Twink sounding physical and filipino actors gay sex video leaked

Twink sounding physical and filipino actors gay sex video leaked
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Five Reconnaissance Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mff, mf, mff, cream pie, grope, hp, mc, magic, oral The end of the month of May brought about many exciting events at Hogwarts and the wizarding world. The first of which was Narcissa Malfoy giving birth to an eight pound baby boy, sporting a head full of shocking orange hair and a grinning face sparkled with freckles.

Needless to say, Lucius Malfoy was both stunned and livid with his wife. Not only was he sure that she had cheated on him, he was nearly positive the child was the work of a member of the Weasley family. To keep wraps on the embarrassing situation, Lucius paid the doctors and nurses to keep the boy's appearance a secret. He then paid an expensive appearance-altering wizard to turn the child's hair the same color as his own and erase any trace of the freckles.

Narcissa Malfoy wasn't the only one to pop that week however; Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet followed less than a week later on the same day.

Oddly enough, each girl gave birth to twins and just like Narcissa; each of the four babies had orange hair and freckles. Even crazier than the fact that each girl had twins, was the fact that each set of twins were both boys and both identical.

Although the twins' appearances pointed to Fred and George Weasley being the children's fathers, the fact that Alicia and Katie never remembered having sex with the twins got them off the hook for any kind of parental responsibility. It was good news for the twins too, because if they were correct in their thinking, at least five other girls around Hogwarts had a bun in their ovens, thanks to the twins' cunning, prowess in bed and their unbelievable potency.

The Triwizard Tournament was also in full swing again, when Mr. Bagman asked the four champions to meet him at the Quidditch Pitch. To Harry's utter astonishment and dismay, the pitch had been turned into a massive maze of tall shrubs.

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'What the FUCK!' Harry shouted after seeing what had become of his beloved pitch. 'Yeah Bagman, this is fucking ridiculous!' Cedric chimed in seconds later, equally dismayed. 'Take it easy my fellow Quidditch fanatics; your pristine pitch will be returned to its original state after the final task' Bagman assured the upset teens. 'It better fucking be!' Harry murmured to himself as Bagman gave the Champions instructions on what the Third Task would encompass and when it would take place.

Harry had a hard time concentrating on the instructions due to Fleur Delacour's exceptionally revealing evening dress. Even after fulfilling his fantasy of fucking her sweet snatch and making a creamy deposit, Harry still couldn't help but fantasize about having his way with her again. Harry would catch the tail end of the Bagman's instructions and immediately knew what he'd need to do to successfully complete the dangerous task and possibly win the entire tournament.

The next two hours were a bit of a blur for Harry however; on the way back, Mr. Crouch came stumbling out of the Forbidden Forrest, apparently attacked Krum and had disappeared before Harry could find Dumbledore and send him down to him.

Harry had a month to prepare for the final task and because the magic he would need was beyond him at his youthful age, Harry had formulated a plan to even the odds as it were.

The following Saturday morning, Harry used his two magic golden coins to summon both Hermione and Ginny when he was alone in his room. They obediently followed his orders and met with Harry in his room.

Harry nearly fainted from shock after seeing the pair of them. Ginny clearly had just woken up; her hair was a mess and she was wearing a silky purple nightgown with no underwear. Harry could just make out the supple bottom of her ass as she pranced into his room. It was Hermione's appearance however, which had caused a large tent in his pants. Hermione was completely naked, and dripping wet. Obviously, she had been in the shower when Harry had issued his orders for her to join him in his room.

Before they could recover from the effects of the coins, Harry relayed a most devious plan to them, all the while trying to suppress the rapid horniness which had overcome him. Before he started reciting the plan he had devised, he issued one more important order. Squeezing both coins at the same time Harry ordered the duo to do something while he went over his plans for them.

'Both of you; get on your knees and suck my cock until I tell you to stop!' he said with a smile as he squeezed the coins. Ginny and Hermione didn't even skip a beat before getting on their knees in order to pull his pants down and massage his cock.

