Rica cojida de mi pareja

Rica cojida de mi pareja
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Well, this story shares the same beginning as many others do. my younger sister, 7 yrs junior to me, and I started exploring our sexual interests with each other when we were pretty young. in fact, she asked me to check her out naked beginning at 11. Pretty damn young, but pretty fun. So, we looked a lot but never touched till she told me one night she had lost her virginity at a party one night when she was 13.

After that, we enjoyed a really fun secret. Little did I know that our little secret wasn't so secret at all. My mother had this "thing" about putting on her clothes last when she prepared for work every day. Well, since the clothes were last that meant she wandered around the house--filling her coffee cup, doing makeup, waking us kids up for school---completely naked. She is 16 years older than I. Five-foot-two, then around 140 pounds, and measurements of 34C-30-38, she was a very VERY sexy woman.

I had no problem sneaking a peek at her every morning as I stepped into the shower. her perfectly curved hips bent over slightly as she applied her eye makeup carefully. I enjoyed peeking at her through the very small seam in the shower curtain as I stroked my throbbing dick coated with thick soap lather. I would stand in the shower and cum 2 or 3 times each morning looking at her long brown hair of her pussy come to a sharp V shape, although very neatly trimmed, at the bottom of her pussy lips.

the same pussy lips I knew took in the thick 8-inch cock of my step-dad. I knew he filled her hot tight cunt up with cum each time they fucked because I could always hear her tell him she wants it.

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I came again and again thinking of just how warm my mother's pussy would be if I could slip into it, just once. One day, I found out. I had cum in the shower only once this particular morning as I enjoyed staring at my mom's pussy lips portruding from between her perfect thighs as she bent over away from me. The brown color of her pussy made my dick surge hard with cum and I gasped a little as I thought she caught the motion of the shower curtain.

the motion of my hand stroking my dick at supersonic speed as I hurried to cum before I had to cut the water off. My sister was also in the bathroom at this time. She had on her panties and bra. She had developed quite a bit over the last year or so and I already knew how it felt to pound her tight 14-year old hole hard. I stepped out of the shower and dried off, my dick swinging freely and I noticed my mom glance VERY quickly at it as I dried off.

A slight grin flashed on her face briefly. Had she liked it? I wasn't big then. only about 5 1/2 inches long. I was just barely long enough to hit bottom in my sister's pussy.


how well would it fit in Mom? Hmm. at this thought it jumped a little and began to grow hard, remembering the scene I'd just seen of her bent over just a couple minutes before. I hurried up to cover up and walked to my room. My mom said something to my sister and they giggled quietly as I closed my door. not sure what it was about but I didn't care. I HAD to cum again!!! Immediately I dropped my towel and began to grab my dick to get it hard again.

Quietly (or so I thought) I began to say Mom's name as if I were fucking her. I'd never cum in a woman yet at that time so I didn't know how it felt, but I was pretending Mom was asking me to, just like she asked my step-dad every time. I'd actually watched them fuck before. their bedroom door wasn't closed all the way once and Sis and I watched my step-dad beat my mom's pussy up hard with his massive dick. Oh god. yes baby. mmmmm. "cum in Momma's pussy, baby!" I was imagining her say.

"Oh damn, Mom, it feels so good.mmmm" I said as I was getting close to cumming. My eyes were closed as I was retrieving the picture of my mom's pussy lips from about 5 minutes before when I was in the shower. "Oh, god, Mom, yes, you feel so good Mom. oooh god Mom. " "Do I feel THAT good, baby?" she asked? WHAT!!! I got jerked (pardon the pun) back to reality as I realized Mom was standing in my bedroom doorway watching me!!!

"Oh damn. Mom, um." I stuttered. "Baby, I know you are becoming a man, and I know men love sex. Do you really think of me like that?" she asked, surprisingly, in honest inquisition. "Uh, well, yes. Please don't be mad Mom. I'm sorry. I just saw you bend over earlier and.and." I didn't know how to explain. I didn't have to. She walked over to me, still half-hard, and kissed me. Not the usual son-mom kiss. It was a kiss like lovers.

Immediately my dick jerked up to full hardness.

She felt it rub the top of her thigh and giggled a little. Was this real???? My mother, the woman who had never even once before let me believe she was ok with me even looking at her, was intentionally turning me on! "Honey, your sister and I have had a few talks. I know about it." I looked at her, terrified that she knew I had been licking, fingering, and fucking my little sister. "You know about what?" I asked. "Baby, I know you two have been having sex. She told me months ago.

To be honest, I've thought about it too." Ok, did my mom just tell me what I thought??? She did. "Mom, you mean you have thought about." I stammered as she started stroking my pre-cum slicked dick.

"Yes, I have cum a few times as she was telling me. Your sister has a beautiful body, and if she lets you enjoy it, I think that's a good thing for you two to learn things.

But she told me you have thought about me, and I wanted to ask you about it." She was breathing into my ear lightly as she asked this, one hand still pulling gently on my ever-hardening meat. "Will you get mad if I tell you?" I asked her, obviously very nervously. "Baby, you can tell me anything. Anything you want." she purred. "Yes, I've been thinking of you. In lots of ways. I've wondered a long time how it would feel for you to---" I didn't even get out the sentence before she had my slick wet dick completely submerged into her steamy hot mouth.

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MY MOM IS SUCKING ME OFF!!! Oh god! Her lips were like nothing I'd ever felt before. the same lips that sucked my step-dad's dick every few days. The same lips that sucked my real dad's dick to get him hard so he could fuck her and make me.

