Hard one eyed monster awards gorgeous bitch with cum

Hard one eyed monster awards gorgeous bitch with cum
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For me this is not so much a story as it is a memoire of events that have, are, and will continue to take place as long as im alive. Well I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Richard and my story starts many years ago when I was just 10 years old.

The child of two soldiers i never spent more than a year in any givin location. friends were sparse and i learned to make do on my own. I was the kid no one saw. You know the one. not a geek, not a jock, no sect to be catagorized in just a boy.

at the time I was 5'9 (tall for my age) and 110 lbs. (yes pretty thin) blonde hair and blue eyes. eyes so blue you'd swear they mirrord the open waters of the ocean. calm yet fierce. and that was and still is my personality. in fact i live my life by these morals. Protect those who cannot protect themselves. and strive to live in love and peace. But as a human i fail (and frequently i might add) which is how these memoires come into play.

I dont know how the "power" came to be. but i have an idea. My father always had a way with women. he could never explain it. either to me or himself (at least that is what he says) but i believe its genetic. I never wanted to be my father. but thats for later. for now let me just stick to the introduction. we can always follow that rabbit trail later. There i sat in class one morning. the smell of instatutionalsm burning a hole in my mind.

I sat looking about the classroom deep in thoughts that carried me far away from the desk i was currently occupying. I was a brilliant kid. I wont say genius.

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modesy wont allow it. but i never recieved less than an a even though i skipped more days out of a year than i attended just out of boredom.

I love the pursuit of knowledge but school was so slow. so there i sat lost in my own mind. when out of nowhere came the noise. "RICHARD!!!! Pay attention. Do you really think you will pass just staring off into space? Perhaps you believe that you should be teaching this class?" I looked up quickly to see my teacher Miss Morris along with the entire class staring at me.

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what was i to say? it had to be witty the embarrasment of being called out was to great for me. i always hated the eyes of the world upon me and this wasnt helping matters any.

"well if you insist then i guess these kids deserve to hear the lesson from someone who actually knows the material" i quickly replied. the classroom abruptly gasped. i knew i had overstepped the line but if she wanted to give me attention then i certainly wasnt going to use it blushing. "you think your so smart dont you Richard. well then why dont you make yourself comfortable down at the administrator's office.

ill be sure to let her know that your coming for an interview and not a referral this time." the class looked to me some wanting a smart retort to keep the charade going.


(apparently i wasnt the only bored one) others cursing me for slowing down the learning process (damn nerds) but all focused on me (damn i hate attention).

"finally a change in scenery then". i replied as i gathered up my materials and headed for the door." I'll be sure to give my regards to the staff when i see them for you miss morris. " not as good as i could've done but effective as some of the kids snickered to themselves as i showed myself out the door. I remember leaving and instead of going to the office i decided instead to skip class and hit the library (mostly because i knew my next trip to the office would cost me three days suspesion and as much as i would enjoy that vacation i didnt want to be grounded over the weekend).

there i sat alone in the library my thoughts trailing off into nothingness again when i began to ponder the idea of control not so much over other people as over oneself. could it be done. could i train myself, my body, my mind to control the thoughts and desires over my own mind?

I began to reasone that if i could accomplish this then the next step would be finding a way to transfer (if you will) these thougths to another person thus controlling not there body but there very thought patterns. "fiction" i thought to myself as i tried to stiffle a laugh. "something only crazy people try to persue.

why would i want to control another? there could never be true love in that". none the less the curse got to me. (sidenote: curse- a family curse it affects all offspring of my father. wherein all his seed are unexplainably drawn to, and desire sex.

worse than any addiction this very act drives us from the moment we know what it is. ) there across the room sat a beautiful woman. Miss Clark, our school librarian. She was not a supermodel but to me her features were to die for.

long black hair. green eyes. a tall woman standing 5'10 weighing, i would guess 140 lbs. pouty lips and slender lips. one word stunning. I had known her for awhile as this wasnt close to my first time in the library. oh the 30 year old beauty made my heart jump. i remember thinking "if there was ever a time to ""test"" your theory this would make one hell of a prize. but how, how would i do it? what should i think about? what should i try to project to her?" i decided on an approach.

i closed my eyes and concentrated. i tried to envision the room, as it was, in my mind. the tables, chairs, and books. all in detail. it was extreamly difficult giving me a headache just trying to visualize every detail but it finally was finished. i held the picture in my mind and began to focus. focus myself on leaving my body. on moving over the space to the desk of our librarian. there she was engulfed in the same book shed been reading since my last visit here.

now to get into her mind. invision myself in her thoughts. in her memories. in here subconcoius. and then i recieved a shock! a voice.a distant faint voice. what was it saying? i couldnt make it out.concentrate. concentrate harder. there it is. its .its her!!! its her. she's reading the book to herself. that must be it! im hearing the sound of her voice reading the book in her head!! it was as if i was reading the book over her shoulder!!!

