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Gay clip of Philip gets his amazing gay porn
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Teylyn prowled along the edge of the Grimtotem camp, edging near the campfire where Magron Grimtotem sat, meditating. She had been sent to help quell the destruction of nature in the Stonetalon mountains, both by the Venture Co. and the Grimtotem Raiders. It seemed that in recent months, the two factions had been working together, the Venture Co.


reaping the lands of riches and the Grimtotem serving as able guards and allies, as well as raiding both horde, and alliance camps alike. Teylyn's eyes flashed, though she was stealthed, as she unsheathed her razor sharp claws. They gleamed in the moonlight, accentuating the sharpness. Teylyn arched her back, tensing her hind leg muscles, preparing for the pounce. Her nerves were in overdrive, every thing seemed 20 times louder, and timed seemed to slow to a stop.

A growl grew in her throat, and she pounced at his, seeking to rip it out in a single slash. Her paw contacted the black, thick hide of the tauren bandit, but as she readied herself for a killing blow, he disappeared in a puff of smoke!

"Dam it, a mirror image!" She thought in her head. She tensed her self, backed to a wall, and looked around wearily. Suddenly, she could hear a snarling sound, and she looked up. She saw that she had backed into an embankment, and atop it stood the Grimtotem commander, his eyes flashing and his totem held aloof. With a roar of rage, his muscles heaved as he smashed his totem into the ground, just missing Teylyn but sending shockwaves into her body nonetheless, stunning her. A quick dash which defied his bulk, and he had her pinned on the floor.

He snarled into her ear and roared, "YOU CANNOT PASS INTO MY CAMP UNHEEDED LITTLE ELF!" He snorted and snarled, and seemed a little less menacing.

" My shaman's felt you break the barrier that I make them summon in every encampment I have! No elf can take me in such a way! Take me in battle, Elf!" With that he got off her, drew his mighty warhammer, and turned and faced her, waiting for her to get up. Teylyn now felt ragged, and saw many Grimtotem eyes piercing her from every direction. They mocked and leered at her, some licking their lips. She was sure she would not escape alive.

Biting down grittily, she unsheathed her sword. Deathsting, it was called, and she had felled many a creature with it, but against such an adversary, she did not know how she would fare.

With a cry of battle, she jumped and attempted to pierce it into the huge tauren. "Ha ha ha! Foolish elf!" The great chief laughed, as he easily knocked her to the ground. With a sudden rage he roared and swung his totem! "RAHHH!" She was sent flying, and crashed, into a nearby woodpile. He laughed, in a deep, merciless laughed, while she lay, groaning and disoriented, on the floor.

Stepping forward, he kicked her sword away, and raised her by the neck. He pinned her onto the wall and looked into her eyes, as she clawed at her throat. " I will have many uses for you, elf. You will pay for this treachery.

Oh no no no.I am not going to kill you. hahaha. By the time I'm finished with you, you will be begging for a death, even a slow and torturous one! Hahahaha!" He spoke to two large Grimtotems, apparently his bodyguards. "Chain her! And keep her still till I return from my meeting with Gerenzo!" They immediately seized her with their thick arms, and brought her to a nearby clearing. They then found a long lengthy chain, and proceeded to tie her to a tree. "No not there you idiot! Tie her to this totem.

I have poured elixir of suffering over it, she should have a good time." He eyed her sadistically, and pointed to a twisted stake, embedded into the ground in the middle of the clearing. His lackeys proceeded to tie her up. "NO YOU IDIOTS! How can the elixir absorb into her skin if she is not naked!?

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Undress her now!" He swiftly departed. The two Tauren looked at each other, and enchanged looks of hunger. Teylyn huffed up rebelliously against her captors, and they licked their lips, as their fat, clawing hands touched her delicate armor. "Please, no, please don't do this!" Teylyn begged, she was not ready for the indecency that was about to happen. "Foolish Tauren! You will serve us until your body and spirit is broken, we have much in store for you, yess." He ripped off her shoulder pads.

The other tauren was holding her by the hands, and pinned her from behind, in an arm lock. She could do nothing to resist. The other Tauren licked his lips greedily, and started uncurling the elaborate metal curls that protected her chest and breasts, all the way down to her torso. He tossed the armor recklessly on the floor. Teylyn struggled and kicked but could not match the strength of the mighty Tauren. "No! No! Please please!! STOP!!! " She begged in vain. This just satisfied the Tauren more, as he ripped off her arm, and leg guards.

All that was left was the metal ringed-loin cloth around her waste. He ripped this off with much tenacity, and then carried her off to the totem.


"How should we tie her on"? Said the first Tauren. He eyed the little night elf, cowering on the floor and unable to move. "Put her legs down here." The tauren grabbed Teylyns' legs and placed them so that the totem was sandwiched between her thighs. Next, he tied her arms behind her back, around the totem, so she was leaning on the totem and tied, unable to move. They sat down infront of her and laughed without mercy. In such an awkward and exposing position Teylyn felt extremely insecure.

