Group cumshots for Renata on Cum For Cover in a blowbang scene

Group cumshots for Renata on Cum For Cover in a blowbang scene
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It was a cold December night. We were staying in a cabin together. I was freezing cold, I hugged him feeling his warm body in my arms listening to his heart pound while I did I whispered "Your so warm." He replied back "Your so cold would you like me to warm you up?" I nodded and he asked how I would like the be warmed up and winked at me and gave me a lustful grin.I simply said "Anyway you want." He said "We can actually stay warmer if we're naked," I smiled and started stripping down for him.

I felt my pussy spasming, already getting wet. I slowly slipped my sweater over my head revealing my laced black bra.

Then I pulled down my pants by this time my pussy was flooding my panties. I un did my bra and pulled the straps down my arm showing my hard nipples. Finally I took off my panties revealing my swollen rosebud and shining lips. This whole time he was watching my every move making sure he gazed at every inch of me. Then he started to strip for me, he took off his sweater showing his chest and arms. Then with a fast tug down his pants were down at his knees, I couldn't help but notice his bulge in his boxers pleading to be let loose.

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He then yanked his boxers down which displayed his hard cock leering at me. The sight just made my cunt get even more damp, lubricating itself for him. I asked him what I should do next and he instructed me to lay down beside him on the bed so I laid down on my side, back facing him. He slithered one of his arms around my waist holding me very thoughtfully. He started by kissing my cheek and slowly and gently starting to kiss my neck, which let me feel his soft lips and warm breathe moving down my body until finally he got to my nipples.

By this time I had chills of excitement running down my spine, my cunt was already drenched in a combination of love and lust (you can't help but feel lust for the one you love).


I could feel my juices starting to get on the sheets. I let out a little moan with every kiss. One of his hands started lowering getting dangerously close to my swollen clit.


He barely touched my clit but I couldn't help but groan out yes! Afterward his fingers slowly moved to my pussy lips he put a finger on my lips and started rubbing it in circles.

He whispered "Mmmm! You nasty girl already soaked for me huh?" I nodded then I exclaimed "I can feel your hard cock up against me." He agreed and moved his lips up to mine and we started kissing. His tongue massaging and caressing mine but moving without haste. Soon enough his tongue was going deep inside my mouth I moaned enjoying his tongue penetrating my mouth so deeply. I grabbed his hands and tried to shove his fingers inside my pleading, willing pussy he pulled his hand away and said "Na uh uh!" I whimpered "Don't be cruel," he giggled and put his hand back making sure he just slightly touched my clit and because of that my whole body couldnt help but tremble.

He went back and forth between rubbing my pussy lips to barley touching my clit.

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I was moaning so loud; I wanted him so bad I could feel my juices getting all over my thighs. I stopped kissing him and begged "Please (I grabbed his cock) please put it in." I whimpered. He shook his head no. I looked and asked "Are you just going to keep teasing me like this so cruely?

Making my juices soak through the sheets and get all over my thighs?" Next I added "I can feel how hard it is. it wants my drenched cunt as bad as I want it. " He took my hand off his cock and he continued to tease me. Soon he could tell I was about to climax and he stopped.

I started to put my hands down to my lips but he grasped them and told me no. Tears started streaming down my face and I plead asking "PLEASE!!!" showing how desperate me and my body were for him. Finally he laid me on my back he said open your legs nice and wide ( he knew this was my first time and he knew how tight I was) He got up in between my legs, put his face to mine and started kissing me.

Thats when i decided to wrap my legs around him and then I locked my arms around his neck. I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my lips with one hard push I screamed out "David!" he asked me if he was hurting me I said yes but that I didn't want him to stop. With another thrust my body spasmed, the position we were in made his body able to go deep and fast and able to hit my clit hard. I hollered out yes! He started going hard and fast within a few minutes my body lost all control, my legs spasmed and started banging on the bed on their own.

My eyes rolled into my head and my pussy started strangling his dick. Despite my orgasm he kept going hard. My body kept on spasming and trembling hard with every thrust. He smiled and admitted to me " Your so tight!" I nod my head yes and before I knew it I came a second time and this time I came even harder than the time before.

I yelled out his name so loud then finally I felt his cock shoot his cum into my womb.

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He slowly took his cock out and just watched his cum dripping out of my lips. He laid down and I laid on him, using his chest as a pillow listening to the sweet rhythm of his heart. Then I smiled and he kissed me. He murmured to me "I love you." I mumbled the best I could "I love you too." and we doze off into a sweet slumber. Or so I thought.

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