but how? this cant be happening!! and like that it was gone. i opened my eyes to see her still reading oblivious to my condition sweating, panting in my chair.

what the hell just happened i thought to myself. thats not possible!!!! thats not fucking possible!! my own mind was struggling to review and sort the information it had just witnessed. by all accounts this is fiction. reading thoughts is not possible. i am imagining things this is not real.

but another voice spoke up in my head. "oh its very true. you were in her mind. try again. you can do it. you can do more if you wish" i started shaking even more afraid of not the action but the consequences of the possibilities that lay before me if that second voice was true. i searched for a reason and found none. i was mesmorized by the sight of this woman. though i had never been with a woman if i could i wanted to. for the time the conseguences vanished and lust took over.

i did want her. i wanted to use her all i could. thats all that mattered. besides i reasoned i need to make sure that voice was telling the truth.

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excited by the new possibilty i closed my eyes again. concentrating. harder .harder. there it was. the vision just as i left it.her alone deep in her book.there her voice transmitting the words she read to her brain. "now what" i thought to myself. again the voice showed up. "tell her she wants. tell her what she needs. make her concious your playground.

just give the commands. the desires of your heart." ok. i thought to myself as i decided to imprint my desires into her head. being a novice i had no idea exactly what to say. so i kept the suggestions simple."the young man across the room from you is making you horny. there would be nothing that would make you happier than pleasing him. go to him. find out what he wants. do all he desires" with that i opened my eyes only to notice her still deep in her book.

with a sigh i resigned that yes i was temporarily going insane and no i couldnt control others. but i couldnt help but admire the eye candy as i sat there alone. and thats when it dawned on me. she was no longer engrossed in her book.


she was eyeing my weirdly. as i looked back at her. i watches as she left her seat and came right over to me. i fidgeted in my seat. my mind raced one half thought i was caught skipping the other that my suggestions worked. if my heart had beat any faster it would have exploded in anticipation.

when she reached my seat she was calm and pollite. a sweet smile coming from her luscious lips. "hi. may i sit next to you?" "what?" i responded not exactly sure what to do.

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"may i sit? i was watching you from my desk and i thought i needed to come over and talk to you." she was blushing now which really threw me through aloop. "sure i guess, what did you want to talk to me about?" "well to be honest its actually kinda weird.


i just thought to myself .there is the cutest boy ive ever seen and i just need to meet him. so what is your name?" i managed to stutter out Richard and sat quietly waiting to see what the hell would happen next i was dazed and my world spinning at the events unfolding right in front of me. "well richard come with me i have something to show you seeing as how you love to read." why did she think that i thought to myself as she lead me to the back office where all the supplies were kept.

when we got back there she sat up on a desk and looked me square in the eye. "Richard how old are you?" "ten ma'am" feeling somewhat polite in my dazed state. "and what do you think of women?' she asked. "i think there weird. except for you i think your beautiful. if you dont mind me saying.

but why do you ask?" she payed no attention to my question and simply said "you think im beautiful? what about me makes you think that?" this was it. if i was right then i was going to get whatever i wanted here and now.

should i go for it? HELL YES I SHOULD. i would be out of my mind not to.

"well your lips for one. they're so full. so vibrant. and your body. its one that belongs only to the greek goddesses ive read about" "you sure do know how to make a woman blush, Richard.

tell me, have you ever kissed a woman before?" "no ma'am" i replied. with that she hopped off the desk and stood in front of me face to face. closing her eyes she leaaned in. my eyes shut as our lips met. her tongue slowly carressed my lips teasing them to open to her touch. i accepted and soon we were locked in a warm embrace our tongue circling each others ignighting in passion as the tips met.

as the kiss broke she stood back admiring me and asked "what else about me pleases you?" i was going for broke if this wasnt real i was going to find out real quick because i had to have every part of this woman. "well to be completely honest.

i am infatuated with the idea of seeing you completely naked." she smiled as she slowly started to undress. her blouse the first item to hit the floor soon followed by her bra. her tits were amazing. i knew nothing of sizes at the time. but from my knowledge now i would have to say 36d a perfect size the areolas a tan color and the nipples the size of pencil erasers.

my cock was already standing on end. i didnt know what to do. i gazed in a trance as this beautiful woman continued to strip taking off her skirt and finally her panties. there in front of me was heaven. the form of a godess here for my taking. her pussy was neatly shaven no bumps no hair. the two folds swollen and moist. i couldnt help but stare as this was the first "live" naked woman i had ever seen.

