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Big ass mexicana fucks big brown juicy cock
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For two weeks I stayed with Byron, Thomas and Roberto. The two weekends at the end of each week were a blur. Each weekend we had parties that lasted from Friday night until Sunday evening.

I sucked so much black cock and was fucked more than I ever thought I would imagine myself of tolerating. I lost count of how many men put their cocks in my holes. One night I was grouped with all the girls at the frat house and men came up and used us as they wished. I was double fucked, triple fucked, gangbanged and one week night a train of fifteen guys fucked me at the frat house as they sat and watched sports.

The following weekend Thomas and I went to a party where I was ordered by Thomas to suck this guy or suck that guy or I was bent over a table and offered to guys at the party by my black daddy. That was so fucking hot and I loved being shared with whatever black man my Daddy thought worthy to take me. The third week the guys left on Wednesday and were going to be gone all week and weekend at a basketball tournament. I stayed at the apartment while the guys were gone.

One night Samantha stayed over and we invited Andy over because we were out of pot. He came over but the pot was shit and as he predicted he quit going to those dealers that I had met because they doubled the price on him. We told Samantha about Andy taking me over there.

And I told her that I was willing to suck their dicks to get the price where it used to be for that awesome pot they sold us. We smoked the shitty pot Andy brought and got drunk.

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Andy fucked us both and then the rest of the night Sammy and I enjoyed each other. The next morning was Saturday and Sammy had already left the apartment. I woke up about noon and there were a few joints lying around so I lit one up. The pot was horrible and right then I decided I was going to go fuck those two dealers so we could get the good pot again.

I left a note at the apartment so that Sammy would know where I was. I went and showered and put on a short black leather skirt that Samantha gave me and a short tank top.

I left the apartment and drove over to the dealer's house but I couldn't find it. I spent an hour looking for it driving through the rundown neighborhood and finally saw a house that looked familiar but there was no one sitting out front. I was nervous as shit getting out and going up to a house that I was not a hundred percent sure was the right house.

I parked my car and walked up to the house. I could hear a movie or music blaring from the house so I went up to the door and knocked. No one answered so I had to bang on the door. An older black man answered the door and I did not recognize him. He pulled open the door after peeking from around the side of the door. He scanned me up and down before saying, "What you want?" I was nervous not knowing this man and stuttered, "Oh I am sorry I was looking for Little B.

I must have the wrong house." And I took a few steps back and was going to go back to my car. "Nah, you at the right place, but he ain't here right now." The man said as he took a step outside onto the porch.

I stopped my retreat before responding, "Oh well I hate that I missed him, do you know when he will be back?" "Hell prolly pretty soon, you want to come in and wait?" The man offered with a hungry smile.

"Oh no I shouldn't I'll just come back by later." I returned as I took another step back. "Suit yourself but he'll be back here soon, might as well come in and wait.

He said he was going to get some more stuff, supposed to be some good smoke. That shit will go fast." The man said as he started going back into the house. I was out of my fucking mind because before I could say 'No, but sorry for bothering you' I heard myself say, "Ok sure why the fuck not." "Nice, come on in." the man said opening the door for me. I walked in and the living room was dark but lit up by the huge wide screen TV.

"Have a seat. B will be back here soon." The man said as he flopped into a chair and grabbed the remote and started his movie back up.

We sat for a few minutes and watched the movie but the guy spent more time looking at my legs than watching his movie. Part of my mind was yelling at me as loud as it could that I should get the fuck out of there. The other part of me was wishing B was there and I was doing what I came there to do.

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"Hey girl, there is a beer in the fridge if you want one." The man yelled over his movie. "Oh no thank you, I am fine." I returned starting to think that the voice in my head saying get the fuck out of there was the one I needed to follow. "Well then get up and get me one." The man ordered bluntly. My eyes bugged out a little as I looked at him with an expression on my face that said it all, 'What the fuck did you just tell me to do?' I sat for half a second as it sank in that this guy just told me to get up and get him a beer.

