Hot teen dancing in awesome tights

Hot teen dancing in awesome tights
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############################# Part 3 June woke up about 11 AM and noticed she was in bed in just her yellow panties. She remembered the nightclub and then getting in the car but that was all. She went into the kitchen to get some coffee and aspirin for her headache "dam what happened and who undressed me and oh shit what did I do last night?" Nita just looked at her mother and with a very devilish smile said, "well your date carried you into the house passed out and put you to bed." She did not tell her she was the one that undressed her.

"Oh no so he undressed me?" June was upset and then a little thrilled at the thought of James undressing her while she was unconscious.

"What did he say? You were here? Why did you let him do that?" "Easy mom I never said he undressed you. I did and he was very nice, actually too nice but what the hell we don't get nice around here very often do we?" "Hey you be nice to him, he is probably the nicest man I have known in long time." "Oh come on mom his is an old man." "Hey he may be older than me but that does not make him an OLD man." "Oh so you two got all hot and sexy did you?

Gees mom you want to fuck him or what?" "Hey watch your mouth about him. No nothing happened, well at least I don't think so. Hell I hope I see him again so I can apologize." "Oh I think you will see him as he said he would call this afternoon." "So you two talked did you and what did you talk about?" "Oh not much, he was actually a little embarrassed about the whole thing." June drank her coffee, took the aspirin and went to take a shower.

She was thinking a lot about James and the mess she had made of the date. Nita had followed her mother into the bathroom and then stripped and gotten in the shower with her. Taking the soap she started to wash her mother but June stopped her. "Not now Nita I have too much on my mind and I just want to think." June was not sure what to do about James but she did not want him to disappear. Nita was a little taken back and then a little hurt.

The sexual goings on in the family and been so intense and nobody had ever resisted or denied her before. Then the hurt turned to jealous anger and she stormed out of the bathroom to the living room where she turned on her computer. She put in the DVD she had of the group shower and fuck thinking of all the things she wanted to do. Maybe she would share this with that James fellow and see what he would think of her mother then. But, watching the DVD soon had Nita horny and she just rubbed her pussy till she had a small orgasm.

She left the house soon and went to see Sarah and the both of them decided to go to the PIT. Jerry had called and said he was not going to be home as he had run into some friends and they had gotten a little drunk so he stay with them.

He also mentioned that they had met some girls and if he got lucky he would not be home tonight. June was alone, her head hurt and she was not in really good mood when the phone rang. "Hello, oh hi James, …&hellip. I am fine and just getting my day started and Oh I am so sorry about last night." She went on for a minute or two about how that does not happen and never again and she would like to see him again.

When she finally stopped James simple said, "So you want to see me again, good I will be there in 10 with something for your breakfast." He hung up before she could protest and just stood looking at the living room in a daze.

In a moment she recovered and the panic hit. She looked at the house and it was a mess. Dam kids never pick stuff up. She tried to pick up and then realized she had run out of time and she was only wearing only a very short robe after her shower. Her hair was a mess, no makeup and oh god I have to hurry. She put on a pair of black boy cut panties and a white lace bra.

Then she put on a blue shirt and tied it below her breasts leaving the cleavage showing nicely. Then she found a pair of tight fitting white shorts with cuffs. She had no more than gotten the shorts on when the bell rang. James was there with a tray form the local fast food with coffee and breakfast.

She looked at him and there was feeling in her she had not felt for some time. "Oh I did not want you to come by so soon I look a mess and the house is terrible. I am so sorry about last night. I just don't……………&hellip." He had reached out and put a couple of fingers on her lips. Then he bent in and replaced his fingers with his lips and kissed her softly.

"That is for the promised kiss last night, if you remember and if not, too bad. Now stop the apologizing and going on so about the house and your looks, you're beautiful, period." June did not know what to say or do so she just reached out grabbed his head and pulled him to her and kissed him hard and with a touch of tongue to his lips.

Then holding his face looked at him, "your something else mister, now let's have some breakfast." Walking through the living room to the kitchen, James notices the laptop on the coffee table and the empty DVD case next to it. He smiles and remembers what Nita had been looking at on TV. June got plates and trays out so they could eat in the living room and when they sat down James pushed the laptop aside and picked up the DVD cover. "Looks like your daughter was watching something on her laptop and left it on.

Better close it and turn it off." As he reached for the laptop she realized what was on the DVD and panicked. She pushed the lid down, "oh that is just a DVD she had from a friend and we probably should not pry into it." "Well if it is like what she was watching last night it is pretty sexy." James then explained what he had seen and what Nita had said. June was at a loss for words. He was going to run she was sure he would not want any part of her sex crazy family. She looked at him with a look of questioning surrender.

"Well your daughter and son have some interesting taste in TV watching. Hey in this day it seems everybody has watched porn of some sort. I have watched a lot over the past couple of years so who am I to judge and your family is your business." "So you watch porn do you?" James smiles, "hey I am an older man alone and women are not breaking my door down. Yes I watch porn for same reason millions of others do. So maybe we can change the subject. How about you and I go to the beach today, just the two of us?" "Oh I don't know I should keep an eye on Nita but let me see what she is doing." She called Nita and the talked for a few minutes with some heated words about the DVD.

Then she turned to James, "could we give Nita and her friend a ride to the beach. They will be on their own once we get there." The look she gave him would get her just about anything and so the four of them were going to the beach. June had put on a nice bikini under a blouse and shorts and was feeling a little naughty.

Nita and Sarah had come back to change as Sarah had been leaving her bikini at Nita's, it being so small she was afraid to wear it at home. James was sitting in the living room with all the commotion of the females changing. He looked down the hall a couple of times and saw a young naked body running to another room. There was some laughing and giggling and he heard old man mentioned a couple of times. Nita was a little put out her mother was going to the beach with some old stranger but then Sarah had made a comment about how handsome he was.

The use of the word handsome had made the girls giggle, still they both agreed that June had good taste in men and he did seem nice. Sarah had actually said she would like to see him naked and wondered if old men's cocks looked different. That led to more talk about James's physical attributes.

June hurried the girls up and noticed that they both wore the smallest of bikinis. At the beach the girls helped move everything from the car. James turned to the girls, "Well thank you girls for helping unpack the car. We will be here until 6 so be sure to check back and don't get too much sun. I have lotion and you should have some put on now." "Okay", and they both took off their shorts and tops.

Both girls had the skimpiest of bikinis on and the reaction from James was instantaneous. "Oh nice girls, you're going to go around here like that. You will have every pervert after you." June chimed in, "Oh James you're over reacting, look around and you will see most of the young girls are wearing the same." He did look and sure enough they all seemed to be wearing similar, near nothing, bikinis. That is when June took off her top and shorts exposing her very small bikini.

He looked wide eyed and mouth open. "Well you girls all are very hot in those bikinis. I don't think I have seen 3 more beautiful females." He reached into a bag next to him and pulled out 2 tubes of lotion. "Okay here, be sure to put this on now. June you want me to put some on your back?" ne looked at James with a very sultry look, "You can put it on my back and front if you would like." June laid on her front on the blanket and unties the strap to her top.

"There you can put some on my back now." James looked at a very sexy nearly naked body and his cock got hard. All he could think was how much he wanted to fuck this woman. "Oh with pleasure, a lot of pleasure." Filling his hands with lotion he began to rub her back. He actually massaged her back starting at the shoulders and moving down. Then he did the legs and massaged them as well.

James was straddling her legs looking up her back and looking very deeply at her butt, the crack and the inner thighs as his hands moved all over her body. His mind was going, "oh god I want this woman, I want to caress her naked body to kiss every inch. I want to make her moan and scream with pleasure." His hands moved all over her lower back and then the exposed butt cheeks.

