Small white dicks gay porn movie first time Ashton gears up as a top

Small white dicks gay porn movie first time Ashton gears up as a top
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This is my first story so I don't expect it to be very good. I am only writing for fun so don't take this too seriously although any help on how to write/describe things is always welcome :) and it also takes a while to get into the action.

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So thank you and enjoy! :) P.S All names, including my own, have been changed for identity reasons. Friday 16th January 2015 I watched eagerly as the clock slowly ticked by waiting for that ever sweet noise of the bell ringing to signal for me to go home and start the weekend.

English was my last lesson on this blustery Friday afternoon. Although I hated my bitch of an English teacher the class consisted of many of my close friends, Jack, Ryan, Adam, Louis, Harri, Leah, David, John, Derek and Becky. Harri was hosting a party at his house tonight. Luckily in this class I was sat right at the back while my other friends were scattered all around the room. Jack was positioned at the front of the class right under the nose of the teacher meaning he could never get away with anything.

I tried to get him into trouble many times and this time i decided to throw a ball of paper at him to try and get him to react. I launched the ball of paper towards the front however it went sailing past him and straight into the teachers face. The class erupted into laughter including Lucy who i had a major crush on at the time. She was amazing, about 5ft 10" long brunette hair with decent c cup tits and an ass to die for.

The teacher screamed at me as the bell went and everyone was dismissed except me.

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After a 10 minute telling off about how my behavior was appalling i was finally dismissed for the weekend and ready for Harri's party tonight. To my surprise as i exited the school Lucy was there waiting for me and smiled as soon as she saw me. For a moment i thought my zipper was undone but she was actually smiling at me! But all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew across us and her skirt blew up.

I will never forget the sight of her black lace panties and her incredible ass in them. She was obviously embarrassed and i tried to console her while she constantly apologized to me but i said "Honestly i kinda enjoyed it haha" "Really?" she replied with a slight cheeky giggle "Yeah you're really good looking" "Hehe thank you, I was just wondering if you were going to Harri's party tonight?" "I wouldn't miss it for the world" I replied "Okay good, I will see you later" as she smiled and pecked me on the cheek and ran off to join her friends, I jumped onto the bus to meet my friends who all jeered at me after watching my encounter with Lucy, I just laughed it off and waited till I was home.

I had butterflies for hours waiting to go to Harri's party and even while in the shower trimmed just in case I got lucky with Lucy. My brother came home after work at about 18:30 and walked in with a bag filled with a case of beer, a bottle of vodka and, resting on top of the drinks, a condom. He said to me, "If you're going to do something I just don't want you to be stupid about it, Stay safe!" He dropped me off at Harri's house a little later than the time Harri told me to be there but i was fine with it.

I heard the music from outside the door and rang the doorbell. Harri answered the door and i heard several voices asking 'who was at the door?' I walked into the inside porch and took my shoes off as i leaned my head into the lounge so they could see it was me at the door. I scanned the room looking for Lucy as everyone said hi to me. She was nowhere to be seen. Becky told me that she wasn't actually coming tonight and didn't want to hang out with me. This was one of the first 'body shots' dealt by Becky that night.

Harrison informed me that Becky was just messing around and said she had gone upstairs and had been up there for about 5 minutes as he scowled at Becky who just stuck her tongue out back at him. Becky was the biggest 'slut' out of our friendship group who was always acting flirtatious with the boys in the group, even the ones with girlfriends.

She stood at about 5ft 8" with shoulder length Blonde hair, size B tits at most but she did have an incredible ass I must admit. Harri's house was cool with his lounge, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and then on the 1st floor was the bathroom, his mum's room and the spare room.

Harri's room was a loft conversion which was amazing if someone needed privacy. I sat my bag down in the spare room and cracked open a bottle of beer as i started my search for Lucy.


As I walked over to enter Harri's mums room I heard a door behind me open and Lucy appeared. She ran up and hugged me. "I was wondering when you were going to show up, I even was starting to wonder if you were going to show at all" "I've been looking forward to this for weeks, of course i wouldn't miss this!" "By the way you look incredible tonight" and she did. She was wearing a short, tight black dress which accentuated her ass and showed off her amazing legs.

She turned her head and gave me a quick wink as she trotted down the stairs and I quickly followed. The party seemed dead and somewhat awkward with a clear divide between the boys, girls and the couples.

I sat down in the corner chair and Lucy came and sat on top of me. We exchanged in conversation with everyone there and took part in several party game including beer pong (Which me and Lucy won) and spin the bottle.

I was reluctant to take part however Lucy informed me that it will give me the chance to kiss her. At the start a few awkward kisses happened and the inevitable happened. The bottle slowly edged towards me.

Now who was it going to land on? I had my fingers crossed on it being Lucy. Suddenly a loud crash from the dining room turned everyone's heads towards Alex who had just knocked over a few glasses. While everyone's heads were turned Becky stopped the bottle pointing towards her. Everyone turned back to see the bottle pointing to Becky and before I could say anything she threw herself onto me and her tongue was in my mouth quicker than I could say 123. I tried to pull her off the moment she was on me but she just wasn't going to budge.