I had been in his house less than five minutes and he knew what I was. I paused for a few more seconds as my pussy started tingling that this guy knew I was a slut that loved being ordered around.

Then I got up and said, "Ok sure, I changed my mind and I'll gladly grab you one too." I went into the kitchen, the entire time this older black man's eyes were glued to my ass and legs as I walked by his chair. I got us both a beer and opened them and then went back into the living room.

I gave him his beer, which he just grabbed and didn't even acknowledge me and I went and sat on the sofa. We sat and drank our beer as we watched the movie. I don't know what the movie was but it came to a scene in a strip club where a bunch of guys were in the crowd and a girl was dancing. As the scene played out the man sitting in the chair said, "God damn that bitch is hot as shit!" I just sat and watched the movie scene play out. She was hot but I offered no comment.

We sat for a few more minutes as the scene continued. The scene went on and the girl stripped completely. The man sat drinking his beer and commented on how hot the dancer was and how nice her tits were. I just sat and watched and listened to his comments. For another ten minutes the movie went on and then it was over but my pussy was tingling knowing I was in this dealers house with a guy I didn't know waiting for a guy to show up so I could blow him or more and fulfill my intention for being there.

The man turned off the movie and turned it to a rap channel. He turned down the volume and then sat and watched the video. A few minutes passed and then he started talking to me, "So you a new girl of B's?" "Oh no I just came to get some smoke." I answered somewhat nervously.

"I never have seen you before, you get stuff from B a lot?" The man asked as he scanned my legs hungrily. "No a friend of mine does, and I can't get ahold of him so I came by to get some," I answered. "Oh yeah who is your friend?" The man asked continuing to probe me about why I was there.

"Oh Andy, I get my stuff from Andy." I said with a nervous smile. "Andy, who the fuck is Andy?" The man asked sitting up in his chair.

"He is my friend that gets our stuff from Little B." I replied getting nervous at the questions from the thirty some odd year old man that stood at least six foot and was very imposing. "Nah fuck that, I don't know that fucker, what you doin' here, girl?" The man said as he stood up from his seat in the chair. "No really, I came here with Andy once and Little B was here and he told me to come by anytime I need something." I started stuttering as I looked up at the man standing about five feet away.

"Bullshit, I think you here to fuck us up, you a cop or something? Some new cop bitch we haven't seen before here to fuck us up?" The man said angrily with a glare. "Hell no I aint no fucking cop!" I screamed at the man and stood up quickly. The big man pushed me back into the couch, he didn't hurt me, but I immediately thought that I had really fucked up coming here by myself and I was scared. "Nah bullshit, I think you are PD." The big dealer said as he continued to glare at me.

"No, Really I am no fucking cop, I go to Tech I am a student." I responded in a scared tone. "All right then I tell you what, there two ways to find out if you not a cop." The man said as he took a step closer to me.

"And what's that?" I asked sheepishly. "Well you can take a hit of some pot with me, but hell even cops smoke to get in good with dealers." The man then reached his hands down to his sweat pants and pulled them down revealing a huge half erect black cock, "Or you can suck my dick." "What the fuck!


You're fucking crazy!" I yelled and started to get up again but he stepped into me and pressed me back into the couch. I flopped back into the couch. From the second he pulled out his cock my slutty side started churning, but I was not going to suck his dick. "I'll smoke with you but I am not sucking your dick!" I told the man looming over me, his cock just a few feet from my face. The man told me to grab the bong next to his chair so I got out of my seat.

I went over and sat in his chair and got the bong and got it ready. "You want the first hit girl?" The big imposing older man asked me as he faced toward me still with his cock out. "Sure." I answered and grabbed the lighter and lit up the bong. I pulled a lung full of the smoke and held it and held out the bong for the man to take from me. The man took the lighter and bong from me and took a hit as I leaned back in the chair and then coughed out the smoke. I sat and let the pot take hold of me.