The girls had put lotion on their fronts. Sarah had been watching James and, the way he was applying lotion to June's back and legs, had actually turned her on. "Oh please mister would you put some lotion on my back?" Before he could answer Sarah had laid down next to June and untied her top.

James was a little taken back but then not thinking too much about it he applied a big amount of lotion to her back and spread it around. As his hands moved over the young soft smooth skin he became aroused. He looked at the firm hard buns with the very thin bikini now bunched between them. He put lotion on her legs and then she spread them so he could apply to the inner thigh area. His cock was rock hard now. "There you go all set for the sun." "You forgot my cheeks, put some on please, hate to have a sunburned bum." Then she wiggled her hips in a playful manner.

James looked and then, "Okay but you have to lay still." Oh dam this is not happening. I want to fuck the woman and here I desire this girl.

Dam she has such a cute ass I would really like to get her naked. The feel of his hands on her body had actually made her feel excited. When his hands touched her cheeks her pussy got wet.

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Dam she thought this old man has got a very sexy touch and I would like him to put lotion all over my body. Mmmm wonder how I can get him to do that. She is actually enjoying me putting the lotion on her and I swear she let out a very soft moan when I rubbed her cheeks.

Nita had put lotion on her front and was watching James apply it to her mother back and then Sarah had just lay down for him to put it on her. She could see Sarah was getting turned on by the way her hips moved and then her body was tensing. She saw the way his hands move over her back and then on the cheeks with the massaging and squeezing. Nita was getting turned on watching this man touch her mother and friend and she though, what the hell do me too.

"Hey I could use some lotion too." She plopped down on the blanket next to Sarah and undid her top straps. James just looked at 3 nearly naked females in front of him and could not believe his luck. Dam I am going crazy for sure but I better be careful.

One is legal but the other 2 are jail bait for sure. Still I can have some fun. With that he applies lotion to Nita's back and legs and finally her cute firm bum.

He stood up and then grabbed a bag and headed to the dressing room. "I am going to put on my trunks be right back." As soon as James was gone June rolled to her side and told the girls, "hey I though you two were going to be off on your own. So what this having James put lotion on you, you could have done for each other.

This is my man so back off, I don't need to be competing with two very young girls." "Oh mom, he is old enough to be our father and he is interested in you. I could see the way he looked at your legs and your ass when he applied lotion to it. He wants you not a couple of little girls." "Listen sweetie, you two are a couple of very sexy little girls and any man regardless of age would do you both.

So you grab a blanket and head off somewhere to attract some boys your own age and leave James to me." "Oh all right. We were not going to take him away anyhow." Sarah rolled over and tied her top, "hey speak for yourself, I like the way his hands felt on my back and mmmm if he wanted to do my front I sure would let him.

I would like to feel his hands all over me and I do mean all over." "Alright, that's enough, you both get away now before he gets back." Too late, James was walking toward them at that moment.

Now the three nearly naked females had really turned James on and the fact that he had taken his pill and put on the ring, just in case, he was sporting a rather big hard on. He had hoped it would not be visible but there was a slight bulge in his swimsuit. The girls had just gotten up and were tying up their tops as James came back. Both of them looked at him and then looked really hard as they could see the bulge between his legs.

Nita whispered to Sarah, "you see that?" "Oh ya how could I miss that, I wonder if it looks all old and wrinkled." "MMMM nice thought well lets go before my mom has a fit." The two smiled to James and hurried off with a giggle. He saw the two look and then hurry off and was sure they had spotted his hardon. With a smile on his face he settled in beside June and touched her back, "so we are alone now, you're not sleeping are you?" June was resting very peacefully when he sat next to her and his touch startled her so that she rolled over quickly and in doing so her breast was exposed.

"Oh what, oh sorry, dam you startled me. Well good thing I am not all that modest. So did you get a good look?" "Well if your referring to a quick look of a very firm round breast, yes I did, and might I say they go along with the rest of the body." He looked her up and down very slowly admiring the well-shaped calves, the very nice thighs and the firm round cheeks of a nice ass.

"Well woman I feel very lucky that you are here with me. I looked around the area and there were more than one fellow eying you." His cock jumped as he thought of touching her body and the, oh so, nice tits. The sight of the firm breast with the very dark areola surrounding the nipple had his mind reeling. He lay down alongside her and she looked at him and smiles, "hey you need some lotion on you too." She sat up and tied the top around her neck and in doing so gave him another peek of her tits.

"Now lay on your back and I will lotion up your chest." The then straddled his waist and with both hand started to rub lotion all over his shoulders and chest. She was sitting on his waist and her butt cheeks were pressing on his hard cock. He was not sure what to do but just lay back and enjoy.

Her bikini bottom barely covered her cheeks, in fact after wiggling about it was just a big thick string between her butt cheeks. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations and thoughts racing through his body. "You know I really owe you for last night. Seems you were very much the gentleman, oh so my daughter tells me. Most men would have taken advantage of a drunken woman." "Well I guess I am not most men and besides sex with a drunk is not fun or enjoyable for either party.

Well at least that is my opinion." "So you want your partner to be sober? MMMM guess I had better not drink now?" She bent down and very lightly kissed his lips.

His eyes were closed and he heard what she said and then felt her lips on his, which caused him to react instinctively and he simple wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him kissing her hard. She wanted this man and she did not resist in the slightest. When he pulled her to him and kissed her, she slipped her tongue between his lips without hesitation. The feel of her body against his naked chest, the feel of his chest hair against her belly and breast was causing her pussy to get hot and wet.

"She broke the kiss and rolled to the side and left her head on his shoulder. "If that is how you apologize for getting drunk I guess I will have to get you drunk more often." "Not a chance cause I remember what you said about both parties being sober", and she stroked his chest down to his belly and slid her hand back and forth over the bare skin just above his trunks. His cock jumped as her hand touched his belly and he no longer cared who saw what.

"mmmm you keep that up and we are going to need a motel room and I do not see any around here so you better just take it easy." Lifting her chin with his fingers he kissed her very gently. "There is nobody watching and we can have some fun without a room", and with that she slid her hand down his belly and slid her fingers behind the waist band.

She pushed her hand down until she felt the pubic bush and then entwined her fingers in the hair and pulled. "Stop that you little vixen you will make me have an accident and then I do not have any more trunks." He wanted to pull her hand out of his trunks but only reached down and held it to keep it from going lower.

His cock was hard and jumping with anticipation. She looked up and smiled with a very devilish grin. "Oh it will be no accident believe me." She moved up to whisper in his ear, "when you cum it will be on purpose and we both know it." Then she bit his ear in a very playful manner and flexed the fingers in his crotch.

At that moment they heard some people coming towards them and she pulled her hand out and then kissed him hard and fast. "Till later my sweet man." Then she lay alongside him. He laid still not sure just what to do but thinking about what was to come. All the goings on had been closely observed by Nita and Sarah. Sarah was intrigued and a little turned on but Nita as sort of jealous and a little angry.

Sarah was thinking about sex only, "wow did you see your mother put her hand in his pants. I bet they do it today for sure. Hey maybe we can watch? Do you think they will do it here or at your place?" "I cannot believe she is doing that with an old man. Geez she is crazy, that old man probably cannot get a hardon long enough to fuck anyone." Nita was getting very jealous and she could not understand why. "Hey lets go down there and see what is going on." Sarah wanted to see up close the sexual interaction between June and James.

She was really turned on now and wanted to be pleasured in any way possible. The boys behind them had finally decided to come over and see if the girls were first old enough and then if they wanted to play some volleyball. The girls lied about their age as the boys were all over 18 so the girls said they were 18.

Now neither looked that much like 18 but horny boys will accept any answer from cute sexy girls. So instead of intruding on June and James, the girls played volleyball and drank beer the boys offered.

