Slamming his sexy boss Victoria Valentino

Slamming his sexy boss Victoria Valentino
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"I'm so happy you came along, Lys." "I'm so happy you invited me!" she replied. "This place is so beautiful! It's just. the expanse is unlike anything I've ever seen before." "It's really is magical." ".and the sex!" she exclaimed.

"Not the only reason I invited you, but it sure is a hell of a perk!" I joked back to her. We only had a few hours drive between campsites today, so we got an early start and found a short hike across a ridge to a remote lookout. Elysa was wearing a pair of lycra tights and a loose tank top over a grey sports bra. I let her lead to set a pace, and so I could admire her ass in those skin-tight shorts. The heat of the day hadn't set in yet, but the morning sun shone down bright and warm, and the smell of sagebrush on the wind was pleasantly intoxicating.

We chatted about the trip, and told funny stories about our respective pasts as we hiked along. It was easy to forget, since we'd become nearly inseparable towards the end of school, but we had only been together a couple of months and there was still so much we had to learn about each other. "I mean. two nights ago by the hot springs, that was the first time I've been fucked outside!" "No way!" I said.

"You've been missing out." "And.I can't stop thinking about yesterday." she said, pausing. "The way you bent me over the hood in broad daylight.mmm. I can still feel your grip around my neck." She looked back at me and rubbed at her clavicles.

"And. and that guy on the boat! Do you think he was watching the whole time?" "No clue." I said. ".probably." "I really thought I'd be embarrassed to get caught like that. But every time I think about it, about him watching us fuck, it really turns me on!" I wrapped my arms around her from behind.

"I'm really glad to hear that." She turned head back and met me with a kiss, then spoke into my ear, "I think .I want to explore more of this with you." My heart jumped. I smiled and looked down at her. "We've still got plenty of vacation ahead of us, let's see what we can get into!" I slipped my hands under her shirt and squeezed her tits. She smiled back, and giggled. "You're fun." She started to step away but I gripped her arm and pulled her around to face me.

"I've got an idea. if you're into it." "Shoot." she replied "Well.

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it's a little game, I guess. To, uh, explore your boundaries." ".I'm listening." she said, her eyebrows perking up. I smirked, tightening my hand around her arm.

"Like Truth or Dare. .or, well, just Dare. I want to push you a little. Expose you. Tease you. Maybe embarrass you a bit. And if you keep going along, I'll keep pushing." "Mmmhm!" she interjected, curiously. "But only as far as you want. The point is to rile you up. Turn you on. So remember if you're ever turned off, or uncomfortable, or in pain, just say our safe word and the game pauses. Got it?" "Red Fern.

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got it." she nodded, recalling the safe word we picked the first time I tied her up. "Ooo! This'll be fun!" she wrapped her arms around my hips and leaned in. I reached through the oversized arm holes in her tank top and lifted her sports bra up, exposing her breasts. "Game on!" Elysa giggled and blushed, cupping her tiny tan-lined buds in her hands as she lept back. "Andy!" I gestured around.

"Nobody's on the trail. Let this be a warm up for you." I stepped forward and pulled her hands away from her breasts. I leaned in and kissed her nipple sweetly. She sighed and I felt it harden on my tongue. "Warmed up?" "Mmhmm." "Alright then." I said "Let's hike." Elysa turned and bounded down the trail, tits freely bouncing in the sunlight.

* * * We finished the hike and set up camp down the road on the shore of a small lake. It was early, and we were the only people at the campground. We set up our tent and bedding, then changed into swimsuits to cool off. I walked down to the water, where Elysa was already swimming. She'd barely tied the straps on her red bikini.

Her top draped slack across her back, and her bottoms sat low on her hips. She was already getting more confident showing some skin, I noted. She ran out and dove forward into the water, and quickly popped her head back out, shouting, "Woah! That's cold!" She turned to face me "Come join me! It's chilly at first but it feels amazing." "I think I'm happy here." I resisted "Come oooon!" she said, swimming closer. She planted her feet and stood in the thigh deep water.

Her hair was slicked back into an onyx mane around her shoulders, and little rivulets of water trickled down her body as she rose.

