Cumdrinking teen fucking her stepdads bff

Cumdrinking teen fucking her stepdads bff
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My 13th year was not going well for me. My hormones were raging, my little breasts were budding, and I had a bad attitude. My parents decided it would be good for all of us to have a time out, and arranged for me to stay with my dad's brother, Jerry, and his wife Kay, for a while during summer vacation. Jerry and Kay were younger than my parents, married only about two years, just starting a family, and trying to make a go of it farming.

Kay was a typical country girl, always a quick smile, reddish hair and freckles, big breasts, and wanting to be a mom more than anything. I learned quickly that when she took her temperature then called Jerry in from the field, that I should go for a walk and leave them alone for half an hour .I had a vague idea what they were doing, but just what I had heard in the girls bath room at school.

I was aware enough to have discovered the wonderful place between my legs, and rubbed it most nights listening to them fucking just down the hall. Neither of them tried to be quiet when they were having sex. Topics about sex, pregnancy and conception were discussed freely in their house, and Kay answered some of the sexual myths I had mistakenly come to believe.

This was a welcome change from my up tight parents. Buddy was their beautiful Labrador retriever. He and I became friends right off, and went for walks, almost from the first day I got there, and aside from his annoying (and embarrassing) habit of sniffing my crotch, he was well behaved, never jumping on anyone and wasn't a dreaded leg humper.

I found a spot in the woods that I loved. There was a log in the middle of a small clearing, and I would sit on the log, with Buddy laying at my feet or sitting with his head in my lap, having me rub his ears.


I sometimes just sat and savored the smell of the vegetation around me, and listened to the birds sing. It was impossible to be angry while sitting on my log. I talked to Buddy like he was my best girl friend, shareing secrets and dreams with him. Other times I would try to imagine what Jerry and Kay were doing, and would get a throbbing between my legs, and wish there were some boys around., If only I were old enough to date.

The freedom was great though, and I loved it. I didn't have to sit like a lady in my little private word, my skirt could ride up, and my panties could show, I could sit with my legs wide open, and no one yelled at me for it. I would feel my nipples under my top, and touch my little virgin pussy through my panties; trace the outline of my pussy lips with my finger, but didn't dare take them down, even in my secluded spot.

Those times buddy would sit and watch, and get this look on his face that was almost like a smile. One day I was rubbing my pussy more vigorously than usual, I had heard Jerry and Kay fucking the night before and the throbbing in my pussy just wouldn't stop. Rubbing through my panties wasn't doing it for me, so giving in to my desire; I took them off and laid them on the log beside me.

Buddy had his nose in the air, sitting in front of me, and I noticed that his cock was sticking out of its sheath, I could only see the tip of it, and it looked very short and thin. Buddy went over and started sniffing my panties. I was afraid he would chew them, so I reached for them; as I did, he smelled my juices and started licking my fingers.

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I turned slightly to drop my panties behind the log so he couldn't get at them, and in doing so he ended up between my legs. He was sniffing deep in to my naked crotch. I pushed on his head to get him to sit back down. For the first time Buddy wasn't mellow, growling when I pushed him away, he had found the source of the smelland his tongue was exploring the insides of my legs, and my pussy. He would sniff then lick.

I scolded him, but to no avail, he kept licking me. The feelings he was causing in my pussy were beyond belief; he was licking at my hole, then to my tiny bud. I looked around to make sure we were still alone, and gave in to the feelings. I pulled my skirt up around my waist and opened my legs to their widest and let him lick. I had heard Kay asking my uncle to lick her, and now I knew why, I was in heaven, this was better than my fingers.

I slid my pussy forward to him, let him lick, till it felt like I had to pee. I twisted away from him trying to control the spasms that were building in my tummy. I had an overwhelming urge to squeeze my pussy muscles. I was gasping for breath and when I touched my little clit the contractions became uncontrollable, sweeping over me in waves, I was having my first orgasm. The next two weeks went almost the same, I would sit on our log, Buddy would lick me till I got that feeling, I was getting it quicker and enjoying it more each time, knowing the feeling wasn't from having to pee, but an impending cum and I looked forward to the contractions and the pulsing in my pussy .I no longer needed to rub my clit, he was making me cum every time with his long wet tongue, and sometimes more than once.

