Chelsea Romero talks dirty and plays with hard cock

Chelsea Romero talks dirty and plays with hard cock
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This is the second installment to 'A Surprise in the Shower: Hailey's First Time'. Any and all comments and criticisms are highly appreciated. Sorry for the delay in the sequel but I have a demanding occupation and an engrossing social life. Enjoy! _______________________________________________________________ He awoke with the sun casting golden slits on the empty side of his bed.

The bed was a king, soft yet firm, and for all its size the two of them only took up one corner. Him, and his daughter. He had trouble coming to terms with the reality he had helped arrange. She was half on top of him, a leg and an arm stretch out over him as his daughter's naked body pressed against his. It all came to him so suddenly, like the waking of a dream that brought him back to the real world.

Him and his little girl had made love, he remembered. First, in the shower, where passion and lust overtook them. Then they had fallen asleep in each other's arms, here in the bed that he had shared with his wife for the past fifteen years, only to make love in it in the middle of the night when he had awoken to his daughter's eager mouth on his swelling cock.

As sleep faded, he realized he was hard once again. He had not felt so vigorous since he was in his twenties and sleeping with multiple women a month until he had found his wife.

Now, fourteen year old Hailey's body, the sweet little girl he helped bring into this world, was sprawled on top of him not wearing a single bit of clothing. A thin sheet covered the two of them, but he could see right down it to where her firm breasts pressed into the right side of his chest. She had not dried her hair after their shower together and now it hung on him and her in a thick brown frizz.

His cock stirred, rising and pressing against the base of her cute butt. He could still feel the heat from between her legs, and that only excited his passion even more. "Good morning, daddy," he heard his daughter say, her voice still heavy with sleep. He met her eyes, those big beautiful brown eyes that had captivated him for so long now had a different effect.

Her plump lips met his, and he kissed her while palming her thigh with one hand and her lower back with the other, pulling her into him as their tongues met.

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He felt as he could not be close enough to his little girl. "Good morning, baby," he replied after they had broken their kiss. "How did you sleep?" he asked, moving some of her hair out of the way to better look at her angelic face. "It was the best sleep I've ever had," she doted before leaning into him again, her nipples hardening against her daddy's chest.

"Honey," he began reluctantly, "daddy shouldn't have come inside you, you could get pregnant." His words felt awkward coming from his mouth. He had put some thought into what was going on between him and his daughter. Some, not much. Incest crept into his mind. Along with minor, and illegal.

But not having been able to pull himself out of her while they were in the shower was one thing, but both times he had awoken to her wanting body he had spilled his seed deeper inside her still. "I should run to the store and get you a pill. It's safe and we'll be sure you won't get pregnant." He tried to play the role of father, but he felt that was compromised considering all he wanted was to be inside her.

"Not yet," she said, kissing him. She reached her leg over and climbed on top of him. Sitting back, she could feel his hard shaft pressing against her pussy lips. Having daddy in her was the best feeling she couldn't describe, and she wanted it as often as she could have it.

With her mother coming back at the end of the weekend she knew she had to get as much time with him as possible. Leaning forward, she kissed him while she traced the length of his cock with one hand, and picking it up, pressed the head of his stiff manhood right against her little pussy.

She sat back again and gave a pleasurable sigh as her daddy's cock slid in between her soft lips and inside her tender wetness. When she had first taken him inside her in the shower her daddy's cock had been too thick for how tight she was, and it hurt her in addition to pleasing her.

Now, she felt as if he fit perfectly inside her. She bounced up and down on his lap, her cute butt pushed out as she rested her hands on her chest to support herself.

As she rocked up and down, with daddy's cock sliding in and out of her tight, teenage pussy, she felt she could take the entire length of him everyday and it would be the greatest feeling in the world. "Oh daddy.," she moaned as he thrust into her from off the bed. She pushed her breast together as she squeezed his chest and fell back down onto his cock. She felt his fingers pinch and pull on her nipples as a shudder went through her body that made her pussy grow even wetter.

"Oh baby," her father replied, pushing his back up so he could be face to face with his daughter again. As she fell up and down on his swollen cock, he brought one palm to her soft ass and the other on the back of her neck as he planted his lips to hers.

He kissed her deeply as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. As she moaned into his mouth, his baby girl's body shook slightly and came as he was deep inside her. He could not help himself but release another load of his warm cum deep into his daughter. He held her close as their juices mixed inside her. "I love you so much, Hailey," he whispered.

"I love you, daddy," she said kissing him. When he grew soft again he slid himself out of her and laid back down as she laid back to his side just as they had slept. Her hand explored the hair on his chest while his fingers grazed through her thick brown locks.

"I'm going to make us breakfast!" she exclaimed with utter enjoyment. She bounced up off the bed and scurried out of the room, so much so that no matter how firm and tight her body was, all that he loved about her bounced right out of the door with her. He found her in the kitchen working over the stove. She had not bothered to get dressed, but donned an apron that left her backside completely exposed and only covered the very front of her breasts where her nipples were. He slid his hands to her waist from behind her and kissed her neck, his shaft still soft yet easily nuzzled between her firm butt cheeks.

"Do you need any help, baby?" "Mmmmm," show moaned as she stuck her ass out just a little bit, loving the feel of her daddy's cock against her body. "No, daddy. I'm treating you to breakfast so just take a seat." She had made eggs over easy, lightly salted and peppered, some plump sausage that she jokingly sucked the flavor off of, and crispy bacon along with browned toast.

The entire meal, she sat naked on his lap, his cock throbbing and twitching in both exhaustion and anticipation as his shaft pressed against her pussy lips. Her sexuality was almost too much for him.