Her nipples rock hard from the cold lake poked right through her bikini top, and goosebumps radiated out around her breasts and abs. The weight of the water had pulled at her loosely-tied bottoms, and they'd inched down her hips just enough so that a hint of her black pubic hair peaked over the top. I was transfixed at the sight of her. Then she splashed me.

I yelped at the cold! She squeaked in delight. "Oh that's how you want it?" I yelled, and then charged at her. I tackled her and we both fell over into the chilly lake. "Andy, no! Ahh!" she protested between giggles. We tumbled over each other in the water and erupted in laughter. "You're right. It's kinda nice after the initial shock." I said, rolling her into the water.

"Told ya!" She replied, pulling me down again with her. She was wrapped in my arms, and quickly our play-fighting turned to groping. I was already half-hard from the sight of her barely-on swimsuit. I pulled her towards me for a wet kiss. Her giggles turned to pleasured moans and she squeezed her body against me. I pulled away from our kiss and looked Elysa in the eye. I could tell from her expression that she was open to some fun.

"Hey," I said. "Stand up." ".What?" she said, confused. "You heard me." I commanded. She nodded and grinned, signaling that she remembered our game, and stood in front of me. I ran my hands up her legs and tucked my fingers under her suit bottoms. I pulled the red fabric down and gently kissed her hips and ran my tongue along her bikini line. I heard her gasp and then I felt her hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to keep going.

I glanced upward and saw she was gripping her breast with one hand. With her other hand she tugged at my hair. She spread her feet and rocked her pelvis forward to meet my mouth, and I brushed my tongue across her wet clit.

She answered with another gasp, and her grip on my hair tightened as she pushed my head into her crotch. I worked my tongue around and into her pussy, squeezing her hips and ass with my hands, her moans and gasps begging me for more. I flicked my tongue faster over her clit, and inserted a finger into her pussy hole. "Ohhh fuck baby, fuck. fuuuck yes. Yes! Yes!" she repeated rhythmically, subtly thrusting her hips to the same rhythm as I worked my finger in and out of her.

Then, suddenly, she gripped my head with both hands. ".Shit." I thought she must be close to orgasm, but she jumped back. "Oh, shit, uhh, damnit. Red Fern!" "Wha?" I looked up to see a pair of trailer-campers pulling into the campground. "Oh. shit." Elysa ducked back into the water to adjust her suit not that it left much to the imagination anyway. She was still visibly flushed, and nearly out of breath.

"Sorry. I know you're trying to push my boundaries," she said. "But they freaked me out!" "It's alright. I totally forgot it's a Saturday night. Of course this place is going to fill up!" I replied. She leaned over and kissed me. "To be continued." she said. Then she stood and walked over to her towel on the shore. I waited a couple of minutes until my hard-on subsided and joined Elysa on the beach.

We warmed in the sun and watched our new neighbors set up camp. They weren't so close that we felt invaded, but they were certainly close enough to see us clearly. The nearest campers to us were a couple with a teenage son.

The other one was a little farther off, but we could see they were also a family with two younger kids. Each waved when they saw us, but kept to their own site. Thankfully for us, there's an understanding that we all want to enjoy a little privacy out here.

"How about a drink?" I said, getting up. Elysa smiled and nodded. Walking back to our towel with two cold beers in hand, I paused to admire Elysa sitting back in the sun, her skin and suit radiating like a goddess.

I looked to the other campers and noticed no one was taking much notice of us at all. The families made themselves comfortable, parents having drinks in the shade of their campers, and the younger kids were splashing in the lake just out of sight of our sunbathing spot. I think it's time for some more fun, I thought to myself, as I walked up behind Elysa. I came up behind her, leaning over as if to hand her a beer. Instead I gave her a kiss on the forehead and placed the ice-cold can on her tummy.

"Eek! Andy! Ahh!" she shriekd and spasmed at the cold. "Shhhh." I whispered, putting my other hand over her mouth as I rolled the can up her abs. It left a wet trail of goosebumps up her midriff.

