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Mia Monroe In Selfies And Sextoys
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Burt hadn't jested when he said that he owned high end gyms, if the lobby was anything to judge the gym itself by. Chrome and marble, luxury seats and an indoor waterfall, Josh took it all in slowly, finding it to his taste. His reverie was broken when a sporty looking blonde popped up from behind the reception desk.

"Oh sorry sir" she started "I didn't see you come in, how may I help you?" She was a good looking woman of maybe thirty years of age, in excellent shape and dressed in form fitting workout clothes, her long blonde hair in a ponytail and her smile was warm. Her name tag read Amber and had a black four after her name. "I have an appointment with Burt" he said followed by a softer "among others." A twinkle formed in her eyes as she asked for his name. "Josh van der Haagen, with two a's" he answered and she entered his name in the computer.

"Ah yes, you still need to activate your card, you have an unlimited account in name of Morgan Security, including the shooting range and you are a bit early I see" she finished and looked at him again, this time paying more attention.

Josh handed her the card Burt had given him and she swiped it through her reader, activating it. "If you are carrying a weapon you'll have to store it in the lockup room behind the black door" she continued as she handed him his card again. "Have you been in one of our gyms before sir?" she asked politely. When Josh said he hadn't she gave him a quick rundown of the rules, dress code and layout. There was a floor for men only, women only and a mixed floor with the fourth floor being only for black card members, like him she added and that the range was located in the cellar.

Josh thanked her politely and went to the elevator to go to the fourth floor where she said Burt would be. He noticed her slight flush as she probably knew a porn shoot would be taking place there and when he turned to look back, he saw her still looking at him, biting her lower lip and a question on her face.

He held the elevator for a moment and walked back to her with a smile. "Okay, ask away" he said "what do you want to know?" Surprised by his candor, Amber blurted "Aren't you a little young" pausing a second before continuing her question "for eh, security work?" Josh smiled and answered "for security I suppose" and let it hang for a moment. With the prospect of an afternoon with Ashley or a night with Cam in his mind Josh flirted with Amber without real intent, just to enjoy the flirt itself.

Amber flushed a bit again in the cutest way and said with a sly grin "so what are you packing?" "I don't carry a gun, I am not allowed" Josh answered seriously until he noted her grin. "Have you ever discharged a weapon?" she asked innocently. "Not a lethal one" Josh grinned, getting into the game. "Ah" Amber nodded before asking coyly "want to?" Josh didn't have to think long and said "I'd love to." Amber activated her intercom to call a replacement and led Josh through a secure door down to the basement where the range was located.

Pale yellow light gave the concrete area a clinical feel set off by the dark wooden floors. Josh followed her as she walked to the gun counter, enjoying the view from her athletic figure from behind.

Opening the cabinets behind the counter, Amber took two handguns from the rack and placed them on the counter before bending down to grab some ammo. Josh forgot all about the guns when he saw her ass rise up, perfectly shaped and delightfully wrapped in her training tights.


A familiar feeling stirred in his groin as he took one of the guns in his hand. Surprised at the weight of the gun he put it down and took the second gun in his hand. "That's the one you'll be firing" Amber said, leaning over the counter so her cleavage would be impossible not to notice.

Josh licked his lips as he followed her instructions on gun safety, loading and firing. Satisfied that he understood the basics, Amber led him to the range and prepared the sheets. Her body close to his as she adjusted his stance, not quite accidentally rubbing her breasts against him when she could, she smiled when she saw his flush and arousal. Forty shots later, Josh managed to get most of them grouped on the centre mass of the sheet.

Amber's constant fiddling with his stance and the nearness of her fine body had left Josh with a raging hard on that hadn't escaped her attention. "Anything else you'd like to shoot?" Amber purred near his ear when he removed the mufflers. "I eh" Josh stammered a bit "what would you like to shoot?" "Hmm" she smiled as she unzipped his pants and released his hard cock from his boxers. "I like a handgun with a smooth grip, subtle action, penetrating power and lots of ammo" Amber whispered while her hand explored his smooth cock, pulling back his foreskin until he gasped.