Those same lips were caressing my dick right now. I looked down to see my mom's beautiful hazel eyes smiling up at me happily as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft. Her large 34C tits bounced with the rhythm, her thick thighs open to show her pussy lips starting to part as she balanced on the balls of her feet. My mom's mouth felt absolutely amazing. I didn't want to cum, but I could tell that within just 2 or 3 minutes after taking my dick into her mouth that I was going to lose control.

I had to make this last! Right then Sis walked by and stopped to double-take. the sight of my mom giving me head was surprising to her and I saw the look of pure shock on her face. She began to watch as mom's gorgeous body swayed back and forth, back and forth. Then my biggest fantasy came true. Mom stood up, wiping the little bit of spit from her chin that she didn't swallow and smiled at me. I was ALMOST about to blow my entire pent-up load into her mouth, so I was SO glad she stopped when she did!


"You know what your sister's pussy is like, but you wanna know how mine is, baby?" she asked, with a new tone of voice I'd only heard come from her behind her closed bedroom door. "Yes mom, I have for a long time." I said, half-acknowledging the fact my mom just propositioned me. "Get on me, honey." she ordered. I wasted no time mounting my mom's perfect curves as she lay spread open for me on my bed.

"Slide it in. and you can get as rough as you want.

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I need a good fuck!" Oh my god, she just told me to fuck her!! I glanced over toward the door where my sister was still standing. She now had her panties off and was leaning against the doorframe just on the outside so she could see in. She had 2 fingers deep inside her pussy. a pussy so tight that one of my fingers was a tight fit. I could hear the slurping sounds her fingers made as she worked them deeper and faster. she was cumming like crazy! That got me even more wound up knowing my sister is watching!

I supported myself in the push-up position over my pulsating mother's naked body, quivering between her open legs, with my right arm. I grabbed my dick, still wet with Mom's spit, with my left hand and guided it to her super hot pussy lips. those same lips I've jacked off looking at every single day. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her lips until I found her pussy hole. then, with a slow and deliberate motion, pushed forward to drop my hard wet dick into my mom's soft wet pussy.

"Oooh, baby! Ahhhhhh." she moaned as I sank balls-deep inside. Feeling my mom take me in was amazing!! "Good, honey. That feels good. now fuck me baby. Fuck me deep." she purred, her eyes closed, back arched, and legs wider open. Slowly at first, then faster, I began to arch my back, then sag in the middle, then arch up again.

I was pulling my dick almost all the way out, then as far in as my body would allow. I got faster, then a little faster, then within maybe 10 pumps I was fucking her as hard as I could!!


I looked towards the door and now Sis had come into my room and was standing right beside us, watching our mom take my dick into her pussy just like she's been doing for a long time.

"Damn, baby, fuck me harder! God, yes! Oh, yessss!" mom hissed as I felt her pussy start to milk my dick inside her. Her orgasm was so strong it was what did me in. "oh, OH, OHHH MOMMM!!" I started moaning as I could feel my own orgasm approaching.

I figured she wouldn't want me to cum inside her since I was, still, her son. But to my surprise and utmost pleasure, she locked her legs around me right before I felt it happen.

"In me, honey! Do it! Deep in me!" she urged.

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She lifted her round-curved hips up off the bed to help bring me in deeper into her. "MOM I'm cummmmmming!" I couldn't help it anymore. I started squirting my cum into her, shot after shot after shot. "OH honey yes! Cum in me baby! Cum in momma's pussy!" she yelled at me. I couldn't believe it! I was still cumming inside my mom, still gasping as I came, still feeling how amazing her pussy really was! I stayed inside my mom, still pumping cum, as my sister came one last time with her fingers palm-deep inside her pussy.

She was standing close enough to mom to touch her. Mom looked over to see Sis standing right there and they smiled at each other, then at me. I pulled out of my mom's soaking wet pussy and stood up. As I did that, my mom's fingers darted for her pussy.

She immediately started fingering herself as my sister, still clothed in nothing but a bra, knelt down to suck out what was left of my cum out of my dick.

"Oh god! Sis that feels so good!" I said, thrusting my hips towards her as she sucked me very aggressively. I looked over at my mom to watch her start cumming again and then pull her fingers out of her tight wet pussy and suck them. My cum, my mom's cum, together, and she was sucking it off her fingers. I weakly squirted the last couple of drops of my cum into my sister's mouth (also the first time I'd cum in her mouth) as Mom got up from my bed.

She reached over to kiss me, stroked my dick again playfully, and smiled. "Time to get ready for school, honey.

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Don't want to be late!" She strutted off into the hallway to finish getting dressed for work. My sister stood up, smiled at me, and followed Mom.

I stood there. That's all I knew to do. That was the first time of many times my mother and I have enjoyed sex with each other. Once she asked me if i wanted my step-dad to know. I said he may not want us to anymore, and she agreed not to say anything. My sister didn't say anything either; however, she did tell me she'd started fucking her dad recently, and for the first time ever he came in her.

She said she loved it, and wanted me to also. From then on, everytime we fucked each other, I came in Mom and my sister's dad came in her. I don't know how neither of them got pregnant, but they never did!

There were many days when my step-dad and I both would leave 2 or 3 loads of cum each in each of the girls. It was a web of secret sex, but not everyone knew all of it. And that was fine with me. it worked out just fine that way! Now I have a daughter of my own, a product of the love my wife and I share since we married 3 years ago.

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I have explained all this to her, and she thinks it may be a good idea to teach our daughter, starting when she reaches puberty, some things just like I was taught. How fun with THIS be??