Licking my girlfriend pussy and fucking it she loves my dick

Licking my girlfriend pussy and fucking it she loves my dick
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"Jerjie, do you know why I like you?" Jake asked me as he stood up. I couldn't help but stare at his strong stature. A tall, white guy with that silly emo hair style.

His eyes stared of onto space; his hand reaching for mine. "Well Jake if I knew, I'd answer you. Now tell me your secrets!" I jumped up, aiming to kiss his lips but kissed his nose instead. "Oh your nose, so lovely it is," I told him with the most devilish grin.

"Jerjie, I'm being serious. We've been together for a while now…and I'm just curious on how you felt about me," he seemed to be apprehensive with his words. His posture no longer the confident giant I've come to know. Jake seemed flushed. How do I tell him how I felt?

Here I am with butterflies in my tummy, my hand being held by someone I trust and care for; life seemed perfect.


In my mind I would play this part over and over again. If I could tell him how I really felt, I might as well explode. It was not just one emotion but a billion of them!

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All waiting to explode if I lit the wick. Those secret feelings I had for him would all burst as fireworks. I held his hand instead and gripped it tight. "Jake you know how I feel about you. Do I need to put it into words? Words lose their meaning as time comes. Actions tend to make a more lasting effect." I kissed his lips as passionately as I could. Slowly. Passionately my tongue licked his lips; I bit his lower lip and giggled. I started to run away from him.

I ran as far as I could from him, he was behind me and catching up to me faster than I thought he would. I ran towards his house and hid behind the bushes. I remember the make out sessions we had at this porch then falling into the bushes, our kiss still unbroken. The memory came to me and the memory went as I felt Jake's hot breath next to me. "I caught you," he proceeded to tickle my sides. He knew my weak spots well.

I laughed into a frenzy. My body aching, my screams getting louder. I felt him kiss me to shut me up. His kiss was more feverish than ever.

His hands all over my body now.


Gripping me as tight as he could. I would return these kisses with moans and groans. He knew I was not far a long my orgasm.

"Jake I love you. If that can sum up all the feelings I have for you. I hope you understand it." I told him as the orgasm took hold of my body and I started to arch my back and moan. Jake smiled at me as the orgasm subsided. His eyes had a brand new hope. I've never seen him smile this way. It was unforgettable. His braces actually showing this time; there was a certain glow to this smile and I was certain to make it my goal to make this moment last.

I took his hand and opened the door into his house. It was dark and open. His parents were in Dallas for the weekend, leaving him and his brother alone. His brother, the party extraordinaire, was helping a buddy plan a huge party at their place tonight.

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I knew I didn't have much time. This moment had to be perfect. I kissed Jake one last time before running up the stairs into his room. I loved going into his room. Everything in here smelled of him. His room was pitch black so as I came running in there I tripped onto his skate board and bruised my knee. Jake came to the rescue, with hello kitty Band-Aids, he knew I loved.

He knew my secrets and I knew his. We laid on his bed together. Cuddling and listening to music. I ran my fingertips across the scars he had on his arms. Seeing these scars reminded me of the scars I had, the scars that can't be seen only felt.

I saw new scars on his arms. The scars jagged. My sight became blurry. Tears started to slide down my cheeks. His pain was my pain. I turned to face him. He smiled at me and said that he loved me as well. He loved me with all his heart.

Told me how he could never do anything to harm me. Told me how he would change the world if he could. How could I believe his words when I knew they were lies? I swallowed the rage that started to evolve.

I swallowed the anger that was about to show. I took pity on him. He was hurt and I wanted to comfort him. I wanted him happy.

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"Jake you know how I told you about my first time?" I asked him dumbfounded. "Yeah. I still want to kill that asshole that hurt you. I can't fucking believe he raped you!" he yelled in a whispered tone. Almost afraid that the memories would come back to haunt me as we lay in this spot. "Well Jake I don't want to remember that as my first time. I want you to be the guy I actually want to give it too.

I feel as though as you deserve it better than him." I said as I closed my eyes. Hearing myself say these words out loud scared me. The thought scared me but actually telling him this brought a new level of fear into my heart."Jerj are you sure?

I don't want to push you into doing this-" "Jake you're not making me do anything. I want to do this; I want to do this with you. I trust you." I whispered into his ear and began to lick it. I started to kiss his neck and slowly nibble. Hearing his breathe go faster and faster made my heart skip. I looked at the clock and it was 11:11; I made a wish. I began to take my shirt off as I was still kissing him. Jake tried to push me down the bed but I straddled him down. I started to unbuckle his jeans, started to undress him.

Slowly I tried to take his boxers off with my mouth. I was tugging them slowly down, leaving small trails of kisses; his hands on my breasts. He rubbed them and pressed them together. He sat up and pushed me down on the bed.

I shrieked at the surprise and allowed him to take control. He bit my lips; he kissed my neck and pulled my hair. I moaned at all this. I enjoyed the feeling of him taking control.

His hand slowly going to my pussy, pinching my nipples as it went. I undid my bra and took my panties off. We we're together stark naked, for the first time. I wanted him and he wanted me. He left trails of kisses as he went to my pussy. I felt panic as I felt him start to lick my most private area. He started to kiss and rub my clit, fingering me as gently as he could.

The amazing feeling came back to me. I was about to cum. I tried to hold it in, making it louder than it needed to be. I screamed as it took hold of my body and Jake started to eat my pussy like a madman. I held his head making him lick it; he nibbled on my outer lips and made me cum again. I had no idea what to do next.

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I felt the need to return the favor he had given me. I told him it was his turn. He lay on his bed, looking at me with surprise as I started to kiss his hard cock. Kissing the head and sucking it. The faces he made were unforgettable. As I started to go down on it he came. He came hard, I chocked on his hot cum. I tried to swallow it but the taste was too bitter and I spit most of it out. Jake looked tired but I was wrong.

"Ride my dick Jerj. Get on it." I got on top of him and slowly started to insert his member inside. It hurt like hell, but it felt so much better than his fingers.

As I got more and more of it inside the pain subsided and I started to grind. He held me and told me go on my own pace.


This feeling of being filled by a hard dick felt amazing. I knew I was going to cum. He kept riding his dick until he pushed me off and got on top of me. He pushed in deeper than I had expected and I screamed. "Oh fuck me. Harder!" I begged for more. I wanted to cum on his dick. He grabbed my boobs hard and sucked on them as he fucked me.

I told him to call me a dirty slut and he looked at me for a quick second and smiled. "You fucking slut, take it." He yelled at me, as he said this I felt his hot jizz inside me. I felt complete as we lay there. The smell of sex in the air.

Our clothes piled everywhere. My hair a mess, his hair still perfect. His dick started to grow limp and popped out of me. We fell asleep for an hour, waking up to my phone ringing. My parents wanted me home. We took a shower together. He started to play with me again but I told him I had to leave. He looked hurt but understood my reasons. I started to dress and felt his eyes watching me. I loved him watching me get dressed, my pussy became wet and I slowly rubbed my clit as he watched.

He approached me and started to kiss me but I wasn't kissing back. I pulled away and got dressed.

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We walked out of his room, hand-in-hand. Smiles on our faces. I'll always remember my first.