Hart anal sex mit netten Freundin Szene 2

Hart anal sex mit netten Freundin Szene 2
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SHE SAYS: It's a beautiful sunny day, and we're off for an adventure ride.

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We head out along any road into the country, and randomly choose turning left, right, or just keep going straight. The countryside is lush and green; the warm rush of air against our bodies is invigorating. I was most impressed when you showed up in your leathers. Sitting astride your bike your pants hugged that tight ass, formed to your muscular thighs.

I keep coming up alongside, then falling back to cop a perv; I love leather. My jeans pull tight around my legs as they hug my motorcycle, the engine throbbing nicely between them.

Ah, today will be a good day. For about an hour we ride wherever we feel like, smiling inside our helmets.


We come up to a country pub around lunchtime, and stop for a feed and a beer. The food will take a while, so we leave our jackets behind and go explore the area around the pub, stretch our legs out.

Behind the pub on the other side of the creek is a hill, no track but climbable.


We're on an adventure aren't we, so we jump over the shallow creek and climb the hill. We discover a small cave half way up and step inside. Standing next to each other we survey the view, back over the pub, green scrubland all around.

I turn to look at you, ready to say something about how lovely it is, but the words are never said. Your gaze has transfixed me. You look hungry, and I'm feeling like the prey. My body electrifies as I stare into your blue eyes.

You reach out a hand, touch my cheek, and our lips meet in a kiss. The tingle runs down my whole body into my toes. Your hand holds my head tighter as the kiss becomes more passionate, mouths opening to each other. You press your body against mine, and my arms hold you closer. Our tongues meet in frenzy, the arousal in our bodies is tangible.

I break away, "Let's keep climbing to the top". My thoughts are on fire, my heart is beating faster than it should on an easy climb like this. I turn around to see you following me up the slope, eyes burning bright. Oooh, I think I'm in trouble, and it excites me more. We finally reach the crest of the hill, but I don't see the view as you grab my hips from behind and spin me around. You press your lips to mine, making it clear who's in charge. I respond with equal force, my passion rising in me as a flood of energy.

You pull my top over my head, my long red hair falls over my shoulders onto my bare skin. You slide off your boots and leather pants and your hard on stands proud. I step toward you and lift your top, savouring the exquisite reveal of your abdomen, chest and shoulders. Your hands grab the top of my jeans and with a flick the button fly is open, and we stand together gloriously naked in the warm sun.

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HE SAYS: We are naked, the sun is warm on our skin above us, the exposure just intensifies the tension between us, we have reached the summit of this hill, a small rock outcrop forms almost a table behind you.

My eyes burn into you, there is no mistaking the lust they contain. My arousal visibly obvious, I reach out with my hand and grasp your waist. You half smile and playfully lean back trying to resist, I pull harder slowly drawing you towards me.

You gasp as the swollen tip of my cock brushes then squashes against you, I reach out my other hand into your hair and pull your face towards mine listening as a tiny moan escapes and your breath quickens. We kiss more savagely than before, hungrily.

I pull your hair back and move my mouth around to your neck, half biting/kissing up and round until I reach your ear. I pull your hair back again and move to the side keeping those long locks tight in one hand, again you feel the iron hardness of my cock brush around you. I release your hair as I move around behind you gripping your arms and pulling them back making your chest push out, your hardening nipples proud and pink in the light.

I grip both your wrists in one hand and again seize your hair, pulling it to one side to expose the back of your neck which again I lick, nip, suck, kiss. I can feel your heart beating faster, I let go of your hair and slowly, deliberately move my hand down over your breasts taking your nipple between my finger and thumb drawing it away from your body.

You moan and try to twist away but I tighten my grip on your arms and pull you back against the hardness of my cock. I start to kiss under your ear and drag my hand down over your stomach, I push lower over the mound of your pussy. You gasp as my rough hand presses over your clit and further until my finger tip parts your lips and roughly start to push inside. I stop, you feel hot to my touch, I pull my finger out and push it into your mouth, you taste yourself on the tip and hungrily suck along it.

