Spanking boy scouts in diapers and real spankings roxy gay Caught

Spanking boy scouts in diapers and real spankings roxy gay Caught
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"What do men want?" "What do women want?" These are the questions that most people really ask when in reality all they need to ask is "what do you want?". Yes it is sex.

Women love sex as much as men love footy. But I'm not here to discuss my friend's game. It wasn't the first time me and my homies had so much; neither it will be the last time. Delhi Jazz festival were the best three days in my life. The music was good anyway but the sex was even better. But before the three days here's what happened "Kritika" what have you done with our savings? asked Manimanjai my roommate after finding out that I had shelled out the savings.

She immediately received a phone call from our mutual friend Anobik saying that he was outside our dorm. Immediately she in her lingerie; anxiously ran out to meet him and try to discover what I had done. I didn't want her to know. Anobik said nothing but little did he know what I had in store for them. I just handed them two tickets and grinned "Here's where we go" Anobik noted that the place was near his and we both could stay over and we agreed to do that. As soon as Anobik left, Manimanjari questioned "You wanna sleep with him too?" to which I replied "Of course I don't wanna sleep with you alone" and tasted her beautiful lips.

Manimanjari had well built body, 5 feet tall, bit dark and stout but always carried a smile that attracted men and women alike. We left to the fest early and Anobik had said that he'd meet us there.

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There he stood, as tall as me 6 inches taller than Manimanjari and quite as lean as me. As I hugged him he whispered "I can't even feel your tits when I hug you" to which I replied "I couldn't even feel you down there" to which his face turned red, but the dimwit added "You're such a pervert" Manimanjari interrupted "Aren't we all.

We'd make a great threesome." Anobik blushed and as the artists began to perform, we anxiously waited for more good music and by nightfall, we were damn tired and we all headed to Anobik's house. We didn't even bother about the beds and we three fell asleep on the huge bed that Anobik had in his bedroom. I dozed off ASAP and had no clue what Anobik and Manimanjari were up to. The next morning, my sleep broke off at 5 and as I was lazy to get up, I couldn't find Manimanjari or Anobik on the bed.

As I turned my head to my left, I saw Manimanjari had bent down and there was Anobik next to him.

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Then I noticed his member was just out of his pants and Manimanjari was soon kneeling down and Anobik guiding his entire length inside of her. I was moistened by the site. I didn't wanna wake up and hence I slid my hand over my panties and then soon over my clit as I saw Manimanjari kissing Anobik's 5 inch erect rod. I wanted it inside of me but I didn't wanna wake up. So I just fapped as Anobik shot his whole load inside Manimajari's throat.

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The whole morning I pretended as it was normal and as soon as we waited anxiously at the Delhi Jazz fest, I whispered into Anobik's ear "So now your cock doesn't like me anymore but it likes hers throat" to which Anobik got furious and said "You never commit to anyone.

What about Arnab, Ashwin, Ishan, Aditi, Shana, Mihir and Somesh. I know you've slept with them all." I couldn't say anything. I knew I was weak. I always needed to have sex to feel something. This empty feeling I've always had seemed to be dying with Manimanjari. I even had thoughts of laying with my father because he was the best but here I stood so damn confused. Everyone was enjoying the fest and here I was wondering whether I lead a sinful life or are cigarettes and sex the only two good things.

I was so lost that I could fuck anyone and forget their name come morning. The emptiness had taken over. I was angry with Anobik and I wanted to fuck him there or rather rape him for pointing out at my life.

The day passed by with me not understanding a thing. Soon the next day, I picked up my sluttiest possible dress and went out with Anobik and Manimanjari. Both couldn't resist taking up photos and posting them to instagram like the internet zombies they are.

The festival got over in no time and both Anobik and Manimanjari thanked me for the suggestion and head out to a restaurant for dinner. Soon the booze and the dishes took their course and Anobik couldn't stop using his legs on both of us. Soon we went back to Anobik's place.

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Manimanjari pulled off his pants and I helped him with the shirt. Soon I smooched Manimanjari and then let Anobik join the kiss. His boner was quite noticeable from the sweaty blue boxer that he wore. Mani pulled off my shortest skirt and Anobik always had a thing for panties and he pulled it off like a magician. He also pulled off the blue jeans and black panties that Manimanjari wore while I took off her yellow shirt and bra.

Soon Manimanjari took off my bra I wore the entire day. Anobik stroked himself while Mani stripped me nude and kissed me. My tiny breasts against her sweaty bigger ones. I was getting moist. Manimanjari knew it and she started gently caressing my clit.

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Soon Anobik too joined. He started licked my clit and soon quit to deliver the same treatment to Manimanjari.

Soon he made us hug each other while he lay both his hands on our butt an then as soon as me and Manimanjari started kissing one another, he slid his index finger into both out anus that made us more an more wet. Soon I grabbed a lube and started applying on his cock. Manimanjari smeared it on his penis with her tongue and before you know it he wanted to deep throat me. He shoved the entire length of his penis inside my mouth.

With the lube on it, it perfectly slid inside me. He just let it stay in for a while before I gagged. He did enjoy gagging me. He then delivered the favor to Manimanjari. Soon he threw Manimanjari on the bed and then started kissing her. She grabbed his erect penis and let it slide inside of her. He just thrust it once before Manimanjari asked me to sit on her face. She buried her face inside my but and started sucking my vagina while Anobik kept thrusting in and out of her.

Soon I was made to lie down and Manimanjari licked Anobik's penis and guide it inside me and said "You're our sex toy, Kritika" Anobik pulled his penis out from my vagina and grabbed his hand and started hitting my clit with. Mani got on top of me and I started licking her from her anus to her clit while she moved.

Anobik's hard penis just kept hitting against my clit. Soon Anobik guide his penis inside of me and within ten strokes, he came inside of me and then dozed off.

Manimanjari winked at me and then grabbed my left tit and started sucking it. I shouted "I wish he would titty-fuck me" to which she smooched me hard and slid her index, middle and ring finger inside me and whispered "I know you enjoy many cocks at once" and then guided her entire fist inside my vagina. I returned the favor by guiding my left hand inside of her vagina while we kept smooching each other.

She soon ejaculated and started fingering me hard. Anobik too joined in and started sucking my erect nipples. "Your tits make you look like a boy, buy girl you're one fucking hottie I enjoy fucking" he whispered as he threw me on the bed and placed his 5 inch erect member between my breasts and started moving his cock up and down. It only kept hitting my neck. He tried squeezing my breasts against his cock but to no avail as I had very very tiny tits.

Soon he quit his quest and started thrusting me from behind. He enjoyed being harsh. He grabbed me by by tits and started pinching my nipples while he kept thrusting me in and out of my anus. Soon he lifted me up against the wall and then thrust his fully erect penis inside of my vagina.

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He kept guiding his cock in and out without my assistance. Soon at the tenth stroke, he came inside of me at the same time when I orgasmed and he smooched me and jumped to the bed. I too hopped in his bed. Manimanjari layed naked with her arms on Anobik's penis. Soon I held his penis and he too guide his hand over my crotch, but before we could do anything, we fell asleep with the door unlocked and our friends invited the next morning.