Reife damen in nylons

Reife damen in nylons
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This all started when, my best friend, Andrea's cousin Chucky was coming to stay with us for the two weeks that my mom was out of town.

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We woke early and helped my mom load everything into the taxi that was taking her to the airport. So with food money in hand and promises to check in by phone, she left and Andrea and I rushed in to get ready for the day.

"Chucky will be here at eleven," she reminded me. I groaned and she rolled her eyes,"he is my favorite cousin so you better be nice." "Whatever," was my mumbled reply.

I remembered the Chucky from two Christmases ago. The annoying one that followed me around. He would have been cute if he took care of the acne problem and lost a few pounds. Chucky was awkward and shy and got in the way a lot. I was used to some guy following me around.

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With thick, wavy, dirty blonde hair, bluegreen eyes and full pouting lips to compliment my slim tan figure, it was no wonder guys fell for the tall blonde in a bikini. Fully filling a 36B, I made a swimsuit look good. Guys loved me and I knew it. Only problem was that I was too afraid to go any further than kissing or holding hands with a guy. Other than my recent lesbian experiences with Andrea, I was still a virgin. Andrea's cell rang and after a quick conversation, she said she was gonna wait for him outside.

I nodded and went back to brushing my hair. I slipped a denim miniskirt over my bikini bottoms and threw an oversized muscle shirt on over the top. I slipped on some sandals and went outside in time to see Chucky pull up. He was a year older than us so being 16, his parents bought him a car for his birthday. The primer black, '69 Chevelle SS suited his personality. Not perfect but not bad. When he climbed out, my jaw dropped.

The acne was gone and except for a few scars, you would never have known he ever had acne. He started playing football so he lost the belly and while he wasn't ripped, the tight tshirt he wore showed how hard he worked to change his body. He smiled and held his arms out as Andrea rushed to hug him. "You look good Chuck," she said, which earned a smile while he blushed furiously, when he caught me looking at him. He grabbed his bag from the trunk and they chatted about family as they walked to the porch.

I stood in awe as I marveled at the sight. Chucky was gorgeous. He had an edge to him that I love.

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It was like a light whisper of danger. He flashed me the beautiful smile that was obviously genetic as Andrea has the same smile. My stomach did a back flip when he pulled close to him and into a hug that clearly showed he still had a crush on me.

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I looked up and smiled at him while he kept his arms wrapped around me. "How have you been," was all I could manage to say. The smell of his cologne made me want to stay close to him. "I'm doing amazing now that I am here with you," I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. He laughed and it was a melodious sound. "Let's go inside," Andrea said, then drug me in to my room while calling, "we will be out in a minute," over her shoulder.

After closing my bedroom door behind us, she turned to me and laughed. "If you don't plan to spend time alone with him sometime this weekend, then you need to tell him now." "Andrea, are you okay with me spending time alone with him," I waited nervously for her reply. "He has been in love with you since we were eight. I kinda would feel bad if you didn't, but it doesn't change things with us. I mean we ain't really dating right?" Having no arguement for that, I shrugged my shoulders, flashed her a mischievous smile, before walking into the livingroom where Chucky was sitting on my couch flipping thru the channels on TV.

He stood up when he saw me walk down the hallway, "so what's the plan?" "We were gonna go swim at the lake but our ride fell thru, but since you have a car, I was thinking maybe if you didn't mind." I let the question trail off. "Sounds great," he said, then added, "but I gotta change first." He took his bag into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later in a pair of swim trunks. without his shirt, I could see that I had been right about his body. It was beautiful.

We made our way to the care where Andrea made an announcement, " I'm spending the day with Chris so y'all are on y'all's own. Just drop me off at the park down the street. He is meeting me there." I looked at her with wide eyes. Chucky smiled and started the car.


Andrea directed him to the park. With a smile and a wave, I was left alone with Chucky. After a brief discussion, we decided to pick up pizza and go back to my house to watch movies. We settled on a Freddy Krueger Marathon. When we got back to the house, I grabbed a blanket and plopped on the corner of the couch.

Chucky kicked off his shoes and scooted close to me. I shared my blanket and he pulled my legs over his lap. He ran his hand up past my knee and moved up my thigh.

