Flawless blondie warmed her muscles during sex this morning

Flawless blondie warmed her muscles during sex this morning
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It's been over a yr, sorry for the wait but here goes!


As soon as Colby got in the room and locked the door I was putting "Debbie does dallas" in the Xbox to watch as he plugged in the vinrator. I was very nervous for I had never used a vibrator before and didn't want him to laugh at me. As soon as the porn began to play I quickly noticed it was an older movie wich made me disappointed but it actually turned out to be a great movie!

It also added to the fun because Colby felt the need to rein act the movie scenes and this meant a lot of blowjobs for me! Not even a full scene into the porn and Colby had us both naked laying out on his new futon and jerking each other.

He was selfish and decided he got the vibrator first. I won't lie and say I didn't get turned on by watching him naked there using a vibrator and watching porn. It was rather unusual but a nice thing to witness. I still to this day can't understand why I liked his sack so much, his was always fuller in a since and was nice to the touch so watching him jerk was a sight!

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I watched rather closely as I didn't know how to use this new vibrator. It wasn't mean to be an adult "vibrator" but rather a back massager but it had a flat vibrating circular end and it held well against our cocks and made for a very nice feeling!

I decided to be nice and massage his balls while he used the vibrator and did so until he finally offered it to me. I went ahead and told him I had never used one before and to my liking he took this as an opportunity to show me first hand how to use it and he was a great help. Colby caressed my cock for a little bit and then got me wet with his mouth before applying the vibrator and it felt great.

His hands and new vibrator was a lot for me to take on but man it was awesome. He would occasionally surprise me with a quick lick of my tip and it just made everything even better! This went on for a few scenes and then we both knew it was time for more! We didn't always have to talk out loud to know what we wanted and this was that time. We both just kinda rolled over close under a cover and I gave myself up first becuz I wanted to get it over with, I never really liked anal to be performed on me but I knew it wasn't fair to only give so I would do my part.

He usually didn't play around to much, just kinda poked around with the tip of his penis until he felt me twitch then pushed and it usually hurt really bad but I knew it would go away soon. As soon as he found his way in my ass I always urged his free hand to jerk my cock, I felt it helped.

Plus it always felt better than just my hand. Having porn playing in background was new but it kinda put a mood In the room and made for better fucking for sure.

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He got close to finishing and I denied his attempt to cum in me and quickly turned him over and shoved all 7 inches of my cock in between his ass cheeks and proceeded to fuck him hard. He usually fought back at first but I was much stronger and always won and got my way, shoving all of my cock in his ass.

I fucked along with the guy on tv and imagined if it was a girl I was having sex with. Colby's ass was always very tight and I usually didn't last long as did I this time. I quickly came inside of his ass and he wouldn't have it any other way. He did a quick 360 and began licking my cock dry!

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Took me by surprise but I did like it. We went to sleep him in his bed and me on the fouton. I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a raging hard on and wanted to take care of it asap so I grabbed the vibrator he hid under the bed and used it till I spew cum all over his face.

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He awoke to cum all over him and he actually didn't mind. The next morning of course we had to get through breakfast with everyone and then clean his room but as soon as that was done we headed out to what we called the "sugar shack" it was an old brick storage type building and we were remoldiling it to be our hangout.

This building would be our go to spot for the next yr or so. No one bothered us out there and it had a bed and couch for us to do all we could think of. It became our place of peace and our naughty area!


It was the perfect spot. We had made the windows to where we could easily board them up when we were ready to be dirty and the doors were rigged so only we could open them. We had a a/c fan installed and we had placed a couch and bed and chairs all over. We put a fireplace for when it was cold and even built a bathroom. It was our hangout and we were very proud of it.

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He eventually put a pool table inside. We got to a point where we would bet pool games and the loser had to give up their ass for a certain amount of time. No one knew why we spent so much time out there but we sure did!


We would usually fill our summer days by mowing and cleaning first and then go inside and have a quickie before cleaning off. We would always end our days by swimming naked too. In time to come it turns out I would sex Colby's younger sister and later we would have sex with same girl later in life.

So much to say yet so little lines.

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I want to continue but as with my other stories I require two or more positive comments and ratings before I continue! Thanks for reading.