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In just twelve hours he had come inside her four times, and she seemed to only want more. "Baby, aren't you sore?" he asked as his hand slid between her legs from the front. "A little," she admitted shyly, "but I don't want to stop." "We don't have to stop we can just take a break," he consoled.

He needed a break as well, he felt. Being a man who enjoyed a good meal it was hard for him to comprehend how lustful he felt even while eating the breakfast she had prepared. "But mom get's back in two days, and then I won't get any time with you at all," she pouted. In that brief instant she had ceased becoming a woman and his emotional, fourteen year old daughter had returned.

He was somewhat thankful for that, but also felt guilty. He kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Baby, I don't think I could stop even if I had to," his hand found its way between her legs again. "I love you and I love making love to you. When mom gets back we can't do it in the house when she's here, but we'll still find some time for just you and me." "You promise?" Her eyes opened wide as her stare met his.

"I promise." They shared another kiss while she sat in his lap at the kitchen table. As she cleaned the the dishes he went upstairs to get a real shower and get dressed.

He caught her in the hallway and told her they'd go out for dinner tonight, just the two of them to somewhere nice so she should wear a dress.

The look on her face was of pure excitement, and it warmed him deeply as both a father and a lover. Hailey skipped to her room as giddy as she could remember. She quickly began going through all her dresses and blouses, trying to find something that would impress her dad on their date tonight.

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When the evening came, Hailey stepped downstairs wearing a thin red dress that stopped just short of her knees. It hugged her shapely body tightly and even pressed her breasts up higher showing a bit of cleavage at the low cut.

Her figure curved like a woman's, her hips widened below her waist and her cute little butt stuck out just begging to be palmed. The dress was flush against her, no creases to be found. Her father wore a dress shirt with no undershirt and left the top two buttons open, revealing a scant bit of chest hair.

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He had donned a pair of black slacks along with black shoes. He drank her body in with his eyes as she descended down the steps. And when she finally reached him he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close against him. "You are the most beautiful woman ever, you know that Hailey?" She couldn't help but blush.

"Daddy stop it," she said before he pulled her even closer and tasted her soft lips again. Kissing his daughter made him grow warmer, and his cock soon jumped at the notion and pressed against her thigh. "Looks like he wants to play," she said as she ran her hand on the outside of his pants, tracing his cock as it strained against the fabric.

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"Oh, honey," he fought, "we can't I made us reservations we need to be on time.' Against all his baser instincts, he pushed her hand away. Leading her by the hand they left the front door and got into the year old Mercedes.

The whole drive there he took the scenic route through downtown and adjacent parks. He held his daughter's hand the entire journey and their conversation was nothing but lovely.


She couldn't imagine being on a better date with a better man. The restaurant was a French influenced steakhouse. Hailey settled on the garlic buttered shrimp while her father enjoyed a rare t-bone. Her eyes shone in the candlelight that illuminated the table, and he couldn't bare for a moment to look away from those deep brown pools and that beautiful white smile. Eventually though, his eyes would travel down her neck and to the cleavage she had put on display for him.

And when she caught him staring she called him out and they both shared a quiet laugh. When dinner was over, and their shared slice of crumb cake halfway abandoned, he took her hand in his. "Hailey, I really love you you know," his voice grew quieter, "and not just in the normal way a dad loves his daughter." She knew that of course, but he couldn't help but say it nonetheless.

It seemed before yesterday he was a different man, and that one incident in the shower changed him into something others might see to be a monster, but for him and his daughter there was nothing else in the world. "I love you too, daddy. And I know how you feel and I love you and I love the things we do. I wish we could just be together like normal…" her voice trailed as she grew somber. He squeezed her hand. Normal, he thought.

Why can't we just be normal? Instead, he said, "I know honey, we'll figure something out." Her hand was soft in his, and he ran his thumb on the back of it as he looked longingly into her eyes. "Meet me in the bathroom," she half whispered half commanded, and scurried off before he could even comprehend or raise objection. When he got to the doors to the men's and women's room, she was waiting for him outside.


She grabbed his hand and led him inside the men's room. She felt a woman, so in control and so daring. She didn't know where she had gotten the courage but daddy wasn't fighting it and she was really going through with it. The bathrooms were as exquisite as the restaurant itself.

Rich black marble on the floors, countertops, and the stall doors and walls were a thick dark oak.

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Following his daughter as she squeezed as much of his hand as she could in her little palm, they opened the door to the largest stall and shut it behind them. It took less than half a moment for his mouth to find hers, his hands to run down her body to her thigh and up her dress. She wasn't wearing panties, just as he had thought. His fingers ran up and down her slit, feeling her already growing wetness as he slid a finger inside her.

Her pussy was so tight he could barely fit the second finger. Her hands undid his belt buckle and before he realized her palm was already wrapped around his rock hard cock. They kissed, on and off they kissed, his finger inside her and her hand around his thick cock. Hailey knelt down in front of her daddy and quickly took him into her mouth.

Her puffy lips ran up and down his shaft while her hand rested on the base of his cock. He saw that her other hand was between her legs and he grew even harder still, while his baby girl was hard at work on his throbbing erection. her tongue brushed up and down the head of his cock, around the opening and up and down the length of the underside while her mouth traveled from base to tip. His little girl was ravenous, and he couldn't hold back any longer.

When her mouth reached the base of his cock, he let her know he was coming, and she made no notion to move. His cum shot furiously into the back of her throat. Pulling him out a little, his next shot landed on her tongue.

Her daddy continued firing three more shots of thick, warm cum into his daughter's mouth.

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When he was spent, his daughter slid up and down his cock one more time, leaving not a drop of semen anywhere to be found. She popped his softening cock out of her, swallowed, and smiled up at her daddy. "Jesus Christ baby where did you learn that?" he got out between breaths.

"Did you like it daddy?" her smile was mischievous. "I think you did."