Neither girl had much experience with drinking, so with the heat, the sun and the exercising the beer went to their head in a hurry. Soon they were laughing and giggling and the boys were getting a little more touchy feely during the game. At one point when one of the boys made a play he deliberately let his hand fall down and pull Nita's top down exposing her breast fully. "Oh sorry but I just sort of lost control when I spiked the ball.

Wow you got nice tits girl." He was hoping she would sort of get into it and maybe things would get hotter. Nita started to pull her top up but stopped when he complement her tits. "Oh so you like them do you well have a good look." She cupped each in a hand and lifted them up, well as much as there was. She had not fully developed and so they were a nice handful but not big like her mother. "Oh nice and such sweet nipples." He reached out and stroked the top of her tit and then took a nipple between fingers and pinched.

"Maybe you should play topless." "Oh you want me to be bouncing around half naked. Ya and the cops will have us all in jail." MMMM they all have hardons now and I bet I could get them all to fuck me. I wonder what it would be like to fuck 5 boys at once. Sarah was just watching the action and then when the boy grabbed Nita's nipple she was a little scared. "Hey stop that Nita you should cover up. Maybe we should go?" "Oh its okay he was only being funny and we are not going anywhere, well at least I am not.

Hey I want another beer." She went to the sideline and grabbed a beer from the cooler and drank almost all of it. Nita was getting very drunk and Sarah, although a little drunk, was getting a little upset. One of the boys came up behind Sarah and untied her top exposing her breasts and then reached around and cupped them.

He pinched each nipple hard which hurt Sarah. "Hey your friend showed us all her tits now its your turn, oh nice." Sarah spun around and tried to cover up. "Stop itdon't touch me." She tried to cover up but the boy was also drunk and horny so he grabbed the ties at the side of her bottom and pulled.

This caused her bottom to fall away and her pussy with the very light covering of was fully exposed. The other boys hooted and pointed. The boy by Nita now untied her bottom exposing her pussy. The boys were all laughing and pointing and then a couple reached out and started to pet the tits and one tried to finger Sarah's pussy. Both girls struggled to cover up and when the boy touched Sarah's pussy she screamed. James and June heard the scream and were up and running. When they got to the volleyball court they saw exactly what was happening.

James grabbed the boy by Sarah, spun him around and pushed to the ground. "you boys had better get lost in a hurry before you end up in jail or hospital." The boys at first thought about taking on one old man, drunks are stupid, but when he explained about their age they grabbed the cooler and ran off.

"You girls okay?" It had all happened so fast that both girls had not recovered enough to put their suits back on. It wasn't until James spoke to them did they realize they both were very expose to him. Nita covered herself in a hurry and was a little embarrassed but Sarah was a little slower. Sarah was embarrassed but she was also a little turned on. She saw the bulge in his trunks and then she remembered what she had seen before. Still she covered herself then asked James to tie the back.

"Are you both okay?" Nita replied for both, "yes we're fine they just got a little to playful is all". "That was not playful that was stupid drunkenness and I do not put all the blame on them. You two have to accept some. What the hell were you thinking, drinking with those boys? You're lucking we were close by or you would have been in whole lot of trouble." Some other people had started to gather as they had heard the scream. James sent them off with a simple explanation.

June went up to Nita and grabbed her elbow hard, "just what the hell were you doing? You want to get yourself and Sarah in a lot of trouble or what?" Nita got attitude and sassed back, "we just wanted to have some fun and you and him were not going to let us stick around with you. Not the way you were acting a little ago." June was a little taken back but recovered and got very angry, "what I do or do not do is none of your business LITTLE girl and if you are going to play with fire maybe I should just let you get burnt good next time." "Easy ladies I think we all need to get back to our little place in the park and settle down." James sort of herded the females back to the blankets and cooler.

"I think you two need to have something to eat to sort of counteract the alcohol. You have a lot to learn about drinking and getting drunk. The alcohol was in full control of both girls now and Nita just let go, "ya I guess most fellows are not like you, they would just do a drunken woman without a care.

Well those boys sure got close, hell if it hadn't been for you I might have been fucked by those 5. " She staggered and sat down with a thud then slowly fell backwards as she passed out. June moved to her side," oh I am sorry for her conduct I don't know what to do" James bent down and helped June up and then bent down and picked up Nita and put her in the shade.

Sarah was drunk but not as bad, still she lay down next to Nita. James gave Sarah a sandwich and water which she took gratefully. She looked at James and got a rather warm fuzzy feeling in her.

Everyone settled down and ate lunch, well except for Nita. The afternoon went nicely. Nita woke up in a couple of hours and Sarah filled her in on all the happenings. James and June had actually gone swimming and were in the water when the girls decided to join them.

The water was up to James waist and so was just below June's breast. The girls actually swam up to them and when standing the water was to their shoulders. Nita looked up at James and had a wild idea, "Hey can I dive off your shoulder?" "What are you talking about?" "I climb up and stand on your shoulder and dive off." "Oh, right, well I suppose and just how are you going to climb me." James was just a little turned on by the idea.

June at first thought to stop it but then though what the hell let her have fun and maybe she will stop being such a pain around him. At first neither could figure out how to start and then James held out an arm and bend his leg so she could stand on his thigh. She then used his head and in doing so rubbed his head with her little tits. One tit actually rubbed across his eye and she move up.

Then she straddled his shoulder with her legs and finally had both legs around his neck. Then taking his hands she slowly put a foot on his shoulder and stood up. She let go of his hands and then he grasped her ankles. "Hey look I did it, wow what a view. Okay on 3 let go of my ankles and I will dive. One, two, three." She dove and surfaced quickly, "nice maybe I can get enough push off to do a flip." Nita was a good swimmer and had been diving for a couple of years.

"Hey my turn", and Sarah swam up to James and grabbed his arm pulling herself very tightly to him. She clung to his arm and her body was rubbing against him, which sort of turned her on as she liked the feel of her tits being rubbed. Then there was the forbidden fruit, being touched by an OLDER man. Well James bent his knee again and Sarah quickly climbed on and started to move higher when her foot slipped and she fell against James crushing her tits into his face.

Her arms were wrapped around his head and his face was buried between her two firm round breasts with very little covering. She was holding him so tight he was having trouble breathing and had to pull her arms off setting her back into the water.

"I don't think that way is going to work to well. Maybe we do this, you stand with legs apart and I go under water and come up between then so when I stand I you are on my shoulder. "Oh you want to get between my legs do you?" Sarah could not believe she said that but then in thinking she wondered just what it might be like. He was sure bigger than the boys but was he bigger in all ways.

She smiled, "Okay you can get between my legs now." James heard the comment and was just a little taken back with the boldness of it. Still he remembers last night and is sure these two young girls were not as innocent as one would think and so he thought to play along a little.

"Okay then spread your legs wide because here I come." He dove down and went between her legs grabbing her ankles and then quickly arched his back so his neck slammed against her pussy with some force. He was then standing up with her on his shoulders. "There that was easier than climbing up. Now give me your hands and put a foot on my shoulder." "Wait a moment let me get my balance and get ready." Actually she just wanted to feel her pussy rubbing against his neck.

The slam of his neck against her pussy had sent some very sexy feeling through her. She then did the same as Nita only the dive was not as graceful and in fact was a belly flop. When she surfaced she looked a little ill.

That was the end of the swimming for Sarah. The rest of the afternoon went fine. The drive home was quiet as the girls were tired. June actually moved as close to James as she could in the seats and played with his hair and teased his ear.

James was feeling great. Dam this was one great day and boy did I get an eye full and more. At the house they all pitched in and unpacked then the girls showered and dress in a hurry as they were going to the mall to hang out. June had not changed out of her bikini and was walking around acting very seductive.