She stopped flailing, gasped and held her breath, looking at me wide eyed. "Good girl." I said softly. "Wouldn't want to attract too much attention." I took my hand off her mouth and she exhaled. Still teasing her with the cold beer can, I reached down her back and slowly pulled open the bowtie knot of her bikini top. The string fell loose and the fabric triangles slumped forward, her small tits held in place only by their youthful gravity defiance.

Elysa was breathing heavily now, glaring at me with incredulous arousal. "Next dare. You're not going to move unless I say you can." I instructed.

"Understood?" She nodded silently and intently. I rolled the can along the underside of her breasts as she leaned back onto her elbows attempting to keep her top in place.

Her nipples were visibly hard again this time from the thrill. I continued rolling the can around her, along her ribs, down her side, over her hips and onto her thigh. She was breathing intensely through her nose, staring back at me, wordless, gasping each time I passed over a new sensitive spot.

I finally slid the can up her inner thigh and placed it squarely between her legs, pushing gently against her pussy for a second or two before letting go. I cracked open my own beer and held it at her. "Cheers!" I said softly, grinning. "You can open your beer now." Elysa took the can from her crotch and nodded it back at me. "You really are something else" she said, her voice trembling. She slowly took a sip, taking care to keep her top in place.

As she drank I reached out and pulled one of the knots keeping her panties on. I hoped she'd jump in surprise, but I think she half-expected it, as she simply kept on sipping and stretched her legs flat on the beach. Emboldened, I undid the other knot, and gently folded the strings between her legs, leaving just a narrow strip covering her pussy. "Now lay down. Careful you don't move too much." I warned. "Wouldn't want that old man over there to see your pussy." ".or that cute teenager." She teased back, winking.

Elysa laid on her back, nearly nude.


Intermittently she'd run her hands along her bare sides and softly moan. From a distance she appeared to be simply sunbathing. But up close, signs of her deep arousal simmered just above the surface, growing hornier with each passing brush of her own hands (or mine) on her silky brown skin. Before long, the sun was low in the sky and the day started to cool. I had changed back into shorts and a t-shirt, directing her to stay still until I returned.

I came back with an ice cube from the cooler and traced the outline of her panties with it, to her shivering delight. "Okay, I think you've had enough fun. Why don't you go get changed for dinner." I said to her, leaving the melting ice in the center of her chest, each drip coursing around her nipples. Elysa sighed in relief and slowly sat up.

She reached behind her to tie her top back on. "Uh-uh!" I interrupted. "I never said you could do that." "But." she looked off at the tent, then back at me. Her slight annoyance faded to a look of sassy determination. She pinched together the strings on her bottoms and slowly stood up, somehow keeping her dangling top in place. Once standing, she looked at me and raised her eyebrows proudly.

"Very good." I said. She crept delicately towards the tent, looking around to see if anyone was watching her. The other campers had settled in to their dinners and fire-circles, though they were all still clearly within sight.


From the picnic table, I watched her step slowly, deliberately, like a hunting cat, her eyes darting back and forth. The sight was oddly arousing, and I found myself rubbing my cock as I looked on. Elysa was nearly to the tent when a wind kicked up and blew her top to the side. Instinctively, she reached up to grab it, realizing too late that in doing so she had let go of her panties. They fell to the ground and she stood nude for an instant.

"Aiieee!" She cried out in surprise as she sprinted at the tent and dove in, laughing at herself as she rolled on the air mattress. Looking around, I saw her scream had caught the attention of our neighbors. I don't know what they saw, but I'm pretty sure the boy's eyes were wide as a startled deer. A few minutes later she emerged, dressed in a small zip-up sweatshirt, yoga pants, and flip flops. She'd folded down the waistband of her tights to show her hipbones and midriff, and had only zipped the shirt halfway.

I could see enough of her tanned chest to notice she had nothing on under it. She fetched her panties off the ground and came up behind me with a hug. Placing her hand on my crotch and lightly stroking my cock over my shorts, she whispered into my ear, "I like this game." I turned to face her, smiled, and pulled her zipper a couple of inches lower.