My mind was already beginning to swim from the smoke and my pussy was tingling from the situation that I found myself in. The pot was as good as I remembered. The man lowered the bong and handed me the lighter. I grabbed the lighter and lit it as the man held the bong close to him.

He held it close to him intentionally so that I had to lean close to take a hit. As I pulled the drag into my lungs my eyes were glued to his cock that was inches from my face.

I took my hit and leaned back in the chair my eyes locked on his thick dick that was starting to get harder. I held out the lighter which the guy took from me and I leaned back as he took another hit.

The pot was getting me high and my urge to feel that cock in my mouth won out. The guy was still standing close to the chair and all I had to do was sit up on the edge of the seat of the chair. I grabbed his hips in my hand and took his cock head in my mouth and started sucking his long thick black dick. The guy immediately put his free hand on the back of my head and started forcing me down his cock. I opened my mouth wider and started pushing and pulling up and down his cock from his head to the opening of my throat.

I sucked on his cock for a few minutes like this and then sucked tight on his cock and pulled back til all that was in my mouth was his head. His thick cock head was locked in my lips as I sucked tight on his head. "Ah fuck I knew my dick would look good with them lips on it." The guy said as he smiled down at me. I looked up into his eyes as sucked tight on his head and rolled my tongue over his head in tight circles. I then grabbed his hips in my hands and started slowly inching my mouth down his shaft.

When his thick cock pressed into my throat I pulled my throat onto his cock and tried to take all of it but he was too thick. I pulled off to catch my breath and he handed me the lighter and I lit up again and took a hit from the bong. After letting the smoke out of my lungs and took a fresh gulp of air I took his black cock back in my mouth and started sucking him off again. "Get on your knees bitch, that's how white bitches supposed to suck a black dick." The guy said before taking another hit from the bong.

I immediately did as ordered as I held the guys dick in my mouth. And I knew he was right, white sluts suck black dick on their knees. I continued sucking his cock bobbing my mouth and throat up and down his dick. I deep throated him numerous times and the feel of that thick black dick expanding my throat got my pussy wet.


I sucked his cock hungrily and as he started getting close to coming he sat the bong down and grabbed the sides of my head in his hands. He started throat fucking me as he called me a dirty slut. He kept ordering me to take his black dick, which I did eagerly. He slammed his cock in my throat and his first load of cum blasted deep into my throat.

He shot three loads in my mouth which I hungrily swallowed. When he finished with my mouth he ordered me to get him another beer. I was stoned and horny and did as a white slut that loves being controlled by strong dominant black men should do. I got up and got him a beer and grabbed one for myself. I took him his beer and then went and sat on the couch and grabbed the bong and took another hit from it before drinking my beer.

We spent a few minutes sharing the bong and watching the TV. The guy that I blew was sitting in his chair, still naked from the waist down and I sat and let the koosh take me over.

I was leaning my head back on the back of the couch listening to the music from the TV when the front door opened. I was so stoned that I didn't even react. "Damn! What we got here?" Little B said as he walked into the house and shut the door behind him. "What's up B?" The man sitting in the chair said in a stoned laugh. "Girl here been waiting for ya." Little B came in and stood in the center of the living room before asking, "Damn dude where your fucking pants?

You fuck this bitch?" "Nah bra she just gave me head." The man said before taking a hit off the bong. "God damn, no shit? Well she suck good dick?" Little B asked the man as he scanned me sitting on the couch. Even before the other guy could answer I moaned, "I suck good dick." "That right?" Little B said as he started shucking out of his pants.

Little B took off his shoes and pants and sat next to me on the couch. I felt his weight making the couch shift which drew me out of my daze so I pulled my head up and smiled at him before moaning softly, "Mhm, hi baby." Little B didn't say a thing.

He put his hand behind my neck and pulled my head into his crotch. I love when a guy pulls me to his cock like this, makes me know what I am for. I opened my mouth instinctively and his limp cock found its way into my lips. I started sucking his cock and minute by minute it got harder and harder. I was still sitting on my ass and leaning over and it was uncomfortable so I pulled my mouth off his cock and repositioned myself by pulling my knees into the seat of the couch and lowering my head back into B's lap.

