Sexy young slut blows her mature tutor

Sexy young slut blows her mature tutor
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Chapter 6 Anjali Anjali lay on her bed, looking at the ceiling. It had been around 2 months since her abduction. That night, she had left the house to get some groceries.

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She hadn't noticed the car parked at the corner of the road. It was late, and dark. While returning, suddenly the car came and stopped beside her and a couple of hands pulled her in. She had woken up to find herself in a room with 10 other girls and then, the nightmare started.

Initially, they were looked after by a girl of around 25, Alka along with a couple of other men, Mattoo, Vicky, Mushtaq. And then she met Karan. She was shocked by the chilling calmness in his voice, the matter-of-factness with which he went about destroying the life of these abducted girls. The girls had no other option. It was either do-as-they-say or die, and the death wouldn't be an easy one. One girl, Parul, had tried to escape. She was caught, was gang-raped by 5 of Karan's cronies and then killed.

Everything was recorded, and was later shown to the remaining girls.

Anjali was taken to a pool party on her first assignment. The girls were made to wear skimpiest of clothes, serving food and drinks to the guests. It was filthy, and she felt like a piece of meat. That party ended with her virginity being taken roughly, with total disregard of her pain.

Since then she had taken part in 2 more parties. However, since the last three weeks, the parties that she went to, she performed as a waitress and was not touched sexually by any of the guests.

Anjali thought of Meera and Rani Mausi. She knew that Rani Mausi would find her and rescue her. She held that hope which acted as a balm to all her wounds. She didn't know how that hope was going to be shattered the very next day.

Anjali woke up. It was around 8 pm. Beside her, the dormitory like room was empty. Maybe there was another party and the girls were on duty. Suddenly she heard some noise outside; something like gun shots. Someone kicked open the door to her room and ran in.

it was Rani. She was wearing a blue jeans and a black top. Her long hair was in a tight pony-tail. She had a pistol in her hand. Tears filled Anjali's eyes. Her prayers had been answered. Her maasi was here. "Maasimaasi … you found me", Anjali sobbed.

Her voice was choked. She ran to Rani and embraced her. She would be safe now. No one could hurt her. "We don't have much time beta, we need to move fast. My men are outside. Once we reach outside, we would be safe." Rani said. She hugged Anjali, caressing her hair and kissing her cheeks. Obviously it was all a ruse, planned by Rani and Karan. Anjali was wearing a kurti and jeans. Her hair smelled fresh. Her tits were like small, ripe apples within the cloth.

Rani wanted to tear open her kurta and fuck her then and there. But she controlled herself. They held each others' hands and ran outside the room. The corridor was empty. Rani led the way. They went forward, took the right. In from of them was a guard, looking in the other direction. Rani gestured Anjali to be quiet, moved slowly behind him, and hit him hard on the head with the butt of the pistol.

He collapsed instantly. Anjali swelled with joy, seeing her beloved maasi in action. They heard quite a few men ahead. Rani peeped around the corner. "There are around 5-6 men ahead, Anjali. Let's hide in this room for the time being." Rani said. She led her to a nearby room. It was an almost bare room. There was a bed in the corner, a mirror and a table. A man slept on the bed. It was Karan.

Anjali was stunned. They had entered the rest-room of the master-mind. Hearing the two women enter, Karan opened his eyes.

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"Oh wow ! What do we have here? A rescue attempt?"He chuckled. "Shut the fuck upyou son-of-a-bitch and put your hands up where I can see them", Rani said. "So you think you can escape, huh?, " Karan asked, an amused grin on his face. "I know that I can escape, you bastard", Rani said. She went up to Karan and slapped him hard. The force shook his head sideways. Anjali nearly clapped. "Yes maasi, hit him, hit him hard", she said. "He is our ticket to outside Maasi; hit him hard and let's take him hostage.

Then no one will dare stop us." Anjali knew now it was just a matter of time that she would be free. Rani looked at Anjali. "You are right my dear. We should do that. Or even better, I can do this" Rani dropped the pistol, held Karan at the back of his head and smashed her lips to his. Karan held Rani's waist and pulled her close. It was a lusty kiss, their tongues battled for dominance, exchanging their spit and saliva.

It was like they were sucking the souls out from each other's body. Rani gripped Karan's ass with one hand, Karan grabbed Rani's right tit from over the top and squeezed hard. Rani moaned into Karan's mouth. After almost 2 minutes, they separated, looked at Anjali and smiled. Anjali was shocked beyond belief. Her brain couldn't fathom what her eyes were seeing. Rani Maasi and Karan, kissing each other with so much passion, so much lust.

