Indian honey loves the hard cock in her tiny teen muff

Indian honey loves the hard cock in her tiny teen muff
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"I hope your not tiered already my pet." You stood behind me speaking softly, while rubbing my ass cheeks. I pushed against your hand, a little tiered but not finished, not by a long shot. I turned my head, looking over my shoulder to get a good look at you.

I smile sweetly and longingly at you. "No Master, I'm far from done." You smile at me approvingly and press your semi hard cock to my ass cheek. I sit up and turn around. Sitting up on the edge of the couch. My ass hanging off the edge. Pushing my knees up I pull you forward and down so I can kiss you.

I feel you pressed against my folds and can't help but whine with want, the exhaustion from the moments before all but forgotten in the passion of the moment. I let my left leg rest around your thigh, but hiked my right up around your waist.

You slid easily against me and continued to kiss me and I arch my back trying to get closer. One of your hands slides around my back as the other twist and pinches my nipple. "Oh God Master," I manage to mumble around you mouth. Your lips twist into a smile as you continue, stopping to watch my expression.

My face contorted in pleasure I let my head drop back moaning vigorusly for you. My hips rotate in small little circles over your cock. The tip stimulating my clit. My moans increase in loudness, bringing me closer to an orgasm with each twitch, each rotations. Suddenly I feel you stop and I whine in protest as you put you hands firmly on my hips.

Stopping my movements all together. "Master." My bottom lip pops out in a pouting and a hand comes up ,caressing my cheek lovingly, "Wait my pet, there will be plenty of pleasure for both of us to have in due time my Pet," you reassure me.

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Picking me up you walk over and lay me on the table. My ass still hanging off as you do so.


Leaning forward you pull a nipple into your mouth, causing me to moan in pleasure as you do so. At the same time you slide into me, stopping for a few moments to allow me to control my orgasm. You start going at a slow pace pushing deeply and then pulling almost all the way out. As I whine in frustration, wanting more of you, you smile down and kiss me again, making me fidget with want. Straightening up you start to pump faster and I moan loudly with pleasure.

You grasp my hips, holding me in place. I pull my legs up to your ribs and wrap my legs around you digging my nails into the side of the table in effort to stable myself, the pleasure making me dizzy in the process.

Its not long before were both shaking with the need to cum and I realize I can't hold it much longer and wrap my legs tightly around you. "Please master." I pant around my shivering, '' Please may I cum, please. " I feel you stiffen and extend another inch and you pant "Yes " as you body stiffens and you shoot inside of me.

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I feel my muscles milking you of their own accord and shift my hips again, trying to get more of you. As our orgasm's subside you lay on my chest, our breathing labored and tiered with excretion.

I run my hand over your head and down your neck. Enjoying the feel of your hair under my hand. I smile as you lay on top of me, allowing my body to relax, and I start to hum.

You sit up and watch me tintivly as I continue. Smiling in a satisfied afterglow of our cuddling.


"Bath?" you ask and pick my head upsmiling at you again. You run a hand lightly over one nipple, the after glow as apparent on yours as it is on mine. I smile contently and nod at your suggestion. "If it would please you, I believe it would be most relaxing if we did master. " I run a hand over your cheek bone as my mouth refuses to take any shape but a smile. Picking me up I squeal and giggle in protest as you carry me to the bathroom, still firmly planted inside of me.

I nibble playfully at your neck as I whisper naughty thoughts of what we might do next in your ear while nibbling at your earlobe. Putting me on the floor you bend over turing on the shower. I look at you a little confused and you point toward the handle bars. Smiling widely at me as the confusion wanes' from my face and is replaced by surprise.

"Tonight, really Master?" I smile eagerly. You shrugged and smiled at me softly,"Maybe my pet. It depends, can you get me stiff again, if so we'll try." pulling me into to shower you close the curtain around us. The feel of the hot water, heaven on my muscles after such a long flight then so much pleasure." I get on my knees and suck your cock, the taste of us mixed together.


I suck wantingly. Devouring every inch as I come up every few bobs kissing down your shaft and sucking on your balls then licking back up and swallowing you again. I repeat this cycle for a wile as you wrap you hands in my hair. Giuding me so that I may please you better. Once your hard again I lean out of the tub and pull out a cock ring, putting it gently at the base of your cock.

One more taste and I stand up in front of your.

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Pulling me to you you kiss me passionately, a growly coming from your throat. I respond with a high pitched whine as my knees go weak at the hungry sound. Turning me you put my hands around the clamps, lifting me a little so I am at the height you need. Thrusting into me you stop momentarily, your face contorted with pleasure as mine is.

I slide up and down your pool ,using my arms and the wall as leverage. I begin to moan and rotate my hips, moving more of you in and out of me. I feel you graze my g-spot and then touch my back wall and you lean forward, noticing the pleasure my body is experiencing and take control. Your left hand curls under me, cupping my ass and your right leans against a wall. As we grind, moan and growl, I feel myself rising again with need.

I wrap myself around you, letting go of the handle bars and you grab me with your other hand. Using the wall you pound into me. Ruthlessly assaulting my g-spot and pounding away at my cervix.

I whine in pure pleasure biting your shoulder to keep from screaming in such a tight place. It's then that I hear you, your rough voice barely making it over the sound of the water hitting the tubs walls and floor. "Cum for me baby, Cum hard for me. " I push my head back, hitting it against the wall, your words driving me over the edge of what my body can handle.

My nails rake down your arm in a frenzy of passion I cut you deep enough to draw blood.

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You lean forward and bite down on my neck my scream reverberating in the small space. The orgasm so intense I'm trembling as my pussy clenches around your cock. Spasming with the pleasure you bring. I feel you stiffen again and can't resist the need to kiss you.

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To run my tongue over yours and I do. Reaching up I kiss you full on the mouth. I allow my tongue to ravish your mouth as you do for me in return, kissing me till I'm breathless with the need of you.

Slowly you put me down and lean over me. I see you shaking and I look at you worriedly. You smile down at me and wash your body quickly and climb out ,leaning on the sink to brush your teeth. I wash as well making sure I'm very clean for you.

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Cutting the water off I kneel in front of you again and lick around your cock. You shutter and hold my head still for a moment. Your jaw clenches shut and you moan loudly as your cock throbs. Pulling my mouth off slowly I carefully remove the ring and put it on the table.

Finishing brushing our teeth you manage to make it to bed first, and I crawl in after you. You hold up the covers for me and we curl up naked with me laying on your chest. I feel you run your hands over my back as I play with your nipple.

"This was an interesting day master. I wonder what tomorrow will bring." You smile and it shows in your voice as "You'll see my pet" comes lovingly from your mouth.

I close my eyes, sated for the moment I enjoy your warmth for a little while before rolling over. Finding my comfort in you with my ass against your cock, your arm draped over me, and your hand cupping my breast. I can't help but wonder at my good fortune to find such a Master in you, and as I drift off I send a prayer up for night to pass swiftly and the days to pass slowly.