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i knew she recognized this and was already prepared. "do you like what you see?' she asked with a broad smile on her face." i didnt speak knowing full well i was in control that this was my day i just walked up to her and dropped to my kness in front of this godess among women.

there i inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her womanhood. guiding her back up against the table i used to hands to open the flesh between her legs. i brought my tongue in for my first taste of a woman. her juices were so sweet. my tongue worked to gather it all up. i wanted all of it and i wanted it then. she squirmed on the desk letting out a series of moans shaking as i lapped up everything her pussy would give me.

i explored all of her using my tongue everywhere i wanted to know what made a woman gasp.what would make her cum. what would leave her speechless and begging for more. i knew i had used suggestion to get this far but i didnt want to just use that. i want feeling emotion. thats when i discovered the clit. she jumped as my tongue made first contact and her first orgasm wasnt far aff as i practiced the motions for what would make her squirm and moan the most.

a rush of fluid came over my face as she was sent into a series of orgasms. i couldnt get it all and had a good amount running down my chin as she pulled me back up to her.

"ive never come that hard in my life"she said in a pant. " now its my turn" with that she tore my clothes off leaving me naked in front of her. dropping to her kness she engulfed my whole cock in her mouth and looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes almost as if pleading for me to give her the same token of gratitude she had given me. as i tilted my head back i lost myself in the pleasure she was bringing me. feelings i never had before swept over my body and my cock grew even harder as i could feel a build up of pressure in my balls.

"oh your making me feel weird miss clark. i feel like im going to explode!" she stopped only for a moment to look up at me and with the eyes of a needy girl and said " oh yes. please. i need it. i need you to explode. please give it to me." and with that she went back to sucking on me even harder than she had. my eyes rolled to the back of my head that i felt the warmth inside me. instinctivly i pulled her head to my stomach forcing my cock to the back of her throat.

she let out a moan obviously enjoying me taking control. the vibrations from her mouth sent me over the edge and i shot my cum right down her throat. she moaned as my seamen found its way to her tummy. she moaned and licked like a hungry dog at my shaft desperatly trying to get all she could. finding no cum left she looked up to me from her knees and said "please, more" i was speechless. i grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to her feet for just a moment as i laid her back onto the desk behind her.

she spread her legs to give me a fuller view of her pussy. my mouth drooled at the idea of eating her again. but she wanted something else. as my cock had not even gone down since my orgasmn she pulled me to her guiding my cock her her entrance.

i could feel the heat from her hole as my dick slide up and down her slit obsorbing her wetness. her juices had already begun running down her legs as she grabbed my manhood and slowly guided it into her. the feeling was surreal a warm, wet, velvet feeling filled my brain as i sank deeper and deeper into her. she let out a gasp as i came to the ending of her hole. either i was much bigger than others or she was a virgin i thought. for i still had more to give. but i relented and started to pull back out.

bliss was all i felt as i picked up a steady rythme. she bucked and screamed and clawed at me as i brought her to orgasm after orgasm. throwing her hips at my cock desiring more and more of me her words rang in my ears and i fuck this woman for all she was worth.

"please richard, fuck me, fuuuuucccckkkkkk meeeeeeeee!!!!!! i need this. God do i need this. make me come again. please fuck me as hard as you want. Her mouth was wide open her lips glistening with water. her eyes tightly shut as she grapsed for a concept of reality as this boy fucked her like she had never been fucked before.

her tits bounced and her pussy pulsated tightening around me like a fist milking me for everything i had. the warmth, the wetness it was all too much. "im about to explode again" i yelled. "yes cum for me!!!! COME INSIDE ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!. i want to feel it. feel it rush through my pussy. please Richard come inside me. here words filled me with lust my cock could no longer hold out as i released all of me into her. filling her womb with my seed. i pulled out of her unsure of what to do now.

but she didnt miss a beat. leaping up she dropped back down in front of me going to work at cleaning my dick with her mouth. the moaning she made from the apparent pleasure this was bring her was making me feel like i was going to cum again.

my cock grew ultasensitive and i had to pull her back. she was like a mad woman trying to suck the life right out of my cock. sitting back she smiled at me as i struggled to get dressed realizing we could get caught if we didnt clean up soon. when i finished dressing she still sat naked in front of me as if in the hope i wouuld unzip one more time to give her her oral fix. but i had nothing left to give at least i didnt think i did. instead i asked if perhaps she thought she should also get dressed and suggested that maybe i could come by her place sometime where we would have a little more time and space to "play" she was all for it and quickly wrote down her information after she had finished dressing.

i decided i needed to go home for the day. that after this i needed serious time to think. walking out the back office door i turned "good bye for now miss clark" "please" she said still panting and a bit flushed from our time together "please call me Erika" With that i walked out the office and library.

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thinking to myself on the long trip home " this could become very interesting. very interesting indeed." to be continued??? first memoir ever . like it ? tell me ill write more.