"Good. I like it too." * * * After dinner I built a campfire while Elysa cleaned up the dishes. A few other groups had settled in to the campground for the weekend, and a buzz of activity music, drinking, laughing began to rise around the lake rim as the light dimmed.

My suspicions were also confirmed when I noticed the teenage son of our neighbors was walking past our site to the bathroom with conspicuous frequency, each time not-so-cleverly stealing glances at Elysa's revealing outfit.

I was a little disappointed that we weren't going to have total privacy tonight, but a little excited now that I'd seen what fun we could have without it. Elysa finished cleaning and joined me by the fire, tossing a wool blanket over her legs and slinking back into her camp chair. I lit a joint and passed it to her. She took a puff, and blew tight smoke rings up at the sky. She handed the joint back and stretched out.

The flames licked her bare chest with flashes of orange light, shadows playing on the subtle curvature of her A-cups. As the weed kicked in, she idly skimmed her fingers up and down along the zipper of her shirt, humming to herself with pleasure and amusement.

The fire light occasionally caught a deep red on her areola or a flicker on her silver nipple piercing as she brushed the fabric out if its way. "So, what next?" She said, drawing her hand down her chest and under the blanket. "Eager for more?" She nodded. The blanket rose and fell slowly as she gently rubbed herself in anticipation. I took a long drag off the joint and thought for a second.

"Okay. this one's a little more risky. That boy's going to walk by again." I gestured with my head to the neighboring site. "When he does, he'll see what he's been trying to see all night." I looked down at her chest. She chuckled. "Mmm! Poor kid's probably bored out of his mind with his lame old parents. Let's give him something to think about later." She unzipped her hoodie and let it fall open to her left side, exposing one tit, leaving her other nipple barely covered.

Then she draped the blanket over her seat-back, folded down her waistband one more time and spread her legs wide. She took the joint back from me and slowly drew on it,rubbing her upper thigh. "How's this, Andy? Think it'll catch his eye?" "You already caught his eye, babe. .I think this will catch something else." We struck up a goofy stoned conversation to pass the time, although both of us kept losing focus my cock was rock hard at the sight of her, and her her hand kept drifting towards her crotch.

But before long, the boy made another bathroom trip. Walking slow, pretending to be inconspicuous, he was looking at our campsite out of the corner of his eye. I tossed another log on the fire to bring the light up. Once he was close enough to get a clear view, the kid's eyes went wide and he stopped dead in his tracks!

He tried to step in shadow to avoid being seen, and I tried to pretend not to notice him, keeping up chatter with my topless girlfriend while she displayed herself for that horny teen. Eager to put on a show, Elysa peppered our conversation with her cutest, most enticing giggles, and her hand was wandering over her thighs and hips seemingly with a mind of its own. Once she realized he was watching, she slipped her hand into her pants and let it rest on her pussy, lightly curling her fingers as she flirtatiously laughed at my dumb jokes.

Probably realizing it wouldn't be wise to linger, the boy paused only a moment before scurrying off to the bathroom. Once he was out of sight, Elysa's eyes and mouth went wide in excitement. "Holy shit!!" she whispered between hushed chuckles. She propped her feet on the chair as she rocked with laughter, knees up tight against her bare chest, her hand still down her pants. I laughed admiringly. "You're quite the performer!" I said.

I put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm excited to take advantage of that again." "That better not be the only thing you take advantage of." she replied, her tone deeper, her hand moving faster under her tights.

She leaned over, kissed my neck, and purred into my ear. "You've been teasing me all day, and you've got my my pussy red hot for you." My cock twitched in my pants at the sound of her moaning 'red.

hot.' I could feel the humid warmth of her breath against my cheek and the vibrations of her seductive alto in my ear. I wanted so badly to carry her into the tent and fuck her raw. I was also enjoying our game and I wanted to push just a bit more.

I moved my hand to her neck. In a stern voice I said, "I'll take care of that, once you've earned it." I tightened my grip and pulled on her neck to signal her out of the chair. She gasped in brief surprise, then her eyes narrowed and she flashed a devilish smile. A little domination always got her hot. We both stood.