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I pull it from your mouth and take it straight back to your hot pussy, again I start to push it inside you but this time I do not stop, you let out a moan as I push right in to the knuckle. You moan louder as you feel my finger moving inside you, you feel me curl it under your clit and start to rub.

I feel your knees weaken as you gasp and moan, I can feel my hand becoming wet from your juice, your eyes are closed, I know you want me to go further, I suddenly pull my finger from inside you and again push it into your hungry mouth, moaning and sucking at your own hot juice, I move my lips close to your ear; 'Get on your knees now!'.

SHE SAYS: Your hand tugs at my wrists, and I obligingly kneel in the rough grass. You release your grip and walk around me with one hand in my hair, still in control. I raise my head defiantly to watch your progress, watch as your naked body stands before me. My pussy is aching in anticipation, my green eyes bright and sparkling with passion.

I try to turn my head away from your approaching hardon, but your grip is too strong. I am only being outwardly coy, as play, I desperately want to taste your proud cock. The tip of my tongue reaches out to touch the base of your cock, my eyes still meeting yours. Again, I take small licks, flicking my tongue along the bottom of your shaft, gradually getting longer. My wide tongue wraps around it slowly up and down, and now it's your turn to close your eyes.

You don't see my hand come up and grasp the base, but you certainly feel my warm, moist mouth envelop the head, and slowly lower, lower down.

As my lips move back to the top in one smooth motion, my tongue licks and flicks over around your full erection. Your hand tightens in my hair, and then softens its grip. You stroke my head as I stroke your cock with both mouth and hand. I can hear your guttural moan, a masculine, ancient sound born of primal desire.


It urges me on, my attention dedicated to administering to your pleasure. My tongue swirls over the eye of your dick, my lips stroke its head and my hand strokes its length tightly. The pressure is never constant, sometimes tighter, sometimes caressing. My tongue is never still, licking, flicking, and swirling around every inch of your manhood. I lower my head down and take you in whole. You can feel the ridges of my palette on its head, feel my tongue at its base.

I can feel you growing inside my mouth and I like it. You pull my head back, away, but still my hand strokes your erection gently. You kneel in front of me, my nipples brushing against your chest. You reach down to play with my clit a little, and then push a finger between my pussy lips, feeling my wetness.

We kiss while we play with each other, our breath mingling in our mouths. Your other hand takes hold of a warm breast, teases the nipple, and then caresses it. You lift your finger to your lips and taste me, your first taste, as you push me to the ground. I lean up onto my hands as you collect our clothes and throw them onto the rock nearby. "Stand up"… HE SAYS… 'On your feet', I grasp your hair and start to lift you up and towards me, my swollen cock still wet from your mouth drags over your body, between your breasts and down your stomach as you stand before me.

I draw you into me, you feel the sun on your back and the light breeze caressing around you making you feel even more naked, my arms wrap around you and we kiss deeply as I crush you against my chest. You feel me lift you easily, your legs clamp around my waist, I feel the heat of your pussy press against my cock, I know you want it but I have other plans.

I gently sit you down onto the flat rock behind you, right on the edge, I begin to kiss down your body, again around your neck, to the side, along your collar bone, lower, you lean back watching and biting your lip, I keep moving down and hear you gasp as I take your nipple between my lips and suck it away from your body. I do not stop, you lean further back resting on your elbows as my lips move around your ribs and across your stomach, Your breath starts to quicken, you know where I am going but I deliberately move slowly kissing around your lower stomach onto your hips then lower.

You lay back and feel my hands grasp your thighs and push them apart. It is broad daylight and you are on your back in the open, your legs spread and your pussy glistening with expectant wetness. You feel me move closer, you moan as I breathe against your clit, enjoying the scent of your lust, then you feel the lightest touch of the tip of my tongue stroke over your lips, moving from top to bottom, teasing.

I push my tongue between your lips, feeling the hot sticky wetness as I force your thighs further apart. I lick slowly from top to bottom pushing your lips apart feeling you shudder as I move over your clit, I move down and pushing my tongue as far as I can begin to circle it inside your hole.