'The plan's simple girls… uhhh… Ginny will go to Cedric Diggory tonight and seduce him into having sex with her. She will then proceed to weed out… uhhhh… as much information out of him on how he will complete the Third Task, including… ughhh… all the spells he will use. Only after you have discovered enough information, will you… uhhh… leave Diggory and report back to me with everything you've learned' Harry said as Hermione and Ginny used their hands, tongues and hot, wet mouths to please Harry to no ends.

Harry wanted to cum but he needed to give Hermione her orders before he could dismiss his special and seductive agents. 'Hermione… You're job is to do the exact same with Victor Krum… uhhh yeah keep sucking it bitch… He's already horny for you so it won't be to difficult of a mission' Hermione and Ginny were now moving their tongues back and forth across Harry long hard shaft and the effect was easily apparent.

'After I cum… UGHHH&hellip. I want both of you to go back to your rooms… UHHHHNN… and get ready.

Put on some sexy clothes and makeup before meeting with your assignments later tonight… FUCK YESSS!' Harry grunted, as he shot off four well-aimed loads of boiling hot seed over both Hermione and Ginny's pretty little faces. As his cum splashed against their rosy cheeks, Harry was certain his plan was foolproof. As ordered, Hermione and Ginny left Harry's room immediately after having their faces pasted with Harry's warm cum.

They didn't even pause to wipe off their sticky faces before leaving, letting the few students that had been sitting in the common room, see both their attire and the white sticky fluid coating their emotionless visages. The girls wasted no time after making it back to their respective rooms. Hermione toweled off her perfect teenage body, wiped her face off and began putting on makeup and slutty clothing that no man could refuse.

Ginny did the same after catching a quick shower to get rid of her bed-head. Instead of her usual short skirt and tight dress shirt to help seduce a boy, Hermione decided on a different approach for Victor Krum.

Using her vast store of magical knowledge, Hermione used her wand to make a few adjustments to an already short pair tight jean shorts. She also pulled out an old small blue tube top she had once worn back in her first year at Hogwarts when her breast were relatively flat. Now that her breasts were much larger and perkier, the tube top would easily accentuate one of her most attractive qualities. Ginny's line of thinking was similar to that of Hermione's. She knew she'd need to really wow Cedric Diggory if she had any chance of seducing him.

As far as Ginny knew, Cedric had never taken any interest in her and an unforgettable entrance would do much to sway his opinion of her.

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Ginny had ordered a special outfit she had planned to use on Harry to catch his attention. It was an extremely tight fitting one piece, neon pink spandex outfit. Every curve of her ass, her tight pussy, and hard nipples would be emphasized by the pink garment, making her practically irresistible to any boy. As the sun began to go down later that day, Harry squeezed his two golden coins and said, 'Go now!' Without hesitation, both Hermione and Ginny immediately left their rooms, dressed and ready to seduce their selected targets and retrieve every valuable piece of information possible for their sexual master.

A few students and even some teachers either whistled at the pair or stared dumbfounded at the seductive temptresses as they made their way down the staircase and towards where they suspected Cedric and Krum could be. It took each of them over an hour of asking for their whereabouts from entranced boys and girls, who gave the information up freely, just to stare at the sexy duo, but eventually they each were able to locate their targets.

Cedric was busy at work in the secluded Restricted Section of the library; studying hard to try and prepare for the coming task and Krum was currently doing the same in the seclusion and privacy of his luxurious quarters aboard the Durmstrang ship.

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'Good luck Gin!' Hermione said with a smile and a wiggle of her ass as she headed down the stairs towards the ground floor and the exit towards the lake. 'You too, sexy!' Ginny replied as she strutted off towards the library and an unsuspecting Cedric Diggory.

Both girls attracted the attention of several interested boys and girls on the way to their destination, but luckily enough, they were able to avoid any serious suspicion or unwanted followers. Ginny silently crept into the near vacant library, luckily evading the notice of Madam Pince on her way to the restricted section. As she hopped over the Restricted Section barrier, she could tell that there was only one source of light emanating from the very back of the section.