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I pressed myself against her bare chest and brought my hand around to the back of her neck, gripping tight still. She stood at attention as I slowly licked her neck, her jaw, her ear. "Do you want my cock?" I whispered. "Oh baby, I want your cock so bad." she moaned quietly. I took her wrist and placed her hand over my crotch.

"You think you deserve this cock inside your wet pussy?" "Oh Andy just tell me what to do, I'll do anything." In the background a group of campers laughed at someone's punchline. I looked to them, then back to Elysa. "If I invited our neighbors over to watch you wrap those sweet brown lips around my hard cock, would you put on a show they'd never forget?" I had no intention of doing it, but I wanted to see how she'd respond.

Elysa looked into my eyes with a fury of passion, the orange hot flames reflecting off her black pupils, and wrapped her hand around the bulge in my pants. "I said anything." I let go of her neck and kissed her on the lips.

I slid her tights down just below below her crotch, exposing her ass and pussy. I gave her ass a gentle slap. "You're being a very good player. Why don't you make us both a nightcap? I'll pay you generously in return." "As you wish," She turned slowly and walked into the dark, exaggerating the sway of her hips to accentuate her bare bottom as I watched. A thick darkness had cloaked each campsite in relative privacy, save for the handful of fire circles spaced along the shore.

I added a few more logs to our fire and took my seat. While I waited I noticed the neighbor's boy sneaking back from the bathroom. He was in there a while, I thought. I bet he jerked himself off after that little show!

I chuckled to myself at the idea. Once he was safely out of sight, I adjusted my seat and unzipped my shorts. I wanted to be ready when Elysa returned. She came up behind me with a cup of bourbon. "Your drink, sir." she said over my shoulder as she leaned way down, her bare breast brushing my cheek. I took the cup and tipped it to her in thanks.

She moved to take her seat. "Why don't you join me?" I said, gesturing to my cock protruding from my unbuttoned shorts. Elysa turned and looked for a second, licking her lip as I sipped my whiskey with one hand and stroked my dick with the other. "I think you've earned it." I reminded. She gracefully slid into my lap, pushing her tights down to mid-thigh. She sat diagonally across me, her neck on my left shoulder, draped one arm around my back, and nestled my cock between her legs as she rested her legs over my right side.

I could feel the heat off her crotch as she shifted her weight.

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Almost involuntarily, I thrust gently at her thighs. We kissed, then each took another sip of whiskey, then kissed again. "Ohh baby, stop teasing and fuck me right here. I want to fuck where anyone can see." Elysa cooed into my ear. She placed a hand between her legs and with it she rubbed the head of my cock on her clit. Her wetness greased my foreskin as she coaxed us both closer together. Her slender fingers slid up and down the underside of my shaft as she used the tip to pleasure herself.

"Your cock feels so good on my clit." she moaned. I steadied one hand on her hip, still trying to keep my hold on my drink, and nudged her forward more.

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She answered with a slow gyration, gliding my cock down between her pussy lips and back up into her hole, massaging her clit faster as I slowly inched inside her pussy. She exhaled loud and slow, and I answered with a moan. The fire crackled and spat, seemingly in jealous response. We paused for a second, enjoying the feeling. I pushed suggestively on her hip, and she began rocking forward and back.

"Nice and slow." I instructed. Working her hips on my cock, she turned to meet my eyes. Her mouth hung open in ecstasy. She took her fingers from her clit and placed them at my lips. I sucked her sweet cum off of them, washing it down with another sip of whiskey. "I love the way you taste, dirty girl." I said. "I bet you love it too, don't you?" "I do, baby." "Taste yourself for me." Elysa slid her hand again across her pussy, massaging my cock as it slipped out of her.

She inserted her middle two fingers deep into herself, then brought them out and guided me back in. With a similar ease, she swallowed her own fingers all the way to the knuckle. Then she planted her lips on mine and we shared the sweet, hot flavor of her pussy juice.

Just then I heard a shuffling in the dark. I turned to see our neighbor this time the father heading our way. Shit! I thought. That little brat said something to him! I reluctantly tightened my grip on Elysa's hips just as she noticed him too.

