Gif wanking gay naked teen twink and straight athletes masturbating

Gif wanking gay naked teen twink and straight athletes masturbating
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My first black cock 3 I guess it had been about 2 weeks, maybe 3? John had become a regular in my life. He would come over after work, we would cuddle on the couch, he would use my mouth and my ass at his discretion. A few times he spent the night and I would feel his firm, warm body all night next to me, only to wake him up with a good morning blowjob. Now that I think about it, when he spent the night he would always give me a hard ass pounding in the morning.

I LOVED it, looked forward to it. I wonder what the neighbors thought about the headboard always pounding the wall? It was in this time that I started dressing the part of my role, I began to buy panties and wear them. At first just when I got home, but then throughout the day. It actually gave me a charge or boost wearing the panties, made me think about what was in store for me later that evening.

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I think it was a Friday, when he sent me a text that he was on his way, it was about 7pm(?) and a guy from work, a coworker was catching a ride with him and they were stopping by to watch the game. Now this was a quandry. Was I supposed to act like his "white bitch" or "just another guy"??

He gave me no other details. I went to change my clothes. I kept the panties on, I remember they were red with black lace, but threw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt over my panties. How was I supposed to act? I would just wing it, I guess. I turned on the TV and nervously waited, trying to not think about it. Soon enough the apartment door opened and John walked in, behind him was another black guy, obviously younger than John.

I immediately got up to greet him at the door, it was now just habit! I said something like, "Hey, how's it going", or something like that. John spun me around and grasped one soft cheek of pillowy ass and said to his friend, "I told you he had a nice ass for a white boy!".

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His friend smiled and shuffled in past him. I was actually shocked. I had never been "out" and now John was basically introducing me as his "White bitch". John turned to me, "Get us two beers, baby." I tingled all over when he called me "baby". They went to sit down on the couch and went to fetch the drinks. I came back and offered them their beer and John introduced me to "Dwayne". Dwayne was about 23-25 years old, tall, slender, wirey and muscular. Not bulging muscles, but tone from hard work.

He was wearing his dark blue uniform from work, where as John was a supervisor and wore regular clothes. Dwayne seemed quiet, but nice. He maintained a pleasant look on his handsome, youthful face.

Several tattoos and even one on his neck, peaking out from under his collar. I introduced myself to Dwayne and sat down between the pair on the couch, although I did sit closer to John. A game was on the TV and I sat silently and watched, eventhough sports bore me completely.

A few times I would get up to fetch fresh beer for John and Dwayne, then sit closer to John as he enjoyed the game.

I remember it was getting late when John put his arm around me and started kissing me. I kissed back. "I told Dwayne a lot about you." John said.


"Oh really?" I said with a smile. I was kinda getting the idea of what was going on. "Yeah, I told him how you loved sucking nigger dick." NOW I was shocked. I clammed up. "Tell him, tell Dwayne that you love sucking nigger dick.". I hesitated, then turned to Dwayne, "I love sucking nigger dick." I told him sheepishly.

I could tell Dwayne was uneasy with this revelation and just nodded his head and said, "That's cool". Then John spoke to Dwayne, "Dwayne, let him suck your dick. Feed him that cock." It was obvious to me that they had planned this before they came over. My heart was pounding, I was light headed. Dwayne was still sitting but pulling down his pants. I could see his cock was slightly hard already.

I had no problem giving him head or head to a stranger, but this night was just crazy too me for some reason. My boyfriend(?)/Master(?) was about to share me with his friend. I sat still, then John prodded me, "Go on, suck his dick. You know you want too. I want you to." I moved the coffee table out of the way and knelt down between Dwayne's legs. He was still slightly flaccid but his cafe colored cock stretched a good 6-7inches. His cockhead was not large like John's, in fact Dwayne's cock was more shaped like a bullet.

With my left hand I lifted his cock out of the way and felt it twitch, I put my head down between his legs and began to lap and caress his balls with my lips and tongue. He leaned back more to give me better access. I pulled at his pants and they were now around his ankles. I took his scrotum into my wet mouth and "french kissed" his balls while my left hand was slowly stroking his long cock.

He was becoming more aroused as his breathing changed and his cock became more firm and thick in my hand. His scrotum was musky and salty, he had been working all day. I didn't care.

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I slowly licked my way up the shaft of his cappachino colored cock to the head where I flicked it with my tongue, teasing him, feeling him twitch with anticipation.

My right hand slid up his shirt to feel his "happy trail", his breathing was sporadic at times. My mouth was wet, I was drooling like one of Pavlov's dogs. I wanted this black cock in my mouth. I put my lips over his cock head and began to suck and caress underneath with my tongue. My eyes glance over to John, he sat passively watching, taking another swig of beer. The length of Dwayne's cock was becoming wet with the escaping saliva from my mouth.