As soon as the girls were gone she walked over to James and put her arms around his neck and look into his eyes, "mmmm thank you so much for a wonderful day." Pulling his head down she kissed him hard. James just let her have her way and then he wrapped his arms around her tight. He felt her tongue touch his lips and he opened up and sucked her tongue into his mouth. The passion of the kiss deepened and soon his hands move up and down her bare back.

Then he broke the kiss and moved to her neck and kissed and bit her neck and shoulder. She wanted him and so she bit his neck and shoulder. "Oh god I want you I want all of you." Her lips were on his neck as her hand worked to unbutton his shirt. He could not stop now and reached the back of her neck and untied the bikini ties then the back ones.

He let her remove his shirt before going down to kiss her breast and then tease her nipples with his tongue. She grabbed his head and pull it to her breast, "oh suck them now suck them hard." His mouth closed over a tit and he sucked hard and deep.

He could feel the nipple, now hard, as it passed over his teeth and touch the roof of his mouth. He closed on her tit biting harder and harder.

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June liked some pain some times and now she wanted more. "Oh bit my tits hard you bastard you, bit them hard." James was biting her tit as hard as he dared and his hands were roaming all over her back and then he untied the string to the bottom. Now she was naked and very hot. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed hard, pulling them apart and squeezing them back together.

He stopped biting her tit and moved down over her belly kissing every square inch possible. Sucking and biting, kissing and licking he moved lower and lower. She moaned, "oh god yes oh eat me eat me good you dirty bastard you." She pushed his head lower. James could not believe it as she moaned and told him to eat her.

His tongue was moving lower and lower. The tip of his tongue found the split between her pussy lips and he wiggled it until she moaned louder. He felt her body shudder and shake with passion. As he parted her pussy with his tongue and drove it deep into her. She was wet and wanting and James was ready.

He licked and sucked hard and fast. Her legs buckled and she went down with James spreading her legs wide to get better access to her wet pussy. He spread her pussy with two fingers from each hand and then attacked her with tongue, teeth and fingers until she arched her back and moaned then screamed as her hips bucked up and down.

The orgasm was good and now it was his turn. "Alright you, give me that hard cock." She undid his pants and pushed them down. As his cock sprang up, "oh look at this so big and hard and what's this thing?" "A little help to keep it hard long enough for you to enjoy.

So now enjoy it." James took the back of her head with a hand and pulled her to his crotch. "Eat that you nasty little slut, oh you such a dirty little bitch I am going to enjoy fucking you every way possible." The feel of her lips parting around his cock sent electric shocks through his body.

He only hoped he could keep it hard long enough to fuck her good. "Ah, oh bitch you suck good." The feel of her tongue licking the end of his cock was driving him crazy and when she used her tongue to probe the hole at the end his whole body shuddered with pleasure. "Oh god stop, stop or you will have me shooting my load now and I want to shoot it some where else." James pushed her back and stepped out of his pants.

She was lying on her back naked on the floor and waiting for him. James wanted her so bad but also wanted to enjoy her as long as possible. He still wanted to bury his hard cock in her pussy so spreading her legs wide he fell on her. June could feel her legs spreading and then his hard cock rubbing on her pussy lips. She wanted his cock now and reached down and took hold to guide it into her pussy. The feel of the head against her pussy sent a thrill through her causing her to buck her hips forcing his cock head to spread the lips and penetrated her.

As soon as his cock head penetrated her he lost control, as if he had any, and arched his back forcing his cock fully deep into her. "AHHHHHHHH," was all he could say and she moaned and bucked her hip up as he rammed his hard cock down. He was sure he hit her cervix but no matter he then started to thrust in and out. Full stroked, all 7 inches of his 1 ½ inch diameter cock, went in and out with increasing speed.

Soon his body started to shake, "ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh fuck ah yes fuck". June was getting very hot and moaned loudly, "Oh yes fuck me you hunk fuck me hard and deep. Fill my pussy you dirty bastard, ah fill it now." Her hips bucked up and down meeting his thrusts. James's body quivered and he thrust deep and hard as he exploded into her shooting all he had, not much but more than he had in a long time.

June's body responded to his climax with a clinching of her pussy gripping his cock with the kegel muscle like a vise. She could feel his cum filling her pussy to max and it seemed to shoot into her forever. It was warm and she could feel it oozing out and down her butt crack. She squeezed harder and then she could feel it getting softer. "Oh dam", she thought he is going to lose it and quit.

James realized his cock was starting to lose the erection and so he pumped and thrusted as fast and hard as he could. She realized he was not done and the feel of his cock sliding in and out drove her wild. The sensation of the orgasm raced through her body causing her to squeal and shake.

He felt her body shake and heard her squeal as her pussy gripped his cock hard. She pulled him to her biting his neck while her fingers racked his back and her legs encircled his hip. James had not had cum so hard in a long time and so he had pumped a lot of cum he never thought he had. Rolling to his side and back he held her on top. Taking her face in his hands he kissed her softly and looked at her, "dam woman you are one wild animal and I love it.

I only wish I had more in me to give you but I think you have taken just about all I have." "Oh I am in no hurry and I bet you have a lot more than you think you have." With that June bend and kissed him with a lot of passion and tongue. Her lips moved to his neck and ear then shoulder and down. She kissed his chest and teased his nipples then moved down to kiss his belly and down.

She kissed his knees and moved up his leg. She kissed him all over from the hips down then cupped his balls and kisses them while using a finger to tease the back of the scrotum. ******************* "Oh god woman ah, that is ah." His cock had started to harden again. "Oh you amazing bitch you are, ahso good, ah.

Oh eat my cock you little slut suck it good." He grabbed her hair and pushed her to his cock now hard again. She loved the taste of him and the thought of him getting a hard on again was a real turn on.

She loved him calling her names because it meant he was not some old fashion prude and things were only going to get better. She sucked licked and stroked his cock and massaged his balls. Then she felt him move so as to get into a 69 position with her. The feel of his head between her legs was a real turn on. When his lips hit her pussy and found her clit, AGAIN, she moaned and sucked his cock hard and deep.

Soon his fingers and hands were massaging and probing her butt and ass. Not only was he sucking her clit hard but now his fingers were probing her ass. She almost bit his cock when she felt his index finger slip into her anus. As the finger pushed deeper she sucked harder and faster. She bucked her hips into his mouth when he pushed a second finger into her ass.

She loved it and her body went wild as he sucked her clit while probing her ass with two fingers on one hand and two finger in her pussy with the other hand. June loved sex and the fact he was doing so much to her at once drove her wild. Her body bucked and tensed causing her to actually bite down on his cock and to squeeze his balls hard.

James felt the teeth on his cock and the pressure on his balls at first was painful and he pleasurable. For the first time in a long time he started to shoot a load of cum.

She felt his cock pulse and then there was a squirt of cum hitting the back of her throat. It was not much but I was enough for her. She had had an orgasm a moment before as his fingers wiggled in her ass and pussy at same time. They lay on the floor in each other's arms naked and exhausted. "Hey I think we should get up and either go to your room or I should go before the girls show up." June first thought, "hell they have seen and done more", but figured he would probably not understand and so just suggested, "oh ya right will maybe you should go but first you better shower." "Okay good idea I am a little sticky." June showed him the shower, which he marveled at, and got him started while she went and got some clothes for herself.

When she returned she could not help but get into the shower with him and help him wash. It did not take long before he was ready to fuck her again and without much said he had her bent over and was fucking her from behind doggy fashion. He was did not have much left and he came fast this time before June was able to have an orgasm. James realized she had not orgasmed so he pushed her to the wall and got on his knees to eat her pussy. So with the shower pouring down on him he licked and suck her to an orgasm.

It was not a world shattering orgasm but the fact he had made a point to do it made her feel so good about him that nothing mattered now. They got out of the shower and dried each other off. There was a lot of tender kissing but no more heave sex. James did not have it in him. As he was putting on his pants they heard the girls in the living room. "Oh good thing we finished when we did or they would have gotten an eye full". Oh but little did they know just how much the girls had seen and what they had done.