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"Well lubricated and ready for action" she continued as she let go of his cock and started to undo his belt. Josh watched Amber slowly move in front of him, her eyes on his cock. "Hair trigger?" she asked with a naughty grin looking up at his face.


"No but there's a bullet in the chamber" Josh grinned back and sighed when her lips took his cockhead in her mouth. Amber's tongue was thick and wide, lapping around his cockhead while she softly jacked him. A groan escaped his lips as she moved her mouth further down his cock, reaching his balls and licking them with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh god yeah" Josh moaned, his knees weakening by the expert blowjob he was getting. Moving her head a bit faster up and down his shaft as she sat on her knees in front of him, her arms by her side, letting her mouth do all the work, her eyes focused on his face.

Not wanting to lose eye contact, Josh fought the urge to throw his head back when he came, keeping his eyes open and on her. A low moan began in his throat as he neared his climax and when he felt his cum rush towards her mouth, the moan turned into an animalistic cry of joy as he shot his first load deep in her mouth.

The strength of his orgasm was more than she had expected, losing her grip on his cock with her mouth as he shot a second load, this time on her face, from her nose up over her left eye.

Quickly she grabbed it with her hand and back in her mouth as his third big shot hit her palate. Liking the taste of his cum, Amber tried to swallow as fast as Josh shot but some escaped past her lips on her hands and chin. Still looking down, Josh felt the aftershocks of his orgasm as she licked his cockhead clean, her eyes still on him despite the cum over one.

Mouthing a thank you he took his clothes of and watched her lick the remaining cum from her face, playing with it with her fingers, tongue and lips until he was naked. Amber stood gracefully up and walked to a couch before turning and slowly stripping out of her tight fitting training clothes. Her breasts where a good size B, pear shaped and standing free on their own, she needed no bra Josh thoughther small nipples erect.

Continuing her slow strip tease, Amber removed the remainder of her clothes and sat down on the couch, slowly spreading her legs until she sat in a sideways split. Eyeing her well trained form, Josh needed no invitation as he sat down in front of the couch and looked at her damp cunt.

Her lips were very short, both inner and out making her clit stand out even more. Pushing his head closer to her damp cunt, Amber softly said "I used to be a pro gymnast until I broke both legs in an accident, just three weeks after I had my lips done to avoid the huge camel toe I had in my competition wear." "That sucks" Josh said sympathetically.

Amber laughed and said "yeah but now you lick the cutest lips you'll ever taste so get on with it, I'm suffering here." Josh grinned at her and moved his head closer to her heated lips, blowing softly. Caressing her spread inner thighs with his hands, he softly licked her lips before pushing his tongue between them causing a soft moan from her. Her taste was slightly salty and earthy, her scent getting stronger as his actions aroused her even more.

Sucking her clit softly, he played with her short lips with his fingers, tracing them up and down, caressing them and rubbing hem between his fingers, pinching softly. Amber's moans increased in frequency urging Josh on as he lapped through her slit and grazed her clit with his teeth.

He felt her moving when he wetted his fingers in her warm cunt and looked up to see her hands roughly massaging her breasts, pinching her nipples, biting her lower lip as her face showed her rising passion. Slipping his index finger in her hot asshole, he almost made her slip of the couch when she bucked in response. Josh saw her rising tension as her legs started to tremble and she used her hands to keep them spread as she had, giving him unlimited access to her cunt. Finger still deep in her ass, Josh slid his thumb in her dripping hole and moved his mouth to her clit, sucking it up, getting ready to let her come hard.

Her legs tensed as Josh assaulted her clit, his fingers working their magic in both her holes. Keeping her on the edge for a few seconds, he pushed her over with a flick of his tongue on her caught and super sensitive clit. A deep moan started in the back of her throat as she came, her torso shaking as wave after wave of pleasure hit her, her arms and legs slacking in their hold on her position as she slowly slid of the couch, her face locked in a look of rapture.

Josh smoothly withdrew his fingers and used both hands to guide her still shocking body to his lap, his cock ready to enter her pulsing cunt. Taking extra care with the last few inches he positioned his cock beneath her cunt and let her slip further down from the couch. Still basking in the happy afterglow of her orgasm, Amber finally took notice of his actions as she felt his cockhead pass her lips and enter her pussy, giving her a small after orgasm as his thick cock pushed her canal walls further apart.