My mouth was a pussy to be used for any man John wanted. I let out a moan, more of a "UMMMM", as I continued to suck his head and feel him grow in length and girth while my left hand continued to slowly stroke his cock into my hungry mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my head down. He wanted me to suck all his dick. I would not deny him. I removed my hand from his now wet cock and slowly took his entire length into my mouth. "Awwww, fuck.

Fuck that feels good." My right hand moved to cup and stroke his balls, my head began to bob up and down on his cock. Dwayne's cock was now about 8 inches, not as big as John's but great all the same. "I told you he likes sucking black dick, didn't I?", John said to Dwayne. "Hell yeah, this motherfucker's gonna make me nut.", Dwayne responded. "Alex will suck the cum out of a dick and be ready for more. Won't you, Alex?", John said as he reached over and slapped my ass.

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"MMM, HMMMM!" I responded with a mouth full of Dwayne's cock. John again reached over and started pulling down my sweatpants to expose my red and black lace panties I was wearing for him. "I love looking at that big, soft, white ass. That's an ass made for black dick!", John chuckled. I didn't respond, I was getting a taste of Dwayne's pre-cum. Salty, thick ribbons coated my tongue.

I sucked harder and faster, milking his cock into my mouth. John reached over again and pulled my panties aside to begin fingering my pink hole.

Oh my fucking god, I was going to cum too.

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All I could say was, "ummm Ummm Ummm", as John finger fucked me and Dwayne began to buck and thrust his cock into my mouth. I was going to cum.

Dwayne's body tensed and became rigid as he unloaded a huge, warm, thick load onto my tongue. At which point I felt the crotch of my panties become wet with my own warm, wet cum. The saltyness of his cum coated my mouth and tongue as I began to swallow his black seed.

My mouth was made for black cock. I swallowed as much as I could but some managed to leak out from my lips, I began to lick the shaft of his black cock, like a hungry dog, to catch all his cum and not let any go to waste.

I looked up at Dwayne as he let out a big sigh, his head rested back and his eyes closed. John stood up and quickly removed his pants. I finished slipping off my sweatpants.

I was still crumpled on the floor in front of Dwayne, now only wearing panties and a t-shirt. John was standing naked except for his shirt.

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"Come here and suck this dick!", John commanded. I crawled over on my hands and knees to his already fully erect, large, chocolate colored cock. Without hesitation he grabbed me by my hair and began gagging me with his cock.

All I could do is make gagging noises as he roughly shoved his cock into my throat. I remember I was on my knees before him, my hands cupping around his crotch trying to push him away at times to keep from gagging as he fucked my mouth.

Then he slapped me hard across the left side of my face and told me to "stop pushing me away!". I immediately removed my hands and held on to his ass for balance as he continued to roughly fuck my throat. Tears were streaming down my face as I coughed and gagged on his large black cock. Another slap came, this time to the right side of my face. "Look at me!!" he growled. I looked up into his face, "You are my stupid, white bitch!

Got it?? Don't push me away!!". Then he grabbed my head in a frim grasp and began to plunge his cock deeper, "Take it bitch! Take that nigga dick in your throat!". I did as I was told. He was right, I shouldn't have pushed him away. I was here to pleasure him, and his friends too. His cock was gagging me, I couldn't help but cough and gasp for air.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and long streams of saliva still connected it to my lips. I regained my composure and began to suck once more. Again he plunged his cock deep in my mouth, again I gagged and coughed and gasped for air. I could feel his pubic hair tickle my chin and nose. Then he continued to pound my mouth, his powerful thrusts were no match for me.

I now was just his fuck toy, as he began to groan and jerk and cum. Like a good white bitch I swallowed his seed. His body went limp, the weight of his cock still in my mouth. Sucking and stroking his cock with my tongue and lips he let out a sigh. I knelt at his feet, the front of my shirt wet from my own saliva, his large, black, wet cock an inch from my face.

I noticed a pearl of cum on the tip and licked it away. I now loved the taste of cum. "Go to the bedroom." he told me. I got up and walked to the bedroom. "Lay down on your stomach." he told me. I laid down on my stomach as he searched my dresser. He found what he was looking for, two cloth belts. He grabbed my right hand and tied it to the wrought iron headboard, then the other.

The belts were tight. I couldn't get away if I wanted too. He left the room. I was alone and could only hear their muffled voices from the livingroom. My face still stung slightly from the blows I had taken earlier.