Nita and Sarah had returned to the house just as James and June were finishing the first time and they were enthralled by what they saw. Nita was at first angry but that soon turned to desire as she saw her mother sucking cock and then James eating her pussy. Sarah had been turned on from the start and she was really turned on when she saw James cock and cock ring.

The big brass ring embedded in his engorged cock was a real turn on for her. She had gotten all wet and ended up rubbing her pussy to orgasm watching the two. Nita got turned on watching Sarah and her mother and also rubbed herself to orgasm. Then when June and James had gone to the bath room Nita had followed and when she saw them going at it in the shower she had gotten the camera and made a video of the whole thing.

The two of them had run back to the living room and made some noise to alarm them. Nita was still a little upset with her mother but when she saw James come into the living room with her mother looking so content behind him she sort of changed her attitude. The look on her mother's face made her look at James a little differently. Now Sarah was a different story as she saw June walking with a little swing in her hips and a real glint in her eyes.

Sarah thought that this old man has something special and maybe just maybe she would have to find out what it was. James said good night to the two girls and gave June a kiss on the cheek. June was not so bashful about her relationship and grabbed James by the head and planted a big wet deep kiss on him. "There that's the way you kiss a woman and when will I see you again?" "Well I have some things to do tomorrow morning but how about I stop by when I am done, say around 2?" "Great I will be waiting and I have some ideas of what we can do then." The look in her eyes told James tomorrow was going to be very exciting, good thing he brought the pills.

Just the thought of tomorrow was giving him a hard on again. James left the house with a new spring in his step. Nita turned to her mother, "so you like him do you?" "Hey is a nice man and he treats me nice and hell look at how he treated you two." "Well you're going to fuck him good then?" She was not going to let on she had seen anything. "Hey watch your mouth, what I do with him is my business, besides you two seemed to be able to find boys easy enough, in fact a little too easy.

You know you two would have been gang raped if James had not stepped in." "Well we got a little drunk and things just got out of hand and besides I wonder what it would be like to get fuck by that many men at once." "Well I don't think you want to be finding out at your age. One at a time until you are much older." "Have you ever had a lot of men at once?" Nita was getting a little horny and the talk was getting sexier.

"I have done a lot of things but I was much older than you so let's just keep things in the family sort of, okay." Sarah was listening and getting a little turned on, "what about me am I part of the family now too?" "Oh Sarah you certainly are part of this little family.

How could we leave out such a cute little body as yours? Come here and give me a hug and a kiss." June reached out and pulled Sarah to her and kissed her first lightly and then with passion. Sarah was horny and when June kissed her she responded without hesitation. As she and Nita had done much together being with June was no big deal.

Nita watched June kiss Sarah, which caused her to get all turned on. She moved to the pair and pulled Sarah's top up and cupped her breasts causing her to moan. Sarah raised her arms up so the top came off and then helped June off with her top. Both turned to Nita and took off her top.

"Let go to my bedroom as I have some nice toys to play with." In the bedroom June pulled open a drawer filled with all sort of things and pulled out a couple of dildos and vibrators. Sarah and Nita both stared into the drawer and wondered just what all the things were for.

There were ropes and belts and Sarah pulled out a gag. "What is this for?" "Oh just in case you want to keep things a little quiet. Here let me show you." June put the ball gag around Sarah's head and pulled it tight. "There see now you can only breath through your nose.

Here let me show you what else goes with that." June then put a cuff on each of Sarah's wrists and pulled her to the spare bedroom which had a single bed and an old leather sofa. There she pushed Sarah over the back of the sofa and tied her hands to the legs. Then she and Nita stripped her shorts and panties offer her.

"See that is how you use the cuffs and gag. Now if we had a man here he could fuck you and do all sorts of things but as there is no man I will have to do. Nita you take my clothes off and then strip yourself." The feel of someone taking off her clothes was a real turn on.

June then put on a strapon cock and looked at Sarah.

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"Now I am going to show you how a woman can fuck you. Nita go get the camera I think we should make a movie of this." While Nita went to get the camera June lifted up Sarah's head and could see some fear in her eyes.

"Oh you are afraid are you well maybe you should be." Going behind Sarah she pulled the young round firm ass cheeks apart and got turned on by the tight puckered anus and then moved her hands down and felt the wet pussy. "Oh you are not so afraid that you're not turned on. Your pussy is wet and wanting it I see." Nita had returned and was filming the whole show. June rubbed the end of the rubber cock against Sarah's wet pussy and the slowly pushed it in.

Sarah arched her back and moaned and then gave a gagged scream. Sarah was a little turned on by the bondage but then.

She though, "oh god her fingers, the touch, what is she doing. AH, Oh no, Ah. Oh god is hurts so good yes, yes more deeper. Fuck me." Sarah felt the hard rubbed cock going deeper and deeper spreading her pussy wide. Then it hit her cervix and she arched her back. "Ah oh god the hurt more please more harder please, no more." June had pulled the cock out and then rammed it back.

She moved it in and out several times. "Now you little slut I am going to show you another way you can be fucked. You like getting it in your cunt so much how about your ass." June took a bottle of oil and lubed the rubber cock and applied some to 2 fingers. "Okay let's see if it will fit. You better relax a little now." He rubbed her anus and then pushed a finger in. "Oh you seem to like that well here is another." She pushed in the second finger and finally tried a third.

"Well you seem to be ready." Then she rubbed the cocks head on the anus and pushed. It was a little difficult at first but then it slid in. "OH nice, yes I like this." The strapon had a short dildo that was into Junes pussy so every thrust into Sarah stimulated June's pussy. "Oh god she is tight and damn it is making me so hot ah I want to fuck her so bad." June was about to have an orgasm. Sarah felt the head of the cock in her ass. "Ah it hurts oh oh, ahhhhhhhh.

More push deeper oh yes fuck my ass." June had reached around and was fingering her clit now and fucking her ass fast and hard. The cock was going in 6 inches and both were starting to moan and buck hips. Sarah was straining at the ropes and biting the gag. "ah yes more ah ah." She felt her body tense and then the sensation raced through her as she orgasmed hard. The feel of the cock in her ass was incredible. June felt Sarah tense and then orgasm, which cause her to orgasm as well.

June felt her hand fill with liquid, "Oh you sweet little thing so you can squirt can you, but you never did that before. You squirt if you get fucked in your ass do you." Nita put the camera down and joined in. She untied Sarah and took off the gag. "You can eat my pussy till I cum you little slut you." Sarah ate Nita to a massive orgasm and June helped.

They all showered and then went to bed. The next day Jerry came home to the three females at the table eating breakfast. "So where have you been all night." "Well I meet a couple of women at a bar, seems they are twin sisters and, well one thing lead to another and I went back to the one sisters place with both of them and we fucked like crazy.

They are a real pair.

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One is married but that did not stop her. They are, I guess in their early 30's but they sure don't look it and they certainly don't fuck like it." Jerry started to go into details but they were not interested in hearing about other women having sex with Jerry.

In fact Sarah was a little pissed off and the others were just not interested. Sarah got up and went home while Nita just went to her room. June looked at Jerry, "Well I think you just pissed off your sister and Sarah really good. So what are you going to do." "Hey they can get over it. Besides it was getting a little much all 3 of you wanting me. Dam I can only do so much.

Besides they will find someone else easy enough. I will be leaving as the boss is sending me to Milltown next week and I will not be back until I go to school." "Well that's nice you telling me now.

What about the girls, when were you going to tell them?" "I was going to say good bye this afternoon as I am leaving then." Sarah never did stop back and Jerry packed and said good bye to his mother and sister without any more sex. June was a little upset but then she was thinking of James more. Nita was really pissed now because there would be no sex until Jerry returned. Nita called Sarah and told her after Jerry left and Sarah was crushed.

