Security Guard Persuade And Degrade Cute Little Teen Delinquent

Security Guard Persuade And Degrade Cute Little Teen Delinquent
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Kim Watson did her normal morning routines, she always got up an hour before her husband Mark to make breakfast & get their 2 sons ready for school, once Mark got up & had breakfast he'd get showerd, changed, & always left for work at 8am on the dot.

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Kim was a good looking woman, at 37 & married for 9 years she had short blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a nice tight firm body that complimented her 36c boobs, her legs were long & flairing & she'd always have guys drooling over her whenever she went out. During the day when the kids where at school & Mark was at work she'd always be doing her daily duties around the house or would go shopping to get the weekly groceries.

On this particular morning Kim was coming home from shopping when a neighbour spotted her long firm legs stepping out of the car.

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Bob Jackson was a single man who had recently got divorced from his wife, looking at Kim gave him an instant morning erection, he imagined what it would be like to have Kims legs wrapped around him as he pumped his load deep into her body. Fuck this he thought, i gotta try & get me a piece of that ass, so Bob began to hatch his plan of deceit, Bob knew that her husband & kids wern't at home because he'd see them leave 2 hours earlier.

Kim was in the kitchen putting the shopping away when she heard the doorbell ring, who could this be she thought, im not expecting any visitors, Kim opend the door to see Bob standing there, Hi Bob wots up she said, Hi Kim is Mark around i need to speak to him its important, No Bob Marks at work & wont be home until 7pm wots wrong Bob, Awww its just that i need someone to talk to Bob said, Bob then started to put his crocidile tears on, My ex wife is planning on takeing the kids away to another country with her new man & im going through hell at the thought of it, i just dont know what to do anymore, he said with false tears running down his face, Well come into the house Bob you can speak to me about it Kim said feeling so sorry for her neighbour.

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Bob enterd the house & Kim went to make them both a cup of coffee, Bob looked at Kim from behind & thought Yes im halfway there. Kim made them both coffee & they sat in the living room on the sofa chatting about Bobs false problems, Oh Bob it must be awful for you going through this alone Kim said, Kim i just dont know what im going to do, i just want to curl up & die Bob said, Kim reached out & offerd Bob a hug of comfort, Bob wrapped his arms around her back & hugged tightly into her, he could feel her warm breasts against his chest as he did.

It was time he thought into himself to make the move he'd been planning on all morning.

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With his mouth so close to her neck Bob began to gently stroke her back through her dress, next he started to softly nuzzle at her long white neck. Kim wasnt sure what to do, she wasnt sure if she should pull away or just let Bob have comfort with her this way, she felt almost motherly towards him, like he was her baby just wanting to feel the warmth of a mothers love. Bobs cock was now rock hard, he could feel Kims bra strap through the back of her dress, he moved his lips up to Kims lips & began kissing her passionatly, he gently slipped his tongue into her mouth & began licking on her tongue, Kim was in a world of her own by now & began to tongue back into Bobs mouth.

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Bob moved his hands to the buttons of her dress & began unbuttoning the dress, once he had all the buttons opend the dress fell losely around her slim white body.

Bob pulled the dress completly off her & began to open her white bra, her 36c boobs spilled out into his view. Bobs plan had worked, he was now in the living room of his married neighbour & she was totally under his spell.

Grabbing at both her boobs Bob began to pinch the nipples, they poked out at him invitingly as if to say bite me, Bob did just that, he began to lick at each boob & then took the left one into his mouth & bit hard on Kims tender nipple, Kim was now gently strokeing the back of Bobs head willing him to feed on her body, Bob moved his hand down her smooth stomach & into the cotton white panties she still had on, She felt Bobs fingers part her vaginal lips & push 2 fingers inside her.


OH BOB she cried THIS IS SO WRONG BUT I FEEL SO GOOD, Bob was now smileing to himself, he knew she was his now, He pulled his fingers out of her damp vagina & put them to her mouth, she greedily lick & sucked her juices of them, Bob pulled the cotton white panties down her legs till they were completly off & she was sitting on the couch completly naked.

Bob lifted her of the couch & carried her up to her marital bedroom that she shared with her husband Mark, Once inside he set her on the bed naked & Bob stripped off all his clothes, she starred at his cock, WOW ITS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN MARKS she though to herself, she reached over to Bob & pulled him by the cock onto her bed, she got Bob to lay down flat on his back then proceeded to kiss from his torso down to his belly then down to the hard cock that Bob had waiting for her.

She saw the precum on Bobs cock & gently began to lick at the slit of his cock, tasteing another mans cum & enjoying the taste of it, she then engulfed her whole mouth around his cock & began to suck like a woman posessed, she had only sucked on her husbands cock 2 or 3 times during their 9 year marriage because she didnt like the look of Marks cock, she always thought he had an ugly looking cock, But Bobs was a beauty she thought.

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