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I jumped and slapped his hand. He laughed again and said," ok I'll be nice." We caught up on stuff that happened since last saw each other.

Chucky moved closer to me and I pretended not to notice. We watched the first movie and when it ended I moved to get up and change it.

I realized Chucky was staring at me. "What?," I said while I felt my face start to turn red. He pulled me in close and kissed me. I felt a familiar tingling in my loins. I ran my hand thru his curly black hair.

When I stopped to breathe, I looked deep in his brown eyes and saw a gleam that I never saw before. " I have been waiting for that moment for so long," he sighed and hugged me to his chest and I felt the hardening member in his shorts.

"I have a confession to make," and when he saw the confused look on my face, he continued,"I'm still a virgin, but its not like I couldn't find a girl.

I just want one girl to be my first." I laughed and he looked offended until I explained, "I'm a virgin too. I'm just to scared to do anything." He kissed me again and asked,"will you let me be your first?" I couldn't speak. I was stuck between fear and lust. Part of me was terrified of the pain that I had been warned that was sure to come my first time. The lust in me took over. I kissed him and took him into my room. When I pushed him on the bed, I stopped,"you said you just wanted one girl to be your first.

Who is she?" He gave me no answer but instead, stripped off my shirt and picked me up and gently laid me on the bed. I untied the back of my swim top then untied behind my neck. I pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. Chucky lightly grasped both breasts and ran his thumb over each small pink nub. A low moan escaped my lips. He laid down beside me.

I slid my skirt and bottoms off while he stripped off his trunks. Suddenly feeling self conscious, I laid between the sheets and pulled the blanket up to my shoulders. He laughed softly but climbed under next to me.

He hugged me close and ran one hand thru my hair and ran his other down my thigh to pull my knee up onto his hip. I felt his long thick dick press against my leg.


I wrapeed both hands around it but they didn't touch. It was too thick and it was getting more solid by the second. I let go and ran my hands up his torso. He kissed me passionately as he scratched down my back. My breath quickened. "I hate to spoil the mood," he whispered, "but are you on birth control? If not, I gotta get a condom." "Mom put me on birth control when I started my period.

She said she wanted to make sure she wasn't a young grandma," I replied and pulled him in for another kiss.

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He rolled on top of me and I felt the tip graze my shaved pink lips. He put the tip in and I inhaled sharply. He stopped and looked into my eyes,"are you sure about this?" I nodded and said,"just go slow cuz its gonna hurt." He kissed me sweetly.

"I would never hurt you. If you ever wanna stop just tell me." I nodded. He slowly pressed deeper into my tight hole. His breathing changed. I began to feel the pressure against the tip of his dick.

"Are you ready baby," he whispered in my ear. I nodded then added,"just be gentle." His answer was confident, "always." He pushed thru and my eyes teared up.When his pelvis pressed against mine, he stopped. I finally let my breath out and a tear escaped from each eye.

Chucky wiped them away and asked if I was ok. I nodded and he slowly started to pull out again. The intense burning subsided and as he began to slowly stroke I felt an amazing pleasure.

"Oh man.this feels amazing baby.


Your pussy. Its.oh man." Chucky was suddenly inarticulate but I understood why. I felt an orgasm begin to build. He stroked faster and harder. I felt his cock swell and he spurted cum onto my cervix. Then I came. My back arched and my toes curled. He continued to stroke until I let out a contented moan. He rolled off me and got out of the bed.

I was confused and slightly hurt until he came back. He uncovered me and used the warm washcloth he brought back from the bathroom to clean my thighs and nether region. When he was finished, he threw the rag onto the floor and cuddled up to me in the bed. "I know you don't feel the same way and that's okay but I love you. I always have. If you think I'm crazy then I understand but this moment with you is perfect and I--" I stopped him with a kiss,"truth is I don't know if I love you or not but being here with you is perfect." I presses my face to his chest and we both fell asleep.

We both jumped when we heard Andrea. "I knew y'all were gonna fuck but can you please get dressed cuz I don't wanna see Chucky naked." I laughed and threw a pillow at the door as she closed it behind her.

We dressed and he pulled me close again for another passionate kiss. "You can sleep in my room this weekend. If you want. You don't have to." He smiled and said,"I would love to. I meant what I said. I really do love you." "I know."