Irresistible lesbo shaves legs before strapon insertion

Irresistible lesbo shaves legs before strapon insertion
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Her name was Victoria, She was 16she had innocent blue eyes, mediumly sized breasts, beautiful cheekbones, a fairly average weight, and an average height, to others she seemed like an average teenage girl My name is Daniel, I am about 6 1/2 inches, also a bit chubby, Black hair, dark green eyes, a bit taller than average, I was 16 too.

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I was sleeping over at my friend's house one night, she had a few friends over, I knew most of them, except for one, my friend pointed her out when I asked, even she could see the lust in my eyes, she was use to it, I had dated so many of her friends, never went anywhere more than hugs and kisses, but back to that night.

As all the girls were getting ready to go to sleep after a night of Endless Truth's of "Who do you like" Or "Are you a virgin" for Truth or Dare, and drinking soft drink, I had my eye on Victoria all night, the way she moved, I couldn't stop trying to look at her eyes, I felt like I could stare at them for hours. I was standing at the top of the stairs talking to my friend Taylor, about the current 'politics' of the school, mostly complaining about the idiotic guys, when Victoria walked over, right beside Taylor, and asked for me to come with her, I said my goodnight to Taylor, and went with Victoria, staring at her back, she was pulchritudinous.

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We got to the toilet, I had thoughts popping into my head, but I pretended innocence, as every guy shall, I asked her, "Victoria, what did you want me for?", as she turned around to me, with a slight grin, I hadn't gotten aroused yet, but I could feel it wouldn't be too long.

"I've seen you looking at me all night, I can see the looks in your eyes, I had this gut feeling about you, but I haven't been able to say it all night, until I finally did confirm you were looking at me all night" She said, with an actual innocence in her eyes.

I turned into a tomato, I had guts usually, but to me, this girl was like a goddess of beauty, and lust, I started to say 'Victoria I- "Shush, call Vicky, I do really like you, Stephanie told me all about you, your interests, the way you act, and who you are, I know I've barely talked to you tonight, but I do have an honest feeling that your the kind of guy I could fall for.

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I was stunned for words, I tried to say something, but I stuttered completely, she laughed a little, which didn't help me at all, but I could tell she wasn't comfortable either, but she had the upper hand, then out of the blue, I leaned over, grabbed her hand, leaned even closer, and kissed her, with a passion I had never thought possible, she pushed me back.



That was. Incredible, but I have something else we should do" She said with a wink, I could see where this was going. We both must have made a mental acknowledgement to what was about to happen, she tore off her shirt, she had a revealing blue bra, that left little to the imagination, and a cute stomach, with only a little fat left from the holidays, I took off my shirt quickly after, undid my belt, she was sliding her shorts off already, with a near translucest pair of panties, my eyes were dating up and down, I finally got my jeans off, with my pair of green underwear, and my erection.

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She giggled a bit, leaned over, and kissed me, then she trailed her lips down lower, to my chest, then she knelt down, and put her hand into my underwear, I could feel her fondling with my dick, and she finally got it out, and spat a little on it, she skipped right ahead to putting her lips on it, slowly bringing my dick forward, and further into her mouth, I could feel her tongue exploring every vein and muscle on my dick, It felt amazing already, I had always imagined it feeling good, but this was pure pleasure in every sense.

She then said "I'm too horny to make this go slow! I want you to fuck me, as simple as that, in any way you want" She stood up again, took the panties off, stepping back a few steps to get it off her feet, I stood at her virgin pussy, I couldn't really believe she was a virgin, with the way she had sucked my di- "Well?

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Daniel? What are you waiting for?" She asked, with a seductive smile.

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I grabbed a towel, spread it out on the floor, and got her to lay down on it, on her back, with her knee's bent, and her pussy completely open to me, I lied down in front of it, and started to explore the outside of it, she had shaved it, and recently, I tried to get to her clitoris, only just reaching it, she then grabbed my head, and pushed it right in, she pushed my whole face into her crotch, I knew what she wanted though, I knelt down in front of her, slowly handling my cock closer, she was already wet from her own hormones, and my licking, and saliva.

I put it in slowly, I could feel the tight walls of her flesh surround my cock, it felt wierd, painful, and joyful, at first, but she had bundles of the blanket in her hand, baring her teeth, she was mostly experiencing pain, too much to feel the pleasure, so I brought my hand up while I was getting deeper into her, and started to softly fondle her breasts, her skin felt amazing, it was like the purest sense of 'Smooth', I finally broke her hymen, and she let out a small yelp of pain, but now she could feel the pleasure as I did, I pushed it in completely, and slowly brought it out again.

I started to repeat that, getting faster, until I was completely pounding her, she was moaning in deep pleasure, but I felt the end coming soon, I told her, and she said she was on the pill, I started to do longer, slower, thrusts into her, until I finally shot my warm semen into her, she layed down flat, panting in pleasure, we were both panting, and sweating, then she weakly went backwards, my dick flopping out, covered in her juices, with all of mine dripping out of her pussy, she came up to me, and kissed me passionatly.

'I love you', Three words, that would lead to a life of love, lust, and loss.