I took his head into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. The feel of his head on my tongue felt wonderful. I started pushing my mouth down his shaft my mouth was watering as my brain registered the sensation of a thick cock in my mouth and how it felt filling my mouth and pressing into my throat. I took his cock all the way down my throat and started pushing and pulling my mouth and throat up and down his long black shaft.

"Fuck! I knew this slut liked sucking dick." B said as he rested his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down his cock. I was now on my hands and knees and was pushing my ass up into the air which drew the attention of the other guy sitting in his chair. That guy got up and came over and started rubbing my ass cheeks. I continued sucking B's cock as the other guy, his name was Damien I later found out, started pulling my leather mini skirt up on my hips exposing my g-string panties.

Damien quickly pulled my panties off my hips and let them hang about half way down my thighs and then he started fingering my warm damp pussy. I started moaning into the cock in my mouth and speed up bobbing my mouth up and down B's dick. Damien grabbed my hips and pulled me to my feet. I pulled off B's dick and stood up in a stoned dazed way. "Nah bitch, get back down there." Damien said as he pressed against my back with his hand bending me at the waist and pushing my face back into B's crotch.

I took B's cock back in my mouth and without warning I felt Damien's thick black cock pressing into my cunt. In one slow stroke Damien had his cock buried in my pussy. Damien started pumping into me slowly as I moaned into the cock in my mouth.

Damien grabbed my ass cheeks tightly in both hands as he slow stroked his dick into me. I pushed and pulled my mouth along Little B's dick as I moaned in ecstasy as both men took me. Damien had his hands gripped tightly on my ass cheeks as he pushed and pulled my pussy along his thick dick. As my body rocked to the forceful fucking Damien was giving me. I just relaxed my mouth and let B's cock stroke into my throat. Damien would fuck me hard and fast then slow down and slow stroke his thick cock into my hungry pussy.

After a few cycles of hard and fast then slow I cam all over Damien's dick.


I screamed into the cock in my mouth. I pulled off B's dick as I screamed, "Oh fuck yes! Make me cum baby! Fuck me with that big black dick!" Grabbing a fist full of hair Damien jerked my head back and growled at me, "Yeah slut!

Take that dick! You slutty fucking white hoe! Gonna fuck this pussy out!" Little B stood up and then stood on the couch seat and stuck his cock in my mouth as Damien held my head back and Little B ordered of me, "Suck my dick white hoe, I didn't tell you to stop!" I sucked on the tip of B's cock as Damien fucked me from behind. He was aggressive and powerful as he plunged his cock into my wet cunt. I was moaning from the sensation from my pussy and my heart was pounding as I was being fucked like a white slut for black cock should be.

Damien began slapping my ass as he stroked into my pussy. I would let out a yelp each time he spanked my ass cheek. Little B pulled out of my mouth and sat back down. "Ride this dick white bitch!" Little B said as he started pulling on my arms. Damien gave me a few harder than usual thrusts then pulled out of my pussy. I climbed on the couch seat and straddled Little B and started riding his cock. B was smaller than the old man that had just fucked me bent over and from behind but his cock still felt good in my pussy.

"Grab that bitches hips and keep her on your shit B, gonna try something." Damien said as he grabbed a fist full of my hair.

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B did as Damien said and then Damien pulled my head back. He pulled slow and steady and I arched my back backwards as Damien used his knee in my back to steady me. "Put your arms behind you slut." Damien ordered of me. I did as I was told. Then Damien pulled me back further until my hands were touching the ground behind me. I was arched backwards which put my mouth at dick level for Damien. He immediately shoved his cock into my mouth and fucked my face. I tried to suck him off as best I could as B tried his best to raise and lower my hips with his hands.