When she was done sliding down his shaft, she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her body up and getting even more of his cock in her. They moaned in unison as he was in as far as he could, her warm and wet cunt tight around his cock. "I feel like I am in heaven" Amber luridly said as she gyrated on his cock a bit, causing Josh to gasp.

He felt the control she had over her body, her cunt muscles massaging his cock as she folded her legs beneath her and started to ride him, her clit pressing hard against his pelvic bone each down stroke.

"You are amazing" Josh whispered heatedly as he caressed her body. Amber smiled and gasped when she suddenly came again. Startled by the short time it took her to come again she leaned heavily on Josh, her breath coming out in loud pants as she shook in her second orgasm. Josh moaned softly as he felt her cunt constrict around his cock and her body felt shaking against him.

Between breaths Amber managed to say "Wow, very fast second orgasm." Josh held her close to him, her breasts flattened against his chest as she gathered her wits. "Hold me tighter" she whispered as she started to move her lower body back and forth, teasing Josh's cock with slight movements and was rewarded with pleasurable grunts from him.

His grunts turned to moans when she increased her speed and she felt her clit warming up again for a third orgasm. "Oh shit" Amber cried out when she came again, this time harder than before as she started to get black spots in her vision, her sense of balance disappearing as the tsunami of pleasure hit her mind. Josh held on to her as he felt her control slip, her body vibrating against his as she rode the waves of her orgasm. Holding her head next to his in his neck, he rubbed her back as she trembled in the final throes, her breath slowly becoming less ragged and more steady.

Grinning Josh said softly "you came three times in less than five minutes, is that normal for you?" It took her two tries before she answered "No, I usually take longer to come and I've never had three in a row." "Ah" Josh whispered "want to go for a few more?" "You better believe I want more" Amber said and sat up again, leaning only a bit on Josh now.

Letting go of his neck, she slowly unclasped his hands behind her back and raised her left leg almost straight up and moved it between them to the other side, turning around in his lap as she kept his cock in her cunt and her right leg passed in front of Josh's knees.

Amber now sat on his legs with his cock in her and with Josh looking at her back.

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She turned her head around to face him and said "want me to ride you or you to pound me?" Josh was still amazed by her contortions, his cock throbbing its agreement as the twist in her cunt was a very delightful feeling. "Ride me" he answered. Leaning with her arms on the couch, she stretched her legs until she had the entire length of Josh's cock in her and slowly started to ride his cock until it was almost out before rushing down on it again.

"Grab my tits" Amber moaned after a minute "and pull me up against you." Doing as requested, Josh gleefully grabbed her breasts, making sure her nipples were tight between his fingers and pulled her up against him when he was deep inside her.

"Oh crap that feels good" she grinned as she rose up a bit and moved down again, increasing her speed and rubbing her clit with her fingers. "I agree" Josh moaned with her as he played roughly with her breasts. "Oh so close now" Amber purred and rode him with even more force. Amber tried to move a bit so she could go down even harder when Josh's cock slipped out of her cunt.

In their rush to continue, Josh found his cock near her asshole and with devilish delight pushed his slick wet cock between her cheeks and in her hole before she could say anything. He felt her body pause for a second, holding very still as her ass adjusted itself to the big intruder pressing in and she let herself fall forward to the couch.

Pushing his cock in as deep as he could, he could hear her whimper and cry in pain and pleasure. Amber almost came when Josh forced his cock in her asshole and her hand adjusted itself to play with her clit and finger her cunt as she waited for him to fuck her throbbing ass.

It had hurt a bit but she felt so horny that the pain turned to pleasure very swiftly. "You okay?" Josh panted as he felt very close to coming. "Yeah" Amber answered lustfully "fuck my virgin ass." Josh grinned at hearing virgin and with gentle strokes, fucked her hot and tight asshole.

His cock appreciated the extra friction her dryer ass gave him and the sensation was tearing down Josh's resolve not to come. Within a minute he sped up, feeling his balls getting ready to blow.