She ran over and was all upset. June and Nita calmed her down but then June said that James was going to stop by and she and he were going out for diner. The girls were on their own but June said she would like it if the girls could stay at Sarah's for the night as she wanted James to feel like he could spent the night and June was not sure how he would react with the girls at home.

Nita looked at Sarah and winked, "oh sure mom we will stay at Sarah's so James can fuck you good." "Watch your mouth, I don't think he is into sex like we are and I don't want to scare him off".

"I don't think he will scare easy besides I think he is INTO you already." Nita winked at Sarah again.

"Well Sarah we can go to your place and watch videos right." "Oh sure videos, ha haright there are some good ones." Sarah was turned on thinking about the videos they had made of June and James also the bondage one. "But we will leave when you get back okay as I want to take a swim." "All right but you promise to leave when we get home." The two girls were in their little bikinis when James showed up to get June.

June was getting ready and the girls had said hello from the pool. "Hi James, come out here while mom gets ready." "Hello girls, my don't you look nice. Are those new suits?" Dam those are two hot little girls and good thing they were not wearing those the other day. Oh shit I can see their hard nipples. His cock pulsed as he looked at the two of them standing by the pool.

He was wearing slacks with boxers and a pullover. There was nothing to hide his erection. Both girls looked right at his crotch and knew exactly what was there. They were going to tease him. Well Nita was all for teasing but Sarah looked at the big bulge and got turned on. Sarah was thinking, "oh man what a nice cock he must have.

I wonder what an old man's cock is like. Oh I am so bad but hell I am so horny now and Jerry is gone." She turned and bent over just before diving into the pool. James's cock pulsed again at the sight of Sarah's firm round ass cheeks. The bikini had bunched up and was totally in her crack so both cheeks were bare. Nita saw James looking at Sarah and thought what it would be like to see Sarah being fucked by him. June showed up dressed to kill in a very short skirt and a very thin camisole top.

She was going to fuck someone tonight. She saw James looking at the girls and wondered if he would be turned on enough to fuck them. Dinner and dancing did not last long as James and June both wanted to get back to her place. When they got into the house James gabbed her. "Dam it woman you looks so sexy I wanted to fuck you in the restaurant but there did not seem any place to do it.

I am sure glad you did not want to dance much. Besides my cock is so hard I could not dance very well." "Easy you old stud. I want to be sure the girls are not home." She called and checked Nita's room and no girls. James followed her around playing grab ass as they went. When they looked into Nita's room he actually got to thinking what the two hot little girls might be like.

He saw the bikinis on the bed and wondered. "mmmm wonder what they look like naked. Hell given the bikinis they had on there is not much I did not see, well except for the little pussy lips. Their nipples were sure showing. I wonder if they shave or what. No matter man you got the mother to fuck tonight and she is one hot woman." "Alright the girls are gone and I am so horny looking at you in that outfit." Grabbing June he kissed her hard and deep while his hands moved up under her top squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.

"My room you horny bastard." She led him to the bedroom and then grabbed his shirt and pulled it off followed by his pants. Taking his balls in hand while taking his cock in her mouth. "Oh god you're such a hot bitch suck it oh yes." James grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her mouth. June was good at blow jobs and James was going crazy. He broke it off and pushed her to the bed falling between her legs. He tongue whipped her pussy till she was twisting and moaning.

She was begging him to fuck her and he obliged. He was old but the pills and cock ring made up for that. The nice large cock was soon buried deep into her wet pussy and the both went wild.

Before long James shot a good load into June and pulled out to finish shooting a couple of squirts on her tits. She had moaned, screamed as her body twisted and bucked against him. The orgasm was good and she was satisfied. Neither of them realized that Nita and Sarah were in the closet watching and filming the whole thing. They had waited until both were asleep before going to Nita's room to make a DVD of the show along with copies.

Sarah was really turned on watching it all again, she and Nita tribed each other to orgasm watching the collection of videos they now had. The next morning June and James were at the table when the two girls came in. Sarah had a couple of DVD's she put on the end table while she and Nita ate breakfast.

The conversation was simple and James said he had to return home for some business but was certainly going to be coming back soon. As he was leaving he saw the DVDs and was curious, so he just picked them up and took them.

James had been gone about an hour before Sarah got up to go home. "Hey where are the DVDs I put here?" Neither Nita nor June knew or had taken them.

"Well if you two did not take them then that only means one thing. James took them but why? He did not seem to be the kind to just take something that was someone else's. Besides if he did, oh shit, you know what was on them." June looked at her, "just what are you talking about, DVDs and what is on them?" Nita knew things were going to get nasty now.

"Well I made Sarah a copy of the movies we made of us and her." Without thinking Sarah blurted out, "and last night." "LAST NIGH, just what the hell did you two do last night?" Nita and Sarah both got red and looked down, "we sort of peeked on you two.

We were in the closet and filmed you both times." "BOTH TIMES, you little bitches I ought to spank you both if I did not think you might enjoy it too much." June sat down and shook her head thinking to herself, "shit this is probably going to be the end of it and I was really beginning to fall for the guy." "Well you two have probably ruined a good start to a nice relationship for me." The girls were both sorry and a little afraid so they left June to think about things alone.

James had been a little curious about the DVD's and so when he got home I put them in is computer.

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"HOLY SHIT "was the first thought that came to mind when the first scenes came up. Nita and her brother fucking had turned James on, but when June joined in he shot his load. James was not sure what to do and was a little concerned that they would guess he had taken the DVD's, then it would all be over, or would it?

He got to thinking that any one that got into sex that much and put it on DVD well maybe he could just join in the fun. MMMM the thought of fucking the two girls suddenly turned him on. He had to think of a way to get back to June's and to become part of the little group. James called June that night to let her know he made it back and that he wanted to see her again. "Hi you sweet sexy woman" June was a little surprised to hear from James thinking he had the disks, but then who knows.

"Hey, it's so good to hear your voice and glad you made the trip okay. So how are things?" "Never better, but I sure am going to be lonely tonight. I can't get the image of your naked body out of my mine and how you feel. Damn woman you can give me a hard on long distance." "Well maybe you should hurry back if that's the way you feel.

I sure like the feel of that hard cock deep inside me and all the attention you paid my body. Now you got me all turned on, so you better plan on getting back here soon. MMMM maybe I can have a little surprise for you if you hurry." "Well I love surprises, especially if I get them from a hot sexy woman. Look I have some business to take care of but I would like to be back there by Friday if that's okay with you?" "Oh it's more than okay and it will give me time to work on some things." "Great, work on some things?

MMM that sounds promising, are we going to get a little kinky?" "Oh you want kinky do you, well you randy old man, who would have guessed?" "HAHA, you know I can be a randy and raunchy as anyone, and I can be especially kinky with you.

You have me going now love so I better go and get some paper work done. You take care and make all the plans you want. I am so looking forward to next weekend, and I will try to stay longer if that's okay?" "Good and you may end up staying longer than you think. MMM hug kiss and more." June hung up and wiggled her ass on the chair. Her pussy was wet just thinking of all the things she wanted to do with and to James. She was cupping a breast and rubbing her crotch when Nita came in.

Nita looked at June and just walked over to her and cupped a breast. Without a word she squeezed it and then slipped her hand into June's panties.

Both were horny and turned on so as Nita started to finger June's pussy, June reached out and took Nita's shorts down then pulled her panties aside to get at her pussy. Soon both were naked and kissing and fingering each other in a fast passionate manner. Nita was the first to orgasm and June just kept fingering her. June had pushed a finger into Nita's ass as well and was now pushing her hand up and down hard. The sex play ended with both females satisfied.