It was a weird feeling but very erotic. I was being used how I liked being used, any way my black lovers wanted to use me. Damien fucked my throat as I straddled Little B for a few minutes more then he pulled out of my throat and pulled me back up straight. I started riding B's cock and moaning and screaming as his cock stimulated my pussy. Damien stood on the seat of the couch next to Little B and grabbed my head and jerked it to the side. Damien then stuffed his cock back in my mouth and ordered, "Shut that fuckin screamin up slut, unless you want every mother fucker in the hood to come use you up!" I started moaning into his cock as a small orgasm exploded and sent shivers through my body.

"Damn, I think this slut would like that." Little B growled as he thrust his cock into my cunt. Damien forced my head back and forth on his cock as Little B grabbed my hips in his hands and slammed me up and down his long black dick for a few minutes. Damien pulled out of my mouth and stepped down from the couch and walked behind me. Little B stopped slamming into me long enough for Damien to mount me from behind. I felt his thick cock head pressing into my ass hole.

Damien slowly pressed his cock into me and slowly slid into me. His cock felt so good filling my tight ass hole. I let out a deep growling moan as the pain and pleasure from my ass went up my spine into my brain and allowed a passionate growl escape my throat. Damien growled into my ear as he pushed his cock deeper into me, "Yeah! We got a good young slut who likes black dick in all her holes!" "Oh fuck, Daddy, you're so, fucking big!" I stuttered in quick moans.

Damien started to withdraw his cock, which was balls deep in my ass hole, just before pulling out he stroked back into my ass. I let out a high shriek which drew a slap from Little B across my face.

"Nah slut, you scream when we tell you to!" Little B said as he started rocking his hips into me. I let out a moan, "Yes Sir Daddy, mhm." The two men rocked into me as I moaned passionately and tried to ride the two cocks in my ass and cunt. Damien grabbed a chunk of my hair in his hand and pulled my head back and growled, "So slut why you here?" I moaned an answer to the question, "To get some smoke, MmmMm." Damien responded with a follow up question, "You sure slut?

You take black dick good. I think you came here to be our little white slut." I moaned again as I answered Damien, "I did Daddy!" Little B grabbed my face in his hand and asked, "Well slut, which is it, you here for black dick or for smoke?" "Mmm, I am here for both, baby!" I moaned. Both men continued fucking me aggressively. The feel of those big cocks opening my holes felt so good. Damien started fast fucking my ass hole and my pussy erupted on Little B's cock as I let out a high pitched screech.

As my pussy quivered on Little B's cock he thrust hard into my cunt and blasted his hot thick load into me. He growled at me telling me to take his load. "Yes! Fill me with cum baby!" I screamed in a growl. Damien kept fucking my ass hole as I sat with B's cock in my pussy. When Damien got to the point of cumming he pulled out of me and grabbed my hair in his hand as he held his cock with his other.

He pulled me off of Little B forcefully and then pushed me to the floor. I started licking Damien's cock head trying to entice him to cumin my mouth. Little B leaned into me and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back sharply, my mouth opened wide as my head was held back at a ninety degree angle.

Damien started jacking his cock as he held his cock head next to my open mouth. Little B was calling me a nasty slut that deserves to have cum in her mouth and that I had to swallow it all or I would not get any smoke. Damien started cumming and every single blast of cum went into my mouth, except the last blast which he shot on my lips and my cheek.

I eagerly swallowed his cum in my mouth completely then used my finger to pull the cum on my lips and cheek into my mouth. I then swallowed that cum as well. Damien and Little B left me on my knees on the floor and started passing the bong between each other. Damien ordered me to go and get them two beers and so I did as I was told.

I came back with their beers and sat on the couch next to Damien after handing them their beers. Damien handed me the bong and lit it up for me. I took a long pull and let the smoke sit in my lungs until I coughed it out.

I sat dazed as the koosh did its job. We sat there for about thirty minutes and passed the bong around until the three of us were stoned out of our minds.

Little B got out of his chair and walked to me. I was sitting on the couch with my legs pulled up into the seat. B grabbed my legs and pulled me to him so that my ass was sitting on the edge of the couch seat.