Knowing that the source of that light was very likely her selected target, Ginny made sure her little one-piece outfit was looking good and her makeup perfect before stepping around the corner to see Cedric Diggory with his nose buried in and old musty spellbook. 'Hiya Cedric!' Ginny purred; startling the unsuspecting Hufflepuff and nearly giving him a heart attack in the process. But it was her outstandingly hot outfit that had nearly given him the real heart attack.

Standing before him was the youngest Weasley, decked out in an extremely tight-fitting bright pink one-piece spandex outfit, which accentuated every single one of her curves. Her long orange hair flowed down her back and her eye shadow and pink tinted makeup emphasized her beautiful and young face. 'Holy Fuck!' Cedric moaned, with his eyes bulging out of his head and a hard-on starting to form in his pants.

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As Cedric got his first good look at Ginny's outstanding pink outfit, Hermione was busy stealthily sneaking onto and around the Durmstrang ship. If anyone were to find her snooping around their ship, especially a muggle-born, there would be serious hell to pay. Luckily for Hermione however, the ship was nearly deserted and finding Victor Krum's private quarters was easier than Hermione thought it would be. His name was embroidered on a large and expensive looking door right beside the Durmstrang Headmaster's.

Hermione opened the door slowly, immediately catching the attention of the two occupants inside the elaborate and large looking bedroom.

Instead of studying for the final task, Victor Krum was in mid-stride with Fleur Delacour, slamming his entire cock into her spasm-stricken wet pussy. 'Herm-own-ninny!' Krum managed to cry as he slammed his shaft into Fleur again and again, unable to stop his relentless assault on the French beauty's tight teenage twat. Both Fleur and Krum were on the bed, with the Beauxbatons Champion sitting on top of the Durmstrang Champion.

Her back was to the door as Hermione walked in and seemed not to care that they had interrupted, deciding instead to slam her pussy down on Krum harder and faster.

'Oui… Oui!

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Fuck my PUSSY!' she screamed as Hermione stood waiting at the door, tapping her foot on the wooden floor. Krum continued to slam his hips upwards into Fleur but managed to look around the blonde goddess to get a good look at Hermione's sexy outfit. Hermione was all decked out in blue. Her hair was tied into pigtails and she had two blue ribbons holding them together.

Her outfit consisted of an extremely tight blue tube top, easily three times to small for her, the shortest pair of tight-fitting jean shorts he had ever seen and a pair of long blue knee-high cotton socks 'Care to… join us, Herm-own-ninny?' Krum boldly asked as Fleur continued to bounce up and down on his cock without pause.

Hermione gave Krum a sexy grin, pulled down her tight tube top to reveal her burgeoning teenage breasts and nipples and dove onto the bed.


Back in the Restricted Section of the school library, Ginny had already managed to remove Cedric's pants and was in the process of moving her small nimble fingers up and down over his raging hard cock. Cedric had been taken off guard by Ginny's sudden appearance, and before he could even pull himself off the ground where he was sitting, Ginny had converged on him with lustful eagerness.

Lying on her side, with her head in his lap, Ginny moved her hot wet mouth over the tip of Cedric's seven inch hard dick. It was second nature to Ginny now, how to pleasure a man to no end, and a good hot blowjob was always the first step in doing that. Up and down her head bobbed over his cock, engulfing inch after inch with greedy intention. Within minutes, Ginny was deep-throating the entire seven inches with relative ease and Cedric was moaning in pleasure every time his cock bottomed out at the back of the young witch's throat.

'God Ginny… I don't think your father would like to hear what kind of a whore you've become… Unghhh…' Cedric moaned as Ginny buried his cock down her throat as deep as she could.

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'Do you think he'd like to know that Amos Diggory's seventeen year old son is taking advantage of his little girl?' Ginny retorted, suddenly pulling her mouth of his cock and staring up at Cedric with a smile on her face and drool running down her chin. 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him!' Cedric sighed as Ginny got to her feet above him and got ready to take their little adventure to the next step. 'We better take off that tight little one-piece; as much as I hate to see it go!' Cedric sighed, reaching up to Ginny's hips to help pull it off.