James had figured out what to do with the DVD's but the females would have to believe the story. He knocked on the door and June answered almost instantly. Wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him like he had been gone for month instead of days.

"Oh god you taste so good woman". His hand roamed all over her back and down to cup her ass. "Well I have a lot for you to taste believe me so get in here." June lead him to the family room and pushed him to the sofa then went to the kitchen to make drinks.

He had the disks in his coat and as he sat on the sofa he slipped them between the cushions. June returned with a couple of large screwdrivers. "Hey lets go out to the pools I think you will like it there better and besides we have the place to ourselves." Now that sounded like a great idea and having the place to ourselves meant she wanted more than just conversation.

"Okay and hey maybe we can go for a swim I really feel like one." They were on the patio standing by the pool. "So do we put on swimsuits or just get naked and jump in?" "Now you know the answer to that." James reached out the grabbed her by the back of the neck and proceeded to strip off your clothes. The thought of being roughly stripped by James was a turn on and she actually tried to struggle a little. "Oh you don't like me stripping you, well you better get used to it as I will do it often.

I think I will make you my little sex slave slut. You like that idea?" He had stripped off everything but her panties. "I think I would like to be anything you want me to be you dirty old man." With that she pulled at his shirt and tried to open his pants. "Not so fast you little bitch, first in the pool." He then spun her around and picked her up and threw her into the pool with her panties on.

When she surfaced she watched him strip naked and saw his hard cock with the brass ring. She thought, so you came ready to play did you, this is getting better every day. James and June kissed and groped each other in the pool until James lifted June up on the edge and spread her legs wide.

He dived between her legs and started to eat her pussy with such force. June gasped as his teeth bit into her pussy lips and then as his tongue whipped her clit her body shuddered. She was moaning and pulling at his hair as he ate her pussy and his hands attacked her ass and tits.

So she lay back and had a great orgasm and as her body shuddered she felt the liquid squirting from her. Looking up she saw James with his face wet with her sex juices. "Damn woman that was great, nobody ever squirted for me before." With panting breath June responded, "ya well it has been a long time anyone has turned me on that much." "So a little rough sex will make you squirt will it.

Then you can count on more of the same." That seemed to be okay with both of them. Nita and Sarah had not kept their promise to leave June and James alone this night and when they saw James car pull up they went back.

They were very quiet and careful not to be seen or make any noise. They watched as the two had sex at the pool and then they hid in the main closet when they came in from pool all naked. James's cock was soft but still had the brass ring. Both girls got turned on looking at the naked OLDER man and thoughts got very kinky for them. Nita wondered just how big his cock could get and if it would taste different from her brothers. Sarah was thinking what it would be like to be fondled and fucked by an OLDER man.

James and June had showered and dressed when they returned to the family room. Nita and Sarah had come into the room before and were sitting on the couch. "Hey, look things got too crowed at Sarah's so we came back here. I hope it is okay as we are just going to go to my room and watch TV." Before June could get angry and say anything James simply said, "sure and hey you can watch TV out here if you want. I think there are some good shows on tonight." He then sat down between the two girls on the sofa and as he did he gave a startled look and reached behind him and put his hand down in the cushions.

Pulling up the DVD's he had put there earlier, "hey strange place to keep you movies. So what are on these let's have a look, Okay?" June quickly reached out and grabbed them from him, "oh these are just some old discarded disks I think we forgot about. We have some others in the cabinet. Girls pick out a move." June then put the disks in a desk drawer then turned and looked at James.

They had all searched for the disks very thoroughly and she was sure they were not in the sofa then. That mean James had them and put them there so they would not know he had seen them.

She smiled a very wicked smile to herself and thought what a sly dirty old man you are and now you know everything about this little group. This night is going to be very interesting. The girls picked out a move and got it all set up while June made drinks and popcorn. She looked at the sofa and there were the two girls on either side of James.

They had just sat down on the sofa but they then moved in tight to James. In a very casual way James had put his arm around both girls and they just snuggled into his side. They each had their head on his shoulder and he had his arms around their neck and his hand was on their upper arms.

James was thinking about how nice it felt with the two little bodies snuggled up tight to his side. Then Sarah twisted into him and he felt her little young tit rub against his side as she looked up at him with a very knowing smile.

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He thought, you little tease you, you know exactly what you are doing. Well this is going to get very interesting later. I think this old man is going to fuck a young pussy. Nita saw what Sarah had done and copied her causing James to look in her direction with a very lustful expression. Oh you two sweet little things are going to be well used and soon.

June watched the goings on and she actually got turned on. You two little whores are you really trying to seduce that old man, my old man. Hell he will probably fuck us all soon enough. "So you two picked a good move did you? Too bad we could not watch those mystery disks I found in the sofa." Looking at the two of them with a very devilish smile, James squeezes them in closer and could feel their little tits against his ribs.

Then he moved his hand down their shoulders and very lightly acrossed over their tits, just barely touching the nipples sticking out form their tops. Both girls looked up at him and Sarah simply stretched out and kisses his cheek.

"I really like you being here, it just feels so good." "Well thank you Sarah I enjoy being here with you two girls and with June. Now I think maybe June would like to sit down next to me so you two will have to move." Both girls was getting turned on and did not want to move away but did so. June was standing to the side and had been watching everything.

As she sat down and snuggled up to James she whispered in his ear, "you are such a sexy man and you sure know how to play the girls." James whispered into her ear, "Well I am not sure who is playing who and just what is the play but I do know one thing.

I am so horny now I could fuck you right here and now." He then kissed and tonged her ear. June snuggled into James and put her hand on his inner thigh between the knee and crotch giving it a squeeze. Thinking to herself, you might as well fuck me here and now in front of the girls as they seem to have been watching us all along anyway.

As she looked into his eyes she could see he was thinking and she figured that he would very willingly fuck all three of them.

James felt the hand on his leg and the squeeze. Then he felt his cock flex. Thinking he better be prepared he went to the bathroom and took a couple of pills and put on his brass cock ring.

When he got back he sat down between Nita and June with Sarah on other side of Nita. The room was dark and the TV was the only light. It did not seem like anyone was all that interested in the move. June was staring at the TV but her mind was somewhere else. Nita was sort of looking at the movie but was looking at James every chance she got. Sarah was watching June and James while she very slowly ran her hand up and down Nita's bare leg and teased the hem of the shorts.

James had one arm around June and then suddenly found his other around Nita's neck. The feel of June's hand on his leg made his cock jump and get hard.

June's hand moved up and when she felt the hard cock in the shorts she squeeze it gently and then stroked it several times. James flexed his cock as the hand moved over it and squeezed.

Nita and Sarah both were watching June's hand and both were getting very horny. Sarah had unbuttoned Nita's shorts and had her hand inside and was rubbing the pantie covered pussy. Nita was getting turned on by Sarah's hand and slipped one hand up under James shirt to feel his bare hairy chest.

The feeling of Nita's hand on his chest and June's on his cock had him going. He realized that the girls were into sex with him and he made his move. Turning just enough he pulled June's head to him and kissed her deeply with a lot of tongue. Her hand squeezed his cock as his lips moved down to her neck. His other arm moved down under Nita's arm and then cup her small tit.

Without any hesitation he took her nipple between fingers and pinched, pulled and rolled it, causing Nita to give a low moan. Sarah could see June rubbing Jame's cock and then saw James squeeze Nita's tit. She wanted more and she then pushed her hand behind the panties and slipped a finger into the wet pussy causing Nita to wiggle and moan.

June had seen James move his hand to Nita's tit and so figured all was fair game. She then moved to open James pants and pull out his now very hard cock. The grey light from the TV made seeing all that was going on difficult but it did not matter as everyone was going by feel now. Nita's hand was moving over James chest and June was now bent down kissing the end of Jame's cock.