He spread my legs open and got between my legs and stuck his cock into my cunt and just started stroking into me.

During the entire process he never said a word. He walked up to me, pulled me into the position he wanted me in and took my pussy because that's what he wanted.

I got so turned on by the way he did it. I was a white slut in his house for one purpose and that was to satisfy his every sexual urge.

Little B fucked me for twenty minutes and I cam so many times I lost count. Little B pounded my pussy hungrily; I guess he didn't get to fuck hot little white high school girls very often, and he enjoyed taking my pussy. Damien just sat and watched his friend fuck me out. Little B fucked me until he was ready to fill me with his cum but he pulled out and shot his load on my belly and chest. He pulled himself from between my legs and stood in front of me and ordered me to suck him clean, which I did gladly.

I sucked him for a few minutes and when he was finished with me he pushed me off of him back into the couch seat and he went and sat back down in his chair. Damien passed me the bong and I took a hit and then as soon as I had my hit he pulled me up and man handled me onto the floor on my knees.

He stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him for a few minutes before he pulled out of my mouth and walked behind me. He used his foot in my back to push me to the floor.

I went to my hands and was getting ready for him to mount me from behind but he paused. Damien not satisfied as to how I was positioned leaned down to me and growled in a low voice, "Next time I put you on the ground bitch, you get that chest down and push that ass high in the air.

You hear me hoe? Face down ass up." Damien then grabbed the back of my neck in his strong hand and pressed my face into the floor.


I immediately did as he instructed and got my face and chest to the ground and arched my ass high in the air. I felt his thick strong hands grab the side of my hips tightly and then felt his cock head pressing on my cunt lips. In one strong thrust he put his cock in my cunt. He held it deep in me for almost a minute. That big black dick felt so good stretching my cunt open. Then he fucked me slow and steady for thirty minutes straight.

He never once stopped he just continuously fucked me in the same position until he buried his dick deep in my womb and filled my cunt with his seed. I just lay on the floor stoned and exhausted for a few minutes. Little B told me to get up and go shower, that I was getting cum all over his floor, which was not satisfactory. I did as ordered and went and showered. I spent half an hour letting the hot water relax my now aching muscles.

Little B came in and got in the shower with me and he ordered me to soap him down. As I soaped him down we talked about why I was there. I explained that I was Andy's friend and that Andy had said they jacked the price up on him so I told Little B that I came over to see if we could get the price back to where it needed to be.

Little B thought for a minute and said that I would need to be his bitch one weekend a month and that he would agree to setting the price back to where it was before. I agreed, not realizing that I just agreed to be a whore for him, but I wouldn't learn that fact until three months down the road. We also agreed that if I came over once a week and fucked Little B and a few guys from his crew that he would keep me personally supplied with the best drugs in town.

All I had to do was come over once a week for a few hours and that's all it took. So I agreed to both offers, knowing that my three college daddies would be out of town for games so the once a month thing would be doable.

Little B got out of the shower and then I followed behind him a few minutes. I went back into the living room and there was a third man there now.

I went and sat on the couch next to Damien as the three men talked. I guess Little B did not trust me to do his business in front of me so he got me up and have me three baggies of pot and walked me outside. He told me that whenever I needed anything to come over or call him and he would hook me up as long as I put out. I told him thank you for the stuff and got in my car and went home. I called Samantha on the phone and asked what she was doing, she said she was getting ready to go and dance for a party and asked if I wanted to go.

I told her no, that I was going to stay at home but that she should come by when she finished because I had a surprise for her.

I fell asleep on the couch and it wasn't until one in the morning when I heard a knock at the door. It was Samantha and she looked like she had just been fucked by the entire football team. She came in and I showed her the pot. She got excited and said she was going to shower and so she did so as I rolled some joints. She came out and told me about her night, in which she danced for a bachelor party and then was gangbanged by almost twenty guys.

I told her how I spent my afternoon and we sat and got stoned until four in the morning then we fucked each other and ate each other's used pussies and then fell asleep on the couch.

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