My mouth still filled with the salty, metallic taste of their cum. They both entered the room. I was silent. John literally tore my panties off then spanked my ass, I know he left a hand print.

He grabbed one soft ass cheek and said to Dwayne,"Now that is fine, white ass!.". "That's what I'm talkin' about", Dwayne replied. "You better go first, I been plowin that white ass for weeks. I broke him in good." John then put a pillow from the couch under my hips to prop up my ass. "I'm gonna go get a beer. Have at it!", John said as he left the room. Dwayne walked over to the bedside table for the lube, looked down at me and said, "So you really like that black cock, huh?


Damn! You one freaky ass white boy!" then chuckled a little. He got on to the bed and between my legs. He pushed my legs further apart and adjusted the pillow so my pink hole was at a better angle. Then he removed the pillow all together, throwing it on the floor. He had me in a doggy position. My ass up, and open ready for his black cock. He positioned himself behind me, my face in the pillow, back arched. "He said you like to get fucked hard. Never fucked a white boy before, this is gonna be good.", he said as he began to break into my ass.

I let out a deep and long "OOOOOOOHHHHH!" as he pushed the entire length of his cock into me. It felt so good, I had that 'full' feeling again. That feeling of a cock filling my anal cavaty. He was thick, but not as thick as John. He began to work his black cock, pulling and thrusting. I could feel the familiar burn of the friction as his cock pumped my ass. With his hands on my hips he suddenly began pounding my ass hard and fast.

I let out a gasp then a series of moans.

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I don't even really know how to describe the sounds I was making. I could only hear him breathing with the occasional grunt as his balls slapped against mine and my ass. Soon I was shouting, "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! YOU ARE FUCKING ME SO HARD!!". This seemed to only encourage him until he began to let out gasps and his thrusts became more pronounced as he shot his black cum deep inside me. "I told you he has some good boy-pussy.", John said, breaking the silence of the room.

"Oh hell yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about." Dwayne replied, still out of breath, "He can take some dick." John walked up to near where my face was, grabbed me by my hair turning me to look at him, "That's what a good white bitch does, takes care of all the nigger dicks!

Ain't that right??" "yes", I mumbled. "Now get my black dick hard again so I can fuck you good." He pushed his dick into my mouth. It was an akward position, my hands were bound to the headboard and my neck was craining to suck his cock but I managed to get him hard again quickly. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and squirted lube on its length. "You see this big, black dick", he said, "it's about to open that worthless, white ass." He then positioned hiimself behind me the same way Dwayne had, ass up and face down.

John was on one knee and his other foot was flat on the bed as he mounted me. I felt a sudden grip of pain as he shoved his much larger black cock into my ass. A second later and my soft, white ass was bouncing against him, I could hear and feel his balls slapping my leg. He began spanking my ass hard growling at me to "Take that dick! Take it you worthless white bitch!" I am not even sure what all I said, I remember shouting out, "YES!

YES! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE! PLEASE KEEP FUCKING MEEE!" as I began to cum again. He put his right hand on my head pushing it down so he could gain balance and was furiously pounding my ass with that huge cock. Suddenly he stopped and jumped off the bed, as fast as a cheetah I swear. He again was standing over my face quickly stroking his cock. His large, black, wet cock was pointed right at my face. I opened my mouth to catch his cum. "Give it to me, give me all your cum!" I told him.

He stiffened his back, let out a loud moan and thick white jets of his milky, hot cum shot across my face and into my hungry mouth. "Oh fuck!" he said as another shot of his black seed sprayed my face. Now I had Dwaynes cum dripping down my leg and John's cum covering my face.

I couldn't even open my left eye, the cum sealed it shut. I began to turn my head when John told me not to wipe it off. He then grabbed his camera phone and started taking photos. "I want everyone to see what a good bitch you are.", he said as Dwayne mounted my ass for a second time. This time John would capture the moment on the camera. My hands were numb and my ass sore, both from the spankings and pounding my little pink hole took, as John untied me. John then sat next to me on the bed and let me know how good the sex was.

I looked over at the clock, it was almost 2am. They had both been fucking me for hours. He showed me some of the photos. The close up of his cum on my face, then Dwayne's cum on my face. Dwayne fucking me, then him fucking me. The cum oozing out of my punished hole. He told me he still had to drive Dwayne home, so I walked them both out. I said bye to Dwayne and told him it was great meeting him and then to John.

I closed the door and made my way back to bed. I was exhausted and sore. Cum was still in my ass, the taste still in my mouth. I lie down on the bed, on the cold wetness of the cum and sweat. I quickly went to sleep, wanting to smell the sex when I woke. Again this is a true story. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

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