James moved and reached out and touched Sarah's head then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled causing her of move up and over Nita. He let go and grabbed the back of her top and pulled it up and over her head. One top off two to go and he then ran his hand over her bare back and then around to cup her little tit with very hard nipples. Sarah worked at Nita's top and soon it was gone.

Now James worked between the two girls caressing the small tits with passionate caresses and teasing pinches of the nipples. Both girls were wiggling around and giving off soft sounds. June had a mouth full of cock as James worked at getting her top off and that was followed by the sexy bra. Now all three were naked from the waist up and James soon followed.

His pants were pushed to his knees and then down his legs. James right hand moved down worked at getting Junes short off.

Giving up he simple bent over and said, "get those shorts off now I want to eat your pussy". June did not hesitate and stood up and slid off the short. James moved around causing Nita and Sarah to back away.

Grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to the floor then spreading her legs wide. The feel of his face between her legs sent a hot thrill through her body and as his tongue attacked her pussy she moaned loudly.

Nita and Sarah both sat on the sofa and watched as James attached June's pussy. The two bare bodies was such a turn on that Nita just grabbed Sarah and started to suck her tit and then strip her. Sarah returned the feelings and took Nita's shorts down. Now everyone was naked. Nita saw James cock and balls hanging down and could not resist touching them. When the cock flex with her touch she simply took hold and pulled it to her.

Sarah watched as she continued to caress Nita's tits and then rub her pussy. Nita move in on her back and took the cock into her mouth.

First licking the head and then sucking the cap. She tongued the hole and then took as much as she could, almost all, before she chocked. Sarah got between Nita's legs and started to lick and eat her pussy while probing her pussy and ass with her fingers. June looked down at James's head between her legs and saw Nita on her back with James's cock deep in her mouth while Sarah was eating Nita with such vigor.

James was going crazy, the taste of June's pussy mixed with the feel of her tits and nipples along with Nita's mouth around his cock. The young tongue licking his cock and the little hands on his balls made him soon lose it and a load of hot sticky cum soon filled the young mouth.

James reared back and moaned loudly as he came into Nita's mouth. "Okay before I lose it all, you ride me and you Sarah come here." James lay on his back with his still hard cock ready for June to ride. As he felt her pussy sliding down his shaft he pulled Sarah to him and made her kneel over his head. The tight fuzzy pussy lips wet with desire were so tasty. He then reached out and pulled Nita in close and slipped a finger into her pussy. She reached out and took Sarah's tits in each hand and squeezing pinched them.

Soon all four were moaning and twisting in the heat of passion. Sarah had an orgasm first as she bucked on James' face and pulled at his hair she screamed. June was really turned on by the hard cock in her but also the view of Sarah being eaten out and Nita being fingered by James. James and June both lay on the floor a little spent. The two girls were still hot and eager for sex. "Hey let's take a shower together" and Nita and Sarah got up and started to pull on James' arms to get him up.

"Okay easy. A shower is it and you want me to wash your back?" "Oh you can wash more than our back besides I want more than that." "Hey you girls back off now. James may not want to take a shower now." "Oh but I think a shower would be fun. Three naked women in the shower with only one man oh believe me that is every man's dream." With that June gave him a very hard pinch. "That's to remind you that this is not a dream." "Okay woman then you led and I will follow." Nita and Sarah were hot and very horny so they just pulled James along with June following.

June stopped and thought for a moment and realized that James had watched the DVDs so he knew everything. Well hell she thought why not add him to the list. She slipped into the bedroom and grabbed the camera. In the bathroom the girls pulled James into the shower and soon had the warm water raining on all of them.

Sarah simply reached up and hugged James. The feel of her young firm body rubbing against him sent new thrills through his body and his cock jumped. Nita joined in and now he could feel tits and pussy of two hot girls rubbing against him.

"Damn ladies you are so hot and sexy just look at that", as he pointed to his now hard cock. "I think you should give that a kiss Sarah." He reached out and taking her head between his hands he guided her mouth to it." Sarah was hot and eager to please so as he pulled her to him and she took hold of his cock, then kissed the tip.

As Sarah started to kiss, suck and lick the pulsing cock while Nita was up kissing James on the lips and then his chest and teasing his nipples while he cupped her tits.

June walked in, set up the camera and then watched, thinking: "this is going to be a great movie someday but for now mmm well for now I just want to enjoy.

The sight of the two girls with the older man was a real turn on and June could not help but squeeze her own tit and then rubbed her pussy. She watched as the girls took turns sucking James cock and then she watched with hunger as James lifted Sarah up by her ass and let her slip down over his cock.

James could not believe the sensations running through him and the thoughts in his mind. The feel of the tight little pussy as it slid over his hard cock made his body quiver. Then he felt the hand holding his balls and the little tits pressed into his back. Oh god he thought as he felt a finger probe his anus. The sensation was the final straw and he shot a load of cum deep into the young tight cunt now impaled on his cock. "AHHH you little slut you, oh yes finger my ass ahhh yes like that." "Oh you dirty old man fuck her good fill her cunt with your cum." "Yes Yes fuck me harder, oh god that feels so good." June watched as James fucked Sarah and Nita fingered his ass.

James's cock soon got soft and he put Sarah down. Then he sat on the seat in the show and let the water cascade over his worn out body. He was exhausted but what a wonderful exhaustion. Soon June took his hand pulled him from the shower and dried him off then led him to her bed. He was asleep as soon as he lay down. June crawled in beside him. Nita and Sarah had taken the DVD out of the camera and were putting it into the laptop. They were both turned on again as they watched it.

Sarah had gotten permission to spend the night with Nita. They put things straight in the house and headed to Nita's room. As the passed June's they saw the two of them naked and got turned on again, well sort of.

"Hey that beds' big enough let's just join them." So the two girls got into bed with James and June. James was so exhausted he did not notice the two girls that got into the bed who then took hold of his cock. They all slept well. Waking up tomorrow was going to be a real change for James. ################################ Part 4 James, spoon fashion against June, woke early as he had to pee and when he rolled over he got a real shock as he was face to face with Sarah.

Raising up on his elbow he saw Nita behind Sarah and both were naked. He slid out the end of the bed so as not to wake anyone. Returning to bed he looked down at the collection of females and then started to get an erection. 'Damn it man this is going to kill me for sure, but oh what a way to die.

' He tried to carefully and slowly get back into the same place. That did not work as Sarah woke up and saw him on hands and knees. She also notice the erection hanging down. Saying nothing she bent down and reached out taking a hold of it. The feel of the young girls hand on his cock made it pulse and get even harder.

James shook his head NO and held a finger to his lips. 'Damn it girl don't wake everyone'. Sarah was not about to give up so let go of the hard cock and carefully slid to end of bed where she stood up.

Looking at James she simply flexed her finger for him to follow her. Seeing the young naked body and remembering yesterday and the feel of the tight pussy around his cock he followed her out to the living room. "Well Sarah what do you have in mind this early in the morning." He was staring at the young body with the developing breasts and the tight round ass cheeks and the flat smooth belly and the little hips.

She was driving him crazy. "I want to go skinny dipping with you and then we can do whatever we want. Oh by the way I want a lot." With that she winked and ran out the sliding doors to the patio and pool. She turned around and wiggled her ass at James and then flexed her finger. 'Oh hell I can use a rinsing off after last night.' "Alright little girl I am coming", and he moved to the pool.

Sarah had gotten in as he approached and was swimming around. "Oh it feels so good to swim naked. Have you ever gone skinny dipping before?" "Yes but not with such pretty company." Sarah stopped swimming and just treaded water as James walked into the pool.

She looked at a man that at first she though old but since yesterday and then his comment now was becoming something very special to her. She swam back to James and when he was about up to his belly she launched herself at him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

The kiss lingered as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. The feel of his chest hair against her nipples and breast were a turn on.