You moan and wiggle but I hold you down with my hands then begin to lick up again this time circling around your clit, I can feel it swell as I lightly dart my tongue across it then flatten my tongue and push harder against you rubbing it over and over, working a rhythm, feeling you buck and moan as I move to flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue, then you feel my mouth close around it as I suck your pink bud into my mouth working my lips around it as I slowly release it.

Your juice is covering my face, your moans have got louder, again I work your clit and just as you think you cannot take much more you feel me push my finger into your pussy as I continue to flick and lick across your clit, I push my finger deep and for a time start to work it faster, fucking you with it as I suck then carefully working it under your clit, curling it and rubbing underneath as I suck and lick. Your hips are bucking, I can feel you on the brink then very deliberately I take my other hand and push my finger into your ass; we are in the wide open, I have my mouth round your clit, one finger in your cunt and one in your ass, your thighs squeeze my head as you tense to cum.

Then I stop, I hear you cry out with frustration, I look at you, the juice from your pussy covers my mouth, I stand you see my cock huge and solid - ready, I grab your thighs roughly and turn you over, face down the rough rock against your hard nipples your gorgeous ass high and slick wet with the juice from your hungry pussy.

I reach forward, grab your hair and. SHE SAYS: You step closer and rub your erection against each ass cheek, then nestle it against my trimmed red mound. I can feel you nudge against it, and so I push back, eager for you to fill me. More pressure and I feel my lips part, the head of your cock pushing into my tight pussy.

Slowly more of you slides in, centimetre by centimetre, until you…fill…me… You lean down to kiss and bite my back as we savour the sensations. You withdraw out to the very tip and enter again. My pussy lips expand and close over the head of your hardon again and again, short strokes stimulating a G-spot. Small sounds escape me as your hands grasp my hips.

You look down to watch your action, hard cock sliding in and out of my hot wet hole. Your strokes get longer, a little each time. Your fingers dig into my flesh as you push your full length into me. Again and again you hammer home, balls slapping with the rhythm. You stop and withdraw and hear my protests, but you grab my thighs and try to turn me over.

I twist around as you take the back of my knees and raise them up. I rest my ankles on your shoulders as you plunge into me deeply.

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Your ass clenches with every thrust, your hands clasped around my breasts. We stare into each other's eyes, a sheen of sweat covering our bodies.

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As you grow inside me, my own climax approaches, rushing upon me like a stormy sea. My back arches off the rock and my muscles clench around your cock, filling me, in and out with frantic energy… HE SAYS: FUCK, I can feel myself inside you, only a man knows this sensation. Our passion under the afternoon sun coating me with sweat, my body hard and hot deep inside you.

I look at you, your head is thrown back, mouth open delighting in your position, broad daylight, naked, your legs spread open and pushed back as you so blatantly fuck.

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My hands are clamped onto your breasts, cruelly squeezing your nipples as I thrust into you, your hips are bucking under me, pushing your cunt onto my cock. I lean back grasping under your thighs, I force your legs further apart and start to hammer my hard cock into you. I feel the muscles in your pussy clamp around my shaft, your eyes close, your head starts to shake, you start to moan louder and louder.

Your hands grip my wrists nails digging into me, you feel every inch as I force myself faster into you, you start to scream. I can't hold back any more, the whole head of my cock is on fire. The pressure of your hot wet pussy gripping and sliding around it, the look on your face with my every thrust, the sensation of filling you completely forcing your pussy apart with every plunge of my cock, my balls tighten up.

I try to hold back but the convulsions of your pussy around me and your screams making this impossible. I can feel you cum, you lose control, your whole body shaking. I fuck faster and then close my eyes, you look at me at my expression as with one massive thrust I pull your legs apart and start to cum, as I feel my spunk bursting from my balls. I hold back then crying out start to shoot my cum inside you, your pussy squeezes around my cock milking it.

I am not thrusting but my cock is exploding inside you, the heat of my cum fills you. I throw my head back and groan, the sensation goes on, my knees start to buckle as I give you everything, thrusting again to feel everything as I collapse over you my weight on your body as my cock slows and stops inside you.