Rica Hotwife en erotico baile en club swinger

Rica Hotwife en erotico baile en club swinger
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"Are you looking at my tits, James?" Kate was standing defiantly at the kitchen sink with a dishcloth in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.

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Wearing a vest top and a short skirt that accentuated her midriff, she looked expectantly at me. She knew the drill. Kate had the body that I had always dreamed of, and knew that I couldn't keep my eyes off her as she paraded around the room.

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It was her job to catch me in the act. "Because if you are, you'll not be allowed anywhere near them". She paused to reach down to the cupboard below, and I swear she could have beaten any card shark with the slight of hand. "It's fallen out." She stood tall again, her full tit swaying to the right. Again she stared right at me, and then down to the front of my jeans.

Without adjusting herself, she swayed towards me, the spoon held down to her right thigh.

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With her left hand she grabbed my cock through the denim. "You're so fucking predictable. Keep looking, keep looking" Her hand worked at my buckle, and she worked her way into my jeans sliding gracefully over my cock and grabbing me by the balls.

"Oh you like that, don't you. Don't take your eyes off my tit." Without taking her lightly squeezing hand away from my balls, she put the wooden spoon on the side and worked my jeans to my ankles. "Hold onto the side" I turned, and bent over the grasp the kitchen worktop, and Kate stood to the left.

"Look at my tit, James" I looked over my shoulder straight at her chest. "Do you have anything to say?" I mumbled nothing. It was always the same, and she loved how she could blank my mind by controlling access to her tits. It was always my plan to prove her wrong, but all thoughts had been left behind. I couldn't look her in the eye. She drove the spoon down hard, smacking into my arse.

But I could only watch the sway of her tit, still hanging outside of her vest. Again, she came down hard. She reached around and grabbed my cock, which was as hard as it always was. "Oh my. You still think that you own them don't you" She led me upstairs, wanking my cock gently as she walked ahead of me. Without breaking contact, we lay down facing each other.


Her tit was staring me in the face and she knew what was going through my mind. Her hand reached to cup the back of my head and she drew me down with a soothing, calming "SSHHHHHH" She tickled under my chin as I began to suckle. "There now. What's all the panic? They're yours". She reached down to massage my cock as I continued to suck, meeting my momentum with a quickening pace.

She sensed I was going to come, and broke away suddenly to reach round and spank me with her bare hand. "No. Don't come. If you do the other one will feel left out" I obeyed, and teasing her vest to the side, released her other tit. "Bite hard now James." She started wanking me again, as I lost myself in her chest. "I'm going t get on all fours.

Then I want you to fuck me slowly. Don't touch my hips, what ever you do." She arranged herself with a smirk on her face. The full mirror was to our left, and she could see her tits dangling free of her vest. Her skirt was gathered around her waist, and she caught my eye in the mirror. I pulled my shirt over my head and arranged myself behind her.

Don't touch my hips James. Don't move an inch." She inched backward, shuffling into position. The head of my cock nuzzled into the entrance of her cunt.


"Watch my tits James. This is what it's all about".


She inched backwards again, and I could feel the resistance on my dick. "My tits James. They're yours". As I glanced in the mirror, she plunged backwards. She gave a moan. And settled back, rotating her arse. My hands were limp by my side as she started to move gently back and forth.

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Her head started to hang low as she made little panting noises. I couldn't take it anymore, and grabbed her hips on her up stroke, plunging back into her like a rag doll. "Go on James, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me" I looked in the mirror, and saw her perfect tits in full motion. Then I looked down at her hips, my cock dividing her cheeks. Fucking her like a dog on a lawn.

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Now it was her turn to be speechless, all thoughts abandoned as she knelt in front of me. She whimpered whilst still throwing herself around in front of me. "Your tits are mine" She started whinnying like a pony, and I started to slam the palm of my right hand hard on her arse. "Don't ever put me through this again Kate. I don't like it".

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She sobbed and I lightened the pace, settling beck into a rocking motion "No baby" she snuffled, "They're yours, they're yours whenever you want them" With a final heave I plunged into her.

Quick as she could she reached round under herself and grabbed my balls.

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My sudden intake of breath caused my world to stand still. "I told you not to touch my hips you naughty little boy"