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"Want me to come in or out?" he gasped as he trusted in her tight hole again. "Out" she moaned as she felt her fourth orgasm approach. With a loud cry Josh pulled out of her and jacked the last few strokes as he shot his huge load over her ass on her back. His legs almost cramped up as he shot several loads on her back, the sensation of each throb intensified by the regained freedom his cock had outside her ass.

Amber heard him come and felt empty without his cock inside her ass as her fingers continued to pleasure her cunt an clit. When the heat from his first cum load hit her back, she arched her back up and cried her release as she shook in her orgasm.

It kept raining cum on her back as she felt her cunt pulsate with the waves of her release. Amber started to grin as she turned around to face Josh and said "12 gauge shotgun?". He smiled and leaned in for a kiss, pulling her closer but before he could she grinned "pump action?" at him and jacked his sensitive cock like a rifle, mimicking the sound.

A moan and laugh was her reward as he let himself fall on his side before rolling on his back. "You are a beautiful and funny woman Amber" Josh said as he watched her move closer.

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"Thanks Josh, and I must confess that your young man's body with your skill at fucking really does it for me" she smiled and moved her head to his cock, licking the last bits of cum away. Josh moaned softly as she gave his cock a good cleaning with her tongue. "Nice and clean again" she grinned "now hurry up and get dressed or you will be late for your meeting with my boss." "Yes sir" Josh grinned at her and got up, gathered his clothes and got dressed.

"Sir?" Amber said as she cocked her head slightly, biting her lower lip again. "Hmm, you are giving me ideas that make me all wet again" she continued as her hands caressed her body provocatively "I work weekdays the dayshift on odd weeks, nightshift on even weeks in case you want to eh continue where we left off with your gun training." Josh gave her a brilliant smile as he finished getting dressed and said "I wouldn't want any other trainer than you my dear, your teaching style is very … hands on, just the way I like it." "Tease" she laughed at him as he kissed her goodbye and headed for the elevator.

A little later the elevator doors opened and Josh stepped into a hyper modern gym. Equipment for all types of exercise stood in neat rows, all empty at the moment. His eyes drifted towards the practice mats and the boxing ring when he saw a section of the gym where several men and women were setting up lights and cameras.

Burt spotted him before Josh did and called him over. Making his way towards Burt he took notice of all the gear the crew used. "Looking good again Josh" Burt thundered laughing as he lifted him in a bear hug. "Thanks, you too Burt" Josh replied when his feet touched the ground again. "You're in an awfully good mood today." "I amI am, my eldest daughter got accepted at M.I.T." Burt said proudly. "Congratulations Burt, that's a prestigious university isn't it?" Josh said shaking his hand.

"It is and very expensive so the expansion plans couldn't have come at a better time." Josh grinned at the big man and the chatted about his family while they waited for the others to arrive and the shoot to start. As the meeting time approached, more and more people joined the crew as the lights were set up, computers and cameras connected and tested and several new pieces of fitness gear were constructed. Readings were taking for the lighting with some of the crew standing in, distances measured and marks made on the floor with colored tape.

Josh was impressed with the size of the operation, it took more time and manpower than he had figured for a shoot. He was about to comment on it to Burt when a familiar laughter made both men look at the elevator.

Ashley got out with Danni and Sarah with three other women, all very fit looking. They hadn't seen him or Burt yet but made their way to the almost finished set. Danni spotted them first and told the others who started to laugh again. "Hey Josh" Ashley called and zipped open her jacket showing a white T shirt with text. As she opened the jacket further he could make out what it said "I fucked Mr.

$500K and came like a millionaire." His mouth opened and closed, his cheeks burning red when Burt's laughter made him laugh as well. Danni and Sarah showed their shirts, also with the same text. "We came and bought the T shirt" Danni laughed with Sarah. The other three women laughed as well, obviously in on the joke, leaving only the crew to look confused at Josh and the women. "Hey guys" Ashley said when she got closer and hugged Josh and Burt, kissing them both.

