Twink Cross Dress Asian Being Spank by Dominant

Twink Cross Dress Asian Being Spank by Dominant
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The day of the poker run I was just in my robe waiting for Robin to come and get me.Whe I open the door for her she was in a short black leather min i skirt and a black leather bikini top.

"Hi mommy Robin may I suck your tittes?" was the first thing i said to her. She smiled and pushed my ehad to her chest. pulling a bikii cup to one side i started to suck on her tittie hard.

Softly bitting on the nipple and rolling my tounge around it, All she did washold my face closer and purred. After a little bit she pulled my head away and told me it was about time for us to get going. Pulling off my robe she told me to go out to the car and get a package she has for me.

Smiling I walked very slowly to the car knowing no one would see me. Grabbing the bag I went back inside and handed to her.

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Inside was a pair of black chaps, a small black leather bikini top, and a very small pair of black bikini bottoms. Tieing the bottoms on the outside she said I was gonna be very popular at the bar today. As for my feet she had me wear a pair of thigh high boots.

Going out to the car she lead me to the trunk."Tammy you can not be seen dressed like that. So you are gonna have to hide in the trunk in a special way." Taking a pair of handcuffs out of her purse she cuffed my hands behind my bak then used a bandana to gag my mouth.

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"Now that ain't so bad is it baby doll?" she asked while puting me into the trunk. I was very scared when the lid was shut and it was all dark. The whole time she drove us to the bar I was thinking someone would rear end us and i was gonna get hurt bad.

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She parked the car at the bar and left me inside for a long time till one of the regulars came out to get me. I thought he was gonna untie me when he undid one of the cuffs but that was just so he could but my hands infront of me.

Leading me inside i saw about 40 black men and about 20 white girls. All the girls were dressed like me but all were in the 20's or older.

Being taken to the stage my hands were attached to a robe by the hand cuffs and was pulled up. My fet were baerly touching the ground when they stopped puuling on the rope. Jamal walked up beside me and turned to the crowd. "friends and fellow bikers instead of the best hand today getting all the money back the lucky guy will get half the money and two hours with this liltle fuck toy." he announced to the crowd.

When they heard that they alll let out a cheer.


"Since we have about 30minutes before we have to head out why don't you come and take a look at her." ws she he said next. They formed a rough line and each guy took turns feeling me up and calling me names.


A real mean looking one took off my gag and told me to open up my mouth. When I did he spit into my mouth and then on my face. After that each guy in line spitted on me or in my mouth, By the time they left my face was soaked in spit.

For the 2 or 3 hours they were gone I cleaned my self up and help stock the coolers. With the first sounds of the bikes I was handcuffed and hung again on the stage. As each group came in they got hier last card and woudl humilate me again. I felt so bad as they would spit on me and call me whore and slut and other names. After the last bike was in and Jamal and Robin looked at the playing sheets Jamal walked back up on stage.

"Now let's see who gets to play with this 12 year old toy."he told the crowd who then let a cheer. "But first let see somemore of her." with that he undid my bikini top and let eevryone see my tits."Nothing better then pre-teen tits on a white slut is there?" he asked the crowd and they shouted back HELL NO.

Using the rope above my head he turned me so I was facing away from the crowd. Slapping my ass kinda hard he asked them "what do I get for showing you this seet little ass" With that a few ones were thrown up on the stage. "Is 4 bucks all this white piece of trash is worth to your guys?" he asked and someone yelled it was too much and they all laughed.

Untieing my bottoms he showed the bar my white ass, and another cheer went up. Turning me around he showed thm my naked pussy and they yelled for him to tell them who won. With that he pulled out the wining sheet, "And the winner is Pete the Horse." That is when I knew they guy's name who started the spitting on me earlier.

He walked up and smiled a me. "Now for the fun." was all he said to em before taking off his big belt.

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telling some of the guys to hoist me up higher my feet was completely off the ground. Folding his belt in Half he took a swing and hit my tits. Spinning me around on the rope as i screamed into the gag.

Everytime i would start to slow down from spinning he would hit me again making me spin. Aiming for my tits ass or pussy. Tears Started to run down my face as i sobbed.

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Looking for Jamal or Robin to help me I saw Jamal sitting on a stool while Robin sucked his cock. Looking around the bar as i was spunI saw all the white girls sucking and fucking while I was being whipped. The black men were enjoying the show i was putting on. This went on for a good long time and by the time Pete was done my tit ass and pussy was red and swollen with welts. He had me lowerded and I was on my knees and that is when I saw his massive cock.

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It must of been 12 or 13 inches long and very thick. Forcing his big black cock into my mouth he started to rape it. Hoding my head he used my face like a fuck toy. Chocking and gagging as he fucked my throat. Tears were now staining my face as he used me mercilessly. I think I must of pasased out because the next thing I knew there was an intense pain in my ass. Pete had layed me across a table and was now raping it.

I heard someone said he saw blood coming form my ass hole as Pete fucked me. Since he did not put the gag back in I started to ebg him to stop. But every time I tried he would Whip my back with his belt. Between the ass rape and the whipping I thought he was trying to kill me.

Threw out this they opther guys in the bar kept on egging him on. yelling stuff like;;;; fuck the little slut, ream that white ass, and make her into a cum slut for the rest of us. He started to cumm into my ass and then when he finished he pulled out. PUlling my legs I fell onto the floor and looked up at him. "open up white piece of shit." he commanded me to. Knowinghe wanted me to clean his cock i did and licked it free of his cum and my shit.

Keeping me handcuffed he took me to the back room to the bath tub and tied me there. "Hey guys comein here if you have to piss." With that he pissed on me.

For the next hour and half i was pissed on by everyguy in the bar atleast twice. When the 2 hours were up Jamal and robin took me to the apartment and cleaned me up.

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As a bonus Jamal climbed into the hot tub with me and held me there just stroking my titties. "You were such a good girl tammy. I hope this won't scare you off from comeing back to the bar for the next poker run." he said as he kissed my neck and ears. Instead of fuckign me or anything after I felt better he just tuckedme into bed and pulled out a wad of money. Tossing a hundred ontot he bed. "Here is your share today Tammy maybe next time we can make some more." he told me as he left the apartment.

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