She started to dig her nails in to make sure that I was going nowhere. It had gone on for more than a minute now and people were starting to whisper and I could only imagine how Lucy was feeling. Becky finally broke the kiss and she licked her lips as she sat back into her spot. Everyone was glaring at me and Lucy ran upstairs crying.

As I got up to follow her I sent a scowl towards Becky as she replied," Don't pretend you didn't like it" "Just fuck off" I scolded back at her. Lucy had gone up to Harri's room and I slowly climbed up the ladder and poked my head through the hatch to see Lucy sat on the edge of the bed crying.

"Go away!" she bellowed at me. "Look it wasn't me honestly, you know what Becky is like. She stopped the bottle so it landed on her!" "Well you could have at least stopped it" "Don't you think I tried?! She wouldn't let me look!" as I showed her the nail marks on my arms. "What the fuck, that bitch!" she exclaimed as she rose off of the bed.

She marched towards the hatch to go downstairs before I grabbed her arm. "Don't she isn't worth either mine or your time" I pleaded. "Fine." Lucy was clearly annoyed. She came back onto the bed and sat down beside me. "I just wanted to be with you tonight" she said in a disheartened voice "Well, we're together now and we still have the rest of the night" and with that I lifted her chin and passionately kissed her.

Lucy responded with pushing me onto my back and climbing on top of me and we resumed kissing with our tongue's exploring each other's mouths. After about 10 minutes of making out she jumped up off of the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked "This" and in one quick motion she dropped her dress to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra and exposed her wonderful tits with her small pink nipples poking out from them.

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This time she was wearing a black and pink playboy thong. "What do you think?" as she bit the end of her finger in a seductive manner. I couldn't produce any words, I was speechless. "That good huh?" as she ended with another playful giggle. She threw her dress onto Harri's computer chair and this made me notice the webcam Harri had set up on top of his computer screen with a small red dot which meant it was recording.

That cheeky bastard. He was probably hoping people would come up here and get it on. Lucky for him it was me and Lucy. She didn't seem to notice it so I thought why not give him a show as a thank you for hosting this party.

Lucy came over and pulled my sweatshirt and polo shirt off. Not to sound big headed or Arrogant but I'd like to think I have a good body with a decent 6 pack and v lines but one downside was the result of Appendicitis and had to have an operation so I have a 4" scar across the lower right of my stomach.


Lucy sat back on top of me and began kissing my chest as I grabbed each breast and began sucking and licking her nipples. Lucy responded with soft and calm moans.

She slowly slithered down to my jeans and unbuttoned then and pulled them off. My 7" dick was aching to spring out of my boxers and it almost hit Lucy in the face as she pulled my boxers down. She was immediately impressed as I saw the smile put on her face by it. She put the tip of my uncircumcised penis into her mouth and slowly took it inch by inch into her mouth and finally took all of it into her mouth which amazed me and I almost blew my load right there.

After about 5 minutes of sucking my dick Lucy pulled away. "Are we going all the way tonight?" Lucy asked "Only if you want to, I don't want to make you do something if you don't want to." "Yes please, I want you" Lucy replied with a look of lust in her eyes.

"Okay let me just get something" I said as I walked over to my Jeans to pull out the condom my brother had given to me earlier.

As I turned back around Lucy had taken off her thong and revealed her pick lips with a small landing strip above the. She was holding out a box. As I peered into it I started to chuckle as the box was filled with about 50 condoms. "Harri told me that they were under his bed for anyone to use" I let her choose which one we used and I slowly slid it on remembering how to do it from the countless P.S.H.E lessons at school. She again pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.


She slid my rock solid dick into the opening of her pussy lips. The feeling was sensational.

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She started slowly at first and began to pick up pace until she was practically jumping on me like I was a trampoline. "Let's make it interesting" she said, clearly out of breath.

She spun round and got into a reverse cowgirl position. This girl is truly amazing I thought to myself. Again bouncing on me for another 5 minutes Lucy's moans and pace quickened as she was nearing an orgasm.

All of a sudden she started violently squirting over Harri's bed. I started to slow down until she said, "No, not until you've finished." I only lasted another 30 seconds as I violently shot, what seemed like liters, of cum into the Condom. My dick slipped out of Lucy and onto my stomach.

Lucy took the condom off tied it up and put it into the bin. She collapsed on top of me as I held her into my arms. "That was amazing, you are amazing" I said while trying to catch my breath. "Hehe thank you baby" she replied, obviously tired as well. We cuddled for a while more and were close to falling asleep until Adam called from downstairs, "Hey you guys we're ordering Pizza what do you guys want. We both snapped back to reality and I put my trousers back on and didn't bother putting my shirt or sweatshirt back on.

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As I stepped out the latch and backed down the ladder Lucy said to me, "I like mine meaty" and winked at me. Adam had a look of surprise and shock on his face. "Did you just…" "You bet" and we both laughed with each other. As we walked down the stairs some of the girl were caught off guard by the sight of me topless and I think a few of them enjoyed it. The boys all cheered at the same time when I walked into the lounge and the wonderful look of jealousy on Becky's face was a sight to see.

I placed my hand on Harri's shoulder and said to him, "That webcam in your room. Yeah, have fun with the video and you're welcome. The end.