I started wondering how it would feel to have Buddy lick my ass, so I slid down farther, but he still didn't lick back there. The next day I got on my knees hoping he would lick my ass. I was leaning on my elbows, my ass pointed at him and sure enough, he licked from my clit to my ass hole.

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I was really enjoying this new feeling when he stopped licking my ass, and I felt his weigh on me, his paws went around my waist, and he was humping the air behind me, prancing on his back feet. I started to giggle when his thin short little cock started bumping against my butt cheeks, almost tickling.

Then with one of his thrusts he hit my pussy. He stopped, tightened his paws around my waist, and in a heartbeat he was in my virgin pussy. No longer gigglingI was trying to dislodge him, the pain was blinding, and his thin short cock was now thick and long, and getting thicker inside me. He kept fucking me, not allowing me to get away, finally he stopped, and I was able to get him out of me, and stood up quickly so he couldn't get me again.

I danced around in pain, cupping my pussy with my hands trying to make the pain go away. I thought I was bleeding, but the liquid was clear. I was terrified when I realized the liquid was from him. He had cum in me. I didn't walk with Buddy for the next few days. I started helping Kay around the house, asking questions by the thousands. She was really candid with her answers, straight forward, so i had noneof the embarrassment I felt talking to my mom.

I asked several questions about conception, finally getting brave enough to ask if animals could get a woman pregnant.


Kay's reaction surprised me; she started laughing and said "so you have been experimenting with Buddy huh?" Oh My Gosh, SHE KNEW. I wanted to go hide somewhere, my face was burning with shame. She saw that I was totally embarrassed and obviously guilty.

She gave me a big hug, and took me to the kitchen where we could see Jerry coming from the field and wouldn't be interrupted. She started by telling me she once had a good "buddy" when she was about my age. She didn't go in to details about her experience, rather kept asking me questions about what I had done with Buddy till the whole story finally unfolded. I actually didn't feel uncomfortable telling her about it after I found out that she had experimented too. The result was, she advised me not to let him fuck me again unless I had someone to help control him.

Another week of licking went by, I got brave enough to hold his cock till all of it came out of his sheath, I was amazed at how much it grew, fascinated by the big knott in it, and secretly proud that it had been in me.

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I stroked him one day till he cameand it made my pussy throb and ache seeing him shoot his hot doggy cum, making a puddle in the dirt by the logI remembered her advise though, and the pain, so I didn't let him fuck me again. I was aching, my fingers were just not satisfying me.

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After he had fucked me my fingers would fit in my pussy, but that didnt stop the throbbing that I was feeling. I put two fingers in and rubbed my clit and did manage to cum, but there was just something missing.

I finally knew what I wanted to do. I went to Aunt Kay, stuttering, blushing, my eyes diverted down, and asked if she would help me with Buddy. She didn't answer, but her freckled cheeks flushed, her nipples got hard, poking at her thin top and she walked away still not answering me. I figured I had just made the biggest mistake of my young life. The next day, Jerry went in to town to get some supplies, Kay came downstairs and simply said, "go get Buddy".

Unsure of what was going to happen next, but excited and hopeful, I stared calling Buddy and could feel myself getting wet when he came running to me from the direction of the barn.

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Kay was on the couch when we got in the house, and called to me to bring Buddy in there. She patted the couch and had me sit beside her.

She was wearing a dark blue robe, and nothing under it. It was open at her feet and making a vee, framing her shapely muscled legs and a tuft of red hair was visible at the top of the vee.

We talked about the need for secrecy, and I promised I would never tell anyone, so she told me to get undressed. Buddy was prancing and whining, two hot pussies in the same room with him were driving him crazy. Kay said she was going first, but would only let Buddy lick her since she didn't want to take a chance of anything interfering with their efforts to get pregnant. She opened her robe revealing her tits and slid her butt to the edge of the couch and called Buddy.