She started to feel the effects of the elixir, being absorbed through the skin in her back, and down her legs. It felt like a fire was building in her bones. "Uhhhhhhhahhhhhhh." She started moaning in pain. The tauren just laughed and looked at her tits jutting out, as her back was arched, and tied tightly to the totem. She was stuck in this position. The saw her gradually suffering more as the pain increased.

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Her whole body was coated in sweat, and she was thrashing around on the totem, now moaning in agony. The Tauren's watched in fascination as sweat droplets gathered around her nipples and dripped, down into the dirt.

"Ahhhh!! NOO!! Please! Let it stop!" She begged. The Tauren laughed and started eating stridermeat drumsticks. Freshly roasted. They enjoyed the show. The elf was struggling against her bonds, and they began to leave marks on her sweaty skin. She was tossing her head around in agony, her beautiful purple hair shimmering in the moonlight. They could see the lights of her eyes twinkling, flashing on and off, as she closed her eyelids in agony. "MAKOR! Throw a soothing potion over her!" announced Magron Grimtotem, who had just come back from his meeting.

The tauren bent and picked up a blue colored potion, and poured it all over the thrashing Night Elf. Teylyn felt the fire in her bones quell immediately, and she hang loose and limp, aching all overin her chains.

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"Now dry her off Makor." The tauren picked up his staff and started muttering in Dark Taurahe, the language of the Grimtotems. Soon, she felt the moisture and sweat evaporate off her body. She still ached all over, but at least she was clean now. "Excellent, now I can have my way with her.

Leave me!" The two Tauren stumbled off, looking rather despirited, back to the camp. The chieftain rubbed his hands together, and examined the beautiful figure of the Night Elf, hanging limp.

He broke the chains with his clenched fist, and dragged her limp body to the tree in which he held his secret. Hidden ropes disguised as vines aided him, as he bound her. Her hands were stretched, one towards 1 tree, the other towards another. Ropes from above secured them to her feet and dragged upwards, effectively, she was hanging suspended in midair, with her hands stretched out and her knees almost drawn up to her breasts, parted.

The general chuckled, as he took out his special device, made by hand by Gerenzo Wenchwhistle. A gnomish torture device. This was invented by the gnomish engineer, but the idea came from the Grimtotem's own perverted mind. It was actually like some super-fucking device.

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Basically, it caused so much sexual stimulation that it became painful. The chief chuckled darkly as he placed it into position. 2 tubes were inserted into Teylyn's body. She could feel one going up her pussy, and 1 going up her ass. Wiires were attatched to her breasts, and others to her labia, and clit. Next, a small dildo was strapped onto her. It was tiny, the size of a chicken feather, but it was rough and round.

This was positioned directly onto her clit. She noticed the sides of it were made of what she could only describe as rough basilisk hide. "Now, elf, you are ready for some pain?" The tauren said evilly. She did not answer, only raised her eyes to meet his, in defiance.

"BITCH! You do not show disrespect to me like that!". He turned a dial on a gnomish universal remote, and instantly, she could feel the machine start to activate. She could feel both painful and pleasurable electrical currents flow into her tits, her clit, and labia. The dildo in her ass started moving in and out, vibrating, as well as the one in her pussy.

She noticed they were ribbed, with short protruding bumps that served to create intense friction. The small dildo on her clit also activated, and began rubbing directly on her clit. "AHH! " she cried in sudden pain. It was all too intense! "Painful my dear elf? hahaha You have a long way to go!

This is still the lowest setting." Suddenly he slapped her. "Listen bitch, i'm going to ask you questionsand you'll answer! You do whatever I say!

First, I will break you of your night elf pride!". He tightened the nipple clamps.


The electricity still flowed through, and Teylyn was in a sweat again. "HEY BITCH! Who is your master!?" He roared in her face. She did not answered, but raised her eyes to meet his again. "WRONG ANWER !" He roared, and turned the dial strongly. Immediately, she could feel waves of pain as the electrical current increased, and all dildos started moving faster and faster.

Suddenly, a round dial strapped on her belly button that she didn't notice pulsed, and an intenser orgasm suddeny broke through her. "AHHHH!!!!! WHAT THE HELLAAAAAA!" She screamed in pain and ecstacy, her body wracked with shudders as she came. "I 'll teach you to be rude ! Bitch! Now you will feel the extent of this machine! Over the course of 2 hours, he turned the dial up and down, each time making her orgasm.

Each time she screamed in agony, as her little body thrashed helpless. Each time he roared with satisfaction, until after what seemed like the hundreth time (and probably was), she gave a most intense orgasm and passed out.