Danni and Sarah followed suit and after a short moment of confusion so did the other three women. "Josh, Burt, meet my colleagues and friends, Jenny, Asia and Alisha" Ashley said pointing at each girl as she said their name. All three women were very well endowed in the breast department and were in great shape.

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Jenny was a blonde, short spunky hair and had the girl next door thing going on for her. Asia was a tall oriental woman, bigger than Josh with long dark hair and a very beautiful and delicate face, she was the mysterious kind of woman. Alisha on the other hand radiated sex and lust, she looked like a mix of African and Oriental parents, her skin a pale brown and long straight copper colored hair. Her most striking feature however, Josh thought, were her lips, thick and wide, they looked like they were made for sucking cock and he wondered silently how it would feel like to be sucked by her.

"So you are THE Josh" Jenny said after Ashley made her introductions. Jenny looked for a moment at Ashley and said "You're much better looking than Ash had told us, I'd do you easily even if only one tenth of the stories about you are true." The other two women agreed with Jenny and Danni almost burst out laughing when she saw Josh's innocent face.

"They most likely are" Burt said grinning at Josh's discomfort "my man here is a stud." Danni couldn't keep it in anymore and started to laugh, soon followed by everybody around Josh and even he laughed after a while, being the butt of the joke. "I am sorry Josh" Danni snickered and hugged him "but we were having so much fun on the way over here with the T shirts, I sort of lost it just now." "I'll get over it" Josh grinned in her arms, feeling her up a bit in revenge.

"Mmm" she cooed softly "business first Josh, then pleasure." Smiling he let her go and saw that the other women were looking at him with a mix of jealousy and lust. When he saw their faces Josh couldn't resist saying "So how many extra shirts did you bring Ashley?" and looked at her with a big grin on his face.

For a second Ashley looked shocked and confused but then laughed hard and said "more than you can handle in a day." "How many?" he had to ask, trying to keep his face straight.

"Minimum order was twenty" she answered and his smile grew bigger "but I know you so I ordered fifty." "Crap" Josh said and laughed "that's ten too many as I have to be home by five." Everybody laughed and were still snickering when the actors arrived.

Introductions were made and Sarah ordered all the people to get ready for the first scene. She took both Josh and Burt by the arm and led them behind the computer set up where several chairs were set up for them.

Explaining what everything was for and what each member of the crew did, Sarah made sure that Josh understood it all while she leaved through his business plan. Danni had gone off with Ashley to the dressing room and watched as the women prepared themselves for the shoot, undressing quickly. "Want to give me a hand?" Ashley asked Danni and handed her a lotion bottle. "Your back?" Danni asked and Ashley nodded. Softly Danni applied the lotion to Ashley's skin and saw that it gave her a nice glow without making the skin oily or sticky.

"I'll bet Josh will be jealous when he hears what I am doing now" Danni joked. "Nah" Ashley said "for him to get jealous you need to work me like this" and turned around moving Danni's hands to her breasts and pressing them firmly against them. "Hmm like that" Ashley purred as Danni followed her instructions.

"God you're a slut" Jenny joked as she rubbed her own breasts, pinching her nipples. "Jealous are we?" Ashley grinned and Jenny nodded. She spread her legs a bit and raised her arms so Danni could do her entire body, moaning slightly when Danni rubbed the oil around her freshly shaven pussy.

Asia poked Danni and asked "could you do me as well?" "Now he'll be jealous for sure" Danni said and did the same for Asia, who was even more into it, her arousal obvious. Alisha was helping Jenny when a soft knock on the door sounded and a male voice on the other side of the door said "Ash, Jen and Asia, you are up." "Damn" Asia said with a grin "I was just about to ask you to warm me up a little." Ashley, Jenny and Asia left the room with their outfits on and made their way to the set.

"What did she mean by warming up?" Danni asked Alisha who was putting the final touches on her makeup. Alisha turned to her and smiled "warming up can mean a lot of things in this business but she wanted you to either lick her or finger her so she would be wet already." "Oh I see, well, her bad luck then that she got called away" Danni said and sat down next to her.

"Are you any good?" Alisha asked and spread her legs, parting her pussy lips with two fingers. "Depends" Danni said slowly "do you want to come or not?" "Why?" Alisha asked surprised and tapped her clit with a third finger.