"Maasi. Maasi, what are you doing?", She cried. "You can very well see my dear what I am doing. I am kissing my lover", Rani cackled. "Mattoo, Vicky, Mushtaq hold the bitch". Anjali turned around and saw the three of them behind her.

They were on her instantly, tying up her hands and holding her tight. Rani looked at Anjali. Karan held Rani from the back, one hand encircling her hips and the other squeezing her tits. He rubbed his hard cock on her ass, dry humping her. "So my dear Anjali, this is how it is. I had wanted to rescue you initially, really I had. But then as I started delving deeper into the minds of these traffickers, I began to change.

Slowly the need to rescue gave way to the need to destroy. I thought wouldn't it be much more fun to destroy the hope of the bitch, to take part in the debauchery myself, to rape and kill.

Anjali and Meera my two sweet angelic, virginal innocent nieces… wouldn't it be fun to rip apart that innocence, to show them their actual places in the world at the end of the cocks of their rapists. Now sadly Anjali, you are no longer a virgin, so we have to make do with what we have.

But Meera, oh yes Meera, she is going to be special"Rani's eyes were glowing with lust and malevolence. Anjali fell down. Her legs were shivering and couldn't support her. She didn't know this woman in front of her. She looked like her maasi but was someone else. "Why Maasi Why?"she sobbed uncontrollably.

Rani gave her a wicked smile. "Just because I can, my dear. Because you and Meera are nothing more than the sexual toy which will be used to make us cum. Take me now Karan, take me from behind, while I look into the eyes of my darling niece.

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Let her see who her maasi really is" They moved to the bed. Karan opened Rani's jeans and pulled them down.

He tore open her panties.

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She was wet. He fumbled his own zipper and took his cock out. It was rock hard and leaking pre-cum.

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The look of pain and betrayal; the loss of hope in Anjali's eyes served as a powerful aphrodisiac for both of the depraved lovers. They got on the bed. Rani on her knees looking at Anjali, Karan behind her. Anjali closed her eyes.

She couldn't look at them. "Mattoo, make sure the bitch is looking at us the whole time", Rani commanded. "Saali, kuttiya. Look at your dear maasi, otherwise I will scoop out your eye balls", Mattoo hissed in Anjali's ears. Anjali opened her eyes. She had no other choice but to continue looking at the lovers on the bed.

In one thrust Karan inserted his cock in Rani's wet cunt. With one hand, he held her hips and with the other, one of Rani's succulent tits. Rani moved her hips matching his thrust, her face contorted with lust, her eyes never leaving Anjali's face. Karan bit lightly on Rani's shoulders. Rani moaned. They fucked vigorously for nearly 20 minutes. "Rani, I am about to cum", said Karan. "Yes Karan, cum in me, cum in me", Rani said. Karan couldn't control himself any longer and ejaculated in Rani's tight cunt.

Rani came as well. Karan pulled himself out. Rani got up from the bed and took off the rest of her clothes. She went near Anjali and sat in front of him. "How did you like the show, my dear?", she asked. Anjali was sobbing, she couldn't control her tears. Rani took her face in her hands and kissed her on the cheek. She took out her tongue and licked the tears from Anjali's face.

That salty taste was like the sweet taste of her victory. It turned her on immensely. "Lick my pussy, bitch", she said softly. Anjali couldn't understand what was being asked of her and looked confused. Rani slapped her hard. "You stupid cunt, didn't you hear? Lick my pussy and make me cum. Do as I say and you yet may live" Mattoo pushed Anjali towards Rani's pussy. The strong smell of cum hit Anjali's nose. Anjali was no stranger to licking pussy.

She and Meera had satisfied each other often. But thislicking Rani's pussy, she had never imagined. "Tell me slut, have you tasted any other pussy previously?", asked Rani. "Yes maasi, of Meera.", answered Anjali. Rani gasped. The image of the naked bodies of Meera and Anjali danced in her head. She violently pushed Anjali's head towards her pussy. "So my innocent nieces are not so innocent after all.", she laughed. "Lick." Anjali took her tongue out and tasted Rani's pussy.

The taste was a bit tangy, it being a mixture of both Rani and Karan's cum. She sucked hard as she knew her life depended on it.

She had some experience in lesbian sex, on account of her experiments with Meera. She sucked Rani's pussy lips, and nudged Rani's clit with her tongue.

Rani moaned in pleasure at the sensations, thrusting her pussy violently against Anjali's mouth. She pulled at her own nipples as another orgasm washed over her. She squeezed Anjali's head tightly between her quivering thighs as she thrashed around in pure and uncontrolled ecstasy. She pulled Anjali to her and kissed her deeply. She could taste herself in Anjali's mouth. "I did good na maasi. Please let me go now", Anjali requested, nearly in tears again. That quivering, pleading voice was like music to Rani's ears.

