddy," she said just before she kissed me like Kayko does.

"That felt so good!" A few trips to the bathroom were in order as we made love 5 or 6 more times before laying down to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it said 2:18 in the morning before I drifted off to sleep with Erin laying on my chest and my hard dick stuck up inside her. It was the most wonderful evening I had ever spent with my daughter. ……………………&hellip.

It seemed like I had only been asleep for 2 seconds before I was awakened by Kayko and Saki at the bed side. Erin was still sound asleep on my chest with my now soft dick still firmly imbedded in her as Kayko gently shook me awake. "Good morning Mike," she said as with a very pleasant smile on her face. "It's time to get up." "Good morning," I groaned as I shifted around under Erin. "We brought you breakfast," Saki said enthusiastically as she stepped forward carrying the small lap table.

I slide Erin off to my left side, leaving me next to the edge of the bed as my limp cock exited her with an audible squish. Erin barely stirred.

She moved just enough to roll over onto her left side and bundle up under the covers. Kayko looked over at Erin as Saki set the table down over my lap. "Looks like she is exhausted," she smiled as she ran her hand over her soft black hair.

"She was absolutely fantastic," I replied as I smiled back at my wife. "I think she will remember last night for a long time." "That's good," Kayko replied as she stood up and picked up the empty bowl from the table.

Standing upright she spread her legs and held the bowl underneath her crotch. With a little push one hardboiled egg eased out of her before she handed the bowl to Saki. Saki followed Kaykos' example and held the bowl below her pussy. She pushed a little and my second egg emerged from inside my pet. "The eggs are for prosperity and good luck," Kayko said as Saki handed me the bowl. "Now hurry up and eat," she said as the two stood up to leave the room. "Your cab will be here in about 20 minutes." I chowed down my favorite breakfast while I sat quietly next to my sleeping daughter.

My birthday had been one for the record books. I had experienced such closeness with my family that I knew it would be tough to be beat. My girls had performed for me, not only in dance, but sexually as well and it had been fantastic! I had a wonderful meal and spent the night with my daughter, enjoying all of the pleasures her young body could afford. I hated having to leave. As I walked out the front door 25 minutes later with Kayko at my side and my pet holding on to me at my waist, I knew my life was unmatched by anyone.

I loved all of them equally and relished the closeness we all shared. I gave both of them a kiss on the lips and said my good bye before piling into the cab. Brussels might be waiting for me with a potential promotion and raise lurking in the background, but my true wealth was right here at home. And it will always be that way. End Pt18