Interracial Muscle Babe Fuck and Suck

Interracial Muscle Babe Fuck and Suck
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This is all fiction all the characters and names are fiction. also this is my first story im not an amazing writer but give me feed back if its good ill write another one :) It all started out on one long hot summer day about 3 weeks ago my parents and my aunt who was recently divorced took a short trip for the weekend to get my aunts mind off of things.

My aunt has 3 kids 2 boys about 14 years old named Gabe and john and a beautiful daughter who's 13 now and was named Andrea.

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That Friday my parents kissed me good-bye left me 200 dollars for food and gas and took off. I was finally home alone to do what ever I wanted but was tiered from a long day out wakeboarding in the lake so I decided to take it easy play some COD maybe watch a movie and rest for another fun day ahead.

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My aunts kids where staying at friends houses the boys where staying at their friends house 15 min drive from mine and the girl was staying at her best friends house about 5 min walk from my house. I was watching a good movie almost falling asleep when I herd my cell ring. I quickly looked at my phone to see it was Andrea so I answered the phone.

"Hello" I said but no answer but after a few short seconds I herd her respond "Hey Leo can you come pick me up?" I quickly asked what's wrong and if she was ok, she said yes just she didn't feel to comfortable sleeping at her friend house cause the dad was having a guys night so she wanted me to pick her up, I quickly said ok and that I would be their soon to pick her up.

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I slowly got out of the sofa and walked out in attempts to save gas I walked cause it was such a nice night. It as about 11:00 when I walked up to Andrea's friends house and knocked on the door, the dad quickly opened it as asked who I was I answered and to my surprise he was quite drunk.

Shortly after our convo Andrea came running down stairs and out the door we said our good byes and walked away. As soon as we were down the street she threw herself into my arms, I could feel her soft skin against mine.

Andrea was a gorgeous girl who had recently come too she had fair skin slightly freckly with legs that go on for ever with a nice round soccer players butt. Her breasts were still growing but they were a solid B. giving her an hour glass shaped body her hair was a nice dark dirty blond almost looked brunet with eyes as blue as the ocean that could easily leave anyone breathless.

I haven't seen her since the divorce but I could see that she was holding up fairly well she always had too since she had 2 younger brothers that looked up too. Something about her had always attracted me to her I don't know if it was her looks or her personality all I knew is a night with her would be nothing but fun. We walked up to the house when she said hurry I got to use the bathroom or ill pee my self always trying to find ways to mess with her I walked up to her and slightly tickled her I guess this wasn't too good of a thing cause she punched me right in the arm so I unlocked the door and she ran straight to my room to use the bathroom.

Not thinking too much I went back to the sofa and pressed play on my movie. About 10 min later she came in wearing nothing but some white cotton panties and an over sized shirt she got from my closet. She came in with a little strut that iv never seen before with a seductive smirk on her face that made my dick start to grow. She sat down right next to me and started to cuddle up against me next thing I know she takes my arm and puts its right around her and drags it till its almost at her pussy.

I didn't want to say anything trying not to make things weird but then a really raunchy sex scene came on and it was long maybe like 3 to 4 min but before I know it she's thrusting her hips up and down and I could see her nipples starting to harden through the shirt.


I had always wondered what it would be like to hook up with her, her sweet round lips that always held some sort of attraction what it would be like to slip my fingers in her slit and play with her virgin pussy. Then I snapped back and I had a raging hard on and I could tell she new by her slight giggle.


I was so embarrassed that I tried getting up but she held on to me and slammed me back onto the sofa and with a quick motion she thrust herself onto my lap and it was unmistakable she was craving a good fuck. She went in for the kiss but right before her lips touched mine she pulled away and said "Leo I want you to take my virginity" before I had a chance to respond she thrust forward and our lips locked our tongs locked and intertwined with each other slowly caressing themselves neither of us wanted to brake the kiss but then she did.

She said nothing only removed her shirt and I did the same I could feel her soft breast rubbing up against my chest and I could feel her nipples that were now standing at attention rubbing against me.

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My dick got harder and was now ready to burst out of my pants when she then again broke the kiss and slid down my legs onto the floor.

She quickly took my sweat pants off and my dick popped up cause I was wearing no under pants. I think the size took her by surprise I was about 7 inches long and thick she started to stroke it slowly up and down only working on the shaft then she licked her lips and placed them on the head of my dick slowly she licked it then put her mouth on it and started to move her head up and down, she was a pro at this I began to thrust my hips to match up with her head bobbing up and down before I new it I was ready to explode.

She continued for maybe another 30 seconds before I took her by surprise and spurt by spurt I unloaded into her mouth she took it all in and then removed her self from my cock and looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and swallowed Iv never been so aroused then I picked her up she must of weighed maybe 100 pounds which was nothing for me threw her on her back and slowly started kissing her neck.

I moved down to her nipple and sucked on the right one wile fondling the left one but not for long cause I had a prize in mind so I loved along and went down to the stomach she started squirming a little but nothing big I skipped her underwear and went straight for the inner thigh I could tell she was getting wet cause I could see her cotton panties moisten then she gasped for air and said I cant take this any more and pushed my head into her pussy slightly licking over the underwear I pushed it over the side and began to full on lick it.

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The taste the feel was magnificent the smell was intoxicating I couldn't have enough slowly I started to play with her clit with my right hand and slide it up and down her slit then out of no where she grabbed my hand and looked at me and said I want you dick in my pussy.

I laid down and she slowly mounted me until my cock was position right above her slit and she whispered like ripping a band aid and with one foul swoop she dropped herself my cock fully inside of her triggered an intense orgasm for her, her body went into full spasm and after a little wile she recovered and started to move up and down my hard cock. She must have orgasm maybe 2 more times but not as intense then I felt like I was about to explode again I told her since we didn't have a condom on but she said it was ok since she was on the pill and she wanted me to cum inside of her I let out a couple spurts of jizz as my body tensed then I felt her pussy walls clench tight and another intense orgasm after her body stopped spasming she dismounted me and lay next to me and whispered in my ear we have another couple days before our parents come home what do u want to do next?