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"Because I can make you come, that's easy but just working you up without an orgasm, that might be hard" Danni grinned wickedly at her, taking of her T shirt and showing her huge breasts caught in a beautiful lace bra, her nipples showing through the fabric. "Nice rack" Alisha said "and no, I don't mind having an orgasm as long as I can repay the favor." Nodding Danni sat down on her knees, her tongue flickering over Alisha's clit.

A loud moan was the result and Danni really started to work on Alisha's cunt. Her thick tongue slit between her lips, pausing and fucking her cunt before going back to the clit again.

"Oh nice" Alisha moaned in encouragement and raised her legs high in the air so Danni could lick her asshole as well. Giving Alisha her full oral attention, Danni made her come in a few minutes, lapping up the juices and cleaning her cunt so she was ready for the shoot again. "Thank you, I always like it better when a woman eats me than a man" Alisha purred in the afterglow of her orgasm. "Try Josh before you say that again" Danni smirked and stood up.

"Really?" Alisha asked and Danni nodded with a knowing grin.

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"Hmm, something for the future then, now, how would you like it, oral or manual?" Danni thought for a moment and said "manual, that way you won't have to redo your makeup, I tend to squirt when I have a good orgasm." Alisha laughed and stood up, taking position behind Danni and undid her pants, dropping them to her knees and slid down her slip.

Danni gasped when Alisha massaged her breasts, playing with her erect nipples through the coarse fabric of the bra. Keeping one hand on her breast, Alisha moved the other to her cunt, sliding through her slit with a single finger, opening Danni's cunt lips a little.

"Nice, thick lips, lovely and wet too" Alisha crooned in Danni's ear as she slid a finger in. Using her wet finger, Alisha lubricated Danni's lips and pushed her clit up with her thumb. Holding it up, she rolled her thumb over the growing clit and stepped in front of Danni. With her middle and ring finger she penetrated Danni's wet cunt, causing her to gasp and moan, fucking her for a few strokes until enough moisture was created, she switched from fucking to tapping on Danni's G spot.

Danni's back arched and with a big smile, Alisha saw Danni's face glow in her orgasm. Gasping Danni tensed and came hard, her cunt felt like on fire and the fingers inside it kept her orgasm coming, wave after wave until she whispered "stop please." "You have a very sensitive G spot, good to know for next time" Alisha teased as she helped Danni sit down and clean up.

Josh was staring at the computer screen that showed the action on camera, his head popping up every once and a while to see it happen live. The scenario for this scene was simple, three girls rode their machines until a guy came by and then they rode him. Burt and Josh exchanged a few grins when the action got hot and Josh did his best to focus on everything that went around the action, what was needed and who was doing what.

He found it hard to concentrate and was a little envious of the actor who was now being sucked by Asia.


When a pause was called, the girls cleaned themselves up a bit and relaxed while the crew reset everything and cooled the lights. Sarah looked up from her chair at Josh and asked "Getting a better idea of what's involved?" Josh nodded and asked a few more questions about the functions of the crew in general. Danni joined them at that point and smiled guiltily at Josh when he sniffed and smiled at her. During the remainder of the break, they adjusted Josh's plan and made a few more notes.

The next two scenes were shot in rapid succession and Danni commented on the level of professionalism of the entire crew with Josh and Burt nodding their agreement. They shared more than a few grins with each other as they watched the girls perform.

During a scene where Ashley and Asia were playing suck of war with one of the actors cock, Burt softly made his way to the bathroom with the promise of fresh coffee when he came back.

Josh followed a few minutes later when the camera's were repositioned for close ups, not wanting to miss Ashley getting fucked by two men in the next scene to be shot. When he passed the girls dressing room he saw Jenny sitting with her legs spread wide in a chair, naked but for tube socks and sneakers, a cigarette in one hand and her other hand was moving a big vibrator up and down her slit.

Her eyes were closed and her head hung back, a smile graced her flushed face. Josh almost stumbled and quickly made his way to the bathroom, unaware of the grin that had formed on Jenny's face.