"Red.?" I started to suggest the safe word, but Elysa quickly shot back a fierce glare and shook her head quickly. Thinking fast, she grabbed the blanket off her chair back and tossed it over her legs. I fumbled to zip her shirt up. By the time he was close enough to see anything, we appeared to be cuddling by the fire, enjoying a couple of drinks. He waved as he approached. My heart was in my throat. We waved back and smiled. "Hello!" Elysa called cheerfully, then whipped her head around and whispered "Don't stop!" as I felt her pussy tense around my dick.

"Evening!" the man called back. He kept his distance, thankfully, but continued chatting. "Beautiful night out here, isn't it?" "Yep it. certainly is." I stuttered as Elysa imperceptibly moved my cock around inside her.


"Listen, uh, sorry if my boy's been givin' you any trouble. I noticed he's wanderin' around quite a bit." "Oh, nooo." Elysa responded, almost seductively. "He's been no trouble at all." She smiled. "Alright well, I think he's a bit bored out here with nobody but his folks to entertain him.

So, try to go easy on 'im, kay?" "You bet!" said Elysa, tightening again on my dick and giggling. "If he wanders back in we'll make him feel quite welcome." I nearly spat out my drink.

"Heh. no need." the man said, graciously. "Well, I'm off to the head. Y'all enjoy your camp!" "Night!" I said. He had barely turned around when Elysa resumed her rhythm. The blanket jumped up and down with her thrusts.

"This is so fucking hot!" she whispered to me. "Fuck me harder, Andy!" She sat up, gulped the last of her drink, and planted her feet between mine. I spread my legs and she put her hands on my knees. I set my cup aside, then gripped her hips with both hands and guided her as she bounced faster and faster in my lap.

The fire had burned down to coals and it was dark but for a deep red outline framing her slender curves in front of me. I slipped my hands under her shirt, pulling it up with them, and squeezed her ribcage. She bowed forward, riding up and down with her whole body, struggling to keep quiet. Under her breath I could barely hear her repeating "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy, make me cum baby make me cum." as she edged closer to climax.

I reached forward and put my hand over her mouth to quell any noise, and she bit down on my index finger as she pushed back hard onto my cock, her pussy lips touching against the base of it. I felt her whole body shudder as she came. She arched her back and rolled her shoulders in quaking ecstacy, biting harder to stifle her moans.

She loosened and let go of my hand, then turned to look at me. "I've been thinking about that all day." Then she reached down and began gently massaging my balls as she resumed her rhythm. "You make me feel so good." "That's a good girl." I said. "Work that gorgeous pussy for me." I sat back and placed my elbows on the armrests while Elysa caressed my cock and balls with her hands and pussy.

It didn't take long for her to work me towards orgasm. As I felt the warmth building in me, I gripped Elysa by the hair and pulled her ear back to me. She leaned back and put an arm around my shoulder, licking my ear, alternately rubbing my balls and her clit with her other hand, and began to moan softly.

"It's so fucking hot when you're rough! I love your strong hands around my neck and I love your beautiful cock buried in my cunt." I felt my climax rushing in as line after line of the sexiest vulgarity came out of her sweet mouth. "That's it!

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That's so good! Make me your fuckdoll, Andy!" I grabbed her by the waist and thrust hard and deep three times as I came. I could feel her starting to shake again. "Oh fuck yes you're making me cum again! Yes, oh yesssss!" She held in as best she could as she furiously worked her clit while I shot pulse after pulse of cum up into her.

I slumped back into my chair, and Elysa fell on top of me. I kissed her neck and caressed her belly as my cock softened. After a minute, Elysa stood and twirled in joy, "What a day!" she exclaimed.

"I. I don't know if I can do that every day but I want to!" She bent and kissed me. "Keep pushing." She winked. "Oh I will, but I think you've earned yourself a night off. You can fix your clothes now." "Eh." she shrugged, making no attempt to cover herself.

She sat back in her own chair, naked from knees to shoulders, and resumed idly fiddling with her sweatshirt zipper in the crimson light of the dying embers.