Nun cute chubby goth girl blow job dick hard so good

Nun cute chubby goth girl blow job dick hard so good
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cum on my pregnant belly. My name is Shelly I am thirty years old tall and slim other than my bump of a pregnant belly, with long red hair a large pair of heavy milk filled tits (34 E) and what most guys and girls think is a nice arse, I am also bisexual and I have always been a very sexual person, I have been with Mick for three years now and we found out I was pregnant seven months back and since then Mick has gone out of his way to avoid having sex with me which has left me frigging my permanently wet pussy four of five times a day and longing for a nice stiff cock to split me in two.

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Now on the morning my adventures started I had woken up feeling as turned on as ever, Mick was lying next to me and literally jumped out of bed the second I slipped my fingers in to his boxers making up a cheap excuse of how he had to get to work soon. Once again I had to pleasure myself and spent the next hour and a half with my fingers in my shaven pussy bringing myself to a strong gushing orgasm and flooding the sheets with my pussy juice, and causing my tits to leak milk all over my nighty, but this still didn't curb my horny state.


It was a lovely sunny day and after showering I wrapped a silk kimono around my naked body and went in to the back garden to enjoy the sun, as I sat there lapping up the sun I couldn't help but overhear my next door neighbours fucking just over the fence, now Sean and Lindsey are a great couple, Sean is about twenty two with a well-tuned body made by hours in the gym and Lyndsey is a really pretty girl with an hour glass figure and a large breasts I had fancied the two of them since they moved in next door six months back.

Creeping up to the fence I peeped over the top and there they were on the patio, they were both stark naked Sean was between her legs licking her pussy and by the sounds coming from Lyndsey he was doing a really good job of it, as I watched my hand made its way to my wet pussy and I started to slide my fingers back and forward along my wet lips gently rubbing my clit & pussy hole, the action on the other side of the fence was hotting up and Lyndsey was fast approaching what looked like a powerful orgasm.

Her fingers curled in to his hair as she thrust her pelvis up in to his face with a look of pure joy on her face and a low scream as her juices exploded into Sean's mouth.

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Pulling his face from between her legs Sean started to make his way up her body and went straight to her erect nipples, sucking them like a baby feeding this was when I noticed his cock for the first time, it was massive at least 9" long and a good 5" round, and by the look of the mushroom like head it was going to make Lyndsey very happy.

Then it happened, Lyndsey looked directly at me and I froze still with my fingers stuffed in my pussy. But to my delight she just smiled and waved me over, Sean looked around and after a quick word or two with Lyndsey he called to me to come over and join them if I wanted, now as a rule I may be a slut but I wouldn't do the dirty on Mick, but Sean's cock was tempting me beyond belief and I found myself quickly making my way round to join them.

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As I approached I dropped my kimono so I was as naked as they were and also revealing my pregnant belly which by the look in Sean's eyes he liked the idea of fucking a pregnant woman. Lyndsey got to her feet and kissed me like I haven't been kissed in ages, her soft lips felt like silk on mine, and as her tits made contact with mine a shiver of excitement ran down my spine, I slipped my arm around her as she did the same to me and held her sexy naked body against mine. I was holding her ass with one hand and slowly took hold of her breast with my other and Lyndsey was striking by bump and holding my ass, I was in heaven then I felt seams cock touch my ass as he came up behind me pressing his erection in to my arse and reached round taking hold of my heavy boobs and squeezing them causing the milk in my breasts to spray all over Lyndsey they both found this a turn on and soon Lyndsey's was soon sucking my nipples and feeding on me like a baby would, Sean was still behind me so I reached round and took hold of his cock i couldn't close my fingers around it, it was so thick and it was like holding the biggest dildo ever made only this was real hard meat and I loved it, they moved me over to the patio and layed me down then as Lyndsey's continued to suck on my leaking nipples Sean started to kiss and lick his way down over my swollen belly to my desperately wet pussy, I had a mini climaxed as soon as his tong touched my engorged clit and when he inserted his tong in my juicy fuck hole I nearly lost it to the feelings he was giving me.

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They both made love to me with a passion I haven't felt in ages, licking and kissing every inch of my body and allowing me to do the same to them, trying to suck all of Sean's cock was unbelievable I could only get about half of it in my mouth and it was like trying to swallow a pool ball, but I did the best I could holding his heavy testicles in my hand as I slurped and sucked his bell end, then I got to lick out Lyndsey shaven wet cunt, She was on her back with her legs spread and I was on my hands and knees with my ass in the air licking her as deep and long as I could.

Then Sean got behind me and started to thrust his monster cock into my soaking wet pussy, it felt massive and as he forced it deeper than I have ever been fucked before a felt the milk spray from my nipples every time he pushed fully into me, Lyndsey was getting close to her second orgasm and I really wanted to make her cum is I slipped a finger in to her sexy ass and tonged her clit till she gushed her pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face, she tasted so sweet I couldn't get enough and continued to lick and suck her pussy till I got her of again spraying my face with her fuck juices and even getting some on Sean as he was fucking me hard from behind, my own climax was coming on strong and as Sean continued to pound his erection in and out of my stretched pussy I orgasmed squirting my own juices all over Sean's cock and balls and could feel my nipples dripping there milk as I screaming out my pleasure into Lyndsey's well licked cunt.


Sean then pulled out and rolled me onto my back he then lifted my ass of the ground and re-entered my cunt and fucked me like a wild animal causing my nipples to leak there milk as the mini orgasms constantly ran through my body, Lyndsey moved over so she could suck on my tits and then Sean warned me he was going to cum and asked if he could cum over my pregnant belly, the way I was feeling he could have shot his load any wear he wanted and I would have loved it.

He withdrew his cock from my cunt and started to jerk his cock over my preggy bump, I knew he was going to cum but what I did not expect was the amount of and power of his cum load, its spat from his big cock in a thick ribbon that shot over my body, over Lyndsey and hit me square in the face, the second spurt hit Lyndsey in the mouth and then there were at least another five spurts that landed all over my pregnant belly and well fucked pussy, it was the biggest cum load of my life and as I lay there totally spent and feeling more fucked than ever before Lyndsey started to lap up Sean's cum and feed it to me as we kissed, Sean was happy to just sit back and watch as Lyndsey cleaned up his messy cum and my leaking breast milk.


It was defiantly the best sex of my life and I told them to phone me anytime they wanted a third person to join them in the bed room or patio…