Satistfied, the huge Tauren removed the machine, still pumping, out of her wet pussy. When he removed the dildo from her ass and pussy, shitloads of sex juice just poured, literally, out, onto the already wet ground.

Curious, he stuck his pussy up her pussy, and felt it red, raw, and warm. Laughing, he cut her ropes and let her lie on the floor at his feet.

Teylyn awoke, and realized that she was just given a rejuvenation potion. She felt better now, though her whole body throbbed form the torture. She estimated that not more than 5 minutes had passed since she passed out.

SHe moaned, and hoped that the chief would kill her or release her, now that he had his fun. "Tired? Hahaha we're not done yet! Come here!" He seized her foot and dragged her to him. Quickly, he ripped off his pants and placed his huge tauren cock, on the edge of her slit. " can't take all of you.I'm too small. please." she whimpered helplessly. WIthout heeding her begs, he drove his huge cock straight into her, brutal, harsh, and deadly.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed in sudden pain, as the huge fuckmeat tore through her tight pussy. He began fucking her mercilessly, driving in and out with his mighty tauren cock. He was so huge, that he actually stood up, while fucking her, holding her with his huge hands as he impaled her little cunt with his cock.

Teylyn could feel only agony as his huge 15 incher drove in her pussy. She wished she was dead, but her body felt otherwise, and actually started heating up. She could not believe that she was being sexually aroused by this monster. She was literally, impaled on his cock, her whole body was moving up and down to counter his thrusts.

"MAKOR! HELP ME FUCK THIS BITCH SENSELESS!" The chief roared, as he spotted the reluctant tauren standing in the shade of trees watching. Grinning at his hero, the tauren stepped forward and brandished his huge cock.

He grabbed Teylyn's ass so she would not shake so much, inserted his fingers into her ass, forced it open, and shoved his huge monster into her asshole. "AHHHH!H!! OHH AHHH! OHHH AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Teylyn screamed with pain and agony as the huge Tauren's cock entered her ass, while she was already fucked by the chieftain.

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She could not believe her body could acomodate such huge monsters at once, and she felt like she was splitting in two. "GOD SHE"S SO TIGHT! The body guard roared, as he could feel his cock getting rubbed hard by the tightness of her asshole. "AH ! AH! AH! AAH AUHHHH!!! ELUNE SAVE ME!!!" Cried teylyn in desperation.

The two tauren were so close to cuming, driven in spurrs by the whimpering, groaning and moaning from the hot little night elf. Suddenly the chief roared, and blew his thick load into her small pussy. FOllowing suit, the body guard resisted the urge to come, no longer, and shot his huge wad deep into her ass.

Teylyn felt the heavy spurts of the thick come inside her body, and she came. Her orgasm was the most intense she could ever feel, and she felt and surge of energy explode around her, as if she was a mage casting arcane explosion.

Her ass and pussy were milking the tauren's cock so hard, and they came again, wave after wave of intense orgasm. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! She gave one final scream and passed out. -- Teylyn awoke to the sound of battle. "FOR THE HORDE! Yelled a huge orc, a quick thrust and he felled the Grimtotem chief. Teylyn tried to dodge the incoming attack, and none paid heed to her. She was kicked and almost trampled by the charging horde skirmish.

Orcs on wolves charged into the still almost slumbering Grimtotem camp, as they were caught off guard. She stumbled blindly into a clearing, almost passing out again. Her body was so tired. "You will not escape me !" Hissed the body of the Chieftain. He was not yet dead, and still sought to possess her! She kicked him, and began running away. She heard the inaudible click of a musket, and a explosion behind her. Pure pain, destruction, hell, fire, and pure hate drove through her left shoulder.

She had been shot. She crumpled to the ground, in pain, helpless. The tauren got up, picked her up, and threw the almost -unconscious teylyn, against a tree. .atleast, it seemed like a tree. until she saw that it had claws. She looked up. It was Kael. The last she saw of the chieftain was his glassy, lifeless eyes, as he was finally felled by Kael. Her little body could cope no longer, and she passed out. Tweet! Tweet twweeet!

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Buzz buzzzzzz zzzz. Wooooshhhoooowoooshh. Mother nature is calling to you Teylyn. Answer !.Teylyn awoke her eyes. She was lying in the arms of her lover. " did you find me." Teylyn whispered, still extremely spent. "My love, we are bound by a bond stronger than any league of miles. I will always know where you are in my heart." He looked sadly down at her shoulder, which he was bathing in warm water.

Repeatedly, he took a warm towel, and rubbed it over the wound, while fresh bloody water trickled into the basin which he held under her. Later on, he lovingly told her, "The bullet is still deep inside you Teylyn, we have to remove it." "Will it hurt?" "You tell me." He said simply, and he ripped the bullet from her flesh.

"AHHhhmm" she moaned, but her cry of agony was stifled by his lips over hers.