Ginny brushed Cedric's hands off her ass though moments later and instead moved her own hand towards her crotch. Ginny was sporting a major camel toe and as she reached toward the center of that camel toe, Cedric noticed an almost invisible zipper. 'I made a few adjustments before coming here tonight!' Ginny grinned, slowly unzipping the small opening to reveal her tender teenage pussy. Cedric could just make out a very small tuft of blazing orange pubic hair just above the slit of her snatch.

He moved his finger up to her slit and ran back and forth over her slit and tuft of orange hair. Ginny cooed out in obvious satisfaction before she started squatting down over Cedric's hard prick and guiding the tip of it towards her moist entrance.

While Ginny finished off blowing Cedric Diggory and guiding his cock home to her sweet cunny, Hermione was already in the thick of it with Fleur and Krum.

Although Harry had only commanded Hermione to fuck Krum and gather relevant information from only him, Hermione felt as though it was her duty to her master to learn everything she could from both Krum and Fleur.

The best way to do that was to show both of them the time of their lives using her considerable sexual talents. Currently she found herself on her hands and knees, being plowed into from behind by Krum while her tongue explored the delicious folds of Fleur's delicate and moist folds. It didn't take long for Krum's thick six inches to find its full way into Hermione's tight passage. Krum had had the pleasure of fucking the smoking hot brunette once before, but never had he seen her so voracious in her sexuality.

'OHHHH YES VICTOR!' cried Hermione, hitting her climax before shoving her tongue as deep into Fleur's pussy as possible. Fleur screamed in ecstasy as well seconds later, coating Hermione's tongue with her tasty French juices.

Although Victor was quite taxed from his lengthy fuck session with Fleur then Hermione, he still had enough left in him to lift Fleur up from the bed and turn her around like Hermione. While Krum started his double assault on Hermione and Fleur, Ginny had Cedric's full seven inches buried into her cunt as she bounced up and down on his lap with reckless abandon.

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Books came crashing down on the pair as the entire bookcase Cedric was leaning against rocked with each thrust of his hips. If the two entwined teens didn't reach their respective orgasms soon, the entire bookcase would likely crush them. It was extremely fortunate then, that Cedric began to pant and Ginny started to squeal.

Cedric was the first to reach his climax however; his cock began to pulse and within seconds he was letting out a primordial howl of delight. 'UGHHH YESS FUCK!' grunted Cedric as he slammed his cock as deeply into Ginny as possible before his release and sprayed her womb with a thick warm load of his potent sticky cum. The final thrust and splash of his warm cum inside her was what finally triggered Ginny's similarly powerful orgasm, coating Cedric's shaft and balls with her own sweet sticky juices.

As Ginny had her pussy filled to the brim with Diggory cum, Hermione and Fleur were side by side on Victor Krum's bed with their asses' straight up in the air as Krum showed his unbelievable stamina by switching between the two tight pussies every few plunges.

Both girls had reached at least two orgasms since Hermione had joined in and the pressure building in Krum's loins was almost becoming unbearable.

'I'm goin' to cum… turn around!' Krum commanded in his thick Bulgarian accent, pulling out of Hermione one last time before stroking off his swelling diamond-hard cock. 'UNGHHHHHH!


UNGHHHHH! Ummmmmm!' Krum moaned out in ecstasy as both girls turned to face him before he shuddered in triumph and began spraying his hot load of cum onto their innocent and gorgeous faces. Fleur and Hermione opened their mouths in order to catch as much of his sweet seed as possible, but Krum's aim was a little wild and he covered their entire faces with a few strands landing in their blonde and brown hair. After Cedric finally stopped pumping his potent seed into her pussy, Ginny slumped forward onto his chest and cuddled with him for the next two hours, secretly weeding out all the spells and tricks he planned to use for the final task before leaving him to sleep it off and report back to Harry.

Hermione did the same thing with Krum and Fleur, spending a few hours rolling around naked with them in Krum's luxurious bed, tricking them into volunteering all their secrets and magic they had planned for the Third Task.