He was there in a flash, nosing her crotch, licking her pussy. It didn't dawn on me at the time, but it didn't seem to be his first time between her legs. She let out a long low moan, telling me to play with her tits, I got on my knees beside her on he couch and started rubbing her nipples and licking her breasts, hoping I was doing it right, meanwhile Buddy was driving her crazy licking her pussy.

She had his collar in one hand, with the other she reached between us and started rubbing my pussy. It was the first time anyone else had touched my little pussy, other than at bath time, and I totally loved it. I was twisting my hips grinding my clit on to her fingers. Buddy was flicking his long tongue in to her red haired pussy; she was digging at my hole sliding a finger in to me. My pussy was so wet I was dripping on to her palm, and she added a second finger. Then everything froze, Kay's fingers stopped deep in me, she straightened her legs, her toes curled, and she let out a long wailing moan, there was no doubt that she was cumming.

Her whole body went limp and Kay laid her head back, closed her eyesand enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm, Buddy was standing close by, wanting more, I was lying on her breast shaking from my desire, moving my pussy trying to keep her limp fingers in me.

Kay finally moved and much to my disappointment, slid her fingers out of me, and untangled us and got off the couch. I had the terrible feeling she was done and leaving to clean up.

Not so though, she had me get on the floor and bend over the couch, resting my little tits on the soft fabric, my butt sticking back. Kay put her fingers back in to me and moved them in and out, then let Buddy smell them, she held my pussy lips open and this time his tongue went in to my hole, he was fucking me with his tongue. She let this continue for less than a minute, and then gave a strange command to Buddy, "fuck Buddy, fuck" she said, and I saw that his big cock was almost out of his sheath, and soon felt his weight on me again,then they were out of sight behind me, and I could only feel his cock being rubbed around my pussy.

I was still a little afraid after the last time and tensed as the tip of it was guided in to me. Buddy wasn't humping yet, but whined when he felt my wet pussy, she moved his cock side to side a bit, getting it lodged between my pussy lips, and then stroked her hand up and down his cock to get him started humping. So far it was ok, no pain, his cock wasn't hurting, her fingers had opened me up for him.

She released his cock when he started humping, then he was fucking me, thrusting fast and not too deep, I can do this I thought. About that time he drove half his cock in to me with one mighty thrust.

I cried out at his sudden invasion, and If Kay hadn't been there, telling me it would be ok, I might have stopped right then, later I was so glad I didn't.

He was stepping on the backs of my legs, so I spread my knees apart, when I did it opened my pussy and he was in me to his balls. It took my breath away, he was fucking me hard and fast. Kay had moved back on to the couch and I was staring in to her just licked pussy lips, thinking how sweet they must be, admiring her full pussy lips, wondering if mine would look like that one day.

All my attention returned to Buddy, I literally felt his cock getting bigger inside me, just when I started thinking I couldn't take anymore he started whining and came inside me.

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I wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but knew I wasn't happy that he had stopped fucking me, and that my pussy was uncomfortably full. He started trying to pull out of me, but Kay had his collar again, and wouldn't let him pull out or turn around on me.

She was softly telling me to relax, that his knot was inside me, she said it would take a few minutes for it to go down and that I should have fun till it did.

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My pussy was a mass of raw nerves; I hadn't cum yet and started fucking back on to his cock. Kay slid her hand under my tummy and rubbed my clit, she was still holding Buddy, not allowing him to move away. I raised up some to allow room for her to rub my clit, when I did it changed the angle of his cock and his knott hit a spot inside my pussy that made me start pumping back wildly, timing it with Kay's fingers.

I started cumming, crying, screaming and moving my pussy against his huge knot, If I lost contact with the magic spot, I would rotate my hips till I found it again, cumming every time I did.

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I lost all track of time; I still don't remember how many times I came, or how long he was inside me. I remember the flood of cum streaming down my legs when his knot popped out, and remember sliding to the floor and laying there,totally spent, my legs and arms too weak to get me to my room.

I fell asleep with my hand between my legs, cupping my ravaged pussy. Kay covered me with her blue robe and let me sleep for almost two hours.


She woke me and sent me to my room because it was time for Jerry to get back from town. I almost missed the part about "it wouldn't matter if he saw you nude though, he saw you in the woods with Buddy."