"Yes my love. You did well. I should let you go. What do you think we should do Karan?" Karan was already hard again. "It's your decision my darling". "Right. So yes Anjali, let's see what to do with you. Since you have been so obedient, I should let you go. You can once again go and live with your grandparents" Anjali's heart fluttered. "But try to understand my problem here. You must surely understand that Meera has to die, either directly at my hand or indirectly because of my actions.

And at that point of time I don't want to start feeling guilty for having killed or having caused the death of my first innocent victim. So my darling Anjali, you are to be a dress-rehearsal for me and so, there is no escape for you.", Rani said cruelly. "No no maasi … please maasi, please … let me go"Anjali pleaded in vain.

Rani moved to the bed near Karan. "Mattoo, Vicky, Mushtaq you guys know what to do. Rip this cunt apart. Show her no mercy." Mattoo had waited for this opportunity since the day he had laid his eyes on Anjali. Anjali was a very pretty girl. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall, with thick brown hair till her back. Her figure was 34-23-33 and her breast size was 32C. Mattoo was a well-built guy, about 6 feet tall and a monstrous 9 inches cock.

He had fucked a lot of the girls including Alka, but today he knew that he didn't have to control himself.

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He considered himself fortunate that Rani had chosen him for this. Mattoo pulled down Anjali and climbed on top. Pinned beneath Mattoo, Anjali continued to resist.Try as she might, Anjali could not break free from her opponent's grip. She was in a position of extreme vulnerability.

Her heart pounded away as she experienced the utter fear and hopelessness of her situation. Looking up at Mattoo, Anjali saw the evil look in his eyes and her heart sank. Rani went and sat on Karan's lap.

"Let us enjoy the show, darling", she said. Mattoo pulled off the jeans that Anjali was wearing. Vicky and Mushtaq held her legs tight. "No!" Anjali protested as she felt Mattoo's hand moving between her legs. She gasped in surprise as she felt his rough hands groping and pawing at her. Mattoo had begun to rip away the rest of Anjali's clothes, completely exposing her perfectly toned body for Rani and Karan to see. With a complete lack of sympathy for his victim, Mattoo inserted a finger into Anjali's now exposed vagina.

The teenager whimpered softly as Mattoo began pumping it in and out, then inserting a second, and a third finger into her. "Oh yeah baby," he taunted. "You like that?" Mattoo turned to Rani and smiled. "Mam, watch this carefully!" Undoing his belt and trousers, Mattoo pulled his thick veiny cock free.

It had grown hard now stood an impressive nine inches long. Anjali felt the tip of his cock brush against her and she renewed her struggles only to feel a hand clamp roughly down on her throat. Mattoo began to squeeze, nearly causing her to black out. "Get ready slut," Mattoo whispered in her ear. Anjali had been fucked earlier but none of them had such a huge cock. She shook her head in protest as she began to plead with him. "Please, don't!" "Oh yeah, that's it baby.

Beg for me! Keep begging and maybe I won't do it." Even though she knew that he was almost certainly lying, Anjali had been overcome by fear and desperation. She would do anything it took to stop what was coming, and if that meant degrading herself by begging, then she would beg.

"Please don't do this," she pleaded. "Louder." "Please don't do this," Anjali begged again. Mattoo turned to Rani again. "Do you hear that Mam? This is your darling niece--begging! What should I do Mam?"he asked playfully. Rani had started fingering her cunt. "Fuck her hard Mattoo, destroy her cunt." Mattoo thrust forward, pushing himself into victim. "Oh fuck yes!" Anjali felt the sharp, stabbing pain as she was cruelly violated by her rapist. She bit down on her lip as Mattoo began pumping away at her.

Vicky and Mushtaq grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs wide as Mattoo began to brutally fuck her. He grunted like an animal as he forced himself in and out of Anjali's cunt, his hands squeezing her sweet tits viciously. "So tight!" Mattoo cried out as he continued his rape. Anjali began to break down, sobbing quietly. "Oh yeah that's it, cry like the little girl that you are!" Mattoo taunted. Anjali felt the tears rolling down her face and she made no effort to contain them anymore.

It was just no use. She had been completely and utterly broken. She felt her body shaking with sobs. Her perky breasts jiggled and shook wildly as she was brutally and violently fucked.

Blood and precum had begun to run down the crack of her ass as Mattoo continued his relentless assault upon her. Mattoo smiled in satisfaction as he felt Anjali's struggles grow increasingly weaker, until finally they stopped all together. He felt the resignation and defeat of his victim as he continued to violate her. Finally, after what seemed an eternity Mattoo stopped his furious thrusting but remained buried deep inside of her."That was fun," he said with a smug grin.

He leaned down and whispered into Anjali's ear. "Your cunt's nice and tight. But I bet your ass is even better. That's where I'm going next. Anjali looked up at Mattoo, tears still streaming down her face.

This rape of her niece in front of her turned Rani on immensely. The pleading, the tears, the humiliation Rani's pussy was gushing. She took a hold of Karan's hard cock and sat on him slowly, inserting it into her tight cunt. Karan groaned; her cunt felt like a velvet sheath around his cock. Rani started bouncing on his cock slowly, savoring the destruction of Anjali. Anjali shrieked in protest as Mattoo pulled out of her and repositioned himself at the opening of her ass. Mattoo laughed as he pushed the head of his cock against her anus.

He worked the tip in slowly at first, enjoying the way it felt to have the desperate girl struggling beneath him. Then he pushed forward violently, forcing the entire length of his thick, hard cock into Anjali's clenched ass. "Oh yeah!" Mattoo cried out as he claimed Anjali's virgin ass for himself. "Do you like this you whore? Do you?" Mattoo continued to taunt the beaten teenager as he raped her ass. Rani started bouncing on Karan's cock in the same rhythm as Mattoo What had earlier been quiet sobbing now degenerated into full on crying and wailing as Anjali felt herself being violated in yet another demeaning fashion.

She felt as if her ass was being torn open as her rapist sodomized her, laughing as he forced his cock deep inside her. She had had the last remaining shreds of her dignity cruelly snatched away from her and now she was left with nothing.

She broke down completely, crying and sobbing uncontrollably, much to the amusement of her abuser and the onlookers. "Oh yess yess yess" Rani shouted as she came violently on Karan's cock. Anjali whimpered and cried out pathetically, suffering from indescribable agony as she was ruthlessly fucked up the ass. And it was made even worse by being inflicted in such a fashion—not only in front of the woman whom she had loved and idolized, but the whole thing being orchestrated by her.

Here was a sobbing and whimpering victim, a scared and frightened little girl who could only endure her torment, begging and pleading for Mattoo to stop. But the more she begged, the more Mattoo seemed to enjoy her pain. Mattoo increased the pace of his fucking, thrusting himself deep into Anjali's bowels and fucking her like an animal.

Finally he threw his head back and groaned in ecstasy as he began to cum. Anjali felt Mattoo's thick cock spasm deep within her and she was soon flooded with warmth as he filled her ass with cum. When he was finally done, Mattoo grabbed the defiled teenager by her hair and pulled her to the ground. He rubbed his now flaccid cock all over her face, smearing it with cum.

All she wanted to do was to crawl away somewhere dark and private. But there was nowhere to go and Mattoo laughed once again as he finished wiping himself off on her face, heaping one final degradation upon teenager. Rani climbed down the bed and went near Anjali. Anjali had curled up into a ball and sobbing pitifully. "So my darling, did you enjoy Mattoo?

Wasn't he amazing?" Rani cackled. "Come Vicky, Mushtaq it's your turn now." Both of them took out their cocks. Vicky wanted Anjali's cunt and Mushtaq her ass. Vicky inserted his cock in her cunt and started fucking in long strokes. Mushtaq bit hard on her right tit pulling the left nipple with his hand.

Anjali cried out in pain. Rani started fingering her cunt again. Vicky fucked Anjali for ten minutes. He pulled out his cock and came all over her tits. He pulled down Anjali on all fours and held her tightly in position for Mushtaq. Her back was in the air. Mushtaq slapped her ass hard a number of times till it became red. Then he pushed his cock in her tight ass hole and started fucking her. After some time, he pulled out and came all over her back. Anjali's ass hole was gaping.

"Mattoo, lets fininsh the job", said Rani. Hearing this, Mattoo's cock was erect once again. He pounced on Anjali and pushed in his cock in her cunt. Rani placed her hand on Anjali's throat and squeezed lightly. Anjali realized what was about to happen. "No maasi, please maasi, don't kill me.I want to live maasi, please maasi". "Sorry my dear. This is how your worthless life is going to end. On the cock of your rapist", Rani said cruelly. She squeezed hard.

The person who Anjali had thought would be protecting her was the one herself killing her. Anjali started having trouble breathing. Mattoo kept on pounding, squeezing and biting her tits. Slowly the air supply to Anjali's brain was cut off, and the world blackened in front of her. She was gone. Mattoo came in her again. Rani was absolutely gushing. She jumped over to Karan, who was watching all this with an amused smile. They kissed heavily, exchanging saliva and moved to the bed for another bout of vigorous fucking